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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why didn't Max just rewind and fix her camera after Nathan comes over and confronts her? Because when you rewind, you stay in the same place! By the time she found out it was broken she was already in Chloe's car and it would've been too late. She couldn't just get out of the car to rewind since then she would stay in that same place and the car would go by. She couldn't just wait until the small drive was over since she can only rewind so far. Also, if on the small chance that she could rewind all the way back so that her camera would be fixed, then that would also go back before the car drive, making Chloe wonder how Max got at her house. And what if Max can't get back?
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  • Why does Max have more trouble with the rewinds in Episode 2, even having nosebleeds and blackouts? At the start of the episode she mentions having spent the night doing research on time travel and evidently made more time by rewinding. Think of it like doing a heavy workout one day, the next day your body is sore – Max's powers are like a muscle, if she overworks them, they're not going to be as effective without enough recovery time.
  • How does Episode 2's completely unexplained solar eclipse fit in with the environmental phenomena going on? A tornado and animal deaths are at least theoretically explicable as freak events, but the moon cannot simply change its orbit without NASA noticing, and is a strong point in favor of the supernatural "Wrath of God"/"End of the World" hypothesis... at least until Episode 4, when the illusory second moon is revealed. Another possible explanation is that the two timelines are colliding, leading to the moon appearing in front of the sun and in the night sky before vanishing.
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  • In the End of the World party, Mark Jefferson has assigned Stella to be the receptionist. It is possible that he put her there to keep an eye out on Max and Chloe. This could explain how he arrived at the junkyard before the two.
  • In the Sacrifice Chloe ending, we see Chloe's funeral. Obviously Joyce, David, and Max would be there. Even Frank watching from afar makes sense. But why do we see people who weren't close to Chloe such as Warren, Kate, and Dana in attendance? They aren't there for Chloe, they're there for Max. These three are Max's best friends at Blackwell, and it would make sense for them to want to support their grieving friend. On that note, why is Victoria there too? Either because it was her best friend that murdered Chloe, or because she also admires Max. Maybe both.
  • In Episode Two, Max isn't actually stopping time, per se. After using her powers earlier that day, Max is exhausted and when she tries rewinding time, she is weakened and it appears like she's stopping time. What's actually happening is that her weakened time travel powers are conflicting with the natural flow of time, and the two opposing forces put time at a stand still until Max stops using her powers.
    • Or it may be the case of so much exhaustion, that she is only able to return time infinite amount of times, but only for infinite small chunks of time (let's say less than a nanosecond). This way she keeps returning time every nanosecond for a nanosecond back. For her and player, time around stops, as human senses can't see the difference.
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  • At the end of Episode 1, Chloe tells Max that Nathan drugged her and was taking her photos, but she managed to escape. It doesn't become relevant until Episode 5, where it's revealed that that this was the second time Nathan did something like that. The first time was with Rachel and he accidentally gave her an overdose. Chloe was able to escape by herself with most of the memories intact because Nathan didn't use enough drug this time around.
  • From the comic: Any inconsistencies with the original game (e.g. Chloe being right-handed) can be explained by this Max and Chloe not being the same Max and Chloe from the original game's timeline.

