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Tear Jerker / Sonic Boom

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Poor Amy...

The Sonic Boom subfranchise isn't safe from moments that cause the tears to flow, unfortunately (no, not even the cartoon). Grab some tissues; you might be needing them.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moment pages; therefore, all spoilers are unmarked. Tread carefully.


  • Any time the villagers turn on Sonic can qualify as this. Considering how FAST they will switch loyalties, and how little it takes to make Sonic fall out of favor with them, it can range from frustrating to just painful seeing how Sonic busts his balls to help and protect these people who will easily forget about all of it and throw him under the bus because someone who sort of looks like him did something kind of impolite. (Other members of his team has also had this treatment against them)
  • Heck Eggman can be pretty depressing at times. It's pretty obvious that he's very very lonely and doesn't really have any friends. Mombot seems to suggest that he's never had someone give him unconditional love.
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  • A minor observation, but Sonic Boom has an awfully high divorce rate for a kids show. Soar the Eagle mentions his ex-wife getting his beach house, a machine parts shopkeeper that Eggman used to threaten got divorced, and both of them also mentioned having kids, which the separation would be hard on. Comedy Chimp mentions his wife's attorney taking a chunk of the shows budget, and explicitly says it wasn't a joke, and it was mentioned that the The Comedy Chimp Show Christmas special that aired after his divorce was depressing. Then there's Dave. His father is never mentioned, but his mom apparently has a boyfriend. The father of Lady Walrus' children is never seen or mentioned either.


Episode Specific

  • In "Just a Guy", the villagers treat Sonic with contempt due to a single statement he made blown completely out of proportion, accusing him of being insensitive and uncompassionate despite Sonic saving their lives on a daily basis. Even Amy believes that Sonic needs behavioral therapy. Sonic initially goes along with this in his typical begrudging fashion. However, after some similar events, Sonic finally vents his frustration, accusing everyone of being ungrateful, and quits heroing, almost for good. Roger Craig Smith's voice acting really makes this scene.
    Sonic: You know what I think is compassionate? Saving the village from Eggman! Like, every week! But do I get any props for that?! NO! Everyone just goes around GASPING at me for calling a guy "a guy," or people "people!"
    (Everyone gasps)
    Sonic: I quit heroing! AND I QUIT THIS STUPID GROUP!!! (storms out)
  • When Sonic gets banished in "Blue With Envy". The music along with the sad looks on Sonic and his friends faces adds a lot to it as well.
  • Gertie the Bulldog from "Fuzzy Puppy Buddies". He is designed and named after a dog that Amy's voice actress, Cindy Robinson, owned before he died.
  • Shadow being an absolute douche to Eggman would be funny, but seeing how much Eggman fanboys over him as he is very rude can come off as kind of sad. Especially as Eggman outright breaks down about Shadow leaving the meeting.
  • When nobody believes Sticks about The Dreamcaster and gets thrown into jail during The Midnight Hour. It's played somewhat seriously and the look on her face when her friends handcuff her gives the added emotion to it.
  • Knuckles in "Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?" after remembering he's The Last of His Kind gets so desperate for a family, he's even open to Charlie adopting him.
    • What makes makes this even worse is that at the end of the episode, the old monkey walks by Team Sonic and laments how much he would love a son.
  • In "Unnamed Episode", the way the villagers shun Sticks because her ancestor (for whom the town is actually named for) was a big jerk who founded the town through greed and corruption. Sticks has a brief Heroic BSoD when she realizes her ancestor stood for everything Sticks is against, and then immediately after Amy cheers her back up, the entire town starts treating her with utter hostility, to the point of running away screaming because she takes a couple steps towards them and hissing right in her face when she tries to hand them a pamphlet. At least when Sonic's the one getting the cold shoulder, the effect is dulled because he takes it in stride and is a bit irked at most. Sticks doesn't take it so well; she doesn't exactly break down crying, but she spends most of the episode giving the impression she's halfway there.
  • In "Give Bees a Chance", Amy takes in a broken Bee Bot, lovingly names it Bea, and makes it her pet. Unfortunately, being the manufacturer of the Bee Bots, Eggman does not approve and eventually remotely reclaims Bea. Poor Amy is absolutely heartbroken, and there's an entire scene of the episode where she's entered such a sad state that, despite their best intentions, her friends can't bring her out of it. The worst part? Cindy Robinson, who not only voices Amy but wrote the episode, has said on Twitter that the scene and her acting during it were inspired by the period after the loss of her aforementioned bulldog Gertie.
  • While the execution of it is more heartwarming than anything, the premise of "Mombot" is rather sad if you think about it too much. Dr. Eggman felt the need to built a mother-figure. So does that mean, like with his father, he has a bad relationship with his real biological mother? Or is she no longer alive?
  • "Eggman's Brother" has a moment when Morpho transforms into Sonic and meets with Tails. Morpho tells Tails that they should stop working together for now, Tails refuses but when Morpho says his mind is made up and Tails just gives up. But by how Tails' voice breaks a bit, you can tell he was really hurt by this. This only gets worse as Morpho keeps transforming into Sonic's friends and telling Sonic that he's breaking the group apart.
  • Near the end of "Three Men and My Baby!", Lady Walrus' infant son, Chumley, runs away. Sonic and Tails are distraught when they find out about it from Knuckles, since the three formed a strong bond with him the previous day. After being unable to find him in the most dangerous places in Hedgehog Village (which includes Meh Burger), the three remember the good times they had with him, and wonder how they're going to be able to break the bad news to Lady Walrus.
  • A minor case at the end of "Lair on Lockdown"—when the titular lair explodes, Eggman is distraught over losing everything he ever built. You can actually hear it in his voice.
  • Orbot and Cubot thinking Eggman died in "Dude, Where's My Eggman?".

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