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Shadow doing a selfie with Eggman? Yes, it is possible!

The Sonic Boom subfranchise has a good amount of hilarious moments, most of them courtesy of the cartoon thanks to its clever meta-humor.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moment pages; therefore, all spoilers are unmarked. Tread carefully.

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  • Pretty much anything Knuckles or Sticks do.
  • The mechanical sound Orbot and Cubot make whenever they bow their heads sadly, after Eggman puts them down.
  • Due to the amount of questions the fans bring to Bill Freiberger, the producer of Sonic Boom season 2, he had to make a list of rules on his Twitter account. Most of these are pretty serious, but the last one veers into Self-Deprecation: "Don't badmouth the Sonic Boom cast. Don't tell me that you prefer actors from previous incarnations of Sonic. I love the cast. I think they're all great... except maybe the guy who plays Comedy Chimp." Who is voiced by Freiberger himself.

    Season 1 Part 1 

The Sidekick

  • After Eggman introduces Burnbot, Sonic guesses that it will attack him with a flame thrower, chemicals, and/or explosives. Eggman points out that he is wrong and that Burnbot attacks with claws, not fire. Sonic then suggests better names for Burnbot and accuses Eggman of false advertising before the fight even begins.
    • Later in the episode, Eggman took Sonic's advice and gave Burnbot hip-mounted flamethrowers.
  • Not long after, Burnbot hits Tails' plane. While barreling out of control (and at Sonic's request for him to bail), Tails pulls a lever to eject himself, only for the lever to completely detach from the plane. What makes this scene funny is his Aside Glance after seeing that the lever failed, complete with a duck quack.
  • When Tails regains consciousness in his house after the plane crash, Sonic gives him the "good news" that he's taking an early retirement from being his sidekick.
    Sonic: You're gonna be able to play lots of golf and spend time with the grandkids.
    Tails: I don't have grandkids.
    Sonic: Well, now's your chance to get some.
    • Almost immediately afterward, Sonic gives Tails a hug, almost tearfully saying he'll see him around, then exits the house, leaving the fox alone and confused.
      Tails: ...What just happened?
      Sonic: (opens the door partway) I fired you. (closes the door again)
      Tails: Okay, just checking.
  • When Eggman gets his hands on one of Sonic's flyers promoting the sidekick auditions, it gives him an evil idea. The camera zooms in on his face as dramatic music plays... and then abruptly pans down to the floor, causing him to pull it back up.
    Eggman: Lousy security camera.
  • The audition tryouts give us a few highlights.
    • Amy both juggles and sings for Sonic in an attempt to impress him. It's still not enough for a serious position.
    • Amy also introduces herself to Sonic with her full name and includes what she's auditioning for in that introduction, despite Sonic already being one of her closest friends (thus knowing full well who she is), and that there's only one role to audition for. When Sonic points this out, Amy responds positively by saying she's a believer in nepotism.
    • A small detail, but at the end of her introduction speech, Amy flutters her eyelashes at Sonic.
    • Knuckles' turn comes around...
      Knuckles: [Sitting in a chair, having stolen Sonic's clipboard] I think you would make a great sidekick for me!
      Sonic: [Utterly deadpan] No, Knuckles. I'm looking for someone to be my sidekick.
      Knuckles: [Not listening] We'd have to change your name, though. I'm thinking... 'Knuckles Junior.'
    • Tails attends the audition tryouts with a cloak on and, upon attempting to reveal his identity, struggles to take it off, eventually tripping over himself.
    • Eggman just showing up is enough.
  • Sonic pointing out that the red flag is at the incredibly dangerous but inaccurately named Mt. Safety.
  • The race has Tails, Fastidious, and Eggman on hoverboards. The sight of the latter two is hilarious enough, though poor Fastie gets knocked out of the running thanks to the other two.
    • When Fastidious gets knocked out of the running:
    Fastidious: Actually, I'm just going to lie down in the fetal position and weep. [proceeds to do just that]
    • The race starts off with Eggman getting fed up with Fastie's pedantic corrections and pushing him off the hill.
  • After Burnbot finally sinks and Sonic and Tails take off, Eggman swears vengeance.
    Eggman: I'll be back... with a new robot! Who has an accurate name, and super laser eyes! And it'll feed me ham! Evil ham...
    • Sonic points out that Tails gets his own plane with this 'sidekick' job... never mind he already lost two.
  • The ending scene has a few moments to it;
    • Amy banging on the door to Sonic's hut, demanding a callback for her audition.
    • Knuckles describing his lack of success in gaining a sidekick with the words, "Knuckles Jr. isn't working out".
    • Amy offering to be Knuckles' sidekick by doing the same pizza man impersonation she did at Sonic's audition.
    • "...Knucklina!"

Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?

  • Eggman proposes a truce with Sonic and to prove it, he lifts up the bottom of his trenchcoat for Sonic to check for weapons. Sonic quickly lifts his hand and turns away.
  • Eggman's baby-pink footie pajamas with the butt-flap.
    • Or as Eggman calls them, "Evil pajamas with a trap door on the back".
  • Amy tries to get Eggman to talk about his feelings.
    Amy: Do you feel scared without a home? Do you feel alone? Are you eating your feelings?
    Eggman: Somebody get her away from me.
  • During Eggman's time as Sonic's roommate, at one point he can be heard washing the dishes and singing.
    • Also the pillow fights, cuing this line from Tails when complaining about a particularly hard hit after Amy says that Sonic and Tails have a communication problem.
      Tails: Communication problem? He whacked me with a pillow, hard! I'm dizzy, and I have serious short-term memory loss! [beat] ...and I have serious short-term memory loss!
    • Sonic and Tails learn the hard way that Eggman actually laughs evilly while he snores.
  • Sonic's Brutal Honesty.
    Amy: Sonic, do you have something you'd like to share with Eggman?
    Sonic: Yes... How I say this delicately... You're a horrible roommate and nobody in this house likes you.
    Amy: Let's frame our statements with "When you do this, it makes me feel this."
    Sonic: Fine, okay. Uh, let's see... When you live here... it makes me feel... angry... (beat) ...because you're a horrible roommate and nobody in this house likes you.
  • After revealing his latest plan to tire Sonic and Tails (and actually smacking an exhausted Sonic awake midway through explaining it), Eggman brings out Obliteratorbot. While Sticks knew this was coming, her reaction to the truth is funny itself.
    Sticks: I knew it! He did have an Obliteratorbot! Why doesn't anyone ever believe me? It's not like I'm paranoid! (to her shadow) Stop following me!
    • Eggman smacking Sonic awake is hilarious in itself. As he paces in front of the protagonists, delivering his evil speech, Eggman leans down, realizes Sonic is sleeping, and slaps him across the face. Then he turns away and continues like nothing had happened.
      Eggman: [It was] just an excuse to live with you and tire you to the point of exhau - *smack* - tire you to the point of exhaustion!
    • Eggman attempts to reveal his Obliteratorbot in dramatic fashion, only to have to quickly sidestep a tree it knocks down due to misplacing its position.
    • Of course, Eggman didn't think things through, and his latest robot attacks the wrong target despite Eggman ordering it not to.
      Orbot: We're still working out a few kinks.
  • Eggman begs Sonic to help save his base from his malfunctioning robot.
    Eggman: Sonic, you have to help me!
    Sonic: Why? He's your Obliteratorbot.
    Eggman: (In a deadpan tone)Because if you don't, I'll truly be stuck living with you until I build a new island fortress.
    Sonic: (a split-second look of horror crosses his face before a more confident expression replaces it) Let's roll.
  • Despite the exhaustion (complete with bags under the eyes), Sonic and Tails manage to make a mockery of the active defenses, complete with Sonic sleep-sliding through a laser gate. Eggman's efforts to keep the two awake are also funny.
    • Another gem from Sticks as she stares the bot down.
    Sticks: I knew you were coming. But you will never obliterate Sticks, because Sticks is unoblite-- unobli-- unobliterary... You can't kill me.
  • When Eggman asks to stay with the group after his base is destroyed*, Sonic almost immediately carries him back to the ruins of his old base. With Amy joining him as company.
    Amy: (walks up, holding a balloon) I can keep you company! Let's explore your feelings about being a roommate. Now, pretend this balloon is your self-esteem.
    Eggman: (gets up from his lounge chair) Stop. Stop! STOOOOOOOP! (runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction)
  • There's something funny about how little Sonic cares about anything that happens in this episode. He's not even really surprised when Eggman shows up on his doorstep, and lets him stay with him without much complaint. By the time actual danger happens, he's so exhausted from dealing with Eggman that he pretty much saves the day in his sleep.

Translate This

  • Just about everything UT says is hilarious.
  • Sticks screams at UT to stop reading her mind, yet it only repeats what she says word-for-word, implying she is actually incapable of having subtext.
  • This exchange is doubly funny when you remember how Amy had been portrayed before "Sonic Boom":
    Amy: Tails, I think it would be best if you shut that thing off. We don't want it to reveal anything too ... sensitive.
    UT: Shut that thing up, before it tells Sonic that I lo... (Tails shuts him off)
    Sonic: What was that last one?
    Amy: NOTHING! Nothing important...haha.
  • After Eggman decides his next scheme, he starts an Evil Laugh. Orbot and Cubot join in.
    Eggman: Don't laugh with me, you're ruining it.
  • Tails goes it alone to confront Eggman and get UT back.
    Tails: Give me back my robot!
    Eggman: Or what?
    Tails: ...That's a fair question.
  • Eggman offhandedly mentioning that his record in his confrontations with Sonic is about a 50\50 split, and later making an aside that Tails had agreed that this number was completely accurate.
  • Eggman refers to new lab assistant Tails as number two. Orbot protests that he's supposed to be number two. Eggman's response? "I'd need a computer to figure out where you fall in the pecking order." He then uses the computer he's conveniently holding in his hands and figures it out.
    Eggman: 347.
    Orbot: (bows his head sadly)
  • As Eggman's lab assistant, Tails is asked to plug a drill into a particularly dangerous socket.
    Tails: That doesn't look very safe.
    Eggman: Yeah, I know; that's why I'm having you do it.
    Tails: (Gulp)
  • While in the middle of an intense battle with one of Eggman's robots, the evil scientist orders Tails to deploy the photon bombs. Seeing as his contract to be Eggman's lab assistant hadn't been signed, freeing him from the position, Tails simply glances at him with a look that says "Really?"
  • The team notes how useful UT was in their mission to rescue Tails.
    Sonic: I think we'll be going on a lot more adventures with UT from now on.
    Sticks: I agree.
    UT: I'm going to destroy that stupid robot.
    Sticks: (throws UT into the ocean; Tails glares angrily at her) Sorry, Tails. Had to be done.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Sonic and pals face off against an "evil fireman" bot. As in it shoots fire and does the opposite of what a firefighter does. Of course, everyone believes Eggman made it... to which he protests. While casually sitting on a bench a few feet away.
    Eggman: Why does everyone assume every evil robot is mine?
    Sonic: Oh, I don't know. Experience?
    • Eggman eventually cheers on the evil fireman bot, and everyone other than Sonic shoots dirty looks at him.
      Eggman: Okay, I admit it— it's mine! Evil robots are what I do! Why stop if you're good at it?
    • When the evil fireman bot is destroyed:
      Eggman: I, um, left the oven on. (runs off)
    • The evil fireman bot also tries to put a baby in a fire, and a kitten into a tree.
  • Sticks struggles to get the aforementioned kitten down from the tree... by shaking the tree violently. Particularly funny if you've seen the ad for the games, listed below.
  • Orbot and Cubot rob a deadly equipment warehouse... with poorly-drawn Sonic and Tails masks.
  • When everyone except Sticks gets sick of Buster:
    Amy: Either Buster goes, or we do!
    Sticks: Well, if Buster goes, I do! And I'm not going.
    Sonic: Oh. I guess that means we do.
    (everyone except Sticks starts to leave)
    Tails: Wait. This is my house.
  • When it's revealed Eggman built Buster, he uses a metallic bone to turn him into a giant evil monster with tentacles, one of which swipes at Sonic.
    Sonic: Is that the tentacle you stole from the warehouse?
    Eggman: Oh, please! I used that tentacle as a back-scratcher... and when I was done scratching, I used it to build him.
  • Sticks asks Buster to remember the good times they had together, and flashbacks of the two are shown. He isn't convinced... particularly because none of the flashbacks actually happened.
    Sticks: Yeah, I don't remember any of that, either.
  • The ending— Tails finds an octopus and wants to keep him... at which point the octopus eats him and spits out his goggles.
    Tails: Changed my mind. (stretches a hand out of the octopus' mouth) Help!

My Fair Sticksy

  • Amy sees the meteors falling on the village and thinks of something entirely different.
    Amy: Meteors are shooting stars! We shouldn't be running; we should be making wishes! I wish for a pony.
    Sonic: And I wish you'd take cover. (grabs Amy's hand and runs for cover with the others)
    Amy: How come your wish came true?
    Sonic: (smiles smugly)
  • Stick's various defense systems:
    Tails: You have a meteor defense system?
    Sticks: I have defense systems for all sorts of junk: wildfires, floods, people trying to read my thoughts...
    Sonic: Yeah, start with the meteor one!
  • Knuckles takes the invite and pulls reading glasses out of nowhere, then remembers that he doesn't know how to read.
  • Sticks refuses to go to the award ceremony, for the simple fact that her schedule is really busy.
    Sticks: Tomorrow, rummage through garbage. Wednesday, rummage through garbage. Thursday, get tetanus shot. Friday, rummage through garbage. I'm booked solid!
  • Sonic and Knuckles's impersonation of the "windbags" that are usually at formal affairs.
    Knuckles: (in a mock-noble voice) What a robust mustache you have, Colonel Grumpkin.
    Sonic: (also in a mock-noble voice) Why, thank you, Madame Stinkbottom.
    (both crack up laughing)
  • Sonic's insistence that he's not wearing pants to the awards ceremony.
  • Sticks practices complimenting Amy's perfume. She sniffs her for several moments with No Sense of Personal Space and then tells her she doesn't stink, prompting an extremely nervous smile from Amy as she realizes how much of an uphill battle she's fighting.
  • Knuckles' becoming buddies with some of the high society rollers by bluntly speaking his mind and thus saying what none of them have the guts to.
  • Eggman shows up at the award ceremony, and a flashback reveals that he got his way in via using a ballot-stuffing robot.
  • When he fails to win the award, Eggman starts to get suspicious.
    Eggman: Something smells fishy here.
    (cut to a fish inside a bowl)
    Fish: I have irritable bowl syndrome!
  • Eggman then attacks the ceremony... with the exact same ballot-stuffing robot he used earlier. It accomplishes absolutely nothing except for scattering the room with paper.
    Eggman: This is not quite as menacing as I'd hoped.
    • The funny thing is the robot is perfectly capable of more intimidating features, which are demonstrated shortly afterwards. Somehow this fact seems to slip Eggman's mind at first.
  • When Eggman is defeated yet again:
    Eggman: I'll be back! And next time, I'll bring more ballots. MORE BALLOTS!

Fortress of Squallitude

  • As the episode begins, Eggman is shredding his junk mail... with Cubot as the shredder, complete with Orbot patting him on the back to help him spit out stuck and shredded paper.
    Orbot: Paper jam.
  • This exchange:
    Eggman: Do you know what this is?
    Cubot: Robotic women who love us for our minds and aren't into looks or money?!
  • After being informed that his lair is "retro, without the irony", the photographer's assistant tells Eggman that he has a week to make it better.
    Eggman: I'm gonna need help, from someone with a real feel for color. And shape!
    (he notices Cubot trying to fit a purple, square-shaped peg into the blue, X-shaped hole of a sorting cube)
    Eggman: Definitely going to have to outsource this one.
  • Meanwhile, Amy is setting up a picnic table, and the others aren't exactly helping.
    Amy: My summer-themed seat cushions with floral upholstery that complement each guest's natural coloring are ready. The ice sculpture has melted just enough to hide the carving marks.
    Sticks: And I dug a trench around the picnic table and filled it with broken glass. (admires her handiwork)
    Amy: ...I might have used rose petals, but we'll go with it. Sonic, how are you doing on those fruit drinks?
    (a blender sits unused with fruit rotting in the sun nearby, flies buzzing around it)
    Sonic: (is asleep in a lounge chair, snoring lightly)
    Amy: Why am I not surprised? (unsoothingly) Tails, where's the soothing music?!
    Tails: Right here, but I thought it would be better if I gave it a little boost. (flips a switch; loud, pumping techno music emits from twin speakers, nearly blowing Amy off her feet before Tails turns it back off)
    Amy: (lifts a giant leaf disturbed from the music off her face) Knuckles, are my grilled pheasants ready?
    Knuckles: Not now, Amy— I'm busy. (lifts up an uncooked pheasant that he stuck his hand into like a puppet; in high-pitched voice) Oh, please don't cook me, Knuckles! (lifts up another uncooked pheasant, also as a puppet; in low-pitched voice) Today turned out a lot different than I expected!
  • Eggman's arrival at the group's location has them on defense at first, to which he responds with;
    Eggman: Don't let the fact that I constantly try to destroy you lead you to believe I'm here to destroy you.
  • While Amy is considering Eggman's offer:
    Amy: Is it so hard to believe Eggman might actually respect my talents?
    Sonic: Well, yeah! ... Wait, That Came Out Wrong.
  • During the montage of Amy sprucing up Eggman's base, there's a collection of scenes involving a pillow she places on one of his couches. Eggman himself comes in, looks at it for a bit, then moves it an inch to the right. Amy comes back and, somewhat annoyed at Eggman's "improvement", moves it to its original spot. When Eggman returns to find it out of place again... he simply incinerates it with the device on his wrist.
    • Another highlight from the montage: Eggman enters one of the rooms of his lair to find plaid curtains everywhere. Even one of his trash cans is covered in plaid wallpaper.
    Eggman: Too much plaid?
    (cut to Orbot and Cubot, also covered in plaid)
    Orbot: Maybe a little.
  • The remaining members of Team Sonic are attempting to enjoy the picnic without Amy around, but it proves to be impossible.
    Knuckles: Burned food just doesn't taste the same without Amy.
    Tails: Knuckles, you're eating a napkin.
    Knuckles: (looks down to confirm he is, in fact, eating a napkin) Yeah, I knew that. (takes another bite)
  • This heartfelt line:
    Sonic: We might have a hard time saying it, Amy, but... (disengaged) well you know.
  • When the photographer fires her assistant for showing her Eggman's lair post-climactic battle (that is, messy and littered with robot parts), Orbot offers him some tickets to the Doctor's roller coaster to make him feel better.
  • While the photographer walks out, Eggman follows, begging her to reconsider.
    Eggman: Wait! Please! Forget the cover! How about a smaller spread? A couple of pages? A page? A snapshot buried behind some cleaning product ads?

Double Doomsday

  • While Sonic and Amy are ordering burgers, Eggman quickly cuts in line and immediately accuses them of doing the same.
    • Then when Dave allows Eggman to go first, Eggman celebrates with a victory dance set to a techno beat.
    Eggman: Just gotta flash the 'stache.
  • Orbot and Cubot discuss how enthusiastic Dave is to do menial tasks.
    Cubot: He does more sucking up than my cousin Suzanne— and she's a vacuum.
  • When Dave is rebuilding Eggman's doomsday device:
    Eggman: You cut that out right now, young man! That is my doomsday device!
    Dave: Well, maybe you shouldn't have left the power supply in here, then. And maybe I shouldn't put the power supply IN MY PANTS!
    Eggman: You're not wearing any pants!
    Dave: Then what are these pockets?!
    • After hearing some more construction noises from behind the door
    Eggman: That better not be what I think it is!
    Dave: Depends on whether you think it's a doomsday device that I just ACTIVATED!
    Eggman: Actually, I thought it was my panini press. But this is worse!
  • After Sonic bursts through a wall in Eggman's lair
    Sonic: Game over, Eggman! Shut off the doomsday devices!
    Eggman: (laughs) Shut off? Who puts an off switch on a doomsday device?
    Sonic: Hmmm... You make a valid point. (calls Tails) Bad news: there's no off switch.
    Tails: Well, yeah. Who puts an off switch on a doomsday device?
  • During the montage of Sonic and Tails helping to power up Eggman and Dave's doomsday devices respectively, Sonic runs in place on a carpet before walking over to Eggman's doomsday device and placing his hand on it to charge it with the static electricity he's built up, his quills standing on end as he does so.
  • When Sonic and Tails's plan fails and the two doomsday devices create a giant black hole, Tails comments that there must have been a power discrepancy somehow. Sonic finds an unused battery in his hand and sheepishly tosses it away before insisting that they can't worry about that now.
  • After Sonic and Tails save the day, Eggman is very disappointed in Dave.
    Eggman: You little twerp! Your interning days are through. YOOOU'RE FIRED!
    Dave: But you are going to give me a positive evaluation, right?
    Eggman: GET OOOOOUT!
    Dave: (runs off, whimpering)
  • Lady Goat has two Funny Background Events:
    • She's in line at the Mehburger when Eggman goes into his victory dance, at first unsure about it but showing her support by the end.
    • At the end, Dave makes his evil speech about how he will return. Then the camera pulls out to reveal he's back at the Mehburger serving Lady Goat and asks her if she wants fries with her order. She just ponders at this, having ignored the evil speech entirely.


  • Sonic notices the evil cookies Eggman left for him and hopes it's better than the last time someone left baked goods on his doorstep.
    (cut to a flashback of Knuckles popping out of a cake, holding sparklers; the camera repeatedly cuts between him and Sonic as they stare at each other silently for several moments, Knuckles with a huge smile and Sonic with a bored expression)
    Knuckles: (smile fades) Awkward?
    Sonic: Awkward.
    Knuckles: It'll just be another minute. (another beat where he gestures to the sparklers, before he grins nervously)
    (cut back to the present)
    Sonic: (shudders)
  • The reason Sonic doesn't get to eat any of the cookies; Tails called him in on an urgent mission. What urgent mission is that? His vacuum cleaner is trying to kill him for some reason. Eventually, Sonic ties its tube into a knot and causes it to explode. Tails' response?
    Tails: Look at this mess! I just vacuumed!
    (Sonic gives him a "Really?" look)
  • After Sonic leaves to help Tails:
  • Amy eating the evil cookies Eggman intended for Sonic:
    Amy: (sees the evil cookies on Sonic's porch) Aw. I knew Sonic wouldn't forget my birthday. It's four months late, but it's the thought that counts.
    Eggman: (watching from his lab) Gah! Why would he leave your birthday present on his porch? Where's the logic there?!
  • Eggman's increasing exasperation at Sonic's friends for eating the cookies intended for him, ending with Tails getting all of the last one to himself for no reason beyond chocolate chunk being his favorite.
    Eggman: You gotta be kidding me!
  • The simple premise of all of Sonic's friends sporting Eggman's mustache and personality is funny enough.
    • Knuckles gets the best lines by far, though. From insisting that he's an "Evil mastermind of average intelligence" instead of an evil genius, to suggesting "We have to get rid of Sonic's stupid friends first" while everyone fights over what evil scheme to use.
  • Eggman putting Sonic's evil friends through villain school. We get glimpses of his lessons, skipping around from 1 to 4 to 7, etc. Then we get to lesson 12.
    Eggman: Lesson number 12, lesson numbering. Evil lessons should be numbered as follows: 1, 4, 7, 12, 16.
    • And the next and final lesson is number 16!
  • Amy, Sticks, Tails and Knuckles arguing over an evil plan.
    Amy: Robo-assault!
    Sticks: Tunnel!
    Tails: Airplane!
    Amy: Robo-assault!
    Sticks: Tunnel!
    Tails: Airplane!
    Knuckles: I'm yelling words!
    • Before that, Knuckles' suggestion for his evil plan is:
  • When Sonic and Eggman are overpowered by the Eggheads, the former plucks off a piece of fur and places it into the DNA machine Eggman used to make his evil cookies, creating a cookie that flies into Eggman's mouth and gives him Sonic's speed, spin attacks, and personality, as well as completely coloring him Sonic's shade of blue.
    Eggman: Let's crack these Eggheads!
  • When the two manage to get Sonic's friends back to normal:
    Tails: I'm feeling like myself again.
    Knuckles: I'm also back to feeling like myself again— knock on wood. (knocks on his head with his fist) ...Who is it?

Guilt Tripping

  • After Sonic and Tails create a defense system for the Gogoba village so that they can be safe from invaders without the two around, they turn to leave... and almost instantly, the Gogobas trap themselves.
  • Fastidious Beaver's unexpected return:
    Gogoba Chief: How could we sleep when there are guests to take care of?
    [Fastidious Beaver suddenly appears in front of the camera]
    Fastidious Beaver: Actually, it's "guests of whom to take care."
    [Fastidious Beaver exits]
  • Sonic and Tails finally manage to out-guilt the Gogoba chief into letting them return home, but when they arrive, they get a surprise.
    Sonic: Well, at least we're finally back hoooooooo... (trails off as he notices the Gogobas inside)
  • Eggman leaves four messages on the answering machine, most of them related to an attempt to ambush Sonic, but one involves him accidentally butt-dialing it.
    • The fact that Eggman treats Sonic not trying to stop his evil plan as if Sonic had stood him up for a lunch date is hilarious.
    Eggman: Alright, it was a trick! I was gonna ambush you! And you didn't even have the decency to show up! That's really rude, Sonic!

Dude, Where's My Eggman?

  • Orbot and Cubot find that Eggman is nowhere to be seen in his island fortress.
    Cubot: Dr. E's not here? I can do whatever I want?! I'm going to kick over that garbage can! (tries and fails to knock said garbage can over with his base)
    Orbot: (floats nearby and knocks over the can for him)
    Cubot: That'll teach you to mess with me, Doc!
  • When Orbot and Cubot ask Sonic and Knuckles if they battled Eggman yesterday, Knuckles starts telling an obviously fabricated story meant to make him look like the big hero who defeated him, complete with him going super (sort of) Sayan and shooting a kamehameha wave at him, not to mention Sonic looking weak and cowardly in comparison to him, Tails telling him he's been made governor, and Amy & Sticks fawning over him. It must be seen to be believed.
    Sonic: I wanna be just like you when I grow up!
    • In a meta example, one of the writers for the episode tweeted that this made Knuckles' (now sadly patched) infinite jumping in Rise of Lyric canon.
    • We later see Eggman trying to return his umbrella, which got burned to a crisp just like in the fake flashback... somehow.
      • In the same scene, Eggman angrily tries to knock over a stacked group of milk cans, he kicks away a couple of cans at the bottom, but much to Eggman and the shop owner's surprise, the stack of cans defies physics and manages to stand up normally despite having no support.
      • Which is also a glitch in Rise of Lyric.
  • Operation: Toasty Beak. Giving sweaters to baby penguins. Even Orbot and Cubot can't stand taking money from that.
  • Orbot and Cubot's first attempt at raising money: street performers singing "Daisy".

