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  • Victoria and Max have a few shippers, which isn't surprising considering how sincere they both seem if you choose to comfort her after the paint incident, especially with the tsundere-ish text she sends later.
  • Joining the fray after Episode 2 is now Kate, who gets shipped with Max due to possibly stopping her from committing suicide. Added to that come the diary entries following immediately afterwards where Max comments how great it felt to walk arm in arm with Kate and the beautiful drawings of Kate with wings she has done, too. Even before that, Max went out of her way to describe Kate as pretty, sweet, and friendly, saying that she is more beautiful than Victoria and the other Vortex girls in one of the diary entries that take place before the game proper starts. In Episode 3 and 4, if saved, Kate and Max frequently text, and they have a very warm conversation in the hospital when Max visits her. Kate telling Max that she "loves her" (in a friendly way) was a sign to many shippers as proof of their pairing.
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  • Episode 3 adds Alyssa to the mix. If Max saves her from each potential danger Alyssa comes in contact with from Episode 1 to 3, Alyssa will thank Max and ask her to hang out sometime. If Max saved Kate, she states she'd like to go see her with Max and their friends. If Kate died, she'll ask Max if she wants to have a wine date at some point.
  • Pairing Victoria with Taylor is slowly gaining popularity due to their close and fairly private friendship and the fact that Victoria calls Taylor "Sweet T".
  • Speculation began rising about Brooke having a crush on Max. In Episode 4, if Max chose not to go with Warren to the drive-in, she will very, very frequently remind her that he's going with her, saying it in ambient out-loud dialogue and in all of her conversations, always in a very Tsundere-ish tone, as if trying to make her increasingly jealous (which Max can even respond to with jealousy). She still acts very friendly to Max, even asking her to go on a "Drone Date" with her sometime, and it is mentioned that Brooke called Max the "bravest person she ever met" if she manages to save Kate.

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