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  • The fact that with all talk of her being a ninja, the fact that her journey started because of an angry guy with a gun, and her association with the idea of being an everyday hero that Max (iconography and powers aside) is pretty much Life is Strange's version of Batman. Chloe even calls her "Bat-Max" at one point.
  • This game's dialogue can be kind of... Narmy for some... Like when Chloe says "hella"note  or Stella says "kool kidz"note . It's kind of funny.
  • It's sort of Paranoia Fuel for some when you see that "your choices will have consequences", but it's particularly funny when this comes after watering your plant.
    • We finally see the consequences of watering the plant in Episode 3: It dies if you overwatered it. Especially given the fan buildup over it potentially having some kind of crucial effect on the turnout of the story.
    • It turns out that Max was supposed to get a text message from her mom warning her not to water the plant too much, though for some reason it didn't trigger when the episode was first released. While this was fixed during an update, it did mean that several players accidentally killed Lisa because of a simple error!
  • Chloe's incessant lame puns.
  • Alyssa is full of this. You can't help but laugh at her misfortunes that could have been simply avoided if she was being alert. Fortunately for her, you can always save her from them.
    • In Episode 4, she even brought the same misfortunes to Max in the other timeline. You can find their exchange of messages about it in Max's phone.
  • The various profane graffiti all over Blackwell is pretty amusing to discover. It ranges from the usual gossip and lewd scrawling to penis drawings and memes.
    • One in the boy's locker room reads "Dana needs a baby daddy" alongside a Me Gusta face.
    • Another has "Y u no" guy asking Alyssa "Y u play hard to get? U already hard to want"
  • It's funny that, throughout a few episodes, Chloe suggests she beats someone up, and Max can reset time over and over, not considering the fact that once Max rewinds time, Chloe will only gain satisfaction from it the one time and if Max rewinds time to undo it, Chloe won't gain any satisfaction from the action she no longer committed.

     Episode 1 - "Chrysalis" 
  • After you've impressed the skaters with your own knowledge on the subject you can ask a few of them to perform some tricks for you. One of them, Trevor, will then attempt to preform a trick... only to smack himself in the nuts with his board. Max can then immortalise this moment by taking a picture of it.
  • When Victoria is blocking your way to the dorms, she says a pun that even Max thinks is funny.
    Victoria: Now, why don't you go fuck your selfie?
  • The board at the girl's dorm reveals two things: Max is not the only aspiring master detective in town, and skin care is Serious Business.
    To The Bitch That Stole My Franju Nu-Face Crème
    That was expensive shit and I need it for my acne.
    I know exactly how it exfoliates and I'll be watching your skin the second it clears up.
  • One example that mingles well with Surprise Creepy, is when Max finally gets her flashdrive back.
    Max: [Gollum-like voice] Must protect my precious, so Max never has to chase it down again.
  • If you believe Victoria Chase is being kind of a Tsundere to Max, this might be funny.
  • Reading the flu shot posters in the school leads to this:
    Max: The last time I got a flu shot, I got the flu. Fuck you.

     Episode 2 - "Out of Time" 
  • The title itself is kind of funny and kind of sad when you see what it means when you confront Kate as she tries to commit suicide. Because you're out of time? If you fail to save Kate, you can't rewind? You're literally out! Of! Time!
  • There's an e-mail on Max's computer with some recommended viewing for time-travel stuff. This leads to:
    Warren: That's all the TIME I have now as I do have actual quantum physics to plow through.
    Warren: I could always use a new partner in TIME. Get it?
  • Max's inner monologue after rewinding time to prevent herself from spilling soda on Kate's book.
    Max: Begone, foul soft drink!
  • When you're at the diner with Chloe and you're trying to prove to her that you have powers, you get some funny comments after talking about what's in her pockets. These lines are for the cigarettes, the parking ticket, and the money, respectively.
    Chloe: A superpower that allows you to count cigarettes. Cool!
    Chloe: Boo yah! Max can tell time!
    Chloe: Clearly I'm rich as fuck—how much do I have? [player chooses 86 cents] (Livin' large in Arcadia Bay!)
  • While not quite as funny as the others, Jefferson's attempt to keep all of his students in his class after Zachary barges in to warn the class of Kate's suicide:
    Jefferson: Listen! Everyone remain seated!
    (everybody leaves, taking no notice to his demands)
    Jefferson: (beat) ...Dismissed.

