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The Game (unmarked spoilers present!)

  • Weirdly enough, the creepy images that usually mean you just got a game over become the sweetest moment in the game, when Miki realizes it's her aunt who's been chasing her this whole time and just wanted to give her a teddy bear, and asks her aunt's forgiveness, saying she'll do anything for her. Those scary images? Probably the best approximation of a hug Saeki can do.
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  • Miki's relationship with her aunt is pretty heartwarming. Given how Miki's mother treated her and her aunt, Saeki was probably more of a mother to her than her actual mother. Miki was the only one who congratulated Saeki upon learning about her pregnancy and she looked forward to the teddy bear that Saeki planned to make her. Not to mention that Miki became a writer because of her aunt. Also, as sad as it was, Miki going over to the house when Saeki killed herself proved that she cared about her aunt's wellbeing.
  • Shinji being there for Miki. Whether or not she chooses to believe the monster is real, he's still willing to check up on her.
  • In the remake, there are character profiles for Miki, her family, and Shinji. For her mother's profile, it reveals that even though Miki's relationship with her mother is strained throughout the game, her mother receiving help due to Miki's persistence leads to their relationship improving in the Good Ending.
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  • In the remake's good ending, there's a little heartwarming extra detail; as Miki is preparing to leave the house, she's holding the teddy bear Saeki had made for her.


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