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Government agents ARE stealing Sticks' plants and replacing them with violins
It will be the plot of an episode where more and more crazy things keep happening and no one believes her.

Alternatively, Sonic or one of his friends will indeed "cross paths with a cross-eyed moose" (possibly a henchman for either Eggman or Lyric, or a minor villain unto itself) and will "suffer a curse for the moose-crosser and all his non-moose-crossed friends"
And there WILL be a totally scientifically-plausible reason for it by the end.
  • CONFIRMED! (And what are the chances?) Episode 29 is indeed about Sticks crossing paths with a cross-eyed moose, and her struggle to remove the curse from herself and her non-moose-crossed friends.

Forgotten characters like Fang the Sniper, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite will return and be re-imagined for Sonic Boom
Best case scenario, the three or four of them will form a rival Evil Counterpart team against Team Sonic. Knuckles vs. Bark (strength), Tails vs. Bean (construction vs. destruction), Sonic vs. Fang (speed vs. precision), and perhaps a female counterpart against Amy. The best evidence I have is that Chris Senn, the sole-developer of Sonic X-treme, is part of the development team for this game, and Fang the Sniper was originally going to be in Sonic X-treme. Plus, western audiences are able to recognize these characters since they appear in the Archie comics.

Shadow will be made Lighter and Softer if he appears.

I might be biased, but he seems kind of out of place in the Sonic franchise these days, due to the series somewhat changing its tone and direction after previously changing it. He'll still be overly serious, but his backstory will be reworked to include less of the dark elements that defined him in his original game (death of Maria and all that).

  • Jossed. While no backstory has been given so far, Shadow is most definitely not Lighter and Softer.

Shadow, or any antagonist from the 3D Sonic Games, will become the Knight of Cerebus
It's gonna be inevitable that Sonic Boom has to be serious, or at least close to dramatic as it can possibly be, so what better way to do that than have a villain/antagonist who, in their games, have done bad things that are either as bad as Robotnik's feats or things so bad that it would make Eggman go "I draw the line at robotizing!"
  • Confirmed. Sort of. It's complicated. Or rather, unexplained.

The show will end up an Ultimate Universe for the Sonic franchise.
  • Kinda confirmed, as Sonic Boom is in a different continuity than the main series... However it isn't Darker and Edgier than the main.

Shadow will become The Comically Serious
Since his Darker and Edgier backstory and character are now out-of-place in the new Denser and Wackier Sonic Boom universe, he'll probably be the character who is overly serious to the point it's hilarious rather than a ruthless antihero. Or kind of a bully (along with Rouge) like he was in Sonic Free Riders.

The heroes will have a base in Green Hill Zone
One of the screenshots from the game shows a house in a hilly area with palm trees and sunflowers. Look familiar?
  • Jossed. Sort of. They live on a paradise island that is mostly unrelated to Green Hill Zone.

The series takes place a few years in the future
This would explain the characters new looks. Sonic had time to grow fur on his arms and Knuckles started going to the gym so he can actually keep the master emerald from being stolen. Amy has become more mature but still retains her crush on Sonic (and maybe Sonic will begin to gain some feelings torwards her). Tails is still the same, and Eggman put on even more weight than before.
  • Jossed, as it's all but stated to be an Alternate Universe. To be exact, Sega stated that the designs would not replace the "main" look, which would make these games and series nothing else.

The statue from the game trailer is...
Sonic's dad. The series could delve into Sonic's origins and such.
  • Jossed. Since each episode will be stand-alone with little to no continuity, even if such a thing did happen, it wouldn't be canon with the rest of the series anyway.

Characters from the comics, other TV shows and the spinoffs would appear in the show
With a brand new universe/continuity to toy around we might have a chance of seeing Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Mina, Chris, Cosmo, Team Babylon, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, Shorty the Squirrel/Shortfuse the Cybernik, Tekno the Canary, and maybe some antagonists like Black Doom or the Deadly Six. Of course the only exception would be any character created by Ken Penders; and some of them (Likely Sally, Chris or Cosmo) will eventually wind up controversial.
  • I can see Cosmo showing up for a plot about Tails falling in love. Seeing as this series is a comedy, maybe this time they'll have a happy ending.
    • Jossed. The producers state that they're not allowed to include characters from other Sonic media because Sega orders it. Also, Mina is not allowed to appear for non-disclosed reasons.