Fridge Horror

  • The characters and player all assume there is one single timeline, and Max rewinding time undoes those bad timelines, erasing those outcomes from existence. What if we're wrong, and Max's time travel works on multiverse theory? How many versions of Chloe were hit by the train after watching her best friend vanish, leaving her to die? How many times did you rewind?
  • When you're in Chloe's room in the beginning of episode 4, examining her computer reveals a chat screen. The conversation we see is brief, but from the conversation we get that Chloe's chat partner is apparently about to take a trip to San Francisco. And he wants to meet her soon. Even if Chloe likely didn't have long to live (with or without Max's intervention), it was very possible she might have ended up in the Dark Room herself very soon.
  • Why don't we see Kate in the alternate universe? With Max in the vortex club she was probably in on the bullying and thus nobody talked her out of that suicide attempt
  • Max's powers are kind of a mix between spatial-temporal travel and Mental Time Travel. Sometimes she can physically move through space, but she mostly seems to bring her consciousness back to a certain point and letting it continue on from there. When she travels several years into the past and creates the alternate timeline, she still remembers everything as it happened originally. That might make it seem like simple Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, except we see diary entries about Alternate Max's life at Blackwell and in the vortex club. Original Max doesn't have any memory of those, nor does she have any moments of dealing with conflicting mental information like a lot of other time travel stories. So what exactly happened to the Alt!Max's consciousness and memories?
  • There's a bottle of whiskey in the Dark Room. It's unknown if it's Jefferson's, and it IS possible that it's Nathan's, BUT we don't know what specific kind of alcohol he partakes in and who do we know that is definitely fond of whiskey? The principal. This is never expanded on in the game, and there's many reasons why the player finds whiskey there, but the non-charitable interpretations are still disturbing.
  • At the end of Episode 5, if you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe leave the ruins of the town behind. Given the implication that the tornado was the universe trying to undo Max's constant saving of Chloe, who's to say it won't all happen again in wherever they decide to go?
    • Life Is Strange 2 and the comic. If you chose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe have been hitting the road ever since the town's destruction and there has been no news of any more supernatural phenomena in their path from Arizona to New York, where they now live happy and healthy. The comic similarly directly shows us that Max and Chloe don't have to worry about the universe trying to kill Chloe anymore, with Max not having to use Rewind for years.
  • In the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending, it is implied that everyone in Arcadia Bay is dead. Since it's only implied, it is possible that there were at least some survivors. But remember Max's trek to the Two Whales, and all the people she had to help? Evan getting hit in the head by debris, the trucker trapped under a fallen beam, Alyssa stuck in a destroyed house, the fisherman stranded in a burning building, and Joyce, Warren, and Frank in the diner which explodes. Life is Strange 2 confirms that everyone in Arcadia Bay died other than David, Victoria and Mr. Jefferson, as they were all in the Dark Room when the tornado hit.
  • Alt!Max, judging from her texts and journal entries in Episode 4, is a frivolous, borderline Alpha Bitch who doesn't really care about "unpopular" kids, and in any event probably would've felt severely uncomfortable around disabled Alt!Chloe. If it hadn't been for the "real" Max, she might never have made good on her promise to visit Chloe, who would've been left by herself except for her family, and died friendless and lonely when the tornado eventually wiped out Arcadia Bay.
  • If you had Max euthanize Alt!Chloe in Episode 4, she immediately uses the photo to go back in time. However, that means that if this timeline continues on without her, Alt!Max wakes up in her own body, next to her dead best friend she hasn't seen in years, having unknowingly killed her and with an entire day's worth of memories missing. And, to make things worse, she may even be accused of homicide by William and Joyce (considering that both refused to euthanize Chloe in the first place and what Max did was more of a Mercy Kill than an legal euthanasia).
  • In Episode 4 if you check Alt!Max's text messages, within them she mentions that she's getting her submission for the Everyday Heroes contest ready for Jefferson, and is fully planning on submitting it. In this timeline, Max can discover that Rachel Amber is still missing, which means that Alt!Jefferson must be doing the same as he was in the other timelines with the girls. What does this mean? That Jefferson is still going to get his photoshoot with Max, even in another timeline.
  • One side article about Mark Jefferson informs the player that he was on a teaching tour before landing a permanent spot at Blackwell. Just think of how many potential victims there are if he was teaching all over the country.
  • In the Sacrifice Chloe ending, David doesn't get his character development. He never expresses his care for Chloe, he doesn't get any moments of kindness or compassion, and worst of all he still has those cameras in the house. Although he probably eases up on the students because the cause of the disappearances has been caught, he's still a jerk willing to violate people's privacy to satisfy his paranoia. He may arguably be even worse because with his stepdaughter gone and with Max having no place in his life and Jefferson getting caught too late to help his victims, all his worst personality traits are being encouraged. However Life is Strange 2 shows that David has changed for the better, no matter what ending you went with. He seems to have learned from his past behaviour and is striving to be a better person. If Chloe died, he mourns her deeply and dedicates himself to making sure Nathan stays behind bars for what he did. If she survived, then she and David are on incredibly good terms with one another.
  • When Warren is beating up Nathan in the boys's dorms in Episode 4, Chloe looks as scared as Max. Sure, it may be because she didn't think Warren could attack Nathan like that, but for those who played Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the scene may look familiar. Chloe is remembering Damon beating up Drew, and even if she thinks Nathan had it coming, she still doesn't want to remember that moment.
  • It kinda depends on how you feel about Chloe, but in a general sense? Her death works out in everybody else's favor. Joyce and David get to enjoy married life without the only known source of tension between them, putting aside the financial strain of the funeral. Meanwhile, Jefferson gets caught and is indicated to have justice coming for him, Nathan presumably gets some form of counseling, Kate's video likely gets forgotten about (or at least viewed differently, after the truth comes out), and all the other things that happened afterward are averted. Even if you hate her guts or think it's cheesy that she gets to be a sort of Messianic archetype, there's something sad about the idea of a teenage girl's death being the best outcome for everyone involved (except for Max, of course...)
  • Fridge Horror for those who don't prescribe to the idea that the Storm is stopped by Max going back in time to let Chloe die, since it seems strange that a problem caused by time travel can be fixed by another act of time travel. And Max can't seem to lose her powers by use of going back with photos either, as the previous example of her doing this to create Alt!Chloe didn't remove her powers despite going back to when they were young teens. So if this use of time travel didn't solve the Storm, but only delayed it's coming or intensity, that means that Chloe died for nothing and something bad is still headed towards Arcadia.
  • More of a Fridge Tear Jerker, but if the nightmare sequence is indeed, well, Max's nightmare, then Warren's presence, lines and general behavior during the stealth section is this. Max is most likely so traumatized by what Nathan and Jefferson did to her, Chloe, Kate, Rachel and multiple other girls that she may be developing trust issues towards men in her life, including her friend.
  • Chloe never met Rachel in the alternate timeline. Instead, she befriended another girl named Megan Weaver. In Episode 4 in the main timeline, a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the Dark Room shows a file labeled "Megan", which is implied to be the same girl that Chloe befriended in the alternate timeline. Even worse? DONTNOD confirmed in the Extra Life stream that it is indeed the same Megan.
  • You'll notice that the alternate timeline still has the weird phenomena that occurred in the main one. If that isn't bad enough as it basically confirms that the storm will still occur, remember that Alt!Max doesn't have Rewind, at least not until Main!Max uses it, or if she was still granted it, was completely unaware of it and will probably forget once Main!Max leaves. What is encouraging the storm this time? It doesn't seem to be implied that Chloe is causing it in this timeline. What could stop it? Can it be stopped? This means that the storm will rage on, and everybody, including Chloe if she's not already dead, and Max, assuming she doesn't find her way into a shelter, will die horribly.


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