     Episode 3 - "Chaos Theory" 
  • Early in the episode, Max needs to fetch some weed killer, but it's just out of reach. Max, finally remembering that every time she has been in this situation before she's dropped the thing she's trying to reach, gets a chair to stand on in advance so she won't have to rewind.
  • Hearing Chloe fumbling with her attempts to pick the lock to Principal Wells's office and complaining about wanting to get it done before "Max cheats with her rewind powers"... right after you've had Max cheat using her rewind powers. Max then gets the satisfaction of informing Chloe of this by casually unlocking the door from the other side.
  • When Chloe says in the Principal's room that they can't leave without a gift, Max immediately replies that they won't steal the chair.
    Chloe: Max, do your powers include mind-reading? Or did you just rewind because I tried to steal the chair? Shit, I'm confused.
    • Also doubles as kind of heartwarming, because it goes to show that even after five years, they still have a perfect understanding of each other's mindset.
  • Chloe's reaction to the somewhat silly hawk statue on Wells' desk, remarking that she's glad she got expelled from a school run by a guy who keeps a bronze bird in his office.
  • Chloe's expression before she proposes breaking into the pool and Max's response.
    Chloe: *silent coy grin*
    Max: That impish look scares me...
  • The morning after Max and Chloe break into the pool, Max can look at police reports on the computer to see if they know about what happened. The first report is about the break in at Blackwell. The second is a long, descriptive report about a naked man with a sword outside an all night donut place, high on meth and energy drinks.
  • Choosing to kiss Chloe results in her being hilariously caught off-guard and trying to play it off. Even Max thinks it's funny.
    Chloe: (backs away, nervous laughter) "Wow. You're hardcore, Max. I guess now I can text Warren and tell him he doesn't stand a chance... unless he's into girl-on-girl action!"
    • Becomes doubly hilarious in hindsight In-Universe, since Max eventually finds out he IS!
    • Choosing not to has Chloe say Max should admit to doing it then using her rewind... which it's entirely possible the player just did.
  • After Max puts on Rachel's old clothes.
    Chloe: Looking sick, Max! Couple tats and some piercings and we'll make a thrasher out of you yet.
    Max: Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.
    Chloe: ...Maybe not.
  • At Chloe's house, Chloe takes her It's All About Me level through the roof to distract her mom while you sneak into the garage.
    Chloe: Sure, run off and pee when you should back me up.
  • Messing with Frank at the diner is incredibly satisfying and hilarious.
    Max: You eat like a pig. Try the floor.
    (she spills the plate of beans Frank was eating)
    Frank: I was eating those beans—are you fucking insane? I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS!
    (he gets up and slips in the spilled beans, much to the amusement of Max)
  • Once you break into Frank's RV, you find out his dog's name. You know, the dog Max has nicknamed Cujo, which was rescued from a dogfighting ring, and that a police officer speculates has been trained on blood? His name is Pompidou.
  • Episode 1 has the whole thing with Juliet's boyfriend sexting Victoria, and him claiming it was a joke. Sounds like the standard cheaters excuse, right? But then you can go into the boy's locker room, and find Zach's cell phone. His response to Victoria's sext?
    Zach: Not doing much. Just in my jersey, sitting on my football
  • Max trying to wheedle a photo op out of a disgruntled truck driver outside Two Whales.
    Max: Is that your bitchin’ 1977 Needham eighteen wheeler?
    Max: I love taking pictures of truckers.
  • Late in the episode, when Max and Chloe investigate Frank's RV looking for clues about his past relationship with Rachel, Chloe will browse Frank's computer for emails and pictures, while Max will look around the RV for more tangible clues. If you spend a certain amount of time examining everything, it will trigger humorous little comments from Chloe, where she pretends to find increasingly embarrassing and kinky stuff about Frank's sex life on his computer. Some of them are golden, especially coupled with Max's reaction of mixed amusement and annoyance:
    Chloe: Huh. Crappy Wi-Fi here. Must take him days to download porn.
    Max: Yuck!

    Chloe: Oh God! What is he doing to that dog?!
    Max: You're dumb.

    Chloe: I cannot believe Frank would wear a dog collar and a furry mask!
    Max: Stop it.

    Chloe: Maaax! You never told me you took pictures of Frank in action!
    Max: I'm seriously ignoring you right now.

     Episode 4 - "Dark Room" 
  • It's an awkward, melancholy kind of levity in a rough, sad chapter, but catching Warren hanging out outside the Vortex Club party drunk off half a serving of beer and asking to take a photograph with Max "for prosperity" is pretty funny.
    • Speaking of Warren, if you chose to kiss Chloe in episode 3 then he will text you early on, saying that she sent him a message saying that "He's all out of luck". He quickly states that he's not mad at all, in fact, he's perfectly okay with that.
  • alternate!Chloe's reaction to Max saying "hella".
    alternate!Chloe: "'Hella'? I hate that word. No offense."
  • In the Prescott Barn, one letter you see written by a Martin Lewis Prescott when you realize just what you read when the name is abbreviated.
    …If these conditions are not met by the end if the day July 24, in the year of our Lord 1903, rest assured we will make your life a living hell.