The series will feature Chaos Emeralds, but not like how they appeared in the game.
Chaos Emeralds will likely work like how they did in the early Archie Sonic comics: there will be more than seven of them.

The Ancient Land is ancient Echidna civilization.
The statue in the trailer resembles an Echidna holding a Ring, and its worth noting that Knuckles is the one to call the land "Paradise".

This can go one of two ways: either in a manner similar to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (Eggman creates a robotic clone that hands Sonic his ass on a platter) or to the "Mecha Madness" special from the Archie comics (Sonic is captured, roboticized, and forced to fight his friends).
  • Jossed, at least in its first appearance. While it was created by Eggman and hands Knuckles his ass on a platter, the fight is still played more for awesome than dark.

Metal Sonic will be along the lines of either Bender or HK-47.
An assassin droid who is still comical for how flippant about death and destruction he is.

If this show gets a season 2 and Shadow is in it at one point he will wear a Hawaiian shirt.
Just to poke fun at the rumour.

Other character predictions
It was revealed in an interview that the Chaos Emeralds do not exist in this universe, and that there will definitely be other characters besides the playable four.

  • Shadow: Face it, he's almost a shoe-in. With the Chaos Emeralds not existing, I can see him not having any Chaos Powers, and just being a regular hedgehog, and rival to Sonic.
  • Blaze: She's popular, and with the Chaos Emeralds not existing, it stands to reason that the Sol Emeralds won't either. It would be interesting to see what they could do with her if she's not their guardian.
    • I doubt Blaze since Sticks already has the whole friends thing going on.

This series will be very similar to Adventure Time.
11 minute episode, 52 in the first season, comedy mixed with action and episodic according this article. Seems very similar to how Adventure time started out.
  • Don't forget airing on Cartoon Network

Since Chaos Emeralds will not be featured, Rings will play a larger role, similar to the very early Archie Comics.
  • Like in Sonic and the Secret Rings?
    • Well, they DO hint that the Chaos Emeralds may play a part in the future - perhaps a storyline will have them end up becoming McGuffins again after seemingly being destroyed?

Amy will be a Composite Character of the other versions of Amy.
She will have a crush on Sonic and use a Piko-Piko Hammer like most incarnations of Amy Rose but also be older, more mature, and take a leadership role and an Adaptational Badass like Sonic the Comic Amy Rose.
  • Alternatively; she'll be a composite character with Princess Sally.
  • Sonic The Comic's Amy and Archie's Princess Sally have a simlar personaly.
  • Arguably confirmed. The crush is still there (if a bit subdued), she is in most episodes pretty mature and prone to taking the lead, and has destroyed more robots than she's been kidnapped. It still depends on the episode, though.

Big the Cat will be reimagined in this series, and he will be a Badass.
Because if they do have the chance to change any character they want, they might as well improve one of the most hated ones. Guessing now that his first scene will show him fishing, before immediately destroying a bunch of robots.

The game's villain will be Chaos.
If the game is going into the history of the echidna race, which seems probable given the statue in the trailer, it could easily reuse Chaos, even if his personality was changed to fit the role as a darker, more threatening villain. It's also been stated that Eggman will appear in the game; this could mirror the situation in Adventure, where the Eggster seemed to control Chaos, but turned out to be in over his head. Lastly, the trailer includes a shot of a ruin surrounded by what could either be waterfalls or a parted body of water. If it's the latter, guess who controls water in the Sonic verse? Marine... and Chaos.
  • Conversely...
  • Jossed...

The game's villain will be Mephiles
  • ...and, likewise, Jossed.

The Alternate Universe Knuckles Sonic and Eggman were talking about will look like Sega Knuckles
Because why not?
  • Adding onto this, it will be SEGA Knuckles, both as an attempt to appease fans of the older look, and to tie-in with a future game.
  • Jossed, sadly.

The place Knuckles was at in the game trailer with the pinkish soil is this game's Spring Yard Zone
  • Furthermore, that structure in the background when he shoryukens his way out of the ground is part of the scenery.

The world (in this continuity) underwent a Class 1/2 Apocalypse, possibly many years after a Class 3, and it's the fault of the Big Bad.
  • The Big Bad spent an indeterminate length of time toying with Mobius and periodically wrecking its shit for their own amusement, and would continue to do so if the people hadn't found a way to seal them off, using the Enerbeam. (One of said people is depicted in the mysterious statue in the trailer) The kicker is that the Big Bad actually created Mobius, or at least its people, and for most of the game they are motivated by their fury at their creations displaying anything less than sycophantic admiration. At least, that's what Sonic and co. can discern; the Big Bad's moral views are a tad obtuse.