Cow Bot

  • The episode begins with Tails commentating on a game of coconut hurl, involving Knuckles hurling Sonic at a coconut tree in a successful attempt to break a previous record of most coconuts dislodged. After succeeding in doing so (which included a bored Amy getting bonked on the head with a coconut):
    Tails Yes! They've done it! The team of Knuckles and Sonic has bested Sonic and Knuckles!
    Amy: (laughing) Wait a minute. You guys are playing against yourselves?
    Knuckles: No. Weren't you listening? We beat Sonic and Knuckles. Ha! In your face, Sonic and Knuckles!
    • After the eponymous Cow Bot shows up, it shoots a (cud) missile that hits a tree and knocks over several coconuts. Obviously, Knuckles is distraught.
      Knuckles: (sobbing) MY RECOOOOORD!
  • After Cow Bot is introduced to Team Sonic.
    Team Sonic: (bursts into laughter)
    Eggman: What? What? What's so funny?
    Sonic: Cow Bot? That has to be the lamest thing you've ever come up with.
    Eggman: Not true. There was Spoonbot, Crybot, Mathbot, ooh, and who can forget Lamebot? Wait, what am I saying?
  • "My breakfast is plotting to kill me."
  • "Behold, rodents!"
  • As Cow Bot flies toward Eggman's base— really slowly— Sonic, Tails, and Eggman are forced to wait all day and night for it to finally arrive, casually doing things together such as watching horror movies, gathering around a campfire and eating marshmallows, etc.
    Eggman: Hey, Sonic, bro to bro, what's up with you and Amy?
    Sonic: (a look of utter shock crosses his face)
    • They even play coconut hurl, with Sonic attempting to hurl Eggman towards the coconut tree and failing due to the Doctor being too heavy.
    Tails: Ooh! That's going to be a penalty.
    • Immediately afterward, they're looking bored on the beach again. Eggman suddenly brightens up with an idea. Smash cut to Sonic using a catapult to fire Eggman instead.
  • When Cow Bot finally shows up, Eggman is only able to partially shut down the force field the three created due to the sticky marshmallows seeping into the remote. Instead, Sonic and Eggman use the aforementioned catapult to launch the former at Cow Bot so he can spill melted marshmallows on it. The first try doesn't go so well.
    Sonic: Ready, aim, fire!
    (the catapult launches Sonic towards Cow Bot; however, he ends up slamming into the force field and landing on the ground)
    Sonic: (gets up) ...I said "aim".
  • After Cow Bot is defeated, Eggman gloats that he tricked Sonic and Tails into sprucing up his defense system so he can use it against the entire team later. In response, Sonic simply dashes around the base, spilling melted marshmallows on everything to ruin his plan.

Circus of Plunders

  • While fighting Eggman's octopus-bot, the team constantly confuses it for different eight-legged creatures, much to his annoyance. It even gets to the point where he starts doing it.
    Eggman: Next time, study your cephalopods before we do battle!
  • Sonic initially refuses to participate in T.W. Barker's circus, to which he responds the hedgehog isn't capable enough. Sonic proceeds to prove him wrong by literally running circles around him.
    Sonic: "Capable" is my middle name.
    Knuckles: I thought your middle name was "the".
    • The Polish version of the episode undergoes a little change. Barker says that the training is very challenging. Sonic's response?
    Sonic: I eat challenges for breakfast.
    Knuckles: I thought you eat oatmeal.
  • Tails finally figures out what was wrong with his unbolterizer.
    Tails: That's it! I didn't use a counterweight to compensate for changes in velocity! (pulls out a struggling fish) Plus, this was inside. (casually tosses it away)
    • He tries it out on an unsuspecting Eggman.
      Tails: (flying toward Eggman's island fortress in his plane) One final test.
      (the unbolterizer aims at the fortress; the following takes place inside)
      Eggman: (fixes his remote with a screwdriver, then walks over to the couch and leans back on its arm while pointing it at his TV) Sweet. And just in time for Dancing with the Robots. (the unbolterizer blast flies in and breaks his remote for the second time that day) No! It's the season finale! (proceeds to throw a fit like a child)
  • Barker reveals his true intentions by admitting that he lied about his last performers getting sick (in reality, they escaped) and trapping most of the gang in cages to force them into continuing to perform in his circus. He even bought the Sphere of Fear Sonic performed in from a certain evil genius.
    Eggman: The Sphere of Fear from Eggman Industries is unbendable, unbreakable, unmeltable, and it's yours for only six easy payments... plus shipping and handling. (leans in close) That's how we get you.
    • Afterwards:
      Amy: You forgot one thing, Barker— me!
      Barker: Did I? Sweet, compassionate Amy Rose. Think... of the children.
      Amy: (expression softens) The children... (eyes narrow again) Waaait... that's not going to work on me this ti— (the camera zooms out to reveal she's already trapped herself in a cage) So, is this a regional tour, or...?
  • The ending involves Sonic and the others capturing Barker within his own Sphere of Fear. They walk off, leaving Barker to scream at them to come back; the events are shown on Eggman's TV.
    Eggman: (fixes his remote with a screwdriver again, then walks back to the couch) Finally, I can turn off this dreck. (presses a button on the remote; the viewer's screen flashes off like an old CRT TV)

Unlucky Knuckles

  • The episode starts with Sonic and Knuckles playing Gopher Ball. To start, Sonic flips a coin and Knuckles calls "Tails!"... to flip the coin because he doesn't trust Sonic to be fair.
  • Sonic's turn goes fantastically, but Knuckles fails at every try, including one where the ball simply stops in mid-air instead of flying into a hole at the top of a hill. Frustrated at this, Knuckles throws his golf club... and it lands in the hole, prompting the echidna to yell loudly.
  • Eggman decides to hold a live fire exercise with his robots as training for his next encounter with Sonic and friends, but neither side can hit anything. When the robots train their lasers on Eggman, he tries to give them the slip, only to trip and drop his laser, which fires and perfectly bounces off each and every one of the robots.
  • When Eggman attacks the village:
    Eggman: The invasion is going swimmingly. And me without my floaties on. (laughs; Orbot and Cubot don't join in) Note to self: need hipper diabolical banter.
  • Eggman unveils his new robot to the village.
    Eggman: Behold... the Mega! (a humongous robot rolls into the village) I call him that because he's 7% bigger than my other robots.

The Meteor

  • When the meteor first lands near Sonic and the gang:
    Tails: This could be a major find. We have to approach it cautiously and take great care so that—
    Sonic: Race ya! (speeds off)
  • Eggman comes to investigate the meteor as well and calls dibs on it.
    Sonic: What? You can't call dibs.
    Eggman: Oh, so now you don't respect dibs? What's next? You're going to allow cutsies? Flout the five-second rule? Step on a crack without any regard for your mother's spinal column?
    Knuckles: Not cool, Sonic.
    Sonic: Of course I respect dibs, but you can only call dibs if you're touching the thing that you desire to dib.
  • A very dazed and confused Sonic awakens in Eggman's lair, spots the evil genius himself, and moves in to attack... only to slam into a mirror because now he is Eggman.
  • Orbot and Cubot brought Sonic-as-Eggman home, with Cubot stating "It's spring break all over again!" Cut to several pictures of them and Eggman on said spring break, including Cubot applying sunburn lotion to a sleeping Eggman... but, as a joke, only to protect a Sonic-shaped portion of his head, resulting in the two dragging him back to his fortress with Sonic's face on his sunburned dome.
  • Orbot and Cubot don't believe Sonic-as-Eggman's claims that he and Eggman swapped minds, as apparently Eggman pretending to be Sonic is a semi-regular occurrence.
    Orbot: He's pretending to be Sonic again.
    Cubot: Well, I'm not gonna be Amy this time!
  • Tails studies the meteor.
    Tails: These numbers are off the chart! Fortunately, I have a bigger chart.
  • Asked if he and Eggman switched bodies or brains, Sonic says "both", leading Orbot to validly reason that nothing's changed.
  • Sonic attempts to prove to Orbot and Cubot that he's not their abusive creator and boss by running through the room... and quickly learns it's more than Eggman's body can handle.
    Sonic as Eggman: (panting) Oh, boy... can't breathe. What is this awful feeling... in my lungs?
    Orbot: Good show, sir.
    Cubot: (gives a thumbs up) Real impressive stuff, boss.
  • Throughout the entire time Eggman remains in Sonic's body, he constantly messes up Knuckles' name.
  • Instead of destroying Sonic's friends right away, Eggman decides to follow the hedgehog's schedule, plotting to destroy them at 7:15 after he's done everything... until he notices that he's going to see a chick flick with Amy at 9:00 tonight, at which point he decides to just destroy them tomorrow.
  • When Sonic decides to use Eggman's robot army to help him get his body back, he orders them to fire warning shots only during the attack. They do nothing.
    Orbot: We're programmed to only obey orders after being threatened.
    Sonic as Eggman: (sighs) All right then. Nobody gets hurt, or somebody's gonna get hurt!
  • When Eggman refuses to touch the meteor, Sonic offers an ultimatum— either they both touch it and switch bodies again, or Sonic snips off the Doctor's glorious mustache with a pair of scissors. Obviously, this is an offer the evil genius in the body of a speedy blue hedgehog can hardly refuse.
  • Any time Roger Craig Smith (Sonic's voice actor) says anything as Eggman, especially out-of-place words like "miscreants".

Aim Low

  • Upon witnessing a Soar-inspired Eggman's evil plot unfold:
    Amy: Eggman's been getting a lot more creative lately, don't you think?
    Knuckles: I try not to.
  • The gang has been building a sand sculpture of Tails and his plane. After Sonic speeds past to check on Eggman, the sand blows away, revealing the plane under it... and a coughing Tails.
  • Sonic goes crazy without Eggman's constant evildoing, bugging all of his friends in the process.
    • When he frustrates Tails by causing all of his papers to blow away, Tails glares at Sonic and lets out the cutest and funniest little fox growl. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss it moment, but it's pure gold.
  • Amy, Tails and Knuckles pretend (very poorly) that Eggman is attacking them to goad him into fighting Sonic, but neither Sonic nor Eggman falls for it. And then:
    Amy: (to Sonic) We were trying to motivate Eggman so that you'd have someone to battle.
    Eggman: What a dumb idea.
    Sonic: Hey! Lay off her, Egghead!
    Eggman: What are you going to do about it?
    Sonic: Give you a stern look and say, "Yeah, really!"
    Eggman: Oh, really?
    Sonic: (giving Eggman a stern look) Yeah, really!

How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying

  • Tails tries to help out Sticks' beige berry harvest, but his robot winds up destroying the orchard and makes a mess of the berries. Sonic arrives on the scene just in time to deliver an appropriately lame pun:
    Sonic: Looks like Tails got himself into a..."jam"! Heh! Get it?
    Knuckles: Not at all! (hi-fives Sonic) But I never leave a 'hog hanging!
  • In a flashback sequence, Eggman encounters the Lightning Bolt Society rooting through his garbage for inventions and promptly chases them off.
    Eggman: Gotta invent some device to keep those losers out of my garbage. (puts a brick on top of the dumpster lid) There. That ought to do it.
  • When Eggman fears the Lightning Bolt Society teaming up with Sonic will never get them out of his trash.
    Eggman: "To the Egg Mobile! (Cue Batman (1966)-style transition with Eggman's logo)
  • Sonic thinks he and Amy should crash the evil meeting by jumping through the window, which he says has pizzazz. Amy disagrees, saying they should dress up as pizza delivery guys. This devolves into them arguing, "Pizzazz!" "Pizza!"
    Garbage Man: Hey, could you strangers hold this door open while I go—
    Sonic and Amy: Not now!
    Garbage Man: (closes door)
    Sonic: Pizzazz!
    Amy: Pizza!
    • Later, they settle on a compromise— Sonic jumps through the window while Amy comes in through the door, pizza in hand.
  • Taking Eggman's advice, the Lightning Bolt Society attempts to attack Sonic and Amy... by pelting them with anything they can find on the food table. It lasts roughly nine seconds and they don't land a hit once.
    Eggman: Really? That's all you could come up with? I'm not going to say it, but you know what I'm thinking... you dolts.

Don't Judge Me

  • After Sonic wins again:
    Sonic: Yes! Victory is mine.
    Eggman: It's a tainted victory!
    Sonic: Yes! Tainted victory is mine.
  • Sonic hires Knuckles of all people to be his lawyer. He later argues against himself when taking the stand, and naturally makes the situation worse.
    Knuckles: Objection, Your Majesty! We're losing!
    Judge Bot: Overruled! But yes, yes you are. Badly!
    Barker: I rest my case.
    Knuckles: That guy's good! You should hire him as your lawyer!
    • Knuckles summing up the situation at the beginning of the trial is golden too.
    Knuckles: Thanks for making me your lawyer! I couldn't be more proud if you'd done it because you actually believed in me instead of because you think this trial is a joke!
    Sonic: Well, I'm glad my contempt for the situation worked out for ya.
    Knuckles: (pulls a sandwich out of his briefcase and squeezes it hard enough to cause everything to fall out causing him to take a huge bite of bread with no filling.) Where'd it go? (starts feeling around in his bread until he ends up shoving his whole arm in, causing him to make a shocked noise)
  • Judge Bot (who is, of course, just Burn Bot in a judge's wig) begins banging his gavel on the bench.
    Judge Bot: Why are there cockroaches on my bench?! (continues banging on the bench randomly)
  • After a brawl breaks out in the courtroom:
    Judge Bot: (bangs gavel) Order in the court! Order in the court!
    Knuckles: (holding up hand) Yeah, I'd like one of those fist sandwiches!
  • Groovy hippie-themed Dance Party.
  • Sticks is in top form during the battle:
    Sticks: You can't trust moths; they read minds! (a little later) Welp, [Knuckles] is under the moth's mind control now; we have no choice but to destroy him.

Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce

  • The sheer extent of Tails' obsession with his plane. He calls it his "baby", nonchalantly says "I do" when Knuckles teasingly asks him if he loves it, plans to give it a massage (something even Sticks thinks is crazy) and the only reason he's in any way happy about leaving the workshop is because he wants to buy more supplies for it.
  • When it's revealed Eggman's cans of tomato sauce reprogrammed everyone's electronics to turn against them:
    Sticks: They all laughed when I said our appliances would turn against us, but who's laughing now?
    Sonic: You?
    Sticks: Why would I be laughing? This isn't funny. You have a sick sense of humor.
  • Tails' plane, which was also reprogrammed by the cans, begins attacking the gang. Tails tells it to remember the good times to have together, at which point a flashback sequence occurs, including Tails throwing a ball at the plane, which simply bounces off it. When the sequence finishes...
    Sonic: (wipes a tear from his eye before looking at Tails questionably) What?
  • Despite his plan being foiled, Eggman is still confident that it's not over yet.
    Eggman: You may have won this round, but no matter. I still have a warehouse full of thousands more of these evil robotic cans of sauce! (lets out his signature evil laugh... before realizing there was a live TV camera recording him; cut to the egg-shaped mad scientist sitting defeated inside his dimly-lit fortress, surrounded by tons of his unsold tomato sauce cans) Hmm. Probably shouldn't have said all that on TV.

Sole Power

  • When Sonic and Tails are testing the latter's voice-activated vehicle, Sonic asks for it to make a chocolate shake.
    (a shake comes out of the compartment... however, not the kind Sonic was expecting)
    Sonic: Vanilla? I asked for chocolate. Fail. (the vehicle then pulls out a pitcher of chocolate... before dumping it all over him, causing him to utter an annoyed grunt)
  • Tails vows to find out what's causing the ear-splitting sound Sonic makes when he runs, complete with a musical montage... only for the music to cut out abruptly as Tails states he can't find out what's wrong and that Sonic should stop running, to which he agrees. He then runs out of the room, causing Tails to cover his ears.
    Sonic: (comes back in) Sorry. Old habits.
    • A scene from said montage involves Tails whacking Sonic's knee with a reflex hammer. Nothing happens... until later in the montage, when Tails is listening to Sonic's heart with a stethoscope and the hedgehog suddenly and inadvertently kicks him across the room.
  • After Sonic forgets to bring the volleyball for his friends, he goes on a long walk to get it back, complete with map overlay, while in disbelief that anyone gets around like this. Finally, he arrives at the volleyball... which happens to be a few feet away from the others.
  • After Eggman gives Sonic new shoes to prevent the sound, he returns to his friends, who are in the middle of a volleyball session, and proceeds to dominate as usual.
    Sonic: Yeah! Sonic's back, baby!
    Amy: Don't refer to yourself in the third person. It's creepy.
    Knuckles: Yeah. Knuckles hates that.
    • Sonic does it again after using his speed to overload and thus defeat Eggman's Giant Robot.
      Sonic: Now that we're done warming up, Sonic's gonna go for a run. (speeds off)
      Eggman: Do you guys think it's creepy when he refers to himself in the third person?
      Sonic's Friends: Yeah.
  • Giant Robot still has plenty of energy left to attack the team, despite the fact that Sonic, whose speed is its energy source thanks to the shoes Eggman gave him, is currently stationary.
    Sticks: If Sonic's not running, how does the robot still have power?
    Eggman: That's because the shoes store the energy he generates. You see—
    Amy: Are we really gonna do the thing where you explain how you did it?
    Eggman: The hardest part was getting the sound to play every time Sonic ran. I've actually prepared a brief presentation that explains the whole brilliant scheme. (pulls out a projector that starts floating and holographically projecting an image... until Amy smashes it to bits with her hammer) Do you know how long it took me to create that presentation?! Here— I've prepared a brief presentation that explains it step-by-step.
  • Sonic begins running circles around Giant Robot, which initially seems to be a bad idea:
    Sticks: Sonic, this is crazy!
    Knuckles: No, it isn't. It's stupid.
    Sticks: Crazy.
    Knuckles: Stupid.

Hedgehog Day

  • Eggman prepares to attack Sonic once more.
    Eggman: Is my Egg Tank ready?
    Cubot: (holds up a tank top with a picture of an egg on it)
    Eggman: My other Egg Tank.
  • Team Sonic is busy lounging and watching a Comedy Chimp movie, and Amy wants to enjoy it in peace.
    Sonic: (turns to Tails) Nice job on the projector.
    Tails: Thanks. I had to re-orient—
    Amy: Shh! No talking.
    Knuckles: (slurps on a smoothie loudly)
    Amy: Shh! No slurping.
    (the Egg Tank rolls up to attack the gang)
    Amy: Shh! No attacking.
  • Eggman grows more and more annoyed at hearing Orbot say "Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey!" every time he goes back to the beginning of the day, even threatening to dismantle him after a few resets. Eventually, it gets to this point:
    Orbot: (comes in with the breakfast tray as usual, about to say you-know-what)
    Eggman: I DON'T WANT EGGS AND BAKEY! (flips the tray out of Orbot's hands)
  • While Eggman attempts to figure out how he's somehow reliving the same day over and over, mathematical equations fill the screen.
    Eggman: Cubot, stop playing with my hologram thingy.
    Cubot: (turns off the hologram thingy; the equations disappear)
  • Eggman snips off his mustache, saying that nothing matters because tomorrow will just be a do-over anyway.
    Cubot: Really? (splashes Eggman with a cup full of water) See you tomorrow! (dashes away)
  • Eggman asks Sonic and Tails what he can say in order to convince them quickly that the time loop exists. After time resets itself again:
    Tails: There's no such thing as a time—
    Eggman: Last night, you dreamed you were being chased by a giant sock puppet.
  • Knuckles continually stalls Eggman's plan to end the time loop by using a superdense ball that only the former can lift to contain the reaction that causes it— all because he has a dentist's appointment that he doesn't want to go to. Amy attempts to convince him that the dentist isn't going to hurt him, but Sticks decides to cut out the middleman and pull the bad tooth out herself.

Sleeping Giant

  • Sonic takes a paragliding Knuckles for a run in the canyon, with the latter purposefully crashing into rocks.
    Knuckles: This is fun! (crashes into a rock) And only mildly damaging to my kidneys!
  • After awakening the rock monster, Sonic is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Sonic: Maybe he's a friendly gargantuan rock monster.
    Rock Monster: (roars in Sonic and Knuckles' faces, blowing them away)
    Sonic: Nope, he's definitely playing into the stereotype.
  • Tails attempts to stop the rock monster in his plane.
    Tails: Here I come!
    Rock Monster: (swats Tails' plane away without much effort, sending it careening into the distance)
    Tails: There I go...
  • Sonic rushes to save Fastidious Beaver from a flying boulder launched by the rock monster, which crushes Beaver's lemonade cart, but neatly catches the lemonade into a barrel.
    Sonic: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    Fastidious Beaver: But I already had the lemons...
    (A moment later, the rock monster hurls a lemon tree toward the heroes, and it lands right in front of Beaver and buries him in lemons.)
    Fastidious Beaver: As previously noted, I already had the lemons.
  • Tails' plane is, once again, wrecked.
    Tails: Don't worry— it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
    Sonic: But you're the manufacturer.
    Tails: I knew I shouldn't have given myself a receipt!
  • After Amy's poor attempt to sing the monster to sleep fails, Sticks gives it a try with her own brand of screechy, ear-splitting singing... and it works!
    Knuckles: That's not a lullaby. That's what happens when I drop bagpipes into a wood chipper.
  • After Sticks is taken by the rock monster, the gang looks everywhere for her... except for Knuckles, who was out getting potato salad. Amy jogs his memory, at which point Knuckles says they haven't looked everywhere...
    Knuckles: (looks under a flower pot) OK, now we've searched everywhere.
  • Eventually, the rock monster is lured into Eggman's meditation garden by the gang and begins to wreck it.
    Sonic: We can't just stand here and watch Eggman's place get trashed.
    Knuckles: (sighs) You're right. (sits down)
  • When they finally get the rock monster to fall asleep, Eggman ponders what to do with it while enduring Sticks' horrible singing.
    Eggman: Cubot! Orbot! Bring me potting soil...evil potting soil!

The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple

  • While in the middle of another battle with Eggman, Sonic uses a tree in which birds have nested to slow the egg-shaped evil genius down.
    Sonic: Hey, Eggman, smile for the birdie. (bends back the tree and lets go, flinging the birds into Eggman's face; they begin poking him with their beaks)
    Eggman: Ow! Ow! They're pecking my eyes! Why would I smile at this?!
  • Tails' attempts to compromise when Amy and Knuckles start squabbling about who should be leader after Sonic and Eggman are trapped (complete with Knuckles completely failing at arguing for himself to lead) are shot down every time with a resounding "NO!" from everyone else— even Orbot and Cubot.
  • A puzzle Sonic and Eggman must deal with inside the temple involves pulling levers to create platforms while avoiding lava. Unfortunately for Eggman, the Eggmobile is consumed by the lava when it first comes in. After the two solve the puzzle, Eggman comes back and watches the Eggmobile continue to melt.
    Eggman: You were too beautiful to live.
  • Eggman backstabs Sonic by pushing him back into the wall-crushing trap.
    Sonic: Ah, you Eggs Benedict Arnold!

Let's Play Musical Friends

  • While Sonic and the gang are holding off Eggman's infected robots (minus Tails, who's helping Eggman, Orbot and Cubot get rid of the virus controlling them), Knuckles punches out a Bee-bot.
    Knuckles: Next time, you should bee more careful.
    Amy: That wasn't funny the first 67 times you said it. (smashes a Crab-bot)
    Knuckles: Next time, he should crab more careful!
    Amy: OK, now you're just trying to annoy me.
  • After Orbot and Cubot defeat the virus (by confusing him with their nonsensical "rock, doughnut, Thursday" game, no less) and thus return Eggman's bots to normal, Tails and Eggman hug each other in joy... before casually whistling and walking off like nothing happened.
    Orbot: Once again, I have led us to victory.
    Cubot: Hey! There's no "I" in multiplayer!
  • Tails giving Orbot and Cubot a video game to play while he's gone.
    Tails: Try this video game. You run, roll and collect rings as fast as you can.
    Cubot: Ah, that sounds terrible!
  • Cubot using the Konami Code to get out of a trap.
  • Sonic and Eggman checking their planner to see if they have time available to fight each other. Also the fact that Sonic's planner is in the shape of his head.

Late Fees

  • Sonic retraces his steps from the day before to find where he put the library book Amy lent him. He remembers getting into a fight with Eggman, causing the Eggmobile to careen out of control, crash, and explode. Afterwards, he takes a selfie with Amy on top of Eggman's base before the two jump off, at which point the radar antenna explodes. Next is playing limbo with the Gogobas; after he successfully gets below the bar, the setup explodes. Finally, he recalls he put the book on a table before getting off the chair he was reclining on and walking away, after which there is a pause; nothing explodes. Back in the present, Sonic returns to the table to retrieve the book... and only after he leaves again does the chair explode.
  • Sonic becomes increasingly frustrated over Fastidious Beaver taking too long to order food and drink at Meh Burger.
    Dave: Would you like to have—
  • Eggman trying to destroy Sonic for cutting in line ahead of one of his Motobugs, and getting him a chili dog without relish.
    Sonic: (is surrounded by loads of Eggman's robots) All this over a chili dog?
    Eggman: It's the principle. Besides, I'm sure you'll think twice about cutting in line next time.
    Sonic: Oh, did someone get pushed to the back of the line one too many times in elementary school?
    Eggman: It was middle school, and those girls were vicious.

