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Sometimes it's not just about action and laughs. There's gotta be a little bit of heart in there, too. And the Sonic Boom subfranchise does sprinkle in a few feel-good moments from time to time— moments that will make you say "awww".

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moment pages; therefore, all spoilers are unmarked. Tread carefully.

Western Animation

  • The friendship between the group of five. In most Sonic media, Sonic and Tails are usually the only consistent friendship; Knuckles is often a rival or outright enemy, and even if he is friendly with the group he's subject to turning on them, and Amy's clinginess often makes Sonic try to avoid her. Here, all four of them, plus new character Sticks, are clearly very good friends despite their major differences.
    • We don't know much of Sticks's backstory besides that she grew up alone in the woods, and was completely (and still is mostly) feral. Despite her quirks, now she's as fun-loving as the other four and pals around with them. That's quite a step up. Bonus points for how she gets along well with Tails, even though her technology-hating personality should logically cause them to constantly butt heads; the closest we see of that is her being reluctant to try the fox's contraptions.
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  • Throughout the series, it's pretty clear that no one hates Eggman; whenever he's not attacking them (or they think he is), they get along decently well even if they don't go out of their way to hang out with him. They have casual conversations at times, a few episodes show one or more of the main five being outright friendly with him, and neither he nor they are totally above offering or asking for a helping hand.
  • Pretty much the point of "Sidekick": Sonic tries to protect Tails, but completely misses the point and barks up the wrong tree, ends up putting him in more danger, but all works out in the end and it's pretty adorable.
    • Sonic's horror at seeing Tails crash his plane, the relief when he knows Tails is alive, Sonic hugging Tails as he tries to explain that the latter is "retired".
      • Sonic X had a somewhat similar episode where Tails was hurt during a mission, and Sonic was... somewhat less aloof than usual, showing concern for Tails' wellbeing. Having a show where this is expanded on so much, with Sonic being genuinely distressed at the thought of Tails being hurt, and even trying to replace him to protect him, always warms this troper's heart. It was everything Sonic X and a lot of the games (up until recently) tended to avoid. Honestly, just having a show where Sonic so frequently shows concern and affection for his friends (while still maintaining a cool and somewhat aloof personality) is incredibly refreshing and heartwarming.
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    • Also keeping in mind how damn vehement Tails was to get his position back.
      • As Sonic finally explains why he tried to "replace" Tails, Tails is irritated at first but quickly smiles kindly as he genuinely appreciates it. At the end of the episode they watch the sunset together and poke fun at the application method that Sonic used to try to get a new sidekick.
  • In "Buster", the aforementioned slime-robot reaches out with a tentacle towards Sonic and the gang. Blink and you'll miss it, but Sonic smacks it away before it can reach Tails, and keeps his hand in place there for the rest of the shot.
  • In "Translate This", Amy is about to be crushed by Eggman's robot, but Sonic comes and grabs her away. Afterwards, he holds her in his arm and says "That was close." UT is nearby and translates that to "I care about your well being." Amy 'aww's' at this and Sonic gives her a shy smile before speeding off.
  • "My Fair Sticksy" has a few, like Sticks telling a test dummy socialite that she'll beat him up if he has a problem with Sonic being her escort and the two socialites Knuckles became friends with saving him from one of Eggman's attacks.
    • Knuckles friendship with the two socialites is utterly adorable and sweet. He is genuinely applauded for speaking his mind, appreciated for being funny, and it never comes back to bite him in the butt like it would in other sitcoms- he's not faking being funny to become popular, he is just calling it as he sees it, and the people he meets admire him for it and become true friends with him. It's really sweet to see Knuckles, whose lack of intelligence is usually played for laughs, being appreciated for who he is instead of being made the butt of a joke for it.
  • In "Late Fees," during Sonic's flashback to the events of the previous day, one of the scenes is Sonic taking a selfie of him and Amy right before Eggman's lair explodes.
  • In Blue with Envy, when Sonic gets jealous of the new guy bonding with Tails he actually says "Watch it, that's my best friend you're bonding with!".
  • In "Dude, Where's My Eggman," Orbot and Cubot search frantically for Eggman, and even cry when they believe he's dead. It's nice to know they're so loyal to their creator/boss, despite all the abuse he puts them through.
    • In the same episode, desperate to bail out Eggman from jail, they unsuccessfully try to raise money, first by singing in the street, before deciding to scam Amy with a fake charity. However, just before Amy hands over a sizeable amount of money, she offhandedly mentions how she was saving it up for a charity of her own but felt like their charity was also important. The two robots are so moved by her generosity and sincerity that they insist she keeps her money for her own charity and then proceeds to give her what little money they legitimately earned before running away in tears! Even Evil Has Standards, after all.