The theme song for the Sonic Boom TV series (and possibly the Video Game) will be..."Sonic Boom".
  • Why not?
    • Jossed =/ Or at least for both video games and american release of Sonic Boom tv series.

Sticks will be the Badass Normal of the group.
  • There's a poster floating around that depicts her posing along with the main four, implying that her role will be somewhat significant. She doesn't have an Enerbeam (and may not be able to acquire one for plot reasons), but is capable of keeping up with her friends to a point.
    • She has an Enerbeam in the 3DS game, which is said to take place before the events of the show, so may in fact be a core member of the group.
    • Jossed. Badass member of the main group, yes, but her paranoia tends to overshadow it.

Ken Penders will be one of the writers.
  • After the shit he pulled with Archie? He's already been blacklisted from the comic books industry, why the hell would the show runners take a risk with someone who fucked over the series for personal gain?

The reason Lyric "doesn't look like a Sonic character"—
  • — is an artistic device to emphasize how far removed he (and by extension, the rest of his ancient race) is from the quintet and other "normal" Mobians.
    • "Mobians"? Whoever said this show took place on Mobius?

Tails can't fly in this universe; he can only glide or hover.
  • He fails to eject from his plane when Burnbot takes it down in the initial reveal clip of the show and is unable to fly when his friends fall down the chasm in the Game Reveal Trailer. However, he is able to ride air currents in the 3DS game, which may be a way of (no pun intended) grounding this interpretation of Tails while still paying homage to his original self.
    • Jossed. Though he only glides in the games, both the show and the comic based on it show him flying like he always does.
    • Alternatively, since this is his first adventure in this continuity, he hasn't built up the strength in his tails to truly fly at the time of the video games.

A future anniversary game will feature a Crisis Crossover between the Boom and main universes.
  • Whether the anniversary is Sonic's (say, his 25th or 30th anniversary title), or the anniversary of the Sonic Boom sub-franchise remains to be seen.

There is an ancient tribe of Hedgehogs in this game, akin to the Echidnas in the main universe, based on the statues we saw in the initial game reveal trailer.

Lyric will try to take advantage of Sonic's apparent preference for solitude at some point.
Sonic's said to be more of a loner in Boom, at least for a while, and Lyric's stated to be a nastier villain than Eggman. What better way to demonstrate that than to convince someone who's likely struggling with the idea of being more social that what they should really do is cut ties with absolutely everyone?

It's not just for the sake of being evil, though; it's a genuine reflection of Lyric's own views on bonds between people and how fleeting and futile he thinks they are (not helped by everyone he knew one thousand years ago being long dead).

  • Plus it would be a good way to separate Sonic from the main cast and defeat him without worry of backup arriving.

Sonic's thrill-seeking tendencies are partially a subconscious attempt to deal with loneliness.
Eggman's hardly ideal company, but at least Sonic's got someone to interact with. He can't figure out what's wrong (possibly because he may go out of his way to avoid other people entirely) until he starts adjusting to having actual friends.

Lyric's ultimate goal is to find something of permanence.
And to do so, he (thinks he) must destroy everything on both the physical and immaterial planes. If he can't wreck it, then it's what he sought; by that time, Mobius will be in ruins, so obviously the quintet has to stop him before then.

He will not accept "the bonds that people form" as this permanent thing (see above) because his own allies from a thousand years ago have long since passed, not realizing that there's more to a bond's longevity than that.

Sonic is a Hedgehog Out of Temporal Water, but was not (directly) responsible for Lyric's sealing.
(To cover the bases of "ancient hedgehog tribe/generation xerox" and "time travel" without causing a time loop) However he ended up in the present (presumably at a young age), it was so traumatic that he suppressed those memories and can only vaguely remember what his life was like before he was alone.

Lyric got the wrong 'hog due to the cryostasis muddling his own memories a bit; it takes him a while to figure out exactly what's so peculiar about his nemesis.

Eggman is not the only human we see.
If only to avoid the problems the main game series has had in regards to the visible Mobian/human ratio ("where are the other humans/is Eggman the only one" vs. "why are there only a handful of technicolour animals amongst billions of humans").