Into the Wilderness

  • Sonic stumbles into a well while gloating that after handling Eggman, surviving in the wild is a piece of cake.
    Sonic: I'm OK. I'll just use my survival skills to fashion a ladder out of... water. Tails, pull me up.
    • After the bet is made, Sonic falls into the same well again, this time with Knuckles in tow.
    • The Running Gag in this episode is whenever someone is saying "It'll be a piece of cake," they'll end up falling into something before they can say the word "cake." Sonic falls into the well the aforementioned times, and Sticks and Amy fall into an abandoned missile silo.
  • The volume of Epic Fail in this episode will invoke laughs from someone.
    • Sticks teaches Amy how to start a fire, and she makes a decoration out of the leaves and rock she was assigned.
    • Soon after, Sticks teaches Amy how to put a tent together, before handing the rock to Amy and leaving to find dinner. She taps the post once with the rock, and the whole tent burns to the ground.
    • Next, after Amy carefully studies two mushrooms and successfully determines which one is poisonous and which is safe to eat, she tosses the bad one into the rebuilt tent, which somehow burns it down again.
    • Sticks plants a twig in the road and draws a circle in the dirt around it, while Amy uses her compass to point north so Sticks can figure out the time. Then Sonic and Knuckles find it, and Sonic holds up a red cape, prompting Knuckles to ram the twig into a tree like a bull! Surprisingly, this helps them tell the time.
    • Sonic tries setting up a tent and, of course, fails. He sees it as "perfect", however, and reclines on it as if it was set up properly, though he's interrupted by Knuckles' failure to get a fire going. Dismissing Knuckles' "bang two rocks together to create a spark" method as the wrong way, Sonic attempts to show him how it's done by running around the leaves the echidna set up... only to set his shoes on fire. Cue Knuckles attempting to put them out by whacking them with a twig, much to Sonic's chagrin.
      Sonic: Ow! Ow! Knock it off! Stop it! Ow! Ow!
      Sticks: (as she watches this sorry display with Amy from behind a rock) This is just gettin' sad.
    • Amy and Sticks take pity on Sonic and Knuckles because of their poor survival skills and decide to leave them clues to help them along; of course, they're too incompetent to follow them. First, at a fork in the path, Sticks leaves her boomerang on the branch to the right, and Sonic deduces that an animal placed it there (instead of, you know, the obvious fact that the two actually went that way; even Knuckles assumes such correctly) before he and Knuckles go left (the girls facepalm in response). Then the girls leave a compass, and Knuckles near-instantly stomps on it.
      Sonic: Why did you do that?
      Knuckles: Nobody tells Knuckles which way is north!
      (Amy and Sticks, watching from a nearby tree root, facepalm a second time)
  • Sticks catches a rabbit in her snare trap and calls it dinner, but Amy— determining it to be too cute to eat— cuts it loose, lets it go, and shows Sticks the woodland salad she made. Elsewhere, the rabbit finds a moose, and shows off its Caerbannog heritage.
  • After Amy and Sticks fall into one of Eggman's abandoned missile silos while leaving a glaringly obvious clue trail for Sonic and Knuckles to follow, said competitors decide to run ahead and win the race before helping them out of the silo. However, Sticks manages to get the missile inside working so the two can come from behind and win, much to the boys' frustration.
    Sonic: No fair!
    Amy: Why not? Survival skills are just using what you've got.
    Sonic: We— I— (stammers)(in defeated tone) ...You guys want to lead us home?
    Amy: Sure. (turning to Sticks) Hey, what do you think happened to that missile?
    Sticks: I stamped it "return to sender".
    (cut to Eggman's base, where Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot glance around upon hearing the missile coming their way)
    Eggman: I know that sound. Uh-oh.
    (cut to black as a loud crash is heard)
    • Also, the girls share a short exchange after they fall into the missile silo:
    Amy: That was freaky. Where are we?
    Sticks: I bet it's an abandoned missile silo!
    Amy: It's always some crazy conspiracy with you. What makes you think it's a missile silo?
    Sticks: The missile. (points to the missile)
    • This great Noodle Incident bit after Sticks instantly comes up with a plan to get them out:
    Sticks: If I had a newspaper for every time I fell into a missile silo, we could stack them up and climb out of here. But they're back at my burrow, so we're doing this.

Eggman Unplugged

  • While Knuckles is comfortably snoozing away, the remainder of the team pulls the old "whipped cream on the face" prank on him.
    Tails: I love practical jokes, but technically, wouldn't tricking him into cleaning the bathroom be more practical?
    • Meanwhile, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot are watching them from the comfort of Eggman's lair, thanks to his Flybot. Cubot is inspired to try the prank himself.
      Cubot: Whoo, I love this show! Hey, who's that blue guy? He looks just like Sonic!
      Eggman: I'm spying on Sonic with my Flybot, bolthead.
      Orbot: But he's not doing anything.
      Eggman: Eventually, he will, and then I'll learn something I can use. I just have to keep watching. And watching. (Sonic is shown onscreen styling the whipped cream on the chin of the still-asleep Knuckles into a beard) And watching...
      Cubot: (sprays a bunch of whipped cream into Orbot's hand)
      Orbot: I believe the subject needs to be asleep for this particular prank to work.
      Eggman: See? You've learned something from watching.
      Cubot: (manipulates Orbot's hand into smearing the whipped cream on his face)
    • After Knux awakens, Sonic asks who they should prank next. Amy notices the Flybot spying on them and silently alerts Sonic, causing him to get the idea to prank Eggman himself.
      Sonic: Know what? Let's head to the canyon and hang out under that giant boulder on the cliff. (begins to walk off before turning his head toward his friends, grinning smugly)
      Amy: I don't know. (shoots a glance to Tails, who does the same to her) That boulder's ready to fall!
      Tails: If we're under it, we'll be crushed!
      Knuckles: Then my delicious whipped-cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste. (beat) I'm in!
      Eggman: I knew if I was patient, this would pay off. Ah, I love technology. Let's go push a boulder onto that loathsome blue rat. (walks off, revealing Orbot and Cubot covered in whipped cream)
      Orbot: We'll need a second.
    • As such, the three head to the canyon where, after a bit of a struggle, they finally manage to push the boulder off the cliff; however, instead of a certain blue hedgehog and his pals, it hits one end of a seesaw-like structure, flinging a container of whipped cream upwards to land on Eggman. The gang then proceeds to pop out of the nearby bushes and laugh at the now-whipped evil genius, with Knuckles saying, "You look so dumb!" Mind you, the echidna still has the whipped-cream beard Sonic gave him.
    • Afterwards, Sticks says that she told Eggman that technology couldn't be trusted— but then corrects herself by saying she told the others, unless he heard from spying on them. She then goes on a huge spiel about it before concluding that Eggman couldn't trust the information that technology couldn't be trusted if he himself was using technology to spy on them.
    • Late in the episode, Eggman uses the same tactic to ambush the Lightning Bolts. And takes full credit for the idea.
  • Throughout his technology-free phase, Eggman uses Orbot and Cubot as a low-tech form of transportation for the Eggmobile— think horse-pulled carriage... without wheels. Needless to say, it's very ineffective.
  • Eggman attempts to fight Sonic without technology and fails... badly. This is only made more embarrassing by the fact that the hedgehog is nonchalantly lying on a lounge chair, clearly not showing any effort to retaliate against Eggy's pathetic excuse for an assault.
    Sonic: Is this a battle or a craft fair?
    Eggman: The two aren't mutually exclusive.
  • This exchange is delightfully absurd.
    Sonic: Eggman, you gotta stop this crazy plan of yours right now!
    Eggman: Sorry, English, but if I don't plant this sorghum now, there'll be no sorghum cakes come winter!
    Sonic: Uh, are you telling me you're not behind these attacks?
    Eggman: I know not of what you speak.

    Season 1 Part 2 

Chez Amy

  • Upon Amy complaining that she got a Something's Fishy Sandwich at Meh Burger instead of what she asked for— and that the head isn't chopped off the fish— and that the fish is still alive, Dave responds by grabbing the tray, turning around... and placing it right back where it was.
  • Knuckles states that although he never learned a lot of things, the one thing he did learn was how to feed himself... which he believes is done by sticking the food in his ears.
  • Amy points out that Knuckles has his hat backwards, so the echidna reaches up... and turns himself backwards. Tails has to pull him back in the other direction while he questions where everyone went.
  • Amy and Dave come up with quick ideas to steal the competition's customers, from adding drive-thru service (with Amy pointing out the lack of cars) to giving out free rocks with every order to... pulling out a bazooka that fires burgers. And every one of these ideas works perfectly.
  • Eggman reacts to Dave's Epic Fail while working in Amy's restaurant:
    Eggman: The soup is cold and the salad is hot. How is that even possible?!

Blue With Envy

  • In what may or may not be an intentional Casting Gag, Swifty the Shrew is voiced by Robbie Rist, the Trope Namer for Cousin Oliver.
  • When a villager's baby is in danger of falling off a building, Swifty springs into action to save him. Not one to be outdone, Sonic is right behind him, even attempting (poorly) to create a catchphrase similar to Swifty's "Time for some radical speed!"
    Sonic: Yeah, well, I'm saving the day, too. Time for some... rescuing... babyyy... action... hero-ness.
    (Sonic's friends give him criticizing looks)
    Sonic: I'll think of a catchphrase later.
  • After Swifty rescues the baby (and Sonic makes a fool out of himself trying), he tells the villagers to call him whenever they need help.
    Swifty: Catch you 'round, dudes... and lady-dudes. (speeds off)
    Amy: I'd love to be his lady-dude. (faints into Sticks' arms)
    Sticks: Me too. (also faints)
    Tails: (rushes over to catch them both) Fainting party! (struggles under their weight before falling down with a grunt)
  • Sticks's version of girl-talk about Swifty:
    Sticks: If he ever visited me, I'd disable all my booby traps.
    Amy: You never disable your booby traps.
    Sticks: I know!
  • Over time, Sonic gets more and more annoyed with Swifty's catchphrase.
    Swifty: Radical speed!
    Sonic: Radical shut your pie hole!
  • When Swifty cheats to win the race when Sonic passed Swifty, Sonic gets suspicious.
    Sonic: Something smells fishy about this race.
    (cut to a fish inside a bowl)
    Fish: I told you, I have irritable bowl syndrome!
  • During his banishment, Sonic continually taunts the policemen keeping him from re-entering the village by attempting to stick a foot over the boundaries.
  • After it's revealed Swifty is a robot (or rather, a bunch of robots) built by Eggman to get Sonic banished, Amy questions if Eggman's plan to build an amusement park qualifies as evil, with Knuckles adding it might also create jobs. Eggman justifies it with the full list of Souvenir Land tropes.
    Eggman: In my theme park empire, your entire village will be forced to wait in long lines, buy overpriced merch, and eat week-old turkey legs covered in... preservatives.
    (the crowd screams)
  • When the Swiftys are destroyed by the un-banished Sonic, he runs Eggman out of the village, and he finds that catchphrase.
    Sonic: Catch you later, Eggface!
    (the crowd behind him cheers)
    Sonic: I did it! I have a catchphrase. (clears his throat) Catch you later, Eggface!
    (the crowd gives him a bored courtesy laugh)
    Sonic: Catch you... later... Eggface.
    (the crowd groans in annoyance)
    Mayor Fink: Let's not kill it, son.

Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose

  • Upon spotting a cross-eyed moose, the worried Sticks runs over to Amy's house where the gang was attempting a hold-your-breath-for-the-longest contest until she busted in.
    Sticks: Crossin' paths with a cross-eyed moose brings a curse upon the moose-crosser and her non-moose-crossed friends! Don't you people know anything about science?
    Tails: Uh, Sticks, curses aren't real.
    Sticks: Then how come you just lost the breath-holding contest?
    Knuckles: The curse! (gasps) It all makes sense now.
    Sticks: You can doubt me, but I'll protect you anyway— because I'm a good friend, and because it distracts me from the government agents who are replacing my plants with violins. (looks around) That's right! I'm onto you, buddy!
  • Early the next morning, Sticks' friends find out the hard way that the badger's idea of "protecting" them leaves a lot to be desired.
    Amy: (heads for her door, a purse slung over her shoulder; she has trouble getting the door open, but successfully does so to find there's a bear trap blocking it) What the...?
    (the pathway to Amy's house is guarded by an assortment of traps)
    Amy: (activates her wrist communicator) Hey, Tails, is your house...
    Tails: ...surrounded by Sticks's crazy traps?
    (the camera zooms out to show he fell victim to a trapdoor)
    Tails: Yep. Sonic, what's up with you?
    Sonic: (while munching on a half-eaten sandwich) Just hangin' out.
    (the camera flips upside down to reveal he's hanging from a tree because of a rope caught on his ankle)
    Knuckles: No, I haven't noticed anything. Actually, now that you mention it...
    (he looks down to find he's somehow gotten himself caught in a bear trap without even being aware)
  • Sticks accurately summarizes the conflict of the episode without any self-awareness.
    Sticks: "Okay, I know what you're thinking, but evil spirits didn't set this trap! I did!"
  • Sticks takes the gang on a long journey to find the white-striped marmoset with a W-shaped tail that can break the curse. Whereas her friends would rather take the safe way, Sticks' paranoia-fueled brain believes the most dangerous way is best. This, as you can imagine, leads to trouble.
    Sticks: (arrives at the marmoset's house) We made it! Good thing we took the safe path.
    (the rest of the gang, sans Knuckles, walks past her with noticeable bruises and mud stains)
    Knuckles: Yeah. (hops up to Sticks, half-inside the mouth of a large fish) Good thing.
  • The marmoset, named Mr. Monkey-Boy because his parents were hippies, tells the gang they must perform a series of tasks in order to free Sticks (and thusly, her friends) from the curse. Knuckles has something to say first, however...
    Knuckles: Before you go, do you mind taking a look at this rash? I think I'm allergic to fish saliva.
    Monkey-Boy: So get out of the fish!
  • The first task on the list is an awful odd way to start, however.
    Sonic: Picking avocados proves our hearts are pure?
    Knuckles: What do we have to pick to prove our avocados are pure? (becomes wide-eyed) Oh, man. I just blew my own mind.
    Amy: If this is what he wants in order to break the curse, then we should do it, no questions asked.
    (cut to a lemon tree forest)
    Amy: Now we have to squeeze lemons?
    Tails: Technically, you're asking a question.
    Amy: Technically, zip it.
    • It turns out Monkey-Boy had them all making guacamole. Next, he cryptically tells them to do his laundry, which Sonic quickly figures out. Cut to the gang washing his clothes in the nearest lake.
      Tails: I'm starting to think that marmoset is the curse.
  • Eggman's failed attempt to recruit Mr. Monkey-Boy. "My diabolical laughter usually convinces people." He then considers negotiation, in which he sends his robots to attack.

Chili Dog Day Afternoon

  • Amy moves to pull a banana out of the foundation of the stage Knuckles, Sticks, and Tails built for the chili dog cook-off:
    Tails: Don't! That's a load-bearing banana!
    (Amy pulls it out, causing the whole stage to collapse immediately)
    Amy: (lividly) Who builds... WITH A BANANA?!
    (cue the sound of loud munching— and cut to Knuckles eating a plank of wood)
    Knuckles: Only a total dum-dum! (Munch) ...bananas give me splinters in my gums.
  • Not happy about this complete failure, Amy takes matters into her own hands and finishes the stage herself. Afterwards, she sits down with the others over at Meh Burger.
    Amy: I finished the stage. Praise me.
    Sonic: Thanks, Amy.
    Tails: Nice job.
    Knuckles: Thanks.
    Sticks: Can it be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing?
    (the boys give her blank stares)
    Sticks: We'll see who's staring when that thing LANDS IN THE OCEAN!
  • Knuckles tells his friends about his secret weapon to win the cook-off— a "one-of-a-kind" pepper he bought from Mrs. Vandersnout. However, they all state that they bought similar peppers from her, so feeling ripped off, they confront the old lady. She takes off with the gang's money, almost running them over with her cart... then crashes almost immediately.
    Mrs. Vandersnout: Can one of you dears help a poor little old lady?
    Team Sonic: NO!
    Mrs. Vandersnout: I deserve that.
  • Knuckles goes on a treacherous journey to find the Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn in order to improve his chili recipe and win the contest. After defeating two other trials, his next one is... the Field of Baby Ducks. Cakewalk, right? Wrong. The ducks are mechanical. And they explode. However, the echidna is either too distracted by their cuteness or too stupid to care, and he keeps falling for it again, and again, and again... and again...
    Knuckles: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 87 times, shame on me. (holds up another baby duck; obviously, it explodes)
  • While tied up by the Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn and his fellow people (the aforementioned sentient peppers), Knuckles is confused by what happens after the Lost Pepper states that they all lost their homeland.
    (the scene fades to the beautiful sight of Claggerhorn)
    Knuckles: What's happening?
  • Knuckles wins the contest... or, at least, he would have if the whole thing with the living peppers wasn't All Just a Dream brought on by passing out from the spiciness of the pepper he ate earlier in the episode.
    Sonic: Hey, there he is! Knuckles!
    (the other four run over to Knuckles' unconscious body)
    Tails: What happened? Are you OK?
    Knuckles: (with slurred speech) I won the cook-off!
    Amy: Uh, actually, the cook-off was yesterday; we've been looking for you ever since then.
    Knuckles: (sighs) I ate this pepper. It was a tiny bite, but it gave me this crazy dream. Or maybe... it was a dream.
    Sonic: A pepper that strong? Come on, Knuckles.
    (the others laugh as Knuckles gets to his feet)
    Knuckles: I guess you're right. That's impossible— (lets out a fiery belch, scorching the others; everyone laughs anyway as the episode fades to black)

Closed Door Policy

  • Eggman is terrorising the island with bombs hidden in coconuts. Knuckles picks one up:
    Knuckles: How do we tell the difference between real coconuts and the explo— (coconut blows up in his face) ...oh, I see.
  • Amy diagnoses Eggman as having psychological problems, suggesting that the spiderbots and exploding coconuts indicate cries for help, and deep-seated mother issues. Eggman's response? He denies the fact that he has mother issues. Sonic then decides to kick the bombs back at Eggman (complete with music) to finish the battle. Eggman's reaction is this:
    Eggman (about to be blown up by his own bombs): MOMMY!
  • Sticks and Amy are preparing for a trip to the volcano:
    Amy: C'mon, Sticks, the volcano won't be open all night.
    Sticks: The volcano closes?
    Amy: It's an expression.
    Sticks: Of what?
  • Knuckles and Tails are looking through Sticks' old stuff:
    Tails: Look, Knuckles! A zoocheye crystal cluster! Perfect to build a hyper-exo-modifier! Don't you think?
    Knuckles: Uhh... what came after "Look, Knuckles"?
    Tails: (glares a hole through Knuckles)
    • And the fox tries again later:
      Tails: What luck! This rock would make a perfect focusing lens for my hyper-exo-modifier! All I need is a refracting chamber and an influx reflector! Right, Knuckles?
      Knuckles: Do you use big words just to make me feel... um... what's that word that means "not smart"?
      Tails: "Obtuse"?
      Knuckles: See, that's what I'm talking about.
  • Amy accidentally unleashes a horde of frog warriors by moving a surfboard, and the others won't let her forget it:
    Sticks: Amy took down a surfboard which was the only thing protecting us from the hordes of Froglodytes invading from the very bowels of the Earth!
    Sonic: Now you're talking!
    Amy: (Death Glare)
    Sonic: About the invading horde, I mean. Not the part about you screwing up.
    Sonic: I could use a little help here. That is, if you guys are done making fun of Amy, who, by the way, totally deserves it.
  • Sticks gets kidnapped by the Froglodytes, and so the gang suits up using the various things they cleared out of her house to go rescue her. Naturally, this is accompanied by generic training montage music and cheesy edits, culminating with:
    Sonic: Time to take in the trash!
    Knuckles: What's that supposed to mean?
    Sonic: Shh, it's a dramatic moment.
  • The froglodyte king has strapped Sticks to a sacrificial table:
    King: Oh, Great Froggymandias! Accept this humble sacrifice! ...Really humble. Scrawny, actually.
    King: There's one of you, and oh, let's see... one, two... a bazillion of us!
    Random Frog Warrior: Um, sir? Ogg is home sick.
    King: ...A bazillion minus one of us...
  • Tails finally builds his hyper-exo-modifier and uses it in the battle against the frog warriors.
    Tails: (with an utterly elated expression) It works! It actually works! (machine promptly spontaneously combusts for no reason... after one shot) Frown.
    Knuckles: You look tired! Have a seat! (throws chair, laughs) Ah, I crack myself up.
  • Throughout the episode, Eggman is constantly at the yard sale, attempting to steal a comic book, and every time he tries, he's stopped by Sonic; undeterred, he asks for a steeper price each attempt. After Team Sonic returns from dealing with the Froglodytes, Sonic finally gives in and Eggman coughs up $3.75. He walks off to read, pleased he got a bargain, only for one of his own exploding coconuts from earlier to fall down and... well... explode, incinerating it and completely nullifying all the effort he went through.

Mayor Knuckles

  • One of Mayor Fink's acquaintances asks him if he's ready to take that fishing trip, but the mayor responds by saying the town bylaws won't stamp themselves.
    Mayor Fink: "Self-Stamping Prohibition Act." (stamps it) See? If only there was someone to cover for me.
    (cut to the open door; no one walks in)
    Mayor Fink: I say, "If only there was someone to cover for me."
    (they continue staring at the door, but still no one walks in)
    Mayor Fink: So we can get the story started!
    Knuckles: (walking in) This is an outrage, a travesty, a plukey plok!
    Mayor Fink: A "plukey plok"?
    Knuckles: I made that last one up. Rule of threes, your majesty!
  • Knuckles pretty much came in to have Mayor Fink pass an important law. Said important law being...
    "Henceforth, peanut better and pickles shall ne'er be packaged in separate containers, as they inevitably wind up in the same sandwich."
  • Eggman is frustrated to find his garbage is still full of his failed inventions.
    Eggman: The trash should've been picked up by now! Where's that garbage man?!
    (cut to the mayor's office)
    Garbage Man: I want to take a few months off, see the trash in other countries, maybe get some fancy foreign coveralls.
    Knuckles: What's the worst that could happen?
    (long, long pause, during which Knuckles' eyes dart around the room)
    Knuckles: See? No consequences! (stamps the bill)
    • He first takes out his frustrations on... who else?
      Eggman: I can't keep looking at this stack of failed inventions. It's bad enough looking at you two.
      Orbot: Must every random observation circle back to insult us?
  • Dave is the first character to have his bill proposal rejected, as he wishes to ban the combined use of peanut butter and pickles - the very combination Knuckles supported in the beginning. He accuses Knuckles of being in the lobbyists' pockets and makes an "I'll be watching you" gesture... poking out his own eyes in the process.
    Dave: Is there any chance you can stamp some sort of universal health care law?
    • Later, Eggman attacks Knuckles with a laser cannon, but Knuckles quickly enacts a law making it illegal to use fingers to activate a weapon. Eggman tries to use his elbow instead, and shoots himself in the foot.
      Eggman: Any chance I can get in on that universal health care?
  • The heroes realizing how far the conflict has devolved into nonsense:
    Sonic: Knuckles, you've gotta let us fight or else Eggman's...trash will be collected in a timely fashion?
    Tails: Wait, why are we fighting this?
  • Sticks' Angrish must be heard to be believed.

Eggman the Auteur

  • When Sonic turns down Eggman's offer to play as himself in the Doctor's movie, he finds someone else.
    Dave: (poorly acted) Duh, maybe if'n I knock down enough robots, then chili dogs will fly out. (trips on a rock)
    Eggman: Cut! Good. But remember, you're Sonic the Hedgehog, so make it louder and stupider. Let's go again in-three-two-one... *board clap*
    Dave: (even worse) DUUUHHHH!!! DUUHHHHH!!!
  • When Amy, as Sonic's manager, refuses to have him do his own stunts, a poorly-dressed-for-the-part Knuckles fills in for him.
    Knuckles: And if you need me to do my own stunts, I also have a Knuckles costume.
  • Sonic discusses with Eggman the problems of the latter's script. When he brings up that no one will believe an evil scientist with unlimited resources can't defeat a hedgehog, one of the Doctor's Yesbots agrees with him instead of his own creator, who promptly vaporizes him for it.
    Eggman: Anyone else have something to say about my script?
  • Sonic and Tails revise Eggman's script (one of the improvements is the origin of his mustache being turned into a flashback instead of being at the beginning), and the next day, Sonic and Amy arrive to show it to him; obviously, the egotistical evil scientist doesn't take it well.
    Sonic: Hey, Egghead, Tails and I saved your film. (tosses the script into his lap)
    Eggman: (flips through the pages) What are you talking about?! (does it again) This is dreadful! Sonic would never say that!
    Sonic: We do the script my way, or I walk.
    Eggman: This film must be my vision! (throws the script on the ground) Not yours— mine! Mine, mine, mine! If you know everything, Mr. and Mrs. Know Everything, where's your camera, your robots?! Neither one of you even has a beret!
    (Sonic silently turns and walks off, followed by Amy)
    Eggman: I hate that hedgehog.

Just a Guy

  • Tails gets an alert about an Eggman attack and decides to gather the team, complete with a sequence of everyone answering his call one by one to heroic music.
    Tails: United Village Defenders of the Village, unite!
    Amy: On my way!
    Sticks: Let's move!
    Sonic: I'm on it!
    Knuckles: It's really not a good time for me; I kind of have plans.
    (heroic music stops abruptly)
    Tails: Wait, what?
    Sonic: Seriously, Knuckles?
  • Upon Sonic's "insensitive" comment about Knuckles' friend Mike being "just a guy", the gang promptly lays into him for it when Knuckles tells them about it while fighting Eggman. Even the Doctor gets in on the act.
    Eggman: Yeah, Sonic, that's a really crummy thing to say to a dude.
    Sonic: (frustrated groan)
  • Amy invites Sonic (and everyone else, to their annoyance) to her sensitivity training. One of the things she has them do is go to their happy place. While the others think of normal things, like Sonic relaxing in his hammock or Tails flying around freely, Sticks is content wrecking robots while covering her face with warpaint.
    Sticks: That'll teach you to team up with alien overlords, you robo-trash!
    (Comedy Chimp, sitting directly to the right of Sticks, shifts his position to move slightly away from her)
  • Sonic decides to apologize to Mike for his shortsighted remark. However, upon Sonic stating that Mike can come to the next battle with Eggman, the latter asks if he can go to one now... when Eggman isn't attacking. And he doesn't let up.
    Sonic: (closes his eyes and inhales deeply) Just go to your happy place. Just go to your happy place. (cut to him in his aforementioned happy place, sighing in relief)
    Mike: (walks in) What's this, your happy place or something? When are we going to the battle— now?
    Sonic: (groans, then closes his eyes and inhales deeply again; he finds himself in a white void, again sighing in relief)
    Mike: (walks in again) What's this, your happier place? Cool. So can we go to the battle now?
    Sonic: (groans a second time before hearing a beeping noise; he turns his head towards the disturbance) Wha?! (the Sonic in the original happy place opens his eyes and also turns his head) What?
    (cut to Sonic opening his eyes in the real world... and then to a live-action shot of a man dressed as Sonic taking out the trash)
    Man in Sonic costume: (in Sonic's voice) Oops. One too many. (drops the trash bag in a trash can; cut to Sonic, once more in his reality, answering his wristcom)
  • Eggman's second attack consists entirely of accidentally launching Cubot in Mike's direction.