    Kindest regards
  • Trevor's dancing at the "End of the World" party.
  • There are two drunk guys having a pool noodles fight. It can hit Alyssa and she'll fall into the pool fully clothed. Yeah, her misfortune streak is that bad.
    • Doesn't help that that one of the guys continue to repeatedly hit his drunk friend with a pool noodle.
  • This treads a fine line between funny and Nightmare Fuel, but Mark Jefferson's head looks kind of like a Muppet's when viewed from the angle of the final scene.
  • How did Max and Chloe managed to get the scary drug dealer Frank to cooperate, after owing him three grands of money, pointed a gun at him and broke into his RV?
    Chloe: We just want to ask you some questions.
    Frank: You have some serious ladyballs. (Beat) No.
    Frank: Jesus, okay, okay.
  • Daniel DaCosta's shirt. It's a graphic tee of an unkempt man in a fedora, captioned "M'lady".
  • If you're hostile enough to Victoria, you can escalate your conversation with her into a full-out volley of insults. It's funnier when you remember that they're both speaking at the top of their voices to be heard over the music.
  • Victoria is announced as the winner of the "Everyday Heroes Contest". She gives a phony speech about how thankful she is to Mr. Jefferson and all the other students for inspiring her. The response?
    Girl: (yelling from crowd) YOU SUCK, VICTORIA.
  • Nathan's email from his sister has her say that he had better write back to her because, if he doesn't, she will have a jaguar shipped to his dorm room. Ahh, the joys of older siblings!

     Episode 5 - "Polarized" 
  • Despite the tense scene it is in, Jefferson telling Max "Time to shut the fuck up, okay?" and then almost knocks her out with a tripod but it happens if you warn David early. The delivery of the action makes it better.
    • The whole scene in general can become darkly humorous as you scramble to find a way to stop Jefferson from killing David, most likely resulting in poor David biting it over, and over, and over, and over again right in front of you. What begins as shock gradually makes way for "...come on, man, seriously?"
    • Especially in the final part where you must choose an object to help him. The table and bottle deserves special mention.
      • For the record, if you tell David to kick the table at Jefferson he will give it a powerful boot... that sends it sliding about three feet across the floor. Jefferson looks down at it with a 'what the hell?' expression, kicks it back into David's feet, and shoots him.
      • Not to mention, it is excruciatingly hard to keep David alive during that whole thing. You can change anything but there's only one correct solution. After seeing David die a dozen times, it can be cathartic for the player when Jefferson voices what we're all thinking:
        Jefferson: [frustrated] David Madsen, you are one stupid son of a bitch!
  • While it's meant to be horrific, Jefferson bluntly asking Max if she wants to stay in his "Dark Room" forever right the fuck out of nowhere can come across as more humorous than anything. Much to her own chagrin, Max has no choice but to follow this up with one of four completely out-of-character responses, one of which is a passionate and sincere declaration of love. The whole exchange seems like something lifted out of a bad fanfic.
  • Max's text message from Pompidou in the nightmare sequence. Suddenly gaining sentience, coherently typing out a threatening message for Frank is a dead giveaway Max is not in a time loop.
    Pompidou: Bitch do not mess with Frank. Or me. You got a snack?
  • In the backwards section of the nightmare sequence, Jefferson will send Max a text, telling her to "turn in her fucking photo" backwards.
    • The reversed version of "To All of You" is given credits, in backwards letters, of course.
  • When Max drives through the storm-ravaged Arcadia Bay to find Warren, she sees Evan Harris caught in the middle of it, trying to take a picture of the whirlwind.
  • During the nightmare sequence, Frank still hasn't forgotten Max for spilling his beans.
    Frank: Those were my beans, Max. Those were my fucking beans!
    Frank: Psst! Hey, Max, me and Rachel are floating down here in the sewer! Come on down!
  • During Max's nightmare sequence, she's trapped in the dark room again but this time, she's trapped in her chair watching Chloe trash talking and hooking up with everyone—Nathan, Mr. Jefferson, even Warren and Victoria.
    • Becomes even funnier if you happened to kiss both Chloe and Warren, as they call Max out for trying to get both of them at the same time and then proceed to continue hooking up.
  • A section of the Nightmare is guarded by a rotating, spotlight-eyed statue of Principal Wells, spouting random non-sequiturs in a Flanderization of his real personality.
    Principal Wells: I regret to announce that one of your classmates, Maxine Caulfield, has died, under tragic circumstances that I promise to investigate after I get my drink on.
  • In the nightmare sequence, Max has an option to collect bottles. She lampshades the difficulty most players must of felt from that first bottle hunt in Episode 2
    Oh no! Bottles! This might be Hell...
  • This observation by Max;
    Max: I've been through so many realities in one week. Life is... weird...
  • When David comes to rescue you, you have to rewind to just prior to his entrance, and ask Jefferson for a last request in an effort to change something to give David an advantage. You can ask Jefferson to take one last photo in an attempt to delay him. If you do this, you get a trophy/achievement for getting one of the optional photos!
  • It's small and easily missed, but in the Everyday Heroes gallery, there's a photo op where Max can take an unsuspecting woman's unguarded camera and use it to snap a picture of her from behind, then put it back like nothing ever happened. A bit of a Surprise Creepy moment on Max's part.
  • In the art gallery, there are stick-thin statuettes that appear to be based on Monty Python's "Ministry of Silly Walks".
    Max: (looking at the first one) That one is kind of silly.
  • One of the texts in the nightmare sequence is from Samuel, but unlike the others, it isn't really scary or threatening. He simply wonders how he and Max are able to talk when he doesn't have a phone.
  • During the nightmare sequence, one of Jefferson's lines is just so audacious and disgusting it actually Crosses the Line Twice:
    Jefferson: Max, Rachel not only gave great headshots . . . she gave great head. Especially after I dug her body up to be with her one last time.


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