Lyric will be the final boss, but he will not be the Big Bad.
It seems strange that once again Eggman is being usurped as Big Bad by Lyric, especially after Generations and Lost World have been rebuilding his credibility as a leading villain only to have him be pushed out of the spotlight again. It is possible that at the end of the game Eggman will find out a way to subjugate Lyric like he did the Deadly Six except without having him lose control, essentially making Lyric his slave. This would serve as both a good way to have Eggman retain his position as main villain and also keep Lyric in the story. It will also make Eggman seem much more credible as a villain; after him finally controlling a powerful creature without it turning on him albeit still needing to keep manual control (Time Eater) it makes sense for him to go on to controlling Lyric without even having to take direct control of him. After you beat Lyric as the final boss you will end up destroying Eggman's plan while he cuts his losses and escapes in his Eggmobile, setting up the TV series.

The animated series will contain plenty of Flanderization, Idiot Plot, What the Hell, Hero?, and Women Are Wiser
Because these are our American writers!
  • And as we all know, the Japanese Sonic writers have never fallen into those traps before.
    • Confirmed as far as the first two are concerned.
      • Scratch that, they are ALL in there.

Sonic's "antics" will annoy his friends, and they will give him flak about it.
Ever since Sonic Colors, Sonic's character his become greatly exaggerated. Combine this with the new series' comedic take, our American writers, another video game character with similar traits who also got his own New Tens CGI animated reboot cartoon, the network it's set to air on, and do the math.

The speculative elements of the remaining Chaos Crystals are as follows:
Fire, earth, metal/gold, soul, time, luck/fate, and death; the ninth element, Aether, is the catalyst and binds the concrete (former three plus Tidal) and abstract (latter four). In keeping with the "nature vs technology", Earth and Gold are opposites; however, neither are inherently "good" or "evil".

Cliff is Tail's father.
Cliff looks remarkably like an older Tails minus the, you know, tails, seeing as they both has yellowish fur with white muzzles and chest and a tall lanky build. If Tails mother was a fox that would explain his more fox like traits and could bring in an interesting character conflict, with Cliff being desperately worried about his young son constantly putting himself in peril and Tails wanting to prove himself to his Dad while still proving his independence.

Cliff is hiding something, and it's got to do with Lyric's army.
His character description states that he knows something about Lyric's robot army and that he has also been searching for something "unspecified" for quite some time now... What if he has been looking for Lyric or his robot army, and is far more diabolical than he lets on? And if so, what does he want to do with it? Also, if the above WMG is correct and he may in fact be Tails father, what will he do when his son starts interfering with his plans? Will he pull a We Can Rule Together or will he try to silence his son?

Perci will be ship teased with Sonic, but they won't be an Official Couple.
Perci has been confirmed to appear in both the game and the show, and as she's a hedgehog, it stands to reason that she'll have some significance given the fact that every time we see a hedgehog in the main series they're a main character. Her description also implies that she's a stoic, tomboyish Action Girl, thus providing a contrast to the much more emotional and feminine Amy, serting up a Betty and Veronica situation. However, if she were a main character she would have been given a trailer reveal and probably would be playable, but she was just part of the side character list, so it's reasonable to assume that she'll be a recurring character at best, thus killing off the chance of having her be Sonic's official girlfriend.

Amy will act as the Id, and Knuckles will act as the Superego.
They'll often clash, and Sonic will have to be the mediator.
  • Possibly would be reversed, since Knuckles often acts like Dumb Muscle, and Tails will be the Superego (for being a Kid Genius and whatnot)

When (and if) another Sonic series is made after this, it will be serious
AOSTH was silly, SatAM was serious, Sonic Underground (I never watched it, so as far as I know) was somewhat silly, while Sonic X was somewhat serious, especially season 3. Since we know Sonic Boom will be silly, the show that comes after it might become more serious than the video games, rather than less...

Perci has delicate hearing.
If she's a species with usually-visible ears, that's the reason she has them covered with a bandanna.

All of the Ancients were pretty shady.
It's said that they "peacefully controlled the world's resources"—but "peaceful" may have simply meant that no one had the power or will to challenge them. Who gave them the right to do this in the first place, and just how were they controlling things?