Two Good to be True

  • When AD Knuckles appears out of thin air:
    Sticks: AH! KILL IT WITH FIRE!
    Tails: Calm down; it's just Knuckles.
  • The gang is confused by the sudden arrival of a smarter, more sophisticated alternate dimension Knuckles.
    Tails: There's a perfectly rational explanation for this.
    (long pause as the others look at Tails while he ponders)
    Tails: ...I just haven't figured it out yet.
    (others groan)
    AD* Knuckles: Worry not, young Tails. Be diligent; in time, the answers will seek you.
    Knuckles: Whoa, I sound like a fortune cookie! (bites himself) Meh, but I don't taste like one.
  • AD Knuckles suggests asking Dave, who serves as his inventor sidekick in his dimension, for help. When our Dave is unable to suggest anything but Meh Burger's limited time offer, AD Knux wonders out loud why everyone acts like the opposite of their usual behavior. Tails immediately figures out... that the limited time offer exists to create false demand. Only immediately after Sticks responds to this with "That's how they get you" does Tails state that he now knows AD Knuckles isn't from their dimension.
    Sonic: Another dimension? You mean with duplicates of each of us?
    Sticks: What if another one of me shows up?! I can't trust me— I'm a loose cannon! (runs away from Meh Burger, screaming)
  • When Tails explains that alternate dimensions have been theorized, Sonic is about to ask the source of the theory when Fastidious peeks into the window. Catching on to the implications, Sonic adjusts his statement early, killing the Running Gag where it stands, and Fastie walks away disappointed.
  • The two Knuckleses begin to flicker as a result of being in the same dimension, which will eventually cause an anomaly that will implode both dimensions. The gang learns this firsthand when a sick main-dimension Knuckles starts flickering.
    Knuckles: I'm fine, guys— I swear! (flickers)
    Sticks: I hate it when he does that. (slaps him on the head the way one would smack the top of an old TV set; surprisingly, it works)
  • Sonic, Amy, and Sticks land on Eggman's base to retrieve AD Knuckles so that Tails can send him back to his original dimension, as the two Knuckles must be together in order for the machine he built to work. Sonic marches up to the door with heroic resolve and dramatic music playing in the background... which abruptly stops when he simply knocks on the door. It's only after Eggman tells them he's busy that Sonic busts in, considering that option "plan B".
  • Eggman sends his Moto-bugs to attack the trio upon their entering the room in which he has AD Knuckles trapped. There's a short battle until Amy lets Eggman in on the "alternate dimension" deal. Not wanting a dimensional explosion in his lab— he just had the floors waxed— Eggman sets AD Knuckles free. Sonic asks if they can borrow Eggman's lasers so Tails can send him back to his dimension, which the Doctor happily allows them to do, stating they should have just asked him in the first place.
    Eggman: Oh, but I need 'em back by Thursday.
    Sticks: What's happening Thursday?
    Eggman: I'm gonna attack your, uh... I mean, I'm having a party.
    Sticks: (silently goes through the Eye Am Watching You motions, unconvinced)
  • When AD Knuckles is returned to Tails' workshop, he and main-dimension Knuckles stand in front of Tails' machine, with the fox telling them to bump fists on his command. He presses both buttons on the remote he's holding, each button color-coded to their respective laser... and nothing happens. Tails sheepishly tells everyone he forgot to change the batteries and dashes off to do so, plunging the room into silence with the only sound being light elevator music playing in the background.
    Sonic: Awkward.
    AD Knuckles: Yeah, it's like when you say goodbye to someone, and then you both walk away in the same direction.
    Sonic: Yeah.
    Amy: So awkward.
    Knuckles: Ugh, I hate that.
    Sticks: People always follow me.

Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

  • Tails is working on his latest invention when he notices all his tools are gone.
    Tails: My babies!
    Lady Walrus: Welcome to my world. (notices her baby is hanging from a tree outside and runs off) My baby!
  • Upon learning Eggman didn't steal Tails' tools (in fact, Eggman's tools have been stolen as well), Sonic mentions he has a foolproof plan to catch the thief... and it's a Box-and-Stick Trap.
    Tails: That's your plan?
    Sonic: What? This is how you catch stuff. Haven't you ever watched TV before?
  • Eggman mentions to Orbot and Cubot that he didn't tell Sonic and Tails about a group of renegade robots that he believes is plotting against him and are responsible for both robberies. He comes to the conclusion that he can't think like a robot; therefore, he can't find them.
    Cubot: Where are you gonna find someone that can think like a robot?
    Orbot: (makes a cutting motion with his hand, telling his idiotic counterpart to shut up)
    Eggman: I'm sending you two on a mission to find where the renegades are hiding.
    Cubot: We won't disappoint you!
    Eggman: It's too late for that.
  • The two encounter a group of robots that look incredibly similar to Cubot; one with a hat comes up and asks if they've met before.
    Orbot: You're clearly both the same model robot.
    Cubot: That's impossible— he has a hat!
    Orbot: (sighs, gets up and removes Hat Cubot's hat)
    Cubot: (gasps in astonishment)
    Orbot: It would appear he's a rejected prototype of you.
    Eyepatch Cubot: But what about me?
    Orbot: You're a prototype, as well.
    Green Cubot: So, then, what am I?
    Orbot: (growing annoyed) You're also a prototype.
    Glasses Cubot: But what about—
    Orbot: You're ALL prototypes of Cubot!
    Hat Cubot: But I have a hat!
  • When Cubot tells the other Cubots to follow him, they all run away in different directions. When Eggman start attacking them and Cubot tells the other Cubots to run away, they all just stand there.
    Cubot: When I told you to follow me you all ran off, now I tell you to run and you just stand there?! What's wrong with you guys?!
  • When Tails is working on fixing Cutebot, Green Cubot asks if he wishes there was a machine to do that for him. Tails' response?
    Tails: Testify brother.
  • Everything involving the prototypes' self-destruct button
    Hat Cubot: What's the meaning of life?
    Cutebot: Teach me how to juggle!
    Green Cubot: What does a self-destruct button do?
    (Green Cubot later presses the button and self-destructs)
    Tails:(fixing another Cubot) Did another Cubot press his self-destruct button?
    Tails: (annoyed) Aww, come on, guys!
    (Tails gasps when he realizes the explosion was Eggman attacking and not a self-destructing Cubot)

Next Top Villain

  • During Dave's Imagine Spot at the start of the episode, he's a super-powered villian, easily dispatching the heroes until only Sonic is left.
    Sonic: Please, Dave! I'm begging you for mercy!
    Dave: I have no mercy, I work in the fast food industry!
  • The Lightning Bolt Society glues down a quarter, attempting to cause... annoyance for the villagers. After Dave tells them he can't hang out with them anymore, they notice the coin again... and attempt to remove it.
  • Dave's attempts to replicate the ways he took out the heroes in his Imagine Spot:
    • He attempts to freeze them solid with a block of ice and a desk fan...and Sonic just remarks about the cool summer breeze.
    • He tries to fry them with the sun and a magnifying glass...only to hit a glass of water and create a disco ball light show that starts an impromtu dance party.
    • He sends his "minions of the jungle" to attack them...a box of bunnies that they all begin to coo over.
  • Soar the Eagle interviewing Sonic about Dave challenging him:
    Sonic: He's never really been a threat. Unless you consider serving uncooked beef a threat.
    (Sonic and Soar laughs)
    Soar: Actually, food-borne illness are not to be laughed at. But Dave the intern is.
    (Sonic and Soar laughs)
  • Dave failing miserably when he's trying to operate Dr. Eggman's Octopus Bot and Sonic and the others staring at him pitifully.
    Amy: This is really hard to watch.
  • Earlier in the episode, Dave trapped Dr. Eggman in his own Electrocage after accidentally knocking him out. Just before Team Sonic arrives to free him so he can aid with the Octopus Bot fiasco, the evil scientist does some reflecting on his traps now that the script has been flipped on him:
    Eggman: No wonder Sonic hates when I capture him; this is really unpleasant. Next time I design a trap, I should include some amenities like magazines, beverage dispensers, shuffleboards— stuff to make the prisoners feel welcomed and appreciated.

New Year's Retribution

  • The gang is hanging decorations for the New Year's party, with Amy saying they won't hang themselves; Tails begs to differ by using his latest machine to do it. Amy argues he still hung them through the machine, with Knuckles telling him that's "not cool", and Sticks wants them taken down, concerned (as usual) that they attract a number of things she wouldn't enjoy being around (including list jokes, for some reason). Sonic, once again, comes to the defense of his best bro... or, at least, he tries to.
    Sonic: C'mon, guys— lay off him.
    (the decorations fall down all around the gang)
    Sonic: ...Way to ruin New Year's, dude.
    • Almost immediately after, Knuckles helps get the New Year's ball up... before Sticks interrupts him with more of her paranoid rambling, causing him to let go of the winch and send the ball crashing to the ground in spite of Amy's futile attempts to save it.
      Tails: You really dropped the ball. (laughs)
      (everyone else shoots angry glares at him, unamused)
      Tails: ...Not cool?
  • Knuckles constantly gets New Year's mixed up with other holidays. Which apparently don't exist in this world.
  • Apparently, the secret to a slow cooker doing what it says on the tin isn't "patience, low heat, and collected condensation", as Orbot puts it— it's a glowing energy ball... at least, that's what Eggman thinks.
  • Comedy Chimp tasting Meh Burger's new Ten Alarm Super Atomic Chili and complaining it isn't spicy on camera.
    Comedy Chimp: Welcome back to "Comedy Chimp's New Year Adequate Eve", sponsored by Meh Burger, home of the new Ten Alarm Super Atomic Chili. (tastes the chili) Ten Alarm? This thing is barely ketchup. (to the camera) I mean, I'm sure it'll kick in eventually.
  • After losing to Sonic in a game of dominoes, Eggman angrily brushes the pieces off the table... and they fly through the air in slow motion due to Eggman having slowed down the world with his latest machine utilizing the glowing energy ball; needless to say, the moment is spoiled.
    • In the last of a montage of failures to beat Sonic in anything, Eggman loses yet again to Sonic over a game of checkers. After muttering "Man, I hate checkers", he flips the board... but again, due to the slo-mo machine still being active, the impact is ruined. Frustrated further by this, the growling doctor has to literally grab the playing pieces out of midair in order to place one firmly on the ground and stomp on it in anger.

Battle of the Boy Bands

  • Soar announces the entire village is suffering from Beaver Fever. Hearing this, everyone nearby immediately steps away from Fastidious Beaver.
  • Amy and Sticks' rabid fangirling over Justin throughout the episode is so over-the-top, it becomes funny.
    Amy: Now, I don't want to overhype it... BUT HE'S THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER WHO EVER LIIIIVED!
    • After listening to a single track, Sticks gets hooked as well:
    Amy: I knew I could rely on Sticks to be the voice of reason.
    Tails: We're through the looking glass, people! White is black, and black is white.
  • Unable to get to Justin Beaver because they're not "music industry professionals", Sonic says he has an idea... and waits until he and the guys are in his house to say they're forming a boy band.
    Tails: Did you really have to bring us all the way down here to finish that sentence?
    • Later on, Tails does the same thing at his workshop when revealing his plan to use a countermelody to undo the brainwashing Justin's music holds on all the females in the village and admits it's actually kind of fun.
  • Sonic states that it'll take a lot of hard work to pull off the boy band act. Cut to the guys having mastered it in a presumably short time. Afterwards, Sonic notes they still have some montage time left, so they decide to come up with a band name. It's a long and grueling process of failures, months falling off the calendar as— oh, wait, no, that's just Knuckles.
    Sonic: Knuckles! Stop tearing pages off that calendar.
    Knuckles: OK, fine...
  • The trio successfully gets past the guard (though it's only because he hears their band name, "Dreamboat Express", and assumes with a name like that, they must be professionals) and attempts to listen in on Justin's producer and his manager, but all they overhear is their scheduling. Tails says they can't expect them to talk about their evil plot as they start to listen in... at which point the two switch gears and talk about the aforementioned brainwashing plan.
  • Upon the guys attempting to inform Amy and Sticks about this (to no avail), Knuckles relates how the producer described the plan right in front of them.
  • After being freed from his own brainwashing, Justin renounces being controlled by exploitative music producers... to move on to starring in humiliating reality TV shows.
  • The entire song from the sing-off between Justin Beaver and Dreamboat Express-
    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: You should expect the expected, and nothing more
    Because you've all heard this song and dance before
    Our moves are stale, and our harmony's bland
    'cause we're just anotherWHOO!generic boy band!
    Amy: Wow, they're pretty good!
    Sticks: I'd love to meet those guys someday.
    Justin: [Ushers Sonic, Tails and Knuckles to one side] I've got a bold confession, and I think it's time you knew
    I'm into you specifically, girl- no other girl will do
    Amy and Sticks: [Awestruck] He's talking about me! [Yelling] IN YOUR FACE!
    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: Yo, yo, yo! We're bringing it weak, and we're bringing it lame
    Whatever we can do to keep it all the same!
    We're focus-tested, and radio-friendly
    Tails: The only thing that matters is that we stay trendy!
    Justin: [Barges in] You're unique, you're complex and interesting, girl
    And I'm not being hyperbolic
    It's carved our name into a tree
    It's vandalism... but it's symbolic!
    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: You should expect the expected, and nothing more
    Because you've all heard this song and dance before
    Our phoney-baloney image and brand
    'cause we're just another — HUH! — generic boy band!
    Justin: [Barges in again] Those feelings for my special girl
    We'll do the things you want to do
    And take a trip to the place you like
    • And then there's afterward where they perform as the rock band Dude-I-Tude, doubling as a great Affectionate Parody of the show's predecessor, Sonic Underground. Complete with Sonic zapping Justin with a laser from his multi-neck electric guitar to free him from the mind-control!

Tails' Crush

  • Sonic and Knuckles participate in a wheelbarrow race timed by Tails. The unfortunate Knuckles is pushed through the sand, a bunch of cactuses, and a valley of broken glass. Obviously, Knux dreads the thought of doing it again after Tails drifts off and misses his cue.
    Knuckles: I foresee no problems doing with my arms what the world's fastest runner does with his feet!
  • Tails makes an entirely unconvincing attempt to deny his crush:
    Sonic: Oh, I see what's going on here!
    Sticks: Tails has been hypnotized by man-eating tomato people?!
    Sonic: Yeah...that, or our pal Tails has a crush on that girl!
    Tails: What? Who, Zooey? No, Sticks is right; definitely the tomato thing!
  • When Eggman, angry that he's unable to get his package, sends his Decimator Bot to exact vengeance upon the postman, Sonic tells Tails to get the "Speeding Swing Surprise" maneuver from the first episode ready. Sonic jumps up, leaps off a building, and dramatically grabs the Enerbeam in slow motion... or he would have if Tails hadn't lost his focus again. Instead, the hedgehog ends up humiliating himself by grabbing at thin air in slow motion and falling into a box of watermelons.
  • Sonic offering to teach Tails how to impress women.
    Sonic: Tails, it's time I enrolled you in the Sonic School for Impressin' the Ladies.
    Knuckles: It's a good school. It's where I studied air conditioning and refrigerator repair.
  • Sonic enlists the aid of a local actor to help teach Tails about how to talk to Zooey... and the actor is Comedy Chimp, dressed like a girl.
    Comedy Chimp: I gotta fire my agent.
  • Tails comes to Amy for help winning Zooey over.
    Amy: You're doing this all wrong. If you want to know what women want, talk to a woman.
    Tails: That's brilliant! Where can I find one?
  • Everyone's methods of how Tails can attract Zooey, but with their own, very wrong, interpretations.
    • Sonic suggests that Tails should just act cool, but it's shown like he's just telling him to be a jerk.
    • Knuckles suggests that Tails should act like a strongman liking red food and talking about woodwork, but this manly facade combined with Tails' scrawny build makes him come off like an idiot when he and Zooey are at Meh Burger. Not only that, but Tails gets a toy with his meal— and it just so happens to be a Hello Doggie pen to go with his Hello Doggie notebook, both incredibly unmanly. The two-tailed fox realizes he's backed himself into a corner, says he thinks he left his band saw running, and dashes off.
    • Amy says that the best way to go about it is to be soft and compassionate, even showing Tails a mushy romance movie; Tails ends up outside Zooey's window spewing pseudo-Shakespearean nonsense that only confuses the girl.
      Tails: How now, brown cow?
    • And then Sticks just downright tells him to do what is essentially a mating dance, doing what amounts to a chicken dance with feathers.
  • During Eggman's sub-plot where he attempts to go through the painful process of getting his package from the post office, he stumbles across Tails repeatedly as he does the above; the first three times, the evil scientist is only able to groan and shake his head at Tails' displays in disgust.
    Eggman: (as he stumbles upon Tails' third attempt) Not this train wreck again...
  • Eggman's package turns out to contain a background music generator for his next evil attack, which he commences immediately after obtaining the device. Of course, Tails puts an end to it (all by himself, no less) and wins Zooey over as a result, but instead of leaving the scene in defeat as usual, Eggman stays around, sarcastically mocking Tails for not fully trusting his advice before using the generator to play romantic music. As the episode ends with a heart-shaped iris out on Tails and Zooey...

Bro-Down Showdown

  • The episode opens with Amy finding out that she won the "Most Selfless Award"...for which she submitted herself. Even Knuckles questions this. Upon receiving the award, she yells "mine!", knocking the courier over and then leaving him there, unable to get back up.
  • Sonic asks Amy if he and Knuckles can house-sit for her while she's gone.
    Sonic: It gets boring watching a majestic sunset over an endless tranquil sea of blue outside my beachfront paradise every day.
    Knuckles: And I wanna watch cable!
    Amy: (Silently glares a hole through both of them)
  • After accidentally spilling nacho cheese on Amy's couch whilst she's away, Sonic and Knuckles try various things to get rid of the stain, success.
  • Knuckles expresses disappointment when Sonic is paired up with Eggman for the show instead of him, sadly saying "But I thought this was a Sonic and Knuckles episode."
  • Comedy Chimp asks Lady Walrus what Dave's job is. She responds with "works in the fast food industry", but Dave says he picked "an evil villain that destroys the world". CC calls on the judges, who accept the answer.
  • Eggman confirms Sonic's answer was right: "I said I'd destroy the village!" Then he sternly follows up, "and reduce you all to a smoldering pile of ash." The crowd applauds wildly for the point scored.
  • Eggman refers to Amy as Sonic's girlfriend at one point during the show. Sonic denies it, but the game show they're both on indicates a wrong answer. Technically, it was because Sonic and Eggman's answers didn't match, but the timing of the "wrong answer" light is still very suspect.
    Eggman: If you fight my robot, we'll be disqualified and you'll never win that couch for that whiny little girlfriend of yours.
    Sonic: (Snarling through his teeth) She's NOT my girlfriend!
    (the game show light indicates Sonic's answer is wrong)
  • The ending. After trying and failing to win at Bro-Down Showdown to win a new couch to replace Amy's stained one, the duo resort to a more... drastic means of covering up what's happened. As Amy returns from her Award Ceremony, Sonic and Knuckles are seen running after her to stop her as she opens the door; at which point, a missile (which had been batted into the air earlier by Knuckles in a fight with Eggman's Obliterator Bot) flies in and precisely hits the stained couch, blowing it up. What really sells it are the duo's Bad "Bad Acting" reaction to it afterward.
    Sonic: (Trying to hide an enormous grin all the while) Oh, man- Amy! Eggman totally destroyed your couch!
    Knuckles: Yeah! And after we totally didn't spill nachos on it! Boy, that's a shame.
    Sonic: Yeah, real shame. (Nudges Knuckles with his elbow, who is grinning in a ridiculously-cheesy fashion) Come on, Knuckles— let's get out of here! (They quickly leave)
    Mailman: (still stuck on his back) I hope someone's feeding my cat.

Late Night Wars

  • When Knuckles' trashcan hat first becomes popular:
    Knuckles: You know what people say when they see me wearing this?
    Amy: "I weep for the future of our kind"?
    Knuckles: Well, yeah, some of 'em.
  • When Knuckles is approached by Eggman to be his sponsor and place the Eggman Industries logo on his trash can, he refuses, not wanting to sell out. Almost immediately after, when Dave offers the same thing for a few dollars off at Meh Burger, he accepts it.
  • Comedy Chimp asks Eggman to help him get Knuckles off his show by staging a robot attack; in return, Eggman's attack is captured on live TV, and he sponsors the show from now on. This leads to Eggman sounding like a living advertisement for his products and services.
    Eggman: Fire missiles! (turns to camera) Brought to you by Eggman Industries.
  • With Knuckles preoccupied with the battle, Wolfie finally gets his chance to host the show... for the brief second before he's given a concussion by a falling stage light.

Fire in a Crowded Workshop

  • Sonic's side of the story has him portrayed as an egotistical, tough ladies' man who can do no wrong while underlining his friends' flaws and portraying them as if they can't do anything right unless it's under his watch; he even starts with Amy throwing a temper tantrum at Meh Burger simply for getting mayonnaise despite asking for none.
    Sonic: (in a stern, fatherly tone) Kids, behave yourselves! This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Knuckles once again holds himself in high regard while telling his side of the story, portraying himself as a brave captain. Sonic is once again shown to be a weak, cowardly excuse for a hedgehog, while the ladies fawn over the echidna... again. Plus, he puts out the fire at Tails' workshop with ice breath.
    Sonic: (In an incredibly whiny voice) C'mon, guuuuys, wait for meeeeeeeee!
    • Everyone else's competence is Flanderized to absurd levels, but what takes the cake is Amy being told to bandage Perci's arm and applying it to her leg instead.
    Knuckles: [In a completely sincere, matter-of-fact tone] Oh Amy. You've forgotten what an arm is.
  • Amy's side of the story (in which she states everyone agreed the service at Meh Burger was horrible to shift focus off her tantrum) has her see Perci as a "siren" with a Penelope Pitstop-style Southern accent who the boys blindly want to do everything for, and despite that, Amy "selflessly" gives her aid.
  • In spite of the differences between everyone's stories, Sticks rattling off a conspiracy theory about Perci being a spy/alien/government agent before running off screaming is the one thing that remains mostly constant.
    Sonic/Knuckles/Amy: Don't pay attention to her. She's actually very nice.
    • In Perci's side of the story, Sticks doesn't have time to yell her theory before Perci says "Nice to meet you", which causes the badger to run off screaming anyway.
      Perci: She seems nice.
  • Perci's indifference to Sonic, Knuckles and Amy's help is funny, especially when placed up against how she acted in the latter three's stories.

It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog

  • A happy Eggman is singing and dusting his things... until he notices his particle accelerator is missing. His loud scream scatters the birds nesting on his fortress.
    Eggman: My birds! (screams again)
  • When Eggman accuses Sonic of stealing his particle accelerator, the group that had arrived to tour Eggman's fortress gasps. Whenever a clue is found to link Sonic to the crime, a dramatic note plays and the crowd gasps. Yes, every time.
  • Knuckles interrupts a town meeting, saying he'll catch Sonic for the townspeople. When Mayor Fink states that they can all chip in, the echidna insists that unlike tying his shoes or brushing his teeth, he has to do this alone... but when he attempts to exit, he has trouble with the door.
    Mayor Fink: You have to pull and jiggle the knob.
    Knuckles: I am pulling and jiggling! (mutters, then stops struggling) I'll use the window. (jumps out said window with a loud thud; only then does the door open... outwards)
  • The little old lady who offers to bake cookies to poison Sonic:
    Mayor Fink: We don't want to kill him!
    Old Lady: Oh. Have a cookie?
  • Metal Sonic fires a laser blast at Sonic, and Knuckles sacrifices himself to rescue him, the blast flinging him into a nearby tree. Hard.
  • The sheer amount of snark ejected from Sonic this episode.
    Sonic: I've never seen [Eggman] like this. I kinda like it!
    • "The pink orchid! That was easy. I was expecting some kind of complication. (Knuckles puts basket over his head) Like that.
    Knuckles: I don't wanna lose you. You're a valuable member of Team Knuckles!
    Sonic: "Team Knu-" I'm not even gonna argue.
    • "(when the robot's laser fails to shoot) Don't you just hate it when that happens?"

Robot Battle Royale

  • The episode starts with the gang, except for Tails, finishing watching a movie at Amy's house. The conversation they have has some excellent Lampshade Hanging.
    Sonic: I liked that movie, but the beginning was kinda slow.
    Amy: Sonic, you just don't understand how movies and TV shows work. They always have a little filler material before someone bursts in to get the real story started.
    (Cut to Tails immediately bursting into the room)
    Tails: Guys! Check out my new invention!
  • Knuckles tells his Vacuu-Fan 2000 robot (for lack of a better word) to "show 'em what [it's] made of" before letting it go towards the opposing robot... at which point it goes past the other robot to crash into the railing and break into pieces.
    Knuckles: That's not what I meant!
  • Eggman cheats to win the tournament by gaining the override codes to Tails' Hypno-bot and rendering it inoperable for Tails, everyone boos him, until Mayor Fink points out that "In the grand scheme of Eggman plots, I think we came out of this one pretty unscathed!", whereupon everyone shrugs and admits he's right.
  • When Eggman uses Hypno-bot to take control of Tails' other inventions, Knuckles attempts to suggest the two should collaborate on an invention, only for Tails to tell him to let him think because he's the real inventor. Knuckles' rebuttal is that he didn't put override codes into his Vacuu-Fan 2000 despite being tempted to... because he didn't know how.
    Tails: That's it! Knuckles, you're a genius!
    Knuckles: Yes, I are.
    Tails: (sighs) Don't you see?
    Knuckles: I'm a genius, not a visionary.
    Tails: Your invention doesn't have robot AI; it's too stupid to be hypnotized by Hypno-Bot!
    Knuckles: Stupid... or murder?
    (the camera zooms in on Knuckles as dramatic musical stings play)
  • After Tails defeats Eggman by getting inside Vacuu-Fan 2000 and getting his Hypno-Bot back under his control so it can hypnotize Eggman's robots, Sonic claims that because they have Hypno-Bot on their side now, Eggman's robots are no longer a problem. Then Lady Goat's puppy robot from the battle royale (that Amy finds absolutely adorable) back-flips onto Hypno-Bot, causing the latter to explode.
    Amy: Bad puppy!

No Robots Allowed

  • Team Sonic is attempting to cool down in the midst of a heat wave, and Knuckles suggests using the fan on the back of the Tailsmobile, but Tails says that would be impractical and dangerous before suggesting a complicated plan, which Sonic interrupts by going with Knuckles' idea anyway; this leads to the entire team being blown around, with Wizard of Oz and E.T. references galore from Sticks. After a long struggle, Sonic finally manages to shut off the Tailsmobile.
    Sonic: Everyone OK?
    Others: Yeah.
    Sonic: Everyone wanna do that again?
    Others: Yeah!
    (Sonic turns on the Tailsmobile again, sending everyone spinning once more)
  • Eggman, instead of using electricity to cool himself off, has Orbot and Cubot fan him... until he gets the bright idea from Orbot to use solar panels before ordering him and Cubot to build them. Cubot is less than pleased.
    Cubot: Great idea, Orbot. This is much less work. By the way, I'm being sarcastic.
  • It's amazing the fourth wall hasn't tipped over yet.
    Radio: We interrupt this public domain music to bring you some important exposition!
  • Team Sonic arrives at Eggman's lair to investigate about his malfunctioning robots, but Sonic's trademark "Egg-(insert word here)" streak runs out of steam.
    Sonic: Hold it, Eggy-mo-beggy!
    (Sonic's teammates give him quizzical looks)
    Sonic: What? You think it's easy coming up with new ones all the time?
    • As Eggman's out-of-control robots wreck his living room/dinner setup, Team Sonic takes their leave, with Sonic still drawing a blank.
      Sonic: Well, our work here is done. Good luck with the cleanup, Egg... man.
      (Sonic's teammates once more look at him funny)
      Sonic: That didn't come out right.
      Knuckles: (chuckles) Eggman. I get it.
      (Team Sonic exits, the door shutting behind them)
      Eggman: This is gonna be a long night.
      Orbot: (whacks Eggman in the face with a souffle)
      Eggman: My souffle!

