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Tear Jerker / Paranoiac

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The Game (Beware of unmarked spoilers!!!)

  • Everything about Saeki, from her losing her baby, all emotional support from everyone she cared about, and ultimately becoming a Tragic Monster, to the part where she finally catches up with Miki. And gives her the teddy bear she couldn't give to her while she was alive.
  • The good ending, which is also a Heartwarming Moment.
    Miki: ...I much. But I remembered...someone very important...
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  • The aftermath of Saeki's suicide could hit home for a lot of people who have gone through a similar experience. Your loved one is suffering from depression, has experienced a great loss, and eventually kills themselves. You could feel tremendous guilt over not being there for them or not giving them enough support to keep them from taking their own life. Miki was wrought with guilt and could not forgive herself for what happened because she felt responsible for things taking their course. Even worse is the fact that she received no support from her mother over what happened and instead, her mother insisted that she live in the house.
  • In the remake, if you get the bad ending Shinji blames himself for Miki's death. He wanders around town, thinking about how he'd only been walking here with Miki a few days ago and wondering if there was more he could've done to help her. Just days earlier, he'd told Miki he didn't want her to end up like her aunt, only it seems that this is exactly what happened, and the guilt eats away at him to the point he starts seeing the monster too.


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