    • Cubot and Orbot's relationship in general is incredibly sweet. With the way Eggman treats them, it wouldn't be surprising if Orbot decided to take out frustrations on Cubot, the 'dumb one' of the two, but instead he is nothing but patient with Cubot, and he shows genuine concern for his well being in several episodes. Even when Cubot repeats exactly what Orbot says (in simpler terms), Orbot doesn't show frustration or argue that he just said that, he just nods and let's it pass. It's nice to see that they have a supportive friend in each other.
    • To add to it, in the episode "Beyond the Valley of Cubots", we get yet another look into the two's relationship. When Cubot decides to stay with his "people", we are shown he grows to quickly miss Orbot, and vice versa. Also, when Orbot learns that he is the "perfect Cubot", he doesn't go and rub it in Cubot's face as payback or even as a way to try and get him to come back. No, he instead keeps that to himself, later calls Cubot perfect, and says that Eggman came to rescue him because he thought he was too valuable to lose.
    • It also goes both ways. In "The Evil Dr. Orbot", Dr. Orbot temporarily becomes evil due to downloading an "Evil Exam Study Guide" and soon starts to lash out at Cubot the same way Dr. Eggman lashes out at the both of them. When Cubot states he's sick of the new, evil Orbot and just wants his old friend back, he reboots Orbot, resetting him back to his normal, cheerful self. When Orbot asks if anyone wants to play charades, Cubot instantly and enthusiastically joins in, effectively forgiving Orbot and forgetting his mistreatment immediately.
  • In "Hedgehog Day", Eggman, happy that he's finally freed from the "Groundhog Day" Loop he was trapped in, hugs Orbot in delight, glad to not hear the sentence "Wakey wakey, Eggs and Bakey" for the umpteenth time.
  • In "New Year's Retribution", all Eggman wanted was just one win over Sonic to fulfill his resolution from last year (beat Sonic at something), so Sonic allows him a small victory in the form of a dance-off. However, due to time being slowed down, Eggman laments that nobody saw this occur. Sonic counters that nobody except them saw this occur, so they'll always know that Eggman beat Sonic.
    Sonic: Happy new year, Egghead.
    Eggman: Happy new year, you blue son-of-a-gun.
  • The ending of "Tails' Crush" is just full of 'd'aww'.
    • The whole episode is choke-full of adorableness, especially Tails's awkwardness. At one point he's so flustered he accidentally takes off!
    • Then there's Eggman taking pity on Tails and offering him some actually good advice. Then, after Tails wins Zooey's heart by defeating Eggman's robot, Eggman sticks around to provide romantic background music.
    • There's even a meta one; Tails' love interests in other continuities either either rejected him, turned out to be evil, or both or loved him back, but were killed in a Heroic Sacrifice. Should the series continue with the relationship as-is, or even end before it can go further with it, it's nice to see one continuity where it turned out alright.
  • Seeing Sonic so worried for Knuckles and saving his life near the end of "Bro Down Showdown" touched this troper's heart (especially since Sonic normally doesn't show that much emotion in the show).
    • Sonic and Knuckles's relationship on the show is generally heart-warming. Following Sonic X, where Knuckles was mostly annoyed by Sonic and Sonic was largely aloof in general, it's so refreshing to see the two genuinely enjoy each other's company and hobbies and to see them constantly sticking up for each other.
    • No matter how delusional and self-absorbed Knuckles becomes, Sonic is always there to pull him back down to Earth if necessary. He never writes his friend off as a lost cause, no matter how much trouble he causes.
    • Whenever they battle, Knuckles and Sonic always have each others backs, and seeing how genuinely concerned they get when the other is in danger -like in "Bro Down Showdown" and "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog" - is very heartwarming. Even if they sometimes misunderstand each other and get exasperated, no matter how their day is going, when push comes to shove you KNOW they're willing to do anything for each other.
    • In a way, the fact that Eggman and Sonic do really well together is rather heartwarming too. They're enemies, but they know each other very well.
  • The end of "Fire in a Crowded Workshop", if you go with the interpretation that Tails made up all that stuff about the failed security system to take the blame and spare his friends' feelings.
  • In "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog", Sonic is a wanted man after being accused of stealing a particle accelerator from Eggman's lair, as well as several other things from the villagers; Knuckles decides to go out and capture him alone. It seems as though the echidna's stupidity has gotten to him again, but no— he wanted to go alone so he could protect Sonic from the angry mob after his head, even saying that he doesn't want to lose him (though it's because the hedgehog's a valuable member of Team Knuckles, but he still cares).