Fuzzy Puppy Buddies

  • Amy is playing a heated game of Fuzzy Puppies... with herself, running back and forth around the table to make her moves and even gasp in surprise when she's "beaten" by "her opponent".
  • As Amy's friends laugh at her over her obsession with the game, she states there's a Fuzzy Puppy meet-up at Meh Burger, saying the most popular players will be there. Said players are... Fastidious Beaver, Zooey, and Dave.
    Amy: Excuse me, can you tell me where the cool, popular Fuzzy Puppy fan group is?
    Dave: Duh! It's right here at this table.
    Fastidious Beaver: Noob.
  • After Amy learns she and Eggman, of all people, share a love of Fuzzy Puppies, they decide to secretly meet up and discuss the game. Of course, this requires keeping it from the rest of Team Sonic.
    Sonic: Hey, Amy, we're going to the beach. Wanna come with?
    Amy: Uh, no— I gotta... water my cat. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that. See ya! (dashes off)
    Sticks: That's the third time she ditched us this week!
    Knuckles: Yeah, I'm worried. I think she's over-watering that cat.
  • While an Amy-less Team Sonic sits at Meh Burger chowing down on their meals, Knuckles talks about how slow a week it's been. Sticks theorizes that the week isn't slow— rather, she has the feeling that something's going on and the four of them are not a part of it; Sonic scoffs at the idea, saying the team's involved with everything. Tails agrees, bringing up how they're so involved with everything that when something happens, it's usually centered around a member of the team... which is how and when he realizes that Amy is acting suspiciously. That's right— Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks figure out Amy is up to something by pretty much noticing that they're the Out of Focus team members in this episode.
  • The rest of Team Sonic spy on Amy from outside her house, seeing she's setting up food for someone inside. Knuckles suggests that perhaps Amy is having a date. Sonic's reaction to this?
    Sonic: A date?! T-That's cool. I mean, what do I care? Stop looking at me.
  • While Amy teaches Eggman how to play Fuzzy Puppies, he flips the board off the table after every time he loses to her. At the end of the montage, when he finally beats her in a game... he still flips the board. Turns out he just really likes flipping the board.
    Eggman: "Victory flip!"
  • Sonic taking his trip to PuppyCon (to keep Eggman in check) as a risk to his "carefully cultivated street cred."
  • At PuppyCon, Eggman attempts to negotiate with Lady Walrus' oldest son to gain the Fancy Poodle piece he so desperately wants, but the kid is unwilling to part ways, even when Eggy throws in Orbot and Cubot with the pieces he's offering (and then removes them after he's refused, saying his trade is more valuable without them).
    Eggman: How about this? I'll throw in my Obliterator Bot; kids love enormous, destructive robots!
    Lady Walrus: (walks up to Eggman) My son can't have a giant, destructive killing machine. You know nothing about children's safety!
    (almost as if on cue, she notices her younger child swinging on a sign dangerously above the ground)
    Lady Walrus: My baby! (runs off)
  • Team Sonic returns from a distress call involving the Lightning Bolts throwing large rocks to find Dave getting arrested for it; he claims his innocence, even yelling "Don't taze me, bro!"
    Knuckles: Looks like his PuppyCon experience was... (puts on shades) ...ruff.
    (Team Sonic laughs)
  • Even after Amy beats him fair and square in a game of Fuzzy Puppies, Eggman refuses to give back the aforementioned Fancy Poodle piece, which he'd stolen while Team Sonic was distracted by his plan of Orbot and Cubot posing as the Lightning Bolts. Amy threatens to end their Fuzzy Puppy friendship if he continues. And Eggman gives up, heartbroken at the mere thought of it.
    Eggman: (voice breaking) But— but... I thought we were FPBFFs.

Designated Heroes

  • Eggman tells Orbot and Cubot to be quiet so as to not alert anyone to their activity, then proceeds to use a large, very noisy vacuum, and blames the two robots for being too noisy when Team Sonic appears.
  • In the beginning and ending fights of the episode between Team Sonic and Eggman, Orbot and Cubot become play-by-play commentators, pointing out every move the combatants make. When Eggman inevitably gets defeated again, he's not in the mood for it.
    Cubot: And down goes El Juevo Loco!
    Orbot: It's all over for the Bald Behemoth!
    Eggman: One more word out of you two and I'm gonna take you apart and put you back together blindfolded!
  • Tails grabs a metal bat and tries to swing at Eggman's Ball Bot. He continually fails to hit it until he ultimately gets frustrated, throws the bat down, and pulls out a big freaking gun. Tails then proceeds to shoot the Ball Bot, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot with sticky glue.
    • Afterwards, Eggman convinces Team Sonic that fighting him all at once is unfair, so they agree to take him on one-on-one. Sonic attempts to shake hands with him, but Eggman doesn't have the use of his hands thanks to Tails, so he opts to shake his mustache.
  • Eggman easily outsmarting Amy, Sticks, Tails, and Knuckles with well-used flattery, especially when turning Tails' device against him.
    • During that sequence, it's revealed that the gang's taking the idea of being a Punch-Clock Hero a bit too seriously. As in, they use a literal punch clock, and Tails, for one, refers to his turn for fighting Eggman as his "shift".
  • A bored Sonic makes several weird noises and even has a pretend tea party while waiting for his turn to take on Eggman.
    • And later, when his friends check up on him:
      Sonic: (boastfully) Eggman never showed, and you know why?
      Knuckles: (completely serious) He wasn't invited to the tea party?
    • And when Eggman finally arrives after Sonic has fallen asleep:
    Sonic: (drowsy) Uh...not now Amy; I'm not in the mood..."
  • Throughout the later part of the episode, Sonic lets his egotistical side get the best of him, laughing at his friends for their failures to defeat Eggman and confidently saying he'll be the one to take down the evil scientist. Even after they defeat Eggman as a team (through tag-ins, since they still had their one-on-one rule), Sonic says that he agrees they worked as a team, but he still trapped Eggman. Having officially had enough, Sonic's friends toss him into the force-field-enhanced bamboo cage with Eggman and leave so the hedgehog can think about what he's done.
    Sonic: Hey, guys? You accidentally left me trapped in this force-field with Eggman! (looks on as his friends leave) Guys?! Guys!
    Eggman: Well, we're here. Might as well make the best of it. (singing) A thousand bottles of liquid nitrogen on the wall, a thousand bottles of liquid nitrogen...

Role Models

  • Throughout the episode, Team Sonic fights Eggman to incredibly cheesy rock music.
  • Eggman is angry that Sonic and friends are getting awarded for saving the day a million times and he's not getting any for being a villain.
    Eggman: The only award I ever get is a butt-whooping... and the occasional Grammy nomination. (turns to a gold record hung from a nearby wall)
    • He attempts to get an award from Mayor Fink by mentioning his "lovely" singing voice. It doesn't work.
      Mayor Fink: I'm sorry. Fourth place isn't a trophy; it's a certificate.
    • Eggman tries again when Mayor Fink mentions he could give the egg-shaped villain a pole-vaulting trophy he found. Predictably, as soon as he plants the pole and gets off the ground, it snaps under his weight, with gravity slamming him back down to earth.
  • When an old man runs in to frantically inform Sonic about Eggman, DB Platypus gives him a rule infraction whistle for rudely running into a room and makes him start over slowly and courteously.
    Old Man: *knocks and walks in* I beg your pardon, but it has come to my attention that a Dr Eggman is laying waste to the entire village. Ehh... any who, Bob's your uncle. Enjoy your meal.
  • Team Sonic (minus a frustrated Sticks, who walked off sick of being a role model) has to "fight" a trophy-stealing Eggman in safety gear by using I-statements and attempting to meet him halfway, only to get shot at by Bee Bots for their trouble. Even the children they're trying to be role models for realize their efforts are futile.
    DB Platypus: See, kids? They're being role models.
    Monkey Child: They're getting crushed!
    DB Platypus: Like role models!

Cabin Fever

  • Knuckles constantly asking "Me?" whenever anyone else asks a question involving the word "who".
  • After the team is separated in the midst of an argument, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks act as though their forts are entire kingdoms and attempt to strike deals for such things as TV time and warmth.
  • Sticks Tempting Fate:
    Sticks: It's coming down pretty hard out there. Things can't get any worse.
    Amy: Time for arts and craft!
    Sticks: I spoke too soon.
  • While reading Amy's play, Tails complains that his character is described as cowering behind Sonic. Immediately, a lightning flash sends him cowering behind Sonic.
    Tails: Curse you, irony!

Counter Productive

  • When Soar talks about his new book, "Counter-Productive", on the Comedy Chimp Show, and how people that have wronged another and don't make up for it are basically monsters, Knuckles begins to become concerned because he wronged a man named Charlie one time.
    Knuckles: AAAAAAAGH! Don't look at me! (runs out of the room) I'm a monster! A monster!
    Sonic: Ugh. Hope this turns out better than when he thought he was a ballerina.
    (cut to Tails' shack at daytime)
    Knuckles: Don't look at me! I'm a ballerina! A ballerina! (gracefully dances out of the room)
  • Sick of being abused by Charlie, who's uncovered a mech from the Ancients' time specifically to do so, Knuckles finally stands up for himself and challenges the newly self-proclaimed super-villain whose life he ruined to a fight. A crowd gathers ("We're doing a parody of a schoolyard fight"), including none other than Eggman.
    Eggman: Let's go, Charlie! (clap-clap-clap-clap, clap, clap) ...Really? Nothing? Am I the only one on the side of evil here?

It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog

  • As Eggman and his team of fellow Team Sonic-hating villains plot their plan, the heroes are helping build Amy's foreign-made bookcase, which turns into an enormous joke about IKEA. The box it comes in seems small, but upon opening it, tons of parts fly out, burying the boys.
    • Tails notes the instructions use pictures and not words, and Knuckles is reminded of a novel he's writing with a similar premise.
      Knuckles: (takes the instructions from Tails and examines them) Hmm, the plot's there, but the characters are all over the place.
    • They may be great heroes, but in the profession of building things with complex instructions, Team Sonic could use a bit more work.
      Amy: How do we tell the difference between side A and side C?
      Tails: Side A should have one more L-bracket.
      Amy: You mean T-bracket, right?
      Tails: Uhhh...
      Sonic: Tails, so help me, if you've been confusing L-brackets and T-brackets this whole time...!
      Sticks: Who used all the D-screws? All I have left are J-knobs, which are worthless! And has anyone seen back panel G?
      Knuckles: Uh, I think I found it. (lifts his left arm, which a part has somehow stuck to; he attempts to shake it off to no avail before attempting to pull it off, only to break it in half)
      Sonic: Great! Now we have to go back to the store and exchange the whole thing. C'mon, let's pack it up.
      (Sonic and Knuckles attempt to shove the parts back in the box they came from, Tails standing by with more parts, but they don't go in as easily as they went out)
    • After many setbacks, they finally manage to build the bookcase. Sort of.
      Sonic: Well, we're out of parts and instructions. I think we're done.
      (the team looks at the bookcase, the twisted and misaligned results of their labor hardly even worthy of the name)
      Amy: (stares at the "bookcase" with a particularly nervous expression before turning to her friends; uncertainly) ...Great work, team.
    • Later, Shadow gives a scathing critique on the bookshelf (soon after destroying it).
  • When Shadow arrives at Eggman's lair, the evil genius couldn't be happier.
  • Lady Walrus gets her purse stolen by one of the Lightning Bolt Society members.
    Lady Walrus: He stole my purse! My baby (pictures)!
  • After Shadow inflicts an attack on Sonic that leaves him vulnerable, Eggman immediately assumes he's won and decides to take a "victory selfie" with the dark hedgehog; however, he forgets to turn the camera's flash off, blinding Shadow and giving Sonic the opening he needs to get up and deal an uppercut to his rival. Completely frustrated by Eggman's interference costing him the win and knowing he won't be able to win as long as the Doctor is involved, Shadow gives up on the duel, swears to Sonic that he'll soon return for a rematch on his own terms, and teleports away. Yes, folks, a selfie led to the defeat of the formidable Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • Shadow just rolls his eyes in annoyance when Eggman sets up the selfie... but doesn't actually question it or do anything about it. It's like he knows Eggman is his biggest fan and hates it, only putting up with this to get him to stop interrupting.
  • As if Eggman above hadn't battered the Fourth Wall enough already, the episode ends with Cubot and Orbot discussing a second season.
    Cubot: What a swell adventure! I sure hope there's more next year.
    Orbot: Just think of all the hundreds more stories to be told using the same eight characters and four locations. The possibilities are limitless.
    Cubot: Just to be on the safe side, maybe we should start an internet petition.

    Season 2 Part 1 

Tommy Thunder: Method Actor

  • As a tie-in with Tommy Thunder's latest movie, Dave announces that Meh Burger is selling cheaply-made Meh Meal toys, which he claims are "Guaranteed to have 12% fewer jagged edges". He ends up cutting his fingers on what appears to be a metal Nerf football with Tommy's face on it.
  • Eggman once again attacks over something as small as not getting a proper baker's dozen, and, as usual, Team Sonic is there to send him flying into the horizon.
    Eggman: Why do all my social interactions end like thiiiiis?!
  • Tommy arrives at Sonic's Shack, attempting to convince Sonic to let him follow the hedgehog around so he can get a feel for his heroics.
    Tommy: Knock, knock! I have to say that because you don't have a door. It's kinda pathetic, actually.
    Sonic: (reclining in his hammock) What do you want, Tommy?
    Tommy: You're right— being a hero isn't about ego. It's about... (dashes off and returns pushing a cart carrying a basket... with a Sonic-shaped melon sculpture inside) ...elaborate gifts! It's your visage in melon form. So, now can I follow you on your action-packed adventures?
    Sonic: Slam. I have to say that because I don't actually have a door.
  • Tommy eventually does end up following Sonic around and being incredibly grating to him in the process, so Sonic airs his grievances about it... to the wrong person.
    Sonic: Ugh! It's so frustrating to be followed by someone so annoying!
    Tails: Well, sooooooorry!
    Sonic: Not you— him! (points his thumb at Tommy)
  • Whilst baking muffins, Eggman is watching the Comedy Chimp Show on his fancy floating TV, and Tommy is being interviewed on the show for his recent heroic act (well, Team Sonic's recent heroic act that Tommy took credit for, anyway); after Comedy Chimp suggests he could take on Eggman, Tommy goes on to call the evil scientist out. Eggman's reaction is gold.
    Eggman: WHAT THE SNAP?! I suppose I have to retaliate. (upset) Well, there goes my evening. (gestures to his pajamas) Now I gotta put on pants.


  • Eggman warns the townspeople that the asteroid is on a collision course with the planet and attempts to get them to pay to use his bunker. Of course, Sonic is skeptical about the asteroid, believing he made it up.
    Eggman: This asteroid is real! Which, admittedly, takes the fun out of the scheme. But you gotta dance with the girl what brung ya!
    (Everyone laughs)
    Eggman: Go ahead and laugh. You won't be laughing when a giant meteor crushes you. That's only funny when it happens to someone else! Comedy 101, people!
    • Still not believing him, Team Sonic decides to see for themselves with help from one of Tails' creations.
      Tails: I can spot anything coming at us with my Tailescope!
      Sonic: Uh, how is a Tailescope different from a telescope?
      Tails: (in a defeated tone) It's not...
  • Unable to figure who he should allow in his bunker, Eggman sends Cubot out to have the attendees draw straws. After wondering if he should include someone he hates to replace Sonic as his new nemesis, Cubot returns- with drawings of straws.
    Cubot: I like the bendy one!
  • Sonic is ready to use Eggman's rocket to go up to space and destroy the asteroid, but the others think Knuckles should go on account of his strength, despite the hedgehog's arguments.
    Sonic: But how often do I get to literally save the world?!
    Knuckles: (holding a piece of paper) According to the TV listings, about once a week.
    • The best part? The listings actually have pictures from previous episodes of the show!
  • Instead of giving Knuckles instructions on how to operate his Solar Convergence Device (with pictures), Tails accidentally gives him his shopping list, the last item on which is "Tail Conditioner."
  • When Eggman has too many people for his bunker, he orders them to all write essays on why they are "bunker worthy." Meanwhile, Tails is trying to come up with a way to destroy the asteroid. When his first attempt fails:
    Amy: (typing) "Is there a hyphen in 'bunker worthy'?"


  • Sticks, disappointed that the news is covering the opening of a new giant scissor factory instead of the village's water crisis (complete with Mayor Fink struggling to cut the ribbon with a pair of small scissors), believes the whole thing to be a government plot, with Amy attempting to get her to reconsider.
    Amy: Our elected officials are here to help us. They're smart, hard-working, no-nonsense public servants with a passion for helping the common man.
    (Gilligan flip cut to Mayor Fink attempting to cut coupons... with a pair of giant scissors)
    Mayor Fink: Steady... one wrong move, and no discount corn for me. If only I had a smaller pair of scissors...
    • Then taken to real fourth-wall breaking heights when Sticks recognizes the irony:
      Sticks: I shoulda' known Amy was settin' up a Gilligan flip! I'm gonna find...
      Mayor Fink: No, no! Don't do another Gilligan flip! Those are really painful.
      Sticks: ...a crusading journalist to blow the lid offa' this water scheme!
      (cue another Gilligan flip cut)
      Mayor Fink: AAAGH!
  • When Sticks starts up her pirate radio station to deliver the political truth to people, Fastidious Beaver is the first to bail.
    Sticks: This is Sticks the Badger, and I'm here to bring you the truth!
    (cut to Fastidious Beaver listening to her at home)
    Fastidious Beaver: (in total deadpan) Actually, I can't handle the truth. (curls up in the fetal position on the floor)
  • When Sticks decides to put her technology-hating ways to the side and takes her grievances about the water crisis to the airwaves with Tails' help, she tells her listeners that she believes Eggman has something to do with it, most likely wanting monetary gain out of it. However, when she takes a caller, said caller is skeptical.
    Caller: Dr. Eggman's schemes aren't fiscally motivated. I mean, they're hardly motivated, period! Haven't you ever watched this show?
    • Made even funnier when you realize the caller is Sonic, or at least someone voiced by Roger Craig Smith.
  • Comedy Chimp's standup routine on TV begins with "have you seen this? Have you heard about this?", in a neat Shout-Out to Jimmy's catchphrase in South Park.
  • Soar the Eagle only agrees to help Sticks when she offers him an award, sacrificing his journalistic integrity in the process.
    Soar: An award, huh? That'll show my father.
  • In order to prove her point, Sticks heads to Eggman's lair with Tails in the latter's plane, at which point she jumps out, telling Tails not only to catch her, but get footage of the confrontation.

Alone Again, Unnaturally

  • Near the beginning of the episode, Sonic goes looking for Tails. When he doesn't find Tails at his workshop, he wonders if the fox might be with Amy, and has this reaction to the thought:
    • That's followed up with Sonic running to Amy's house, calling out for Tails and Amy. When he sees they aren't there, he sighs with relief before catching himself.
  • Tails conducts several tests in order to attempt to make Sonic faster, all of which end with the hedgehog crashing into something. Painfully. Of particular note is an attempt involving rocket skates:
    Amy: Oh, no, Sonic! ...You scuffed my skates!
  • Tails comes up with a new invention to help achieve this goal, which he says uses "blast processing technology"* to increase Sonic's speed.
    Sticks: "Blast processing technology"? Those are just some phony-baloney buzz words to fool the simple-minded!
    Knuckles: Blast processing technology?! GIMME GIMME GIMME!
  • The invention is a success, and Sonic is thrilled with it, asking Tails for a little more juice. The fox is happy to oblige... by slurping out of a juice box before saying he'll turn up the power as well.
  • As Sonic goes faster and faster thanks to Tails' invention, he becomes more and more excited, demanding Tails to go further beyond in some of the most unimaginable screams of exhilaration ever heard from the Blue Blur.
    Sonic: We can always go faster! Tails, crank it!
    Tails: I think we should do more tests before we push it—
    Sonic: DO IT!!

The Biggest Fan

  • When Amy, Tails and Knuckles meet Mark, they have some interesting comments on him... and each other.
    Amy: Your friend's a little... intense. It's clear that he has an unhealthy attachment to you [Sonic].
    Tails: And you should know.
    Amy: (growls as she shoots Tails a Death Glare)
    Tails: (slightly nervous) ...Because you took that psychology class.
  • During a montage of Mark doing things for Sonic, he paints a picture of him holding a chili dog. With tan arms.
    Mark: It's almost done. I just need to finish the arms.
  • After Sonic is injured in an "unintentional" accident, Mark has him act out one of his Sonic fanfictions with him.
    Mark: Let's do something family-friendly. Oh, not that one... definitely not that one...
  • In an attempt to escape, Sonic knocks over some of Mark's pictures of him. He frantically attempts to set them back up (which isn't easy in a full-body cast), but Mark notices one of them is out of alignment and puts two and two together; Sonic counters by saying he wanted to read through some more of Mark's fanfiction.
    Sonic: Ooh, SonAmy! Spicy!
    Mark: Yeah, I don't really care for that, but it seems to be obligatory in the genre. Well, time for more pie, but since you've been naughty, you'll have to eat it off of one of my collectible plates.
    Sonic: But— but collectible plates aren't food-safe! THEY AREN'T FOOD-SAAAAAFE!!
  • When Tails, Knuckles and Amy realize something is wrong, they go to Mark's house. When Knuckles asks if it is his house, we see that the house has two bushes shaped like Sonic.
    Amy: I dunno. Call it a hunch.
  • Soon after, the three are also injured "unintentionally" by Mark. This leads to the amusing sight of the team attempting to subdue him... in full-body casts. Needless to say, they fail miserably.
  • Once the team realizes they're not really injured, they break out of the casts, and Sonic wraps Mark up in sports tape. A lot of it.
    Amy: You always overdo it with the sports tape.
  • Sonic states to the others that he's learned from his experience with Mark to keep a healthy relationship with his fans. Then a little girl runs up, asking for his autograph; in response, Sonic screams and runs off, with the rest of the team laughing.
  • Sonic's assessment of Mark:
    Sonic: He's just a fan; I've got dozens of them! Of course, he's the first one who doesn't criticize everything I do...
  • The fact that Mark is so similar in appearance — predominantly with his greasy hairdo, nasally voice, taped-up glasses and Sonic-emblemed attire — to the infamous fanfiction writer Chris-channote , that the writers had to explicitly deny any connection to her is worth a laugh. The fact that they said they drew more from Kathy Bates plunges this straight into Not Helping Your Case territory.
    • The thing is, the episode mentions things like pickles,note orange sodanote , crashing carsnote  and Sonic's arm colornote , all of which have notable connections to her; even to the extent of the design of Mark's shirtnote . Although the Chris-Chan references aren't blatant as one would think, it still seems to be that the writers had Chris-Chan in mind as much as "Annie Wilkes". Here's pics of Mark The Tapir and pre-transition Chris for comparison.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er

  • After managing to capture Sonic in his new Vacu-Bot, Eggman gloats.
    Eggman: Oh, victory, you taste so sweet. Like candy— evil candy. You know, the kind that has raisins hidden in the chocolate, but you don't know it, so you think you've bitten into a fly. ...Where was I going with this?
  • Of course, this plan fails when Sonic inevitably breaks out and destroys Vacu-Bot. Tails criticizes Eggman for his lame attempt to capture Sonic, Eggman grumbling back to the fox that he hasn't tried it yet and that it's not easy. After he leaves in defeat, Sonic and Tails have a discussion about whether it's impossible for the former to be captured, which evolves into a friendly bet between the two to see if Tails can do it.
    Tails: What say we make it interesting?
    Sonic: I think the audience'll appreciate that.
    • The fourth wall destruction continues when Eggman spies on Tails and his failed attempt to capture Sonic by using his hammock against him.
      Eggman: Really? Slingshot hammock? That's so first season.
  • Tails has created a cunning barrel trap in order to catch Sonic and uses the excuse of needing help with lifting barrels for Zooey to get him to fall for it, but the hedgehog is onto him, suggesting Knuckles help him out instead because of his strength. Tails suggests increasingly desperate reasons the echidna should refuse the offer, to no avail.
  • Realizing that he forgot to free the rest of his friends from his traps due to being blinded by his desire to catch Sonic, Tails rushes to free them so they can stop Eggman, who took advantage of Tails finally trapping Sonic to gain an easy win. He starts with Knuckles, who's fallen asleep since being caught in the barrel trap and is woken up with a start when Tails frees him.
    Knuckles: I'm glad you woke me— I was having that dream where I show up to school wearing pants.
  • Meanwhile, Eggman is gloating about how he'll need to "build quite the freezer to hold Sonic the Hedge-cicle"context, which kicks off a discussion between him, Orbot, and Cubot about how the "-cicle" part could be confused for other words; Orbot in particular chimes in with "Hedge-cube", but Eggman decides to just stick with "Hedge-cicle". While brief, the conversation lasts long enough for the other members of Team Sonic to arrive and bail Sonic out, and Eggman is quick to chew his minions out for distracting him.
    • Just before Knuckles helps Sonic out of his bind, he mocks Sonic with the moniker of "Sonic the Hedge-cube". Immediately after, Eggman glares at the now-validated Orbot with a look that says, "If I so much as sense that the next words out of your mouth are even close to 'I told you so', you're getting melted down for spare parts."
  • The stipulation of Sonic and Tails' bet that "[made] it interesting" was that the loser had to sing a romantic song at Meh Burger karaoke night. Once that time rolls around, as he listens to Tails' singing, Sonic realizes that was a terrible idea to the point of saying that he's starting to think he lost the bet. Even worse, Amy responds that Sonic actually did lose; she's not wrong, considering that the Blue Blur was so paralyzed by fear that he couldn't escape Tails' final trap without outside help. Naturally, Sonic instantly regrets the mix-up.
    Sonic: ...Don't tell Tails.

