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     Sabres of Infinity 
  • If Elson is saved without disrupting the mock charge:
    Captain Montez: "Cornet, what you did this morning was a display of initiative and quick-thinking far above the call of duty. It was an action which places you among the ranks of the finest of men. Don't do it again."
  • The rare moments when Cazarosta opens up and talks about himself and his philosophy, he explicitly says that no one else would listen to him because of his Deathborn status, implying that, under his cold exterior, he considers the player character the closest thing he has to a friend.
  • If the MC decides to tell Captain Hunter the truth about Captain Lefebvre's deed on killing potentially innocent Antar peasants, the Achievement poped up is "Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know".If you (the reader) understand the origin of this quote, you might find that having the moral high ground is worth more than anything that Captain Levebre officer might give your character as a bribe.
    • If that is not enough, Captain Hunter will express his gratitude not by giving a simple punishment to the captain or a thank-you note to the player, but 400 crown and a letter of recommendation to make sure he is promoted to Lieutenant so that he will avoid any retaliation for being honest. Who says no good deeds goes unpunished?
  • If the Dragoon officer rep is high enough,then before you enter the reception hall the sheer fact that your old commanding officer mentions that the 'General' of the army took notice of it, and wants him on his staff.
  • In the final battle, using the Power of Trust to convince Cazarosta to let the player retain control of their forces in guarding the Tierran army's retreat, considering his consistently misanthropic nature, to hear him say he completely trusts you is a highly touching moment.
    Cazarosta: I trust you. Your men will answer to you, and you alone.
  • If the MC treated his men well throughout the story and drinks with them the night before the final battle, they acknowledge how unusual it is for a Baneblooded officer to be so supportive of their men, and express their gratitude to him for turning them from conscripts into true, professional soldiers.
    Dragoon: Sir, it's been five years since I first served under your command, you've taken these farmers, labourers, thugs and broken men from a dozen different lives, and turn'd us into the finest soldiers in the King's entire bloody army. So here's to you sir! Here's to the only baneblooded git in an army of baneblooded gits daft enough and good enough to drink with his own men!
  • During the final battle when preparing for the enemies' charge, in a battle that with little chances of surviving, the MC can allow any soldier under your command to leave. If the men are loyal enough, this happens:
    After a few minutes of silence, you count your men again. You are almost surprised once you finish your tally: your men have decided to stand with you.
    Every single one of them.
  • If you pick Fenton as your character's sergeant, he will stay with him during the desperate charge at the final battle no matter what. Even if you been a Jerkass to your subordinate and they abandoned you, Fenton will follow him to the end of the world. Sadly, when it happens, the only outcome is a Downer Ending that gets both of you killed in the fight.
     Guns of Infinity 
  • Deciding to support the motion to saint of your old commanding officer in the first game (Hunter) into essentially elevating him to godhood.
  • If your MC was close friends with Elson then every rebuke the MC makes in Elson's defence is definitely one. Especially if it comes from a really cynical MC. Just because they didn't agree with one another does not mean that he was any less of a friend and comrade.
  • During the sack of Kharingia you can form a perimeter in order to protect the Antari inhabitants from the reprisals of your comrades that may include rape,murder and robbery.
  • If the MC was knighted by the king in the first game, has a good relationship with the Duke of Cunaris and if he's been mentoring Renard, then Cunaris asks the MC to squire his eldest son and heir, mentionning that Renard sees him (the MC) as "the elder brother he never had the fortune to have".
  • Sparing Keane andasking for leniency. Your character even notes at how he already looks much better. Especially since it's obvious to anyone he's been severely traumatized by the war.
  • If the MC has a high relationship with Cazarosta and decided to visit him before the Second battle of Kharangia, you'll get this line:
    "Know that you have been far better a friend than I deserve."
  • If your MC's squadron has high enough loyalty, you can relay your regards to the staff-sergeant, and the squadron will cheer in the MC's name. Although his status at that point is too high for him to join the common soldiers for a drink, they are still grateful of having him as their commander.

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