Lyric allegedly went mad with power, turned on his peers, and wrecked the world. He certainly deserved that trip to the cooler, but apparently, the Ancients purposefully programmed their cryo machines to leave him fully conscious, which seems a bit...extreme. (Lyric's updated bio even says that after some time, he began to give up hope)

Furthermore, not all of the details Cliff passes down to Sonic and co. are accurate, since it was the few surviving Ancients who wrote it. At best, they simply wanted to cover up the glaring flaws in their system that allowed Lyric's rise to power, so that they could maintain their benevolent images even after all of their traces had vanished.

You will fight Lyric in the past.
It is stated that time travel will be involved in this game, and from what we've seen Lyric is a boss fight at one point in the game. However, in the trailer and gameplay footage we've seen, Lyric is proclaiming that he will build his robot army and fighting Sonic Team in the same spot. You could just chalk that up to timely arrival, however in those scenes he is seen to have a majority, if not ALL of the Chaos Crystals with him at the time. Either this is gameplay footage of the final boss (not very likely) or when you go to the past it is YOU who stop Lyric from unleashing his robot army and destroying the world. After his defeat in the past he was then sealed up by the other ancients and the Chaos Crystals scattered. This would also explain how Lyric was able to recognize Sonic in the present day; he was the one who defeated him in the first place.

The future, if visited, will be deliberately ambiguous.
The organic life that Lyric vowed to destroy is flourishing, his empire is in ruins, and the man himself is nowhere in sight—but neither is anyone else. Sonic and co. have essentially landed in a beautiful void.

Whatever the point of the future segment, you never learn the whole truth, only implications of varying weight. It may have something to do with the power (or worse, purpose) of the Chaos Crystals.

The thing that Cliff is searching for is the fate of his old archaeological team.
They set out one day when he was unable to go with them and never returned. Whatever the reason, Cliff is in for one heck of an emotional gut-punch when he uncovers the truth—especially if Sonic and co. were to find something the team left behind, without knowing its context.

At least one episode of the series, or one level in the games, will lampshade the Art Evolution of the characters
I.E., someone will make fun of Sonic for having long legs, and Knuckles for being a Top-Heavy Guy, or pointing out the almost absurd amount of sports tape used on the characters. May double-back with the characters justifying their looks (Sonic has long legs for being fast, Knuckles is barrel-chested for his upper-body strength, and the sports tape is to protect their arms/legs/etc. from excessive force)

If Boom is successful, Sonic will meet Blaze at some point.
According to Stephen Frost, Sonic will start wanting to do things alone, but learn but sometimes he needs to ask his friends for help... Which is pretty much the exact same lesson Blaze learned from Sonic in Rush. It'd be a good opportunity for Sonic to teach someone else the lesson that he learned.

There will be an episode where Sticks the Badger actually meets Marine the Raccoon.
Obviously, such a crossover would focus on how Strange Minds Think Alike, but would also focus on how they're different - namely, how Sticks is a Jungle Japes Wild Child, while Marine is a Gangplank Galleon Pirate Girl. Conflicts would involve Marine needing to save Sticks from getting swept into a storming sea, and Sticks saving Marine from the Hungry Jungle.

Lyric is frustrated with how Q-N-C turned out, but not over the betrayal.
Q-N-C may have gained sentience, but not the ability to think, as far as Lyric's concerned, and they're essentially the capstone of his many other misfortunes and failures. Cue tons of lashing out.

For what it's worth, Q-N-C isn't a total dunderhead; they're just deficient in social skills and a tad on the blunt side.

Q-N-C initially has a habit of showing up too late to be of assistance.
This annoys Sonic and co., but not by too much, as it's understood that Q-N-C is working on important things in the background.

At some point, however, something will happen to the group that Q-N-C's presence could have averted, and when they meet up with Sonic, totally oblivious to recent events, Sonic...won't be happy to see them. At all. This is where Q-N-C starts making more of an effort to keep up with the others.

Sonic and Sticks will be played as foils to one another, directly or no.
While it's hard to say for sure with Sonic for the time being, it can be assumed that they've both lived by themselves for an indeterminate length of time and don't know how to socialize. Sticks is eager to make friends, but Sonic is resistant to it for various reasons; both presumably suffered from persistent loneliness, but Sticks is the only one who will readily admit that.

Sticks is also more observant, but that tends to result in conspiracy theories due to her lack of experience with the outside world. Sonic's more impatient, but can tell that those odd noises outside his house are cicadas, not violins surreptitiously placed by audiophilic government spooks.