  • Amy and Eggman's friendship over the Fuzzy Puppies game in "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies" was pretty cute, especially considering that it held through to the end of the episode (unlike in "Fortress of Squalitude" and "Chez Amy" where Eggman's evil nature ended up ruining things in the end). Here, even after Amy foils Eggman's scheme around the game and then him losing to her in another match at the end, the last shot of the episode is them laughing jovially together.
    • Also notable is that, despite being a collector and coveting the Fancy Poodle, Eggman would rather sacrifice the elusive piece than his friendship with Amy when she threatened to "un-Fuzzy Puppy Buddy" him.
    • In a meta moment related to this episode, as said at the 2016 Sonic Revolution panel, the Gertie the Bulldog play piece was modeled and named after a late real-life bulldog Amy's voice actress, Cindy Robinson, owned; touched by the gesture, she had a hard time recording lines for the episode. What's more, according to a Tweet, Amy using the Gertie piece to her advantage to win the climactic match against Eggman is Cindy's favorite moment of the entire series.
  • At the end of "Cabin Fever" Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks realize they went too far after wrecking Amy's house. To make up for the mess and reading her play, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Sticks, and Dave preform Amy's play in front of the whole town, after bringing Amy to the premier, of course.
    • A subtle one, but almost immediately after the team's fallout, Tails and Sonic make up and join forces.
    • There's also a running gag of Tails being scared by lightning and jumping into Sonic's arms. It's Played for Laughs, but he's visibly shaking each time and Sonic never seems annoyed by it, even holding him for an entire scene at one point. It's subtle, but it can still be read as a display of his Big Brother Instinct towards Tails.
    • The show has a habit of subtly enforcing Sonic and Tails' brotherly relationships, and it's always sweet. Sonic throwing an arm out in front of Tails when there's a threat, Sonic usually being the one to tell the others not to make fun of Tails' inventions for failing (or at least telling them to lighten up)- he's always keeping an eye out for him and it's adorable.
  • In the episode "Counter Productive", there's Charlie and Belinda's relationship. Even though it's... Jerkass rocky at times, when Charlie's fighting Knuckles, who else roots for him but his wife? And even when he loses, Belinda sticks with him and supports his new job as a supervillain. It's kind of sweet, in a weird, villainous way...
  • "It Takes A Village To Defeat A Hedgehog":
    • The villains realizing that Shadow is a dick and cheering Eggman up about it, and then averting Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and working together well is a villainous moment, right down to a Call-Back to his previous speech.
    • Team Sonic, despite their issues with it, seem to care when Shadow wrecks their "bookshelf".
    Sonic: Hey! We worked all day on that!
    • Even though he's rude about it, Shadow does let Eggman take a selfie with him.
  • "Tommy Thunder Method Actor":
    • Despite being frustrated with Tommy Thunder, and having just had to bail him out of a confrontation with Eggman (which Tommy not only started, but also tried to fearfully backpedal from and begged Sonic for help), Sonic goes along with giving the credit of taking down Eggman's robots to Tommy Thunder, after seeing how the townspeople see him as a hero and he doesn't want to ruin that.
      • Sonic's friends, implicitly knowing the true story behind what happened, compliment him on how mature he was and try to reward him by taking him to Mehburger's VIP section. Mitigated a bit because the VIP section doesn't exist.
    • Depending on how you interpret it, Tommy's own response to this can be seen as paying Sonic back; he takes the microphone and announces he's "studied enough" to leave and begin work on his next film, meaning he's finally leaving Sonic alone after the hedgehog made no secret whatsoever of finding Tommy annoying.
  • "Spacemageddonocalypse":
    • When everybody assumes Knuckles is dead due to destroying a meteor, even Sonic shows a bit of concern for his friend.
  • "Alone Again, Unnaturally"
    • Sonic's joy upon hearing Tails' voice again.
    • Tails proceeding to phase himself out of the plane of reality to make sure Sonic can get back.
    Sonic: Isn't that a little unsafe?
    Tails: Maybe, but I'm not leaving you behind!
    • While we do lack context of why Tails is trying to increase Sonic's speed, it's completely possible he's doing it because Sonic requested it.
  • "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Worse-er"
    • A throw-away line indicates that Tails and Zooey are still dating. Aw!
  • "Multi-Tails":
    • After Eggman manages to surpass Tails' "Domepocalypse", the mayor of the village decides to revoke the trophy he rewarded Tails. When the villagers start to boo at Tails, Sonic's big brother instinct kicks in and he stands up for Tails, against the booing crowd.