I Can Sea Sonic's Fear From Here

  • After Eggman decides to create a plan that involves Sonic fighting him in the last place the hedgehog wants to go— underwater— a "musical montage" of him building something occurs (complete with Orbot and Cubot playing guitars and wearing rocker wigs). It seems it has something to do with the plan... until it's revealed he was building a washing machine to wash his lucky shorts with, saying he'll only start his plan when it's finished.
  • In front of Tails' Workshop, Sonic explains why he skipped out on swimming classes:
    Sonic: I can't be swimming around with a bunch of five-year-olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness.
    Knuckles: That's why on the first day, you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard!
    Amy: Knuckles, that's prison.
    Knuckles: Only if you let it be.
  • Sonic comes to Soar for help with his fear of water, telling him it's completely harmless, but the water he attempts to demonstrate that with ends up being flung into a nearby outlet, setting part of Amy's House on fire. Soar only has this to say after the gang manages to put it out:
    Soar: Bad example.
  • Soar's next attempt is to row Sonic out to sea with a plan to help him get over his fear. Step one of that plan... is to abruptly push Sonic out of the boat with only a flotation device around his torso and leave him there.
    • At the end of the episode, Soar abruptly returns with step two: splash Sonic with a cup of water... moments after the hedgehog explains that the events that unfolded during the team's time underwater only worsened his fear of the stuff instead of eliminating it. Needless to say, this leads to a wet, very annoyed Sonic glaring at Soar.
    Soar: Is this a bad time to mention my check?

In the Midnight Hour

  • As the episode begins, Sticks is covered in paint and punching and kicking at a canvas, creating works of art and even calling herself a "mixed martial artist"... then, in an act that most artists can relate to, quickly retracts her opinion and deems the art horrible.
  • When Sticks attempts to get Sonic to help her with the mysterious figure she spots afterwards, she finds him mumbling in his sleep about sugarplums.
    Sticks: Don't call me "sugarplum". I'm not Amy.
  • The two head back to the TV station only to find nothing.
    Sticks: But I saw him with my eyes! I smelled him with my nose! I smorphed him with my sixth sense!
  • The next night, Sticks returns to the TV station and attacks the mysterious figure, who goes by Dreamcaster, before broadcasting her own message saying that he's evil (and annoying the villagers at home).
    Sticks: WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!
    Sheep Villager: "Sheeple" is an offeeensive term! We prefer "Sheep Villagers". I'm writing a letter to that neeetwork!
  • Sticks ends up being arrested and betrayed by her own friends, ending up in jail with the typical harmonica in the background... which turns out to be a vinyl record she was playing to try and cheer herself up. She then begins to doubt herself.
    Sticks: What if my perception of reality really is distorted? Maybe this isn't my hand— maybe it's my foot!
    • Soon after, it's revealed Dreamcaster is another robot created by Eggman to take over the village, 4/5ths of Team Sonic included, using mind-control waves sent from their TVs; this vindicates Sticks' fears and reassures her that her hand is indeed her hand... only for a heel to appear on said hand and freak her out.
  • Upon noticing Sticks in her jail cell, Eggman complains about her being the only one in the village without a TV (and asks what the heck she does on Saturday mornings and talks about around the watercooler).
    Sticks: I knew TV was just a big conspiracy to control everyone's minds! (turns to the viewer) I'm not talkin' to you--you keep watchin'.
  • Just the fact that the main antagonist of this episode is named Dreamcaster. They even lampshade it:
    Sticks: But he really exists! His name's Dreamcaster!
    Tails: ...That's the worst name I've ever heard.
    Sonic: It's not so bad!
    Knuckles: Yeah! The "er" at the end is kinda nice.


  • After Eggman drills under Tails' "foolproof" dome defense system:
    Eggman: It can't be foolproof— I got past it. Ah, crud, That Came Out Wrong.
  • The first indication that something's wrong with the Tails clones is one of them pointing out that a wall tastes like dirt, prompting all the clones to walk over and lick the wall.
  • Knuckles tries to have fun with one of the clones, but finds that the clone won't do anything unless he says "Simon says" first due to thinking they're playing that game.
  • By coincidence, everyone in the friend group decides to go to Tails' house with one of the clones, which is how they learn there's more than one Tails. When Knuckles shows up, he initially doesn't realize there are multiple of Tails and casually greets each clone as if nothing's wrong.
  • After Sticks realizes that Tails split his intellect amongst the clones instead of duplicating it, Knuckles comments that the clones seem plenty smart to him. One of the Tails clones promptly bumps into a pole, while another chases his own tails.
  • Amy gets the Tails clones to go back in the cloning machine by throwing a ball inside it and telling the clones to fetch as if they were dogs.
  • Sticks digs a pitfall trap in hopes of catching a clone, only for Knuckles to fall in it while chasing one.
  • Knuckles gets four of the Tails clones to follow him by offering to show them a cheese puff that looks like the town's mayor. He then tells the rest of the group to find the mayor-shaped cheese puff while he keeps the clones distracted.
  • Eggman is surprised by one of the Tails clones appearing in his bathroom and asking for pudding while he's showering. Since the clone wants to be friends with him and has no clue who Sonic is, Eggman decides to use him for evil purposes and asks the clone to fetch him a towel. The fox clone fails this task twice (returning with nothing the first time and pudding the second), but does eventually bring him a towel. That is, a hand towel.
    Tails Clone: Is this a towel?
    Eggman: What am I supposed to cover with that? Are you making fun of me?!
  • Eggman complains about the clones wrecking his base, asking the team if he goes to their house and messes it up... only to remember he does that on a regular basis.
    Eggman: Oh wait. Bad example. I do that every chance I get.
  • Sonic asks Eggman for help because nobody else is smart enough to reverse the machine's effects, only for the doctor to immediately point out that it has a dial with a "merge" option next to the "clone" one. Somehow, nobody on the team noticed this before.
    Eggman: Did you try switching it to reverse?
    Sonic: Hey, you're the tech whiz, not us.
  • Knuckles tells one of the Tails clones that he's going to miss being smarter than him. The clone replies that he's going to miss being smarter than Knuckles.
  • The first thing the newly restored Talis says is "Whoa, that was not smart," referring to the act of cloning himself. Knuckles panics, assuming that the statement means Tails himself isn't smart yet, and says they have to put him back in the machine.
  • Tails attempts to deliver a heartfelt message about depending on his friends instead of himself, only for Eggman to cut in and point out that Tails' friends made the problem worse via duplicating the fox again.
    Tails: It wasn't smart of me to think that all I needed were copies of me when what I really needed was my friends.
    Eggman: Actually, you needed me. Your friends just made things worse.
  • Throughout the episode, one of the Tails clones keeps asking Sticks "why", annoying the badger to the point of screaming and tackling him. At the end of the episode, when Tails is one fox again, he innocuously asks why Eggman is mad at him (it's because five of the clones burned through his pudding supply) which leads to Sticks tackling him.


  • This bit of dialogue at the beginning of the episode:
    Eggman: Faster you bumbling bolt buckets! What are you waiting for?
    Cubot: You didn't say the magic word.
  • Orbot and Cubot having to sail a pathetic wood raft back to the Island base after Eggman ditched them and no one else would help. At the end of the episode Amy is forced to do the same.
    • Amy stumbles upon their hitchhiking efforts and tries to ask a passing-through Sonic to help Orbot and Cubot back to the lair using Blue Force One;
    Amy: Sonic, how about giving these guys a lift in Blue Force One?
    Sonic: Yeah, sorry; there's a reason it's called Blue Force One and not Blue Force Three.
    *Sonic takes off at high speed*
  • After Orbot and Cubot finally get tired of Eggman's abuse and go on strike, Eggman orders his other robots (which he built for other reasons) to clean up a mess, which they completely fail at. This causes Eggman to verbally abuse them, leading to them joining the strike. Eventually, it gets to the point that even Eggman's biggest robots are striking against him. The mental image of those robots messing up is funny alone.
    • One particular moment is after Burnbot joins the strike. Orbot and Cubot pull out a pair of horns to blow at Eggman, who is unimpressed. Burnbot pulls out his own and blows out a HUGE torrent of flame (complete with foghorn sound effect), nearly roasting Eggman and sending him scrambling.
  • This exchange:
    Sonic: Mike, are you really working for Eggman? Blink twice if you're in danger.
    (Mike just stares at Sonic, not blinking)
    Sonic: Wow, you really don't blink, do you?
  • When Sonic and Amy decide to rescue the villagers from Eggman:
    Sonic: We gotta stop him. Let's roll! (Cue Batman (1966)-style transition with Sonic's logo)
    (No movement is made as Sonic and Amy awkwardly stare at each other)
    Sonic: So... that way?
    Amy: Uh-hm.

The Evil Dr. Orbot

  • Eggman, among the show's other villains, attempts to start the test that decides whether or not he gets his license to commit evil deeds only to find out that he has no pencils. T.W. Barker offers him a pencil... for $20. Eggman is forced to accept... only for his pencil to immediately snap, at which point Barker once again scams him out of 20 bucks for another pencil.
  • Just the mere fact that instead of banning villainy altogether, the mayor makes it illegal to perform villainous acts...unless you have a permit...
    • Funnier still for Discworld fans, since its similar to how there's a legalized Thieves Guild where official, licensed thieves must produce receipts for their victims.

Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?

  • Knuckles awakens not knowing where he is or who his friends are. Tails is certain he has amnesia. Sonic asks if it's like one of those "hacky sitcoms", and Tails answers with a firm "no"... before suggesting they have Knuckles do something to jog his memory, "like in hacky sitcoms".
  • After remembering he's the Last of His Kind, Knuckles becomes lonely and attempts to find a family. He first tries to do this with a warthog villager, but he shuts the door in his face. The echidna tries two more times at what seem like different houses... until it's revealed he never left.
    Warthog Villager: Maybe you should try a different house. (shuts the door a third time)
    • Next, he tries to be the son to an old lady, but she only wanted a house slave, and after considering Knuckles to be too sassy she forcibly takes Dave. Finally, Knuckles tries being a daughter to Lady Walrus, but he can't pull off a good girly demeanor.
  • Knuckles sitting on Charlie's lap, cue bone breaking noises.
  • After realizing Charlie and Belinda aren't his family, Knuckles says that he now knows who his real family is: Charlie and Belinda.
    Knuckles: ...No, wait, I know this. It's on the tip of my tongue. (sticks his tongue out) What's it say?

Mech Suits Me

  • After Sticks discovers a cave, Amy is skeptical of going in, seeing as the gang had just played a game of Jungle Predator and that's the oldest trick in the book.
    Sonic: I've been meaning to read that book. How is it?
    Amy: Not as bad as the movie. Studios should stop recycling the same tired, old properties and make something original for once.
    (awkward silence, Tails coughs)
  • Eggman referencing Gordon Ramsay.
    Eggman: 250 channels and finally something interesting to watch. Well, aside from that guy who goes to failing restaurants and yells at everybody. Love that guy.
  • Team Sonic enters the cave and— thanks to the illumination abilities Tails added to their outfits (except Sticks', of course)— see Ancient writing on the walls. Amy comes to the conclusion that it's saying for them to go further into the cave. Tails asks if she was able to read the language because of her archaeology skills, but Amy responds that there's just an arrow pointing them that way.
  • The gang finds a metallic hand sticking out of some rubble.
    Knuckles: Looks like this guy could use... a hand. (high-fives the hand)
  • Upon the removal of the rubble, they find a mech suit that looks a lot like a certain someone.
    Sonic: It looks like me. Gotta hand it to those Ancients— they had swag.
  • This exchange when Team Sonic attempts to leave the cave but is blocked by a force-field:
    Eggman: You meddlesome muskrats were so wrapped up in your little spelunking adventure, you didn't even notice my camouflaged Spy Bot was watching you the whole time! (gestures to empty space)
    Knuckles: That's some great camouflage!
    Eggman: (notices where he was gesturing) Oh, wait, it's over here. (gestures in the opposite direction, where the Spy Bot is hiding behind a twig before it waves)
  • When the team (sans Sonic) returns to the cave to figure out what's up with Sonic's more aggressive attitude lately, Amy tells the others not to worry if they don't find anything because they don't have her skills, but Knuckles finds gold doubloons, Sticks finds dinosaur bones, and Tails finds the schematics to Sonic's mech suit; Amy's only response is annoyed grumbling.
  • Tails tells Sonic that his mech suit has a symbiotic relationship with its pilot, leading to his increased aggression, but Sonic assumes his friends just want to take his suit away, ditches them, and comes to Eggman's door to propose a partnership with him. Eggman thinks about it for a minute, leading to an Imagine Spot montage in which he and Sonic do a variety of evil things, which ends with them both as old men with grey mustaches feeding the pigeons. Even the mech suit has a grey mustache.
    Eggman: A partnership sounds great!


  • Sonic hurriedly brings his friends a rare Tomatopotamus 2 cartridge he found at the flea market, and they discuss the series and how it got worse. And no, the show's not done poking fun at its own parent franchise.
    Tails: That's the best one in the entire series! Tomatopotamus never worked in 3D.
    Knuckles: Game companies always ruin their beloved franchises.
    Sonic: They never should've changed the color of Tomatopotamus's legs.
  • Meanwhile, Eggman has built his greatest creation yet— FiendBot— and offers for suggestions from Orbot and Cubot on what Sonic is like so the robot can anticipate his every move.
    Cubot: Sonic is fast! And blue!
    Orbot: He's brash and cocky.
    Eggman: He has rugged good looks! ...I mean, he has red shoes.
  • Next, Eggman is ready to load FiendBot with a video showcase of Sonic's abilities... and gets hung up on pronunciation.
    Eggman: Now to input the video data (day-tuh). Or is it dah-tuh? Dah-tuh... day-tuh... Oh, great! Now neither (nee-ther) of them sounds right. Or is it nye-ther? Ah, well.
  • After seeing Sonic save innocents from dangerous situations, FiendBot has a change of heart and decides Sonic is more of a friend than an enemy, leading to the giant robot attempting to follow Sonic home.
    Sonic: Look, you can't follow me. My friends don't like it when I bring home giant, destructive robots.
  • Sonic is forced to introduce his friends to FiendBot and, despite Tails' warnings about bringing home a robot created by Eggman named as such, renames him FriendBot, forcing Knuckles of all people to make him try to understand.
    Knuckles: Dude, Tails couldn't have been any clearer, and you still missed the point! (Beat) ...Whoa. Is this how you guys feel every time I open my mouth?
    Sonic, Tails, and Amy: (nod their heads) Yeah.
    Knuckles: ...What are you doing with your heads?
  • Realizing he made a mistake in making FiendBot sentient, Eggman creates a mindless energy blaster that is loaded with the same Sonic intel... and Cubot flirts with it.

Og Man Out

  • Eggman, jealous that Charlie and Sonic have mech suits and he doesn't, digs for some, only to be confronted by Team Sonic; he defends himself by saying he's just digging, which Sonic deems "pretty harmless". Of course, being a supervillain, this offends Eggman.
    Eggman: Robots, show them how "harmless" we are!
    (Two Mantis Bots chop off and present nearby flowers)
    Eggman: Brainless robots don't understand my colorful repartee. I meant "ATTACK!"
  • In a flashback showing why Og chose to escape from the other Froglodytes, one scene where the Froglodytes are being served cafeteria slop has him ask for a vegan option.
    (the scene freezes; Sonic and Og, overlaid on the picture, walk onscreen)
    Sonic: Wait, you're vegan? Then why'd you eat all those Meh Burgers?
    Og: Oh, man, there's no meat in those things— just shredded newspapers and library paste.
    (they walk offscreen; the scene resumes to show flashback Og getting served the slop anyway)
  • Knuckles is punching a tree to get coconuts when Tails shoves responsibility of Og onto him. Og believes he shouldn't be so rough on the tree and that he should just wait for Mother Nature to supply him with what he needs. As Og rests, Knuckles waits a full day for something to happen and is frustrated that he did, dragging Og off by the arm to Sticks' Burrow... and failing to notice the falling coconuts as a result.
  • When the Froglodytes surface, Amy walks onto the scene and calls Sonic on her Communicator, angrily asking him how he could allow Og to do this. Sonic's rebuttal is that he brought him to Tails, who replies that he brought Og to Knuckles, who mentions he brought Og to Sticks' Burrow— the same place where the door to the Froglodyte caves are that they nearly escaped from last time.
    Sonic, Tails, and Amy: YOU DID WHAT?!
    Knuckles: (with phony accent) Uh, you dial-a wrong number?

Knine-to-Five Knuckles

  • Despite having been denied the opportunity to give away TVs, Comedy Chimp still hid a surprise under one of his audience members' seats. Knuckles searches under his seat and ends up finding a lamp (which he initially believes is a decoy for the real prize); Comedy Chimp is surprised at this and seemingly jokes that his ex-wife's lawyer must have taken some of the budget. The audience laughs, but Comedy Chimp mutters that that wasn't a joke.
  • Knuckles decides to have a lamp party to celebrate, but Sonic says he's exhausted and decides to head home. The others agree, with Sticks adding that she hasn't slept in 28 days.
  • At first, Knuckles acts like he's wise to Barker, but then:
    Knuckles: What do you think, I was born yesterday? (beat) If so, then this is an awesome belated birthday present!
  • T.W. Barker dupes Knuckles into living in a house that he forces him to pay for:
    T.W. Barker: You like nature, right?
    Knuckles: That's what it says in my character description.
    • The fourth wall throttling continues when Knuckles misses out on a huge battle between Eggman and the rest of Team Sonic, with Tails adding it had the perfect mix of new minions and old favorites.
      Sticks: Easily the most action-packed battle we've ever had! (turns to the viewer) ...And ya missed it. That's what ya get for followin' Knuckles around!
      • Knuckles then states that anyone who wants to watch him working over Team Sonic fighting is free to follow him, and the scene immediately cuts to him working.
    • T.W. Barker confronts Knuckles to take his hard-earned money from him, and the fourth wall is mercilessly struck down a third time.
      T.W. Barker: You've come up a little short.
      Knuckles: That's not what the fans say.
  • As Dave reads a Welcome New Employees speech to Knuckles, he comes across "the customer is always right" and thinks it must be a typo.
  • Knuckles desperately trying to work at Meh Burger, have a sit down meal with the workers from his other job, and fight Eggman with his friends all at the same time. Naturally he starts getting things mixed up.
  • Amy reviews T.W. Barker's terms to which Knuckles agreed so he could have a house and notes that the terms are nonsensical... and then rattles off a bunch of nonsensical words before stating that the agreement is unfair to Knuckles.


  • When Sticks theorizes that Eggman is behind the village's sudden blackout, Sonic agrees with her, which he admits isn't a comforting feeling. Later, he ends up agreeing with her again when she says that Mayor Fink is lying to Team Sonic about the nature of the blackout and asks if he should see a doctor.
  • The team heads to Eggman's lair, knocking down the door.
    Eggman: Hey! I have a doorbell for a reason, you know!
    Sonic: The power's out.
    Eggman: In that case, just smash away.
    • Eggman denies his involvement in the outage, saying that he needs power to operate his robots. Despite this, Orbot and Cubot are still online thanks to their long-lasting batteries; Eggman jokes at their expense that it's only because of their limited brainpower, laughs, and holds his hand up for a high-five, which Team Sonic denies.
      Eggman: Oh, so you'll leave a dude hanging, but you call me the villain?
      Tails: Eggman makes a good point.
      Knuckles: Fine. (walks up and high-fives Eggman)
    • It's not until a few seconds later that Cubot gets the joke Eggman made.
      Eggman: At this rate, those batteries will last another decade.
  • Team Sonic heads out to the place marked on the map Mayor Fink gave them to get another crystal to power the village, with Tails writing a letter to Zooey as they set out (part of which is about how, for the first time in his life, he considered wearing pants because it was so cold out). Later, when Sonic attempts to knock down the temple doors, he only ends up covering them all in snow, ruining Tails' letter. Despite that, he decides to start over.
  • Team Sonic encounters a Stone Guardian inside; he tells them that in order to get to the replacement crystal, they must answer three riddles and overcome three obstacles (while also telling them that the riddle outside does not count). Amy accepts his challenge for the others, and the Guardian's response... isn't what one would expect.
    Stone Guardian: Cool! See ya! (poofs away)
  • As Team Sonic is told their riddles by each guardian, Sticks nonchalantly passes judgement on their rhyming and meter after each riddle.
  • While Team Sonic tries to solve their first riddle, the room fills with gas. Sonic only has this to say:
    Sonic: When he [the first Stone Guardian] said "obstacles", I was kinda hoping for Bounce Pads*, not poisonous gas!
  • Knuckles, of all people, managing to correctly guess the answers to all the riddles through sheer dumb luck!
  • The gang returns victorious to the village, only for a riot to have started in their absence.
    Ice Cream Vendor: Stay back! Stay back or I'll tip this thing and it'll explode!

Unnamed Episode

  • Amy tries to get everyone to go to the library to find out the Village's actual name, but no one wants to go. Tails opts to use the internet, but Amy makes one last attempt; however, in the time it takes her, Tails has already found the name, leaving her annoyed.
    • Later, when Eggman takes over and attempts to demolish the Village to make room for his theme park, Amy once again tries to convince her teammates to go to the library, only to be met with casual whistling. Getting the hint, Amy leaves by herself... and the boys breathe a sigh of relief.
    • Yet again, near the end of the episode, Amy removes Eggman from power by proving that Sticks is the Village's legal owner and tells them the villagers' votes were meaningless, and the villagers boo. But Sticks tells them she's giving the power back to them, which prompts them to cheer. But when Amy thanks the library for making this possible... the villagers boo again.
  • Having secretly duped the villagers into voting him ruler of the Village, Eggman's first act... is to get the garbage man to finally take out his lair's trash in an orderly manner.
  • Amy reading through several books at the library to attempt to remove Eggman from power is played off as though it's the most high-stakes thing ever (and it kind of is), despite being somewhat boring. She does, however, take a break for lunch (and briefly falls asleep).
  • Upon Amy telling her she owns the Village, Sticks is overjoyed, even over owning several things that her paranoia convinces her are real, like tree antennas and pod people factories.
    Amy: If any of those things existed, you'd own 'em.

Robot Employees

  • Dave competes against the robot employees in order to keep his job; one of the events is mopping, something that Dave handles fairly well.
    Dave: Mustard? Easy! Mysterious chunky orange goo? Piece of cake! Piece of cake? That's a toughie...
  • Eggman traps 4/5ths of Team Sonic and the villagers at Meh Burger in a forcefield as revenge for his poor service there. Tails calls Sticks and tells her she was right about the robot employees, at which point she dances to celebrate being proven right.
    Tails: You're doing an "I told you so" dance, aren't you?
    Sticks: Maybe.
  • By the time Sticks gets to Meh Burger, she finds that it's been launched into the air by Eggman.
    Sticks: This is no good. The key to a successful restaurant is location, location, location!
  • Sticks gets Dave to pilot Tails' Plane and get her close to Meh Burger. As they get there, the two don their spacesuit helmets... but Dave is still flying the plane, so letting go of the controls naturally sends it into a nosedive.
    Sticks: Keep your mitts on the wheel!
    Dave: Don't tell me what to do! You're not my mom's boyfriend!
  • Sticks is too far away to take out the thrusters.
    Sticks: Dave, we need to get closer!
    Dave: Oh, that's really very nice of you, but I'm kind of a loner.
    (Sticks looks at Dave funny)
    Dave: Oh, you mean the plane! Right!
  • When Tails informs everyone that the remaining thrusters are about to seize, thus sending Meh Burger and everyone on it plunging to the ground, Sonic tells everyone to grab tablecloths they can use as parachutes; however, Lady Walrus complains about hers having a mustard stain on it, and Lady Goat tells him that hers has a hole in it... one that she had just made by chewing through the tablecloth seconds earlier, being a goat. Needless to say, this leads to a groan and a facepalm from the Blue Blur.
  • At the end of the episode, only one of Eggman's robot employees is operational, thanks to Tails reprogramming it; said robot employee serves Eggman a salad, and when Eggman complains that he ordered a chili dog, it makes a remark similar to one Dave would make.
    Robot Employee: I'm on my break.

Give Bees a Chance

  • Sonic calls on Tails to fly over in his plane and save him from a hard landing. Tails responds with "Roger", and Knuckles asks who Roger is; Sonic responds with "He's talking to me." Even better, Roger Craig Smith briefly slips into his normal voice for that line alone before reverting back to his Sonic voice!
    • The entire scene is funny. Sonic falls for half a minute, allowing him to get involved in a four-way conversation over the comlink. He doesn't panic 'til Amy uses the word "relationship."
  • When Mr. Slate refuses to keep the Fregosi Sapphire for insurance reasons, Knuckles offers to keep it for him.
  • During a montage where Amy is attempting to teach Bea tricks, she tells her new Bee Bot friend to play dead... and Bea self-destructs.
    Amy: (horrified) NOOO!
  • After Eggman takes Bea back, Amy is heartbroken which the group tries to cheer her up.
    • Knuckles puts a party hat on her as he can't stand to see her so sad.
    • The group then tries to make cupcakes for Amy. Cue Smash Cut to Amy's kitchen being a mess and that they left the cupcakes in the oven for 3 hours. After checking on them, the group freaks out when the cupcakes are on fire while Amy calmly puts out the fire.
    • Tails then gives Amy one of scrapbooks only for it to be one filled with Bea.
    • Sonic then suggests they talk their feelings to his obvious discomfort. When Amy reveals that she plans of talking for a while, the team quickly run to stop Eggman's attack when the alert comes.
  • When attacked by a swarm of Bee-bots, Sonic comments that he can't tell which is Bea because "they all look alike." Knuckles chides: "Not cool, Sonic."


  • Eggman is about to test his latest invention.
    Eggman: I've done what no other scientist has ever been able to do.
    Cubot: Prove climate change is real?
  • Attempting to cheer Eggman up after his science fair failure (because he was too tall), Orbot and Cubot have him buy a Meh Meal for the toy inside, which turns out to be a Councilman McMeh toy. Eggman, enraged at the toy, asks how kids can relate to a bean-counting bureaucrat character... and in the background, Mayor Fink, having heard that comment, quickly backs offscreen.
  • The second scene with Beth the Shrew in Tails' workshop.
    Tails: I have to go battle Eggman. You better stay here where it's completely safe.
    (A wide shot reveals a rusty chainsaw hanging from a rustier chain directly above Beth)
    Tails: On second thought, you better come with me.
  • Beth takes an interest in Knuckles' strength and asks how he got so strong.
    Knuckles: Upper-body workouts. Exclusively.
  • Knuckles hits a coconut through a cloud in what was supposed to be a science lesson.
    Knuckles: I hit the sky-fluff! I'm science!
  • Sonic is happy to get a new scarf knitted by Mombot, hoping the fans will like it better than his old one*.
  • Mombot invites Sonic, Amy and Sticks to Eggman's lair for dinner, where she asks if there's something going on between Sonic and Amy, to their discomfort.
    • Eggman tries to destroy Sonic, Amy and Sticks with a group of Mantis Bots when Mombot's back is turned, but she quickly notices and scolds him, as he literally built eyes in the back of her head. When she grounds him as a result, he points out the odd family dynamics of being both her son and her creator, A.K.A. her father.


