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  • What's so weird with Knuckles having skinny legs? Sonic characters usually have skinny limbs. Even Eggman.
    • I think the main issue is how long they are
      • Eggman's legs were long and skinny, too.
    • It's a change. And we can't have that.
    • It's most likely because he has skinny legs and thick everything else, so they clash, or look out of proportion.
      • But Eggman had long skinny legs and a big torso.
      • Eggman's human, so it looks natural/doesn't look out of place. Additionally, Eggman's always looked like that, whilst this is a new change for Knuckles, so it looks weird as a result.
  • What's the purpose of Amy being made "stronger and more capable"? She was already strong and capable in the main series. And if they wanted to have a female lead who wasn't gaga over Sonic, why not just use an existing one like Blaze or just create a new character like they did with Sticks? Stripping one of the series's most popular characters of her traits in favor of making her a bland action girl just reeks of sexism.
    • That's not entirely true. While Amy is most notorious for her crush on Sonic, she has been known for other traits, namely her compassion and optimism. As far as we know, only the romantic issue is being strongly dialed down. We haven't seen the whole deal with her, but given how she interacts with Sticks, the other traits are likely to persist in this continuity. Given how she was limited to mission control since Sonic Unleashed, this is a step up for her. And as for why they choose to use her instead of other girls, you have to keep in mind she (formerly known as Rosie the Rascal) predates Knuckles, so there is some nostalgia factor going into this as well. The Sonic Boom development teams may be just as tired of the "stalker" stereotype as we are, and are trying to tread lightly with her character so as to not further fracture the fanbase.
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    • You say this like Sonic Team wasn't toning down the stalker thing with every game.
    • Except they didn't. All of the previous sonic games had some sort of Abhorrent Admirer relationship between Amy and Sonic.
      • Though that was increasingly on Sonic's side as opposed to hers.
    • Popular? She was a major Base-Breaking Character at best.
  • Considering in this series the characters that have words for names tend to have Meaningful Names, why's Lyric named Lyric?
    • His tribe used to be versed in many musical talents.
  • Why does Knuckles have reading glasses if he can't read?
  • So where are the humans besides Eggman? The characters seem to live in some jungle with only Funny Animal characters.
    • There are no other humans in Sonic's world.
    • We only see one island. There's a whole world out there that could have populations of humans and anything else.
      • The adventure games would like a word with you.
    • A lot of species only have one representative as far as I've seen. The whole show takes place on an island that doesn't look all that large. But then again, Eggman talks about taking over cities (plural), so it's a bit of a throw-up-your-hands kind of show in that department, and others.
  • Since Sonic Boom was supposed to be different from the main branch, why is it so comedy-oriented? The main games have been pretty comedy-oriented as of late, so you would expect Sonic Boom to try to be different (if not the opposite). Instead, it's like it flanderized the comedic aspects of the games and the characters (at least when it comes to Knuckles and Eggman).
    • Maybe they made the Boom series so they could start moving the main franchise a little more towards drama?
  • In the episode Unlucky Knuckles, Knuckles is told that to get out of a bad luck streak, he much bring himself as much bad luck at once as possible. He then proceeds to make a rock fall on himself, jump off a cliff, and shoot himself out of a cannon. How is that bad luck? Luck specifically calls for chance and not being through your own actions. And for that matter, why go for physical pain inducing things? Why not just challenge someone to some sort of chance card game or something similar? Yeah, it's Knuckles and he's stupid, but this whole thing was kicked off through him and Sonic playing what amounts to golf, so he should be well aware that bad luck does not always have to equal pain.
  • How does Morpho know about Vector?
    • Morpho does come from another dimension so he probably met that dimension's Vector there before moving to the main dimension.
    • This is a matter of the difference between Release Order and Production Order. In the release order, Where have all the Sonics Gone? was released as Episode 41 of Season 2, while Vector Detector was released as 44. However, according to the Production Codes, Vector Detector was 35, while Where Have All The Sonics Gone? was 43. For an IC reason, Vector was known for his TV Show, and it's possible that Morpho/Steve Eggman had seen it.

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