    Sonic: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ease up, everybody! We can't expect Tails to think of every possible outcome. He's just one guy.
  • "Strike":
    • Amy standing up for Orbot and Cubot and encouraging them in their strike against Eggman is in itself sweet. She even stops Sonic from disrupting the strike when they arrive at Eggman's lair.
  • "The Evil Dr. Orbot":
  • "Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?":
    • Sonic refusing to hit Knuckles in order to defeat Charlie.
    • Team Sonic's group hug after assuring Knuckles that they are his family.
  • The episode "FiendBot" has quite a few Heartwarming Moments.
    • Eggman's FiendBot starts protecting Sonic after he starts having a feeling of friendship.
    • The fact Sonic goes with it and renames him FriendBot.
    • After Tails repairs FriendBot, Sonic and his friends take him to the Valley of Cubots so he is somewhere safe.
    • The episode ends with Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles & FriendBot sharing a group hug that is full of Dawww.
  • "Og Man Out" has this in the form of Sticks bonding with Og.
  • The way Amy stands up for Knuckles when the team learns that Barker is conning and threatening him in "Knine-to-Five Knuckles". Messing with Amy's friends is definitely her Berserk Button, and don't you dare press it, lest you wish to face her wrath.
    Amy: Do NOT push me, and DON'T MESS WITH MY FRIENDS! (starts growling and hissing like a wild animal)
    • Tails offering to let Knuckles keep his lamp in his workshop.
  • "Blackout":
    • Tails writing letters to Zooey as the gang climbs a snowy mountain to retrieve the new crystal, as humorous as they are.
    • When Tails stands and breathes in the poisonous gas in the first temple room, Sonic holds him after he collapses.
  • "Unnamed Episode" as a whole is a good indicator of how much Amy and Sticks mean to each other. Amy is by Sticks' side the entire time after the village shuns her for the evil actions of her ancestor (who the village was named after), and when the town decides to keep the name "Badgerville" because of Sticks' heroics at the end, she instead suggests the name "Hedgehog Village"— not after Sonic, but Amy, in honor of her loyalty. And to top it off, they share a hug afterwards. If there were any doubts that these two are best friends, this episode has utterly erased them.
  • "Give Bees a Chance" is one heartwarming moment after another of Amy and her new Bee Bot pet, Bea, growing closer together. Amy's friends even attempt to cheer her up when Eggman reclaims Bea with his homing device, and at the end of the episode, Amy goes into a furious hammering spree on Mega Bot when it blasts Bea, but Tails repairs her and gives her a fresh coat of pink paint, and the two are reunited for good.
  • "Mombot" has a lot of heartwarming moments between Eggman and the titular motherly robot he built to love him unconditionally. Even when Eggman attempts to erase Mombot with a magnet in an act of revenge for grounding him in front of Sonic and friends, he can't bring himself to see it through and instead sends her on a cruise around the world.
    • Even moreso when you consider that the last time some version of a mother figure to Dr. Robotnik appeared in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, she was anything but motherly. So to have Robotnik with a genuinely caring mother makes this all the more heartwarming.
  • "Eggman's Brother" has some between the heroes and even Eggman and his brother have one.
    • Due to Steve's (or Morpho's) successful plan to split Team Sonic apart, Sonic is fighting alone and is quickly overwhelmed by Eggman's robots until his friends rush back to save him. As they dispatch Eggman's bots, Tails reveals that he couldn't truly believe that Sonic would actually give up on his team, so he found Amy by using her Communicator's tracking device; she revealed Morpho's plan (which he made the mistake of informing her of), and they quickly reunited the rest of the team so they could lend Sonic a hand.
    • At the end, Morpho is feeling down about his failure, but Eggman actually praises Morpho on how convoluted the plan was, and even if Morpho isn't his brother]], he would love to have a brother like him. Morpho himself admits that was actually touching.
    • Also, just that mere fact that Morpho sought out Eggman at all is heartwarming in a way. Think about it. After his Eggman accidentally destroyed their home dimension, he was free to go anywhere and do anything. Instead, he decided to seek out Eggman and join up with him, even if he isn't his Eggman. Morpho must have decided that any Eggman is better than no Eggman. It's enough to make one think that hug at the beginning was genuine and sincere.
  • "Do Not Disturb" shows that despite their disagreements on certain things, Sonic and Tails are willing to not hold prolonged grudges against each other. Even laughing at their behavior and making amends rather swiftly, showing again how close and unbreakable their bond is.