  • Tails' mountaintop monologue after he sees Muckfoot:
    Tails: Muckfoot is real? I shoulda known he'd pop up when Sticks delivered that exposition! This is a major breakthrough! It's the missing link between animal and anthropomorphic animal!
  • As he attempts to get pictures of Muckfoot in the jungle, Tails is scared half to death upon seeing Eggman in clown makeup, the image of which is funny in and of itself.
    Tails: Eggman, why are you wearing clown makeup?
    Eggman: Why are you wearing clown makeup?! (runs away)
    • Later, while investigating if Knuckles is really Muckfoot, Tails and Sticks run into Eggman, again roaming the jungle in clown makeup.
      Eggman: This is the busiest secluded jungle ever.
    • Later still, when it's revealed Eggman teamed up with T.W. Barker, he mentions that it was a childhood dream of his to join the circus. Tails says that that would explain the clown makeup, but Eggman states the two are totally unrelated. To add to this, the real reason for the makeup is never explained.
      • Soon after, we get the glorious sight of Eggman using a seltzer bottle to spray Sonic into a tree.

Nominatus Rising

  • Tails shows his friends an upgrade to his Build-it Box that allows him to bring digital characters into the real world. In response, Sonic says that there's "a princess in a certain castle [he'd] like to meet"; Amy's own response to this, of course, is a furious growl.
  • Nominatus and his minions are finally able to cross over to the real world using Tails' Build-it Box. The downside? They're only a few inches tall because of a file-size throttle Tails put on the machine.
    Nominatus: NOOOOOOOOO!
  • When Nominatus is able to fix their sizes, the Retro states that they look different and wonders if he has been working out.
  • Upon Tails noticing that something's gone wrong with his Build-it Box, he and the others run back to his workshop to find it and Tails' laptop gone.
    Tails: Something fishy's going on.
    Knuckles: Alright, I admit it— I placed a dozen sea bass under your floorboards. Wondered how long it would take you to notice.note 
    • Shortly after, Tails reviews the security cam footage, which not only shows Knuckles placing another sea bass among the others in the floorboards as he said, but Eggman sneaking in and playing a juvenile prank on Tails by rubbing his wrench-shaped mouse under his armpit. The latter initially grosses Tails out, but he shrugs it off.
  • When Nominatus introduces himself as a "viral sensation" to Sonic, Amy, and Sticks, Amy wonders if he means a cute sneezing panda video while Sonic wonders if he means all the weird photos of him on the web*.

Eggman's Brother

  • When Eggman's long-lost lookalike brother, Steve, shows up, Cubot... doesn't initially take it well.
    Cubot: (holding a laser gun) There's two of 'em! Which one do I shoot?
  • Eggman reasoning that either Steve isn't really his brother and he's dangerous, or Steve is his brother, which means he has even less of a reason to trust him, and so he kicks him out.
  • Sonic later witnesses a confrontation between Steve and Eggman, which quickly devolves into a Wimp Fight.
    • Made even funnier by Dr. Eggman being... Dr. Eggman
    Dr. Eggman: (In an incredibly whiny voice) STOOOP IIIIT! YOU'RE RUINING MY LIIIIIFE!
  • When the group goes to save the Gogobas from a river of lava, Sticks says what we're all thinking when they start their trademark passive-aggressive guilt tripping.
    Sticks: Can we just leave them?
  • Steve eventually reveals to Eggman that he's actually a shapeshifting robot named Morpho, and he came from another dimension because his own dimension was destroyed by his creator. Eggman quickly mocks said creator for their actions, but then Morpho says that he was created by his dimension's Eggman, and our Eggman turns his insult into a compliment.
    • Morpho also has to make it completely clear afterwards that he is in no way, shape, or form Eggman's brother. At all.

Do Not Disturb

  • The words Sonic spills from his dream at the start of the episode makes you wonder how the fourth wall is still standing.
    Sonic: No! Stop! You're pure evil! Why are you coloring my arms?
  • When the group is at Mehburger, Dave the intern calls Sonic's order in an interesting way.
    Dave the Intern: Order up for ..... Sanic?
  • Tails, sick of living with Sonic because a Widabit took over his shack and the law prevents him from kicking it out, creates an invention to call a male Widabit. When the female Widabit rejects the male Sonic, Tails and Amy set up Sonic's house to look like a restaurant to create the "right mood" as Sonic puts it as the three of them dress like waiters.
  • After setting up the invention, it makes a horrific growl sound.
    Sonic: Sounds like Eggman after Meh Burger's all-you-can-eat promotion.
  • After the earlier plan failed Amy tells Sonic and Tails to stop arguing whose at fault for the failure as it's scaring the widabit. She then has this gem to say.
    Amy: Keep it down! You're upsetting this rare, delicate creature. Now let's give him a good shove.
    • The quibbling between Sonic and Tails is pretty funny by itself.
    Tails: If you had just used scented candles like I said...!
    Sonic: They were scented! The package said "fresh air"!
    Tails: That's not a scent! What are you, some kinda rube, Sonic?
    Sonic: Don't blame the candles! We should be talkin' about the real issue; your substandard violin playing!
    Sonic: Oh, are you happy now, Tails? We just lost our bachelor!
    Tails: How can I be happy? Until we get rid of that thing, I'm stuck with you trashing my place and watching The Real Housewives of Gogoba Village!
    Sonic: Oh, oh, you think living with you is a picnic? Ever look up "neat freak" in the dictionary? Because if you did, you'd find a series of words that describe what a neat freak is, which also describe you!
  • Turns out Tails' invention worked too well and called a huge bunch. Fastidious Beaver tells them that if there are 50 they can move the animals. To Sonic's annoyance he just counted 49. Knuckles tried to cheer Sonic up by saying it's higher than he can count.
  • As the group walk to find one more widabit, both Sonic and Tails whine about living with the other.
    • Sonic whines about Tails' having a chore board and then reveals that Tails doesn't assign any chores to him but it's ugly.
    • Tails whines about how messy Sonic is to Knuckles.
    Tails: Sonic is driving me bonkers. He can't even tell the difference between a stationary laser reflector and a multifaceted laser reflector.
    Knuckles: (Laughs) Yeah. Words.
  • After the group finds the female widabit a mate, Sonic and Tails hear they can't move the widabits as along as the courting ritual is going on which is a week. Knuckles then reveals that he's been living under Tails' porch. When Tails tells him off, Knuckles takes that as an invitation to live in his house meaning all three of them will be rooming together.

    Season 2 Part 2 

Robots from the Sky: Part One

  • Team Sonic opens the episode washing cars in order to raise money for a new daycare center. The Old Monkey asks what's wrong with the old daycare center. A quick pan over reveals that the old center is nothing more than a rusted cage with barbed wire, with the Walrus Baby making a fuss inside.
    Amy: It could stand to be updated.
  • Mighton and Bolts tell Eggman about the city in the clouds they come from, which is entirely populated by sentient robots that treat one another with respect. The name of this fantastical place? Morristown. Orbot and Cubot suggest better names, but Cubot's might sound familiar...
    Orbot: You didn't name it Robot-topia?
    Cubot: Or Sky Sanctuary?
    Bolts: Those are way better names! Wish we had you guys up there while we were brainstorming.
    • This happens again when Mighton announces the name of Morristown to Team Sonic, at which point they too suggest better names, like Automatopolis or Nimbusville.
      Bolts: The people on this planet are way better at naming things than us. What's your city called?
      Knuckles: Well, up until recently, it was Unnamed Village, but now we call it "Hedgehog Village".
      Bolts: ...Forget I said anything.
  • As Team Sonic goes out to investigate the crash site of Mighton and Bolts' ship, they discuss what they should do about them. Amy wants everyone to settle things peacefully, and Sticks... plots to take advantage of said peace to hit them both with a brick.
    • At the end of the episode, as Mighton expresses his happiness that there is now peace between them and Team Sonic, Sticks appears behind him, brick in hand and ready to strike. Sonic silently tells her not to go through with it, at which point Sticks drops the brick while whistling casually and smiling. Certainly, a Brick Joke in more ways than one.
  • The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Tails getting hit by a laser in the middle of a sudden ambush on Team Sonic. Cue Fade to Black as his concerned friends surround him...
    Knuckles: Aw, man, a cliffhanger? I hate those.

Robots from the Sky: Part Two

  • It turns out Team Sonic's ambushers are the Cubot prototypes; they easily defeat them by pressing the self-destruct buttons on their heads.
    Sticks: I'm worried, Tails.
    Tails: It's OK, Sticks— I'll rebuild them and they'll be good as new.
    Sticks: That's what I was worried about.
  • After Tails rebuilds the Cubot prototypes in his workshop, they are immediately infected yet again, and Sonic and Tails are forced to leave and help the rest of the team deal with a massive robot attack, ordering a passing Leroy to keep an eye on the locked-in Cubot prototypes while they're away. After they leave, the Cubot prototypes immediately break out... and Leroy keeps on driving.
    Leroy: Eh, not my problem.
  • Soar reports on the robot rampage, coming across Mrs. Vandersnout attempting to reclaim her purse from a Crab Bot; he continues reporting, scolding society for not lending a helping hand in this scenario... while at the same time not helping Mrs. Vandersnout with her problem, even as she asks for help.
    Soar: Tsk, tsk, society. Shame on you.
  • Sonic and Tails head for Morristown in Tails' Plane, and Sonic lodges a complaint with Tails about a lack of in-flight entertainment, like movies or peanuts; Tails explains that it's how they keep their prices so low.
    Sonic: That's a load of baloney, and you know it!
  • As he unbuckles his seat belt to jump from Tails' Plane and spin attack one of Morristown's sentries, Boom's incarnation of Sonic becomes the latest to carry on a cartoon Sonic tradition.
  • Tails lands his plane after shooting down one of Morristown's sentries; upon Sonic's questioning this, he justifies it by saying that the plane will never make it through if there are more of them.
    Tails: Time for plan C.
    Sonic: What happened to plan B?
    Tails: Where are we gonna find bowling shoes filled with pudding on such short notice? (runs for the downed sentry ship)
    Sonic: Tails, wait! You're being irresponsible and totally reckless!
    Tails: And?
    Sonic: And wait for me! (joins Tails inside the ship)
  • After FriendBot arrives, only to also be infected and attack Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks, Amy hopes that wherever Sonic is, he's kicking butt... and the scene immediately cuts to Sonic messing around with his seat in the ship he and Tails commandeered while Tails works on getting it airborne.
    Sonic: Elevator up! Elevator down!
  • Knuckles strikes again after another Fade to Black when Sonic and Tails enter Morristown only to find it's far from the utopia Mighton and Bolts described:

Robots from the Sky: Part Three

  • Og returns to help Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks deal with the robot attack in the village, letting loose a great one-liner as he does.
    Og: Normally, I'm a pacifist, but today, I'll be passin' fists.
  • During his speech about how he survived his apparent destruction, came to be sentient, and took over all robots, Hypno-bot states how one would really think the robots living in Morristown would name it something better, like Sky-tropolis.
  • Sonic is not happy with Hypno-bot's plans to take over the world and destroy organic life by taking control of every robot, calling them "not cool".
    Hypno-bot: I lost all hope of being "cool" the day Tails built me in his image.
    Tails: Aw...
  • Among the scenes of the robots being freed from Hypno-bot's control and retreating, we see Cubot and Orbot carrying a trashcan and laughing evilly. The tone indicating they've been freed plays, they look at each other for a second, and then they continue laughing evilly.
  • After the climactic battle of the episode, Sonic is getting his injured leg braced in the lead-lined bunker.
    Sonic: Don't you know how to treat injuries to non-robots?
    Bolts: No, but I have duct tape. Duct tape fixes everything.
    Sonic: (winces as his injured leg continues to be wrapped up)
    Mighton: Pah! You think that's bad? I once did a stint in Guatamañana— woke up one morning to find the whole platoon decapitated! Of course, they were robots, so I just simply screwed 'em back on, but still...

Robots from the Sky: Part Four

  • Mighton and Bolts join the long list of characters that ask if something is going on between Amy and Sonic.
    Amy: (through Sonic's communicator) Sonic, when are you coming back?
    Sonic: Wh-hat? No.
    Bolts: Oh, I get it, she wears the pants in the relationship.
    Sonic: Nobody wears pants! Nobody. (to Amy) Hey, Ames, I think I'm gonna hang back in M-town, see the sights with my bros...
    Amy: No problem, but don't forget we have that--
    (Sonic has a horrified expression for a second and frantically turns off the communicator with a forced smile on his face; everybody stares at him)
    • Even better? Tails reacts to the above exchange by giving Sonic an ¬‿¬ the whole time and raises an eyebrow when Sonic turns out the communicator.
  • Eggman and Hypno-bot immediately take a liking to each other over their mutual hatred of Sonic and Tails.
    Eggman: Did we just become besties?
  • Knuckles and Cyborg Knuckles run on Mega Bot's treads as though they were treadmills in order to defeat it.
    Knuckles: Who says I skip leg day?

Flea-ing from Trouble

  • Tails inspects one of the Flea Bots and realizes their mechanical nature, and Sonic decides to use brute force and punches Knuckles in the stomach in an attempt to smash the robots as they usually do. Knuckles "retaliates" by smacking Sonic with a log, and this quickly escalates to all of Team Sonic getting into a Big Ball of Violence to destroy their Flea Bots as each of them apologizes for inadvertently hitting each other in the process.
  • Afterwards, Tails further inspects two Flea Bots they knocked off in the process and tells the others they're remote-controlled. Sonic has a good hunch about who has the remote, and the team... busts into a random sheep villager's house demanding the controller, scaring the poor guy out of his wits.
    Sonic: ...Now that I think about it, it's probably at Eggman's.

Lightning Bowler Society

  • During the montage of Team Sonic (or the PinDashers) being destroyed by the Lightning Bolts at bowling, Sticks tries and fails to get a strike; this causes the badger to snap and tackle the pins she missed.
  • After he and his team lose horribly, Sonic becomes a little too obsessed with the rematch to the point that even Sticks thinks he's gone crazy. This, of course, culminates at the end of the episode when the Lightning Bolts decide to return to villainy because bowling ruined their friendship, prompting Sonic to scare them off.
    Sonic: I may not have beaten them at bowling, but on the battlefield, I win every time also I-TOTALLY-WOULD-HAVE-BEATEN-THEM-AT-BOWLING! (makes crazy face)

Planes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles

  • Amy and Sticks wish the guys well as they leave for their Dude-itude concert on the other side of the island.
    Amy: Have fun! Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do.
    Sonic: But you just said "have fun".
    Amy: (annoyed growl)
  • Sonic gets stir-crazy during their road trip and insists that he drive. Naturally, he gets pulled over for speeding...
    Sonic: Not another speeding ticket! I'll fight it in court, but I don't think they're gonna accept "gotta go fast" as a medical condition.
  • While Sonic and Tails are asleep, Knuckles picks up a shady drifter because he needed company.
    Sonic: Knuckles, what is this, uh, fine gentleman doing in our van?
    Knuckles: You guys were asleep and I needed company. Thankfully, this drifter looked like he needed company, too.
    Tails: So, uh...guy, what are you doing out in these parts?
    Drifter: Heh. Biding my time.
  • After all the detours the guys had throughout their journey, you'd expect them to show up late for the concert, right? Well, instead, it turns out they're a month early to the concert; Tails sheepishly admits that he was so excited about landing their gig, he forgot to check the date. Sonic is already peeved that their turbulent journey has been for naught... but then, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Tails points out another tourist stop— a source of annoyance for the impatient Sonic in particular throughout, since they constantly stopped at the things due to a tourist-stop-fascinated Tails being the one at the wheel. Therefore, the hedgehog outright snaps at the mention, and the episode ends on a freeze-frame of Knuckles having to hold him back as Tails runs away in fright to avoid his livid best friend's attempt at retribution.

Sticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation

  • Amy and Sticks want the weekend off while Sonic and the guys are away for their concert, so they decide to keep Eggman away by nailing a Sonic doll to a post.
    Amy: Lucky for us, I just happen to own this homemade Sonic doll... which I keep around for totally legitimate, definitely non-creepy reasons.
    • Eggman somehow buys it and spends half the episode at war with the doll.
      • Eggman tasks both Cubot and Orbot to create a distraction which results in the both of them independently pretending to be Tails with a bad mask as they dance; Cubot forgets Tails' name and Orbot's distraction involves hamboning.
      • After Eggman destroys the doll, he celebrates by pulling out a dusty piece of paper and reading the speech he wrote for the occasion that he finally beat Sonic. He realizes how long ago this was when the speech mentions himself having a full head of hair.
  • Sticks encourages a reluctant Amy to try out mud throwing, but as soon as some of the mud drips onto her outfit, she screams in horror and then dismisses it as not being her cup of tea.
    Amy: Thankfully, I know something that is my cup of tea... (cut to her and Sticks in her house later, holding teacups) ...a cup of tea!
    Sticks: Why did you just say that?
    Amy: Remember before, I said, "I know something that is my cup of tea"? I was just finishing the thought.
    Sticks: But you said that, like, an hour ago.
    Amy: Yeah, but imagine if you were an outside observer just watching pieces of the conversation.
    Sticks: You see them, too?! (turns to shoot an angry glare at the audience)
  • The girls' time at the spa has small and subtle funny moments: Sticks eats her face cucumbers in her mud bath while Amy has a manicure with her gloves on.
  • When Sticks throws fake nails at him, Eggman dodges them on Bullet Time... then cracks his back when he tries to stand up.
  • After Amy and Sticks defeat Eggman and his badnik army, Belinda uses Charlie's mech suit to freeze the citizens of Hedgehog Village. She zaps the Male Fennec for being too snarky, Fastidious Beaver for his grammar corrections ("I know I can't be the only one who's sick of him."), and Lady Goat because she doesn't like her looks.
  • At the end of the episode, Eggman takes the Sonic doll with him for "research".

Inn Sanity

  • While Team Sonic is yet in another fight with Eggman, Sonic contacts Tails who is flying his plane with the Unbolterizer attached to it.
    Sonic: [Presses his Communicator] Hey, Tails. How's operation "make a big robot mess" coming along?
    Tails: Not as well as operation "come up with better names for operations".
  • Sick of his trash not being taken out, Eggman decides to do the deed himself. With an RPG. At close range. Fortunately, Orbot stops him before he can blow them all sky-high.
  • When Eggman gets his trash collected by the government...
    Dr. Eggman: Eggman: One. Trash: Zero. [blows a party kazoo triumphantly.]
    Trash Worker: [walks to Eggman, holding the bill.] Would you care to pay the fee now or by mail?
    [Eggman snatches the bill and reads it.]
    Dr. Eggman: Let me see that. [Crumples up the bill] This is highway robbery! Now I regret blowing the kazoo.
  • When Orbot & Cubot start advertising the hotel...with birds.
    Cubot: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up to see exotic birds designed to lure you into a sales pitch!
    Orbot: Cubot, you're not supposed to tell them that!
    Cubot: Oh, right. I forgot. Attention, everyone! There are no birds!
    Orbot: [Facepalm]
  • Sonic and his friends are relaxing at Eggman’s hotel, and then they begin to test the doctor to know for sure this isn’t some sort of evil scheme, but in a hilariously, aggravating way.
    Sonic: Oh Egghead!
    Eggman: Hmm?
    Sonic: [fake posh accent] Bring me a calugie jookie!
    [Eggman grumpily brings a glass of juice beside Sonic.]
    Sonic: [normal voice] Where's the umbrella, and pineapple wedge?
    [Annoyed, Eggman takes the drink away, adds the umbrella and pineapple wedge and gives it back to Sonic.]
    Tails: And I need like, ten of those free notepads. I'm making a 3D paper model of a train.
    Dr. Eggman: [angrily] That's NOT what those are for!
  • Eggman as he loses patience with his hotel guests.
    Wild Cat: I'm staying here for a week, but I fear commitment. Can I have a different room every night?
    Dr. Eggman: A different room every night? [Bangs his fist on the desk] Are you out of your mind?! [Points to the exit] GET OUT OF MY HOTEL!
    [Wild Cat sadly walks away]
    Orbot: If you want to raise the money, you have to be nice to the guests.
    Dr. Eggman: [threatengly] I'll be nice to you! [calmly] Oh, oh, wait, fine. I'll do it your way.
    Fastidious Beaver: [angrily walking up] My television remote is filthy!
    Eggman: Maybe YOU'RE what's filthy! (Points to the exit) GET OUT OF MY HOTEL!
    [Fastidious walks away]
    Orbot: Much better, sir.
  • The Fourth Wall continues to take a beating.
    • When Orbot makes a suggestion while Eggman is desperately searching for money in his lair.
      Orbot: [speaking to Dr. Eggman] Might I suggest selling your doomsday device? You haven't used it since the beginning of Season one.
    • After Sonic hears about Eggman turning his lair into a resort hotel.
      Sonic: Sounds like the writers are just phoning it in.

Mister Eggman

  • What happens when a mad genius scientist with a doctorate in evil is revealed to be a fraud thanks to falling a couple of credits short of graduating? The villagers absolutely must spread the word. In song. To the tune of "Telephone Hour" from Bye Bye Birdie.
    Eggman: Why do you all look like you just finished a musical number?
  • Eggman attempts to steal a rubber gasket for a class project and is confronted by Team Sonic, who play Monkey in the Middle with it and him.
    Sonic: Can we go back to drag racing? Collecting rings is boring.
    • Sonic starts off the confrontation already extremely uninvested in the stakes:
      Sonic: (bored) Come on, gang. We have to stop Eggman from... doing his homework or something, I don't care.
  • Eggman is completely traumatized by his failure to obtain the gasket that his nightmares shape into a certain cereal commercial, with him being the unfortunate rabbit and Sonic standing in for the ever so cruel kids.
    Sonic: Silly Eggman, rings are for hedgehogs!
  • Kingsford calls Eggman a goat as an insult and all the other villains start laughing at him...except for Belinda the goat, who looks very annoyed.

The Haunted Lair

  • Sonic is abruptly awakened from a nap in his shack by construction noises.
    Sonic: It's 2:30 in the afternoon! People are trying to sleep!
    • Investigating this, Sonic finds Eggman building a crude recreation of his lair on the beach, having sold his actual lair, believing it to be haunted, to Barker.
      Eggman: Looks like we're gonna be beach buddies!
      Sonic: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (camera zooms out to show the entire island as he screams)
  • Sonic's investigation into the second time Eggman sees a ghost.
    Sonic: That? That's just smoke and mirrors.
    Eggman: Are you sure?
    Sonic: Well yeah. There's the smoke. There's the mirrors....and there's the holographic projector.

Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom

  • Eggman watches Sonic defeats Charlie in the opening scene and he is not pleased.
    Eggman: They call Sonic a hero because he can beat that guy?! I could beat that nitwit with just one-third of my robot army! But would anyone call me a hero? Nnnoooooooo. What I need is my own mech suit to show these plebeians how fragile their meaningless existence is...
    Sonic: Dude... dark...
    Eggman: (smiling sheepishly and gives a nervous laugh) Oh, sorry! I haven't had my morning coffee yet! I always get so cranky-wanky!
  • Eggman becomes depressed upon realizing the new mech suit he built drains through conventional power sources too quickly and sits glumly at Meh Burger. At a nearby table, Sonic, Tails, and Amy notice this, and Amy leaves to talk to him.
    Tails: Our dynamic with Eggman is very confusing.
    Sonic: Really? 'Cause as far as I know, this is how grown men and tween animal people always interact.
  • The Gogobas are commanded by the Froglodytes to mine for the Tummel Crystal, then this happens.
    Gogoba 1: [Exhausted] This hammer is so heavy.
    Taskmaster: That's why YOU’RE doing it and not ME!
    Gogoba 1: And the rocks are so hard to break.
    Taskmaster: Of course they're hard to break! They're ROCKS!
    Gogoba 2: Can I ask a question?
    Taskmaster: NO!
    Gogoba 2: How was I supposed to know?
    Taskmaster: THAT’S a question! You're the worst servants! GUARDS, SEIZE THEM!
    Froglodyte Guard: Uh... Both of them?
    Taskmaster: [louder] YES! BOTH OF THEM!!
    Gogoba 2: I just wanted to know if we're supposed to fill out time cards?
    Taskmaster: TIME CARDS?!!? What part of ETERNAL SERVITUDE don't you understand?!
    [Eggman arrives in a cape and hat.]
    Dr. Eggman: So. How's that mining going?
    Taskmaster: These gogobas can't do anything.
    Dr. Eggman: Well, someone's gotta dig up my Tummel Crystal, and it's either gonna be them, or YOU.
    Taskmaster: Very well. [Angry voice] Back to work!
    Gogoba 1: But we're on break.
    Taskmaster: BREAK?!!!?
  • While attempting to free the Gogobas from enslavement by the Froglodytes, who Eggman has convinced to help him find a powerful crystal for his mech suit, Sonic, Tails, and Amy get snagged in a net. Eggman chimes in with this familiar line:
    Eggman: Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog. Snooping as usual, I see? Seize them!!
  • After a fierce fight between Sonic and Eggman, each in Mech Suits, Sonic, Tails, and Amy return victorious to Gogoba Village with the formerly enslaved Gogobas in tow. The episode starts to fade to black, but then...
    Tails: Wait! We forgot to end on a joke!
    (as if by divine intervention, three cream pies fall from the sky and hit Tails on the head, with everyone else laughing at his misfortune)

Eggman's Anti-Gravity Ray

  • Amy has the opportunity to take a penalty kick during a soccer match she and the rest of Team Sonic are having and begins narrating about herself in third-person as a young woman proving that females are just as good at being athletes as males. Turns out Knuckles, of all people, has something to say about that.
    Knuckles: You know, Amy, any time someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.
    (the others simply stare wide-eyed at him, shocked silent by his unexpectedly insightful comment)
    Knuckles: What? Just because I'm a meathead doesn't mean I'm not a feminist.
    • Sticks immediately afterwards:
    Sticks: While I'm loathe to call a halt to this very important dialogue, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out: ALIENS ARE ABDUCTING OUR TOWELS!
  • One of the objects hit by the anti-gravity is a cannon. Sonic's response?
    Sonic: Oh no, now it's affecting cannon!
  • When Cubot, enlightened to the idea of no gravity (when in reality, he got his circuits scrambled by Eggman's anti-gravity ray) remarks that he can "see the world from a different perspective":
  • Knuckles takes Cubot's statements to heart.
    Knuckles: That Cubot guy's starting to make sense.
    Tails: Yeah, until everyone floats so high in the air that they run out of oxygen and can't breathe.
    Knuckles: Good point. Wish you said that before I went all in.
    (pan out to show Knuckles has the yellow aura signifying anti-gravity and is floating away)
  • As Amy and Sticks float away and Sonic are Tails are the only ones left:
    Cubot: You're free now, free to express yourself.
    Sonic: Oh, no. The last thing we want is Amy expressing herself! (grabs and shakes Tails) WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!
  • Sonic disables the anti-gravity ray, and Cubot is not particularly happy.
    Cubot: No! I can feel gravity's sticky hands all over me!
  • And then when Sonic compliments Tails:
    Tails: I learned from the best: TV.
  • It turns out, though, that Sonic didn't really shut off the anti-gravity ray, but put it in reverse. Cue all the villagers dropping to the ground like rocks in an anti-climactic fashion.
  • Meanwhile, Eggman orders fries from Meh Burger, but ends up having to make them himself after Dave gets hit by the anti-gravity.
    • His first attempt is less than successful:
      Eggman: These fries are either burnt or frozen. Or somehow, both!
    • He succeeds on his second attempt, only to be pinned down by the increased gravity and drop a fry just out of reach. All he can do is yell in frustration loudly enough to shake the screen.
      Eggman: Tee-hee! I've finally done it. The perfect batch of fries! Now, to taste. (gets weighed down and reaches in vain for the fry before the scene cuts away) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


  • To save the Rec Center from being torn down, Amy starts a petition, and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks help her get signatures. At one point, Amy asks Wild Cat if he's registered to vote, and Wild Cat asks her if she'll leave him alone if he signs it. Amy then assures him that once he signs it, she doesn't need him anymore.
  • After Sonic and his friends successfully get enough votes for the petition, they hand it over to Mayor Fink... who promptly puts it through a paper shredder. Mayor Fink then admits that he needed confetti for the budget parade, and that saving the Rec Center is futile.
    Mayor Fink: Did you really think it'll be over so quickly? We're only two minutes into this thing!
  • When Sonic and Eggman learn that the only way one of them can claim ownership of the Rec center is through an athletic competition, Sonic challenges Eggman to a soccer game. Eggman decides at first to use his robots as a soccer team, only to find out that none of them can kick a soccer ball. Orbot and Cubot don't have feet, Giant Robot runs over the soccer ball with his treads, Ballot Stuffer Bot shoots pieces of paper at the soccer ball, and Shark Bot flops helplessly on the field.

Three Men and My Baby!

  • The episode begins with Knuckles driving a monster truck while cooking pizza from a built-in oven. At one point, the hot pizza lands on his leg, and he exclaims, "It's days like these I wish I wore pants!".
  • While the guys are attempting to feed Chumley, Lady Walrus' youngest son that they're babysitting due to their reckless actions injuring his mom, Sonic suggests they give him a chili dog, but Tails informs him that the baby can't eat solid foods, so they decide to put "it" in the blender. Knuckles misinterprets this, however.
    Knuckles: Well, if you say so. (holds Chumley over the blender)
    Sonic: The chili dog, not the baby!
    Knuckles: Okay, that makes more sense.
  • When Knuckles tries to spoon-feed Chumley, he gets too caught up in pretending the spoon is an airplane, and there's a back-up on the tarmac.
  • When it comes time to change Chumley's diaper, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles try to talk Amy into doing it for them, but she outright refuses and insists they do it themselves, rightfully saying that this situation isn't her problem. Therefore, the boys have no other choice but to change the diaper while dressed in space suits. Unfortunately, not long after, they have to change it again.
  • Tails finally gets the bright idea to use a mobile to soothe Chumley to sleep, knowing it captures his underdeveloped mind... which is why Knuckles also fell asleep.
  • During Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' montage of bonding with Chumley, the three start acting like a married couple. Tails cooks dinner when Knuckles arrives with a hat and a briefcase, and just as Knuckles is about to relax on the couch, Tails gestures him into taking out the trash.
  • At the end of the episode, Amy hopes that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have learned a valuable lesson through their ordeal. Sonic assures her they have, which is why Tails programmed the oven in Knuckles' monster truck to only work in park mode. Amy is not amused.

Where Have All the Sonics Gone?

  • When Morpho reminds Eggman that he's a shapeshifter, he transforms into multiple different people, starting with Vector the Crocodile, who, at this point, hasn't appeared on the show yet. He finishes it off by transforming into Steve Eggman. And then into Steve Eggman again.
  • When Morpho sends Sonic to a dimension where he doesn't exist, one of the first things Sonic sees is a commercial for Knuckles' Upper Body Only Workout Center.
  • Morpho's numerous failed attempts to replicate Sonic.
    • When Morpho tries to convince Amy to go on a trip with Sonic to the canyon, Amy becomes suspicious, believing Sonic never to be that thoughtful to her. When she questions if Sonic is really a disguised Morpho, Morpho says, "What's up, Doc?", which she knows isn't Sonic's catchphrase.
    • After Eggman scolds Morpho for complimenting Amy, Morpho tries to prove that he can convince the citizens of Hedgehog Village that he's the real Sonic. He goes to Meh Burger and orders a salad, causing all the villagers to laugh at him. Even Dave knows that Sonic is a disguised Morpho, and that the real Sonic would never order a salad.
    • When Sonic returns to his own dimension near the end of the episode, Eggman tries to convince the villagers that the disguised Morpho is the real Sonic. Morpho then says, "Yippety Dip Skipperoo, I'm Sonic! Gotta catch em' all!", and Eggman and Morpho suddenly gulp when they realize they're in for the beating of a lifetime from Sonic and his friends.
  • After Sonic gets arrested for insulting Lord Eggman the First, he gets put in a jail cell with that dimension's incarnation of Dave the Intern. Sonic finds out that the AD Dave forgot to give Lord Eggman extra pickles at the restaurant where he works, Gourmet Burger. When Sonic tells AD Dave about Meh Burger, AD Dave questions why anyone would want to eat there, and Sonic shrugs his shoulders in confusion.
  • When Sonic meets the AD Knuckles, he challenges him to a race to Gourmet Burger, and if Sonic wins, AD Knuckles has to join the resistance against Lord Eggman (and soon after, AD Knuckles insults him by calling him Mr. Needlemouse*). Sonic comes back with a tray filled with burgers, finding out they taste delicious. He asks AD Amy what the secret is, and she tells him they're made with real beef.

If You Build It They Will Race

  • Tails uses his Build-it Box to create a bolt, but the others, knowing the device could make anything, suggest that he could make a car with it. He explains that the Box is too small for that, and Sonic tells him to build a bigger Build-it Box... or at least tries to, but gets his tongue twisted.
    Sonic: The answer is simple, but saying it, not so much...
  • When the race begins, everyone quickly gets to their cars... with the exception of Leroy the Turtle, who's predictably not a very fast runner. In fact, by the time the race ends, he's only just getting onto his vehicle.
  • After Dave’s car skids off the road, Dave lands near a puddle of his own mustard, which the other racers drive over and spray him with, leading to this line:
    Dave: Hey, I didn’t order this! Now I know how every one of our customers feels all the time.
  • After Tails’ car spins out of control, Tails gets out of it and flies away. Soar, who is wearing a jet pack, follows behind him and says this:
    Soar: Anyone else find it strange that the fox can fly, but the bird needs to use a jet pack?
  • When Sonic wins the race, he gets his gold trophy. Engraved on it are the words "Everyone's a winner who tries their best." It turns out, everyone got identical participation trophies. And Eggman feels the need to gloat about the trophy saying that he's a winner, too.

Chain Letter

  • In an attempt to get the Old Monkey to be his third friend on FriendSpace, Eggman helps him cross the street. When Eggman asks the Old Monkey to send him a friend request on FriendSpace, the Old Monkey gets confused and Eggman leaves him in the middle of the road, where he gets run over by Dave's car. Dave ends up showing concern when he finds out he ran over the Old Monkey, but is relieved when he finds out the Old Monkey is able to stand up. He then ends up running over the Old Monkey again when he backs up, and drives away.
  • At one point, Sonic plays a game of soccer with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. When Sonic is about to kick the ball into Knuckles' goal, Eggman snatches the ball from him. Sonic then falls over and says, "Good Grief!".
  • When Sonic complains to Tails, Knuckles, and Amy about Eggman messaging him non-stop, Tails tells Sonic to ignore him, the way Meh Burger ignores their customer complaint forms. Dave tells Tails that he isn't ignoring the complaint forms, but rather using them as a substitute if they run out of napkins. After Sonic squeezes his drink when Eggman messages him for the umpteenth time, Dave tells him that he'll need a two-ply to clean it up, and offers him many complaint forms from a single customer.

Vector Detector

  • After Eggman gets angry at Amy for accusing him of stealing her hammer, Sonic asks him, "So what are you gonna do about it? Attack us?". Cut to Eggman doing just that.
  • When Vector mentions he got into the TV business for the money, dollar signs appear in his eyes.
    Tails: You should see an optometrist about that.
  • When Sonic and Vector come to Meh Burger to interrogate Dave on the VIP Card that Vector found, Vector suggests they do the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine. Sonic initially chooses to play the bad cop, but Vector insists that he's always the bad cop, resulting in them both playing the bad cop.
    • Turns out almost everyone has a VIP card, but Sonic and his friends pay full price because somebody has to in order to offset the steep discounts of the cards.
  • At first, it looks like Justin Beaver is the culprit, but Vector lacks any evidence. So he proposes a stakeout:
    Sonic: We've been waiting all day! Stakeouts are never like this on TV! There's usually two lines of dialogue and then they see their guy.
    Vector: Yeah, well life's not like TV. (offscreen click) There he is!
  • Justin is discreetly let into a building by Fastidious Beaver, leading Sonic to believe they've stumbled onto "some kind of beaver conspiracy."
  • Sonic and Vector then learn that Justin's big secret is that he belongs to a book club.
    Justin: I gotta keep it on the clandestine! 'Cuz if my vapid fanbase discovered that I enjoy fine literature, they'd shun me! I'd be anathema to them!
    Sonic: *consulting a dictionary* Hm. His vocabulary checks out.
  • All's well that ends well right? Except Wolf Sidekick is still waiting for someone to release him from jail at the end of the episode.

Three Minutes or Less

  • Old Monkey is surprised at Sonic's delivery speed, he has to get his wallet, only to return realizing he had it in his hand the whole time.
  • After Sonic quits, the new promised delivery time for Meh Burger is "it gets there when it gets there".

Lair On Lockdown

  • Dr. Eggman discovers something so vile it's the purest essence of evil: an online ticket retailer.
  • Orbot's unsuccessful attempts to be civil with Sticks to pass the time.
  • Knuckles attempting to cheer Eggman up.
    Knuckles: You know what I do whenever I'm feeling down?
    Eggman: What?
    Knuckles: I don't know. I feel great all the time!
  • As Eggman relays how to turn off the lockdown through Morse Code, a mix of Sonic's impatience and Cubot's shakiness with the communication method lead to various traps in the storage room activating and pummeling Knuckles.
  • After entering the final password to open the doors again, Sonic panics when nothing happens. Cubot suggests that maybe he left Caps Lock on. Sonic Gets annoyed with such a suggestion... then checks the keyboard and immediately notices that he did.
    Sonic: Whelp, found the problem... completely UN-Caps Lock related.

You and I Bee-come One

  • Eggman mentions that he created something to keep Sonic and company occupied.
  • Eggman heads off for a vacation to a Villain's Retreat, but not before setting all his Bee Bots to automatically attack Sonic and his friends on sight "so things aren't too easy on [them]". We then see Team Sonic fending off Bee Bots at they interrupt their daily routines, including Knuckles' workout session.
    Knuckles: Why do these things always happen on leg day?!
  • Sonic and co. head to Eggman's lair to get him to call off the Bee Bots, but find only Orbot and Cubot minding the place. Orbot apologizes that they don't have the security clearance to shut down the Bee Bots, then mentions that there's not much Eggman actually allows them to do. Cubot excitedly points out that they can adjust the thermostat... but the second he does so, alarms, sirens and lasers pop out to punish them for touching it.
  • At one point at the Retreat, Eggman participates in a limbo contest, then distracts T.W. Barker, Willy Walrus, and the Weasel Bandit Leader by telling them to look at a solar eclipse, so he can cheat without them looking. Barker looks up at the sun and says, "Wait a sec! You're not supposed to look directly into a solar eclipse!", then sees Eggman cheating by crawling under the limbo stick, which Charlie calls him out for. Then they all start laughing.
  • What's Eggman's plan to lure out a Bee Bot-merged Tails, who has proclaimed himself king of the Bee Bots? Dress Sonic up like a sunflower.
    Sonic: This is so humiliating (waving his arms around) Just a regular old sunflower over here! Come gaze upon my... *sighs* soft supple petals...
    • Tails keep mistaking Sonic for anything but a sunflower, even after he turned back to normal.
      Tails (as the king of the Bee Bots): You won't get away this time, you flightless ficus!
      Sonic: I'm not a ficus, I'm a sunflower! What kind of bee are you?!
    • After Tails is restored to normal, Eggman reveals the Bee Bots would have gone after Sonic anyway; he just dressed the hedgehog up like that to humiliate him.

Don't Make Me Angry

  • Eggman mistaking a superhero comic book that Sonic discards, as an actual Science book.
  • After putting himself through chemical mutagetic experiments, Eggman expects to turn into some large scary monster, but instead changes into a tiny, adorable purple critter who has a rainbow trail him when he runs.
  • Eggman sees the irony of Amy being the one to teach an anger management class.
    Eggman: Aren't you just a powder keg of emotions just waiting to explode?
  • Eggman tries to get angry by ordering at Meh Burger, expecting Dave the Intern to get the order wrong as usual. Surprisingly, Dave gets an order correct, and on time for once.
    Dave: Even a broken clock is bound to be right twice a day.

Eggman Family Vacation

  • Eggman's frustration at the metal food that he can't eat, but his robot "family" have no problem eating.
    Eggman: I ordered my steak medium-well, not medium-welded.

Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

  • Eggman heckling D-Fekt's stand-up comedy routine.
    D-Fekt: What's the deal with dual-core processors?
    Eggman: They're an outdated technology...just like you!

Eggman: The Video Game Part 1

  • When Tommy Thunder's new video game comes out, Wild Cat says, "Shut up and take my money!". Mark the Tapir assures him and the other customers that there enough copies of the game in stock, but Tommy insists otherwise. In Mark's next scene, he is wearing a neck brace.
  • When Eggman tries to advertise his new Stache Smash video game, he asks Tails, Knuckles, and Mark what the newest, coolest video game is. Tails, Knuckles, and Mark respectively guess Super Plumber Bros., Mortal Bloodsport VII, and Comedy Chimp's Combat Golf. Knuckles then criticises Stache Smash for using outdated graphics and a lack of boss battles and gratuitous violence, and Tails tells him that the best games use motion capture.
    Knuckles: You're livin' in the past, man!
  • Eggman has digitally recorded Team Sonic in action to get motion capture footage for his game. When it's Eggman's turn to be recorded, his display is... way less impressive.
    Sticks: Do we even retaliate, or has he humiliated himself enough already?
    Sonic: I guess I could Spin Attack him over the horizon, but I'd kinda feel bad about it. (beat) Eh, whatever. (Spin Attacks Eggman over the horizon)
  • It's hard to tell what's funnier, Eggman's blatant Manipulative Editing, or that Shadow actually falls for it.
    Sonic: Shadow?-he is-weak-that-wind-bag-could-never-beat-me.-What a-weak-weak-weak-wind-bag-he is.
    Shadow: This aggression shall not stand. Sonic and his friends shall pay!

Eggman: The Video Game Part 2 - The End of the World

    The Video Games 
  • Lyric, upon his release from cryostasis, dramatically singling out Sonic, who doesn't have the vaguest idea why.
    Lyric: *glares at Sonic* You.
    [Sonic glances about, then points at himself sheepishly]
    Lyric: You and I have unfinished business.
    Sonic: *swivels his arm around as a warm-up* I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing.
  • This little exchange:
    Sonic: I'll go down to get the crystal.
    Amy: Sonic and I will go get the crystal. Knuckles and Tails, you stay back in case the village is attacked again.
    Knuckles: Who put you in charge? I say Tails and I will stay back and protect the village and you and Sonic take the elevator.
    [Knuckles looks off into the distance, serious. Tails stares blankly, Sonic shakes his head, Amy looks around.]
    Sonic: You win this round, Knuckles. Amy, let's go.
  • During the boss fight with Eggman, swiping some wreckage that Tails was trying to lift will prompt him to stick his tongue out at you. Also:
    Eggman: Why are they fluttering?! *growl* I hate buying refurbished missiles!
    Sonic: Wow! Impressive!
  • After Sonic and Knuckles enter the industrial wasteland:
    Knuckles: Whoa. We are definitely not at the beach anymore.
    Sonic: You Can Say That Again.
    Knuckles: Whoa. We are definitely not at the beach anymore.
    Sonic: Should've seen that comin'.
    • Later in the same level, as Sonic reaches a point where the path that he and Knuckles took crosses with the one Amy and Tails took, we get this gem.
    Tails: The high road rules!
    Sonic (under his breath): Good to see they're having fun...
  • The end of the Gamescom 2014 trailer has an instance where the group emerges from a tunnel out in the middle of the desert, landing in front of a MacGuffin only for a sandworm bot to accost them shortly after. The funny is less from the scenario than from the characters' handling of it.
    Tails: Finally, an easy one!
    (cue sandworm bot)
    Amy: You just had to say something, didn't you?
    (sandworm bot comes down on group mouth-first)
    • For bonus funny, pay attention to Amy's face when Tails opens his big mouth. She's giving a "just you wait" look, as if she knows this will happen. Thing is, at the angle she's giving the face, she could be interpreted as giving it to Tails or giving it to you, whichever you find funnier.
  • Sonic and Amy arrive outside, and Amy tells Sonic to take a moment to enjoy the scenery. The blue hedgehog impatiently waits for Amy to be done.
  • The rather nonchalant way Sonic says "Hey Amy, what's up?" when she's being attack by Lyric in Shattered Crystal.
  • From the Nintendo UK Facebook page:
    Pre-order Sonic Boom from the #NintendoUKStore and we'll throw in a free t-shirt featuring a host of likeable(sic) characters. And Amy Rose.
    • Ironic how she's the best character to play as, usually the only intelligent, reasonable person on the team, and has spent most of her time doing legitimately productive things and offering constructive criticism.
  • The TV commercials for both games involve Sonic and friends in the real world attempting to rescue a cat stuck in a tree... only for everything they do to make things worse.
    Sonic: We're better at this in our world.
  • Knuckles repeatedly wishes he was "back at the beach" in early portions of Rise of Lyric, despite the group never visiting an explicitly beach-like setting to that point.
  • One new mechanic is the Hydro Dash, allowing Sonic and co. to run on water. However, you need to run through designated "Hydro Gates" in order to trigger it. If you try to run into the water normally, whoever you're controlling will gurgle and flail before bursting into rings. It is goofy sounding, especially if you're playing as Knuckles
    Knuckles(gurgling): I can't swim!
  • In the ending to Shattered Crystal, Sticks delivers a motivational-sounding speech about how, with friendship and teamwork, they watched someone else save the day for them!
  • Cliff's response to Sonic (and co.) freeing Lyric.
    Cliff: I'm just glad he's locked up for all eternity.
    Sonic: Yeeeeeah.
    *Amy glares a hole through Sonic*
    Sonic: Funny story... we might have accidentally loosed him upon the world.
    *Cliff drops his jaw; so does Q-N-C*
    Cliff: *straightens jaw, glares at Sonic* Not cool, Sonic.
  • Pretty much any scene involving Eggman and Lyric. Mike Pollock and Patrick Seitz are comic gold.
    • When the two first meet. Lyric is in his lair searching for his map. Eggman shows up with Lyric's robots and attempts to get the Ancient to work for him. Lyric's response? To toss Eggman a deadpan expression and press the control module on his armor to retake control of his robots all without even speaking.
      • From the same scene, we get this line from Eggman as he introduces himself:
        Eggman: Eggman. Dr. Eggman. But you can call me. "Dr. The-guy-who-set-you-free-so-you-can-give-me-all-the-secrets-of-your-technology-so-I-can-become-even-more-powerful-than-I-already..." you know what? Just call me boss.
    • The next scene is in Slowpoke Isle, where Sonic and the gang play a game of Keep Away with the Crystal to lure them away from the village. The gang manages to evade the two, and Eggman ends up crashing into Lyric. Immediately after, the two decide to break off their partnership and Eggman summons Metal Sonic to attack Lyric. Lyric's response? To shake his head and press the control module on his armor to take control of Metal Sonic. At which point, we get this gem from Eggman.
    Eggman: Again with the chest-circle thing?! We get it! I mean, at this point, you're just showing off! Seriously!
    • Eggman's last scene is one that even the game's biggest critics got a laugh out of: when he performs a Villainous Rescue, blasting Lyric from behind with his mech suit. He celebrates his victory...interestingly.
    Eggman: (still beaten stupid from his boss fight, bringing up a finger gun) Got him! Heheh!
    (freezes up and gradually falls backwards with a massive grin on his face, before crashing onto the ground, destroying the mech)
  • During one part, Knuckles gives Sonic a pat on the back with enough force to cause a ring to go flying out of him.
  • Towards the end of Shattered Crystal, Amy threatens to kick Lyric's butt once she's freed from her giant hamster ball prison (or, failing that, watch Sonic do it). The problem?
    Lyric: I'm a snake. [looks at tail] Snakes don't have butts.
  • The Miiverse community for the Wii U game is basically a big "show off your glitch" forum.
  • During the boss fight against Shadow in the Ice Age phase, Sonic might toss out this little quote during the battle:
  • This trailer for Fire and Ice made by the same guys behind the official Sonic Twitter and YouTube channel. Some highlights include:
    A KONDO KOHEI Production
    Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog
    Miles "Tails" Prower: Miles Prower
    Knuckles the Echidna: K.T. Echidonia
    Amy Rose: Rosie the Rascal
    Mike Pollock: Dr. Eggman
    D-Fekt: Ragnabot
    Orbot and Cubot: Scratch and Grounder

    The Comic 
  • Issue 1
    • Tails geeking out over Eggman's mech isn't funny in itself, but when you add in Back to the Future references...
    • The fourth wall breakage. When Sonic calls out Sticks' name, it's as a logo, causing her to stop and actually stare up at his speech bubble. Horrified, she asks Sonic if he just said her name as a logo. Sonic's response is:
      Sonic: Yeah, it's a first issue gimmick. We'll go back to regular lettering next month.
    • This is followed by Amy and Sticks arguing over grammar when Sticks says Tails' house has been robbed and it turns out that the entire house is gone.
    • Sticks drops to all fours and sniffs around, with the gang presuming she's tracking it by scent. In reality, she just thought the grass smelled nice, and was following the giant footprints. Common sense: 1; Sticks' friends: 0.
    • Immediately after...
      Sonic: Ah. I wonder what size sneaker that'd wear?
      Knuckles: A size 160 - found that out with my face! I was gathering intelligence.
      Amy: And apparently you've retained none of it.
  • Issue 2. Sonic freaking out while stuck in a cage.
    • Also as a Funny Background Event, while Tails and Amy are talking to Knuckles, Sticks is watching Sonic trying to bust out of his cage with a spindash causing her to become dizzy in the process.
  • Issue 3 is all about Amy's hammer. She's lost it, and Hilarity Ensues.
    • During the searching montage, Knuckles brings Tails a jackhammer, then a hammerhead shark, then a screwdriver.
    • During the same montage, a merchant shows Tails a hammer, but Tails signals he wants something bigger. So the merchant drags in a sledgehammer, but Tails once again signals "bigger!" Then the merchant uses a forklift to bring in a hammer that's twice Tails' size, and Tails signals "smaller."
    • Amy's attempts with a boomerang. The first throw goes right into the ground. The second immediately returns and smacks Amy in the face. The third throw goes well... but the boomerang doesn't come back.
    • Cubot, while griping about how he's doing compared to Eggman's other sidekicks (the chicken, drill-boy, needlenose guy, two dogs, and the gold and silver guys), finds the hammer. He starts channeling Gollum, and goes air-guitaring with it. When Orbot finds out, a fight for the hammer ensues...because Orbot wants to play with it too.
  • The issue 4 variant cover, showing Sticks, holding her slingshot and a bunch of large rocks, being chased by a reanimated T-Rex skeleton. It's the "Sticks and stones being chased by bones" variant.
    Sonic: Get it?
  • Issue 5 has Sticks introducing a Haunted House as a part of Eggman's theme park:
    Sticks: Enter the spook house if you dare!
    Boy: Is it scary?
    Sticks: No, real life is much worse! What with fluorinated drinking water, airplane chemtrails, cameras everywhere watching our every move, the imminent robo-apocalypse...
    Sticks: (After noticing that no one is around) "Hey! Where did everyone go?! Oh, No! The government made everyone disappear again!!"
    • Earlier in the issue has Eggman trying to gain the villagers trust so that he can betray them later, by doing good deeds only for the villagers to attack him each and every time.
  • Issue 6 begins with Sonic being pursued by Eggman's super-fast Cheetah Bot. When it lunges right onto Sonic, it delivers a message enstating that Eggman's setting up a Go-Kart Grand Prix. Tails has a thought when the robot rockets away from the scene:
    Tails: I find it amazing how Eggman makes a super-fast courier robot that can actually match Sonic's speed, and NOT outfit it with a warhead.
    Knuckles: Well, it wouldn't be a good courier if it blew up on him. (smiles)
    Tails: ...YEAH. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  • Issue 7 starts with Amy and Knuckles saving Sonic from crashing. When Sonic asks how they'd got there so fast, Knuckles replied "Are you kidding? We had a whole month to get here!" leading to Amy to gripe about breaking the fourth wall again.
  • Issue 8 has Orbot complaining about making "seven-point-five" color schemes for one robot for Dr. Eggman, the doctor complaining that he "needed more variants", a jab at Sonic Universe #75 and its "seven-and-a-half variant covers" idea.
  • The final issue is chocked full of them, including:
    • Eggman showing off his newest mecha, complete with "anime pose background".
    • Eggman spying on Amy, who is in kill mode over a very troll-tastic bug.
    • Knuckles buying a bunch of hats, though telling the salesman to keep the fedora. Which fedora is it? The one from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and used briefly in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics).
    • Turns out not only was Eggman spying on Sticks, Sticks was spying on Eggman, leading to a humorous scene where the two stare into an infinity camera view in disbelief.
    • Eggman complaining about Eggfan91, who complained about MeBot's design and said that its hands were too big.
    Eggman: His name is Eggfan91! Why does he hate everything I do?!