  • In "Robots from the Sky" Part Three, Tails hesitates to blast a sentient and evil Hypno-bot, not wanting to destroy his own creation; this leads to Sonic getting his leg injured. Despite this, when Tails gets his tails tied up by a bola from Hypno-bot, falls out of a hole in Morristown's glass dome created by a missed shot, and barely manages to grab the city's lip, Sonic races over, kicks Hypno-bot off the edge, and grabs Tails' hand just as he loses his grip. That's right, Sonic ignored a leg injury just to save his best pal.
    • On the opposite side of the coin, in the climax of Part Four, Tails quickly gets over his aforementioned inability when Hypno-bot takes advantage of Sonic's injured leg to order a hypnotized Mighton to finish him off with a rocket punch. Tails' concern for Sonic's well-being wins out, and he flies as fast as he can to smash Hypno-bot's hypno-ray; this puts Hypno-bot out of commission and restores all robots to normal, allowing Mighton to recall his fist just before the punch connects with Sonic. It just goes to show that the minute you put his best friend in imminent danger, it doesn't matter if you're Tails' creation or not; he will take you down if it means saving his life.
    • Throughout this entire multi part episode, the team refused to harm Friendbot, even when it was under the control of Hypno-bot and was aiming to destroy the heroes. They can't hurt a friend after all.
  • In "Planes, Trains, and Dude Mobiles", Tails has a picture of Zooey hanging inside the titular vehicles. She's waving happily at the picture taker, possibly Tails himself.
  • At the end of "Sticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation", Charlie didn't fight Amy and Sticks as Belinda wanted as he was busy digging for Belinda's anniversary's present.
  • Even though Sonic takes amusement from Eggman's fear of ghosts in "The Haunted Lair", the fact that he takes pity on Eggman and goes to the extent he does to show Eggman that he's been conned and get him over his fear is sweet, especially since he does this out of pity for Eggman.
  • The bond Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles form with Chumley, Lady Walrus' infant son, in "Three Men and My Baby!". They are clearly angry at Eggman when he wakes Chumley up after they get him to sleep, praise Chumley when he helps them defeat Eggman and his army of badniks, and are clearly distraught when he runs away from them the following morning and search everywhere for him. Knuckles is the most heartbroken of the trio when they give back Chumley and, at the end, we see that he hung up Chumley's toy giraffe on the mirror of Knuckles' monster truck.
  • In "Eggman Family Vacation", Eggman, Morpho, Orbot and Cubot all stand protectively in front of Mombot when Team Sonic threatens to smash her for having a smart chip.
  • In "Lair on Lockdown", Eggman is gleefully surprised to find the very first robot he ever built while trapped in a room with Knuckles. Near the end of the episode Eggman's entire lair explodes and Eggman is very realistically distraught over having lost everything. Knuckles then mentions to Eggman that not everything was destroyed and reveals that he took Eggman's robot out of the lair during their escape, from the lair, much to Eggman's relief.
  • "Don't Make me Angry" has several. The first of which is Beth the Shrew allowing Eggman to borrow her Library card out of nothing but pure kindness. Later, Beth makes cookies for Eggman since she felt bad for him being bullied by Sonic and his friends. Even though the cookies are actually gross, Eggman holds his tongue because he appreciates her generosity. After she accidentally gets trapped in Eggman's trash compactor, Eggman immediately gets to work trying to save her, and as he tries to go about this, Sonic and his friends admit that they were going too hard on Eggman.

Video Game

  • Out of the group, Sonic is the most concerned about Lyric kidnapping Amy in Shattered Crystal.
    • Also, while Knuckles and Amy have a Vitriolic Best Buds relationship for the most part, when he's told that she's been kidnapped, Knuckles immediately asks whom he needs to attack.
  • When it looked like that Sonic wasn't going to get on the Tornado in time, Amy looked ready to jump off and try to help Sonic.
  • Maybe it's just me, but there's just something about Sonic and Tails' discovery that they can run on water, and seeing the two having so much fun with it.
  • Amy and Tails having fun when they split off from Knuckles and Sonic, leaving the other two to do the heavy lifting as they mess around on grind rails.
  • While Amy takes in the scenery from the back end of the Purification Plant, Sonic is impatient, but he doesn't speak or act in any way to ruin the moment. Also, Amy going through that entire level without uttering anything about dating or marrying Sonic shows that she's willing to let the job come before personal pleasure.
  • At the end of Rise Of Lyric, Shadow shows up after being tossed through the time portal, ready for a rematch. However, upon seeing Lyric taken down, he promptly gives a Not Bad response, and walks away without fighting.

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