The entire Sonic Boom universe is Amy's fanfiction.
Amy actually being useful? Sonic seeming to return her feelings, as he appears to be jealous when Knuckles says it looks like she has a date? Definitely Amy's fanfiction.
  • "Amy being useful"? So, the Adventure games didn't happen?

Lyric is mistaking Sonic for Shadow.
Lyric mentions having "unfinished business" with Sonic, which Sonic doesn't remember. Shadow has been confirmed to appear, although his role and affiliation have yet to be shown. In the main games, Shadow is much older than Sonic (and it wouldn't be the first time somebody's mixed them up).
  • Jossed. Shadow just exists to fight Sonic because he hates friendship.

Dr. Eggman's Supervillain Lair will be Metropolis.

"Sticks" isn't her real name.
Obviously she had parents, though whether or not she actually knew them is unknown. "Sticks" is what she calls herself because she didn't know what her given name was; at some point in the story, she might finally learn it.

Along with Sonic Lost World, this is being presented as a possible future direction for the main franchise, despite previous claims that it wouldn't replace the main look.

The entire Sonic Boom franchise is a Take That! aimed at both the Broken Base and Unpleasable Fanbase.
This is Sega's way of getting back at the fans who either can't decide whether or not they like recent games, or who criticize those games no matter what Sega does. Remember that unlike the previous American produced series, Sega is directly involved with this one. In fact, they may have been so fed up with the aforementioned broken / unpleasable fanbase that they simply decided to go their own way with the direction of this sub-franchise regardless of what anyone thinks (let alone the fans).

The Burn-bot's name isn't the misnomer it first seems.
It has wheels and is able to keep up with Sonic. It was initially called Burn-bot because it burns rubber.

Life in the Sonic Boom world is meaningless.
Sonic Boom takes place in some horrible limbo world where everyone's lives are meaningless and inane. Sonic, Tails, Amy, and possibly Eggman and Dave are the only ones self-aware and intelligent enough to realize this. All other inhabitants of the island seen so far seem to be insane, stupid, and/or jerks who are blissfully happy with their idle existence. The self-aware people respond to the limbo in different ways. Amy is the most proactive, trying to better the world (acting as Team Mom, knitting sweaters for penguins, etc.). Tails is an engineer, focusing on learning and building. Sonic seems okay with lounging around eating chili dogs all day, but he's also adopted a Deadpan Snarker attitude that implies he's somewhat bitter towards his lot in life. Eggman and Dave, meanwhile, want to burn the world down and rebuild it in their image. However, the downside of this supervillainy is that Eggman has no friends (as touched on in Cowbot) and Dave is some nobody working a minimum wage job. The characters will remain trapped in this endless cycle of "lounge around bored, Eggman shows up, defeat Eggman, lounge around bored" until either Eggman wins or he gives up / dies / Lyric or Dave or someone takes over the world instead.
  • Confirmed by Word of God, kind of?
  • More positively, the world in the Sonic Boom cartoon is actually a utopian but slightly sleepy post-scarcity society in which advanced technology has enabled everybody to live in a pollution-free paradise without deprivation or strife. Because there's no incentive for conflict, actual wars rarely, if ever, break out. The village's citizens look upon the antics of the like of Dr. Eggman and Dave more as entertainment than anything else. It adds some excitement to their lives, and the nominal damage that results can be quickly and easily repaired. It's to the point that being an "evil villain" is a legitimate and semi-respectable occupation. The downside of this is that whenever a legitimately malicious and threatening force arises, most people are totally unprepared to confront it.

Even worse than the above, the series not only exists in the main Sonic universe...
...but the characters are all played by professional actors.note  All except Sticks, who, while good at throwing boomerangs, is otherwise just an actress. Furthermore, this entire project was done without the involvement of the real Sonic, etc. In fact, it gets better.

In-universe, it started out as a Fan Fic that Sticks wrote.
After posting it online, some enterprising TV producer found it and decided it would be perfect for a new TV series. Additionally, the actual series itself is far removed from the Fan Fic Sticks wrote.

Some games are still canon.
At least some of the games are canon to Sonic Boom. The classics would fit pretty well thanks to their cartoony atmosphere (plus Knuckles being gullible in Sonic 3 fits with his Boom characterization), and Colors and Lost World are basically the same tone and style anyways. The redesigns can be explained as a Time Skip, so everyone's older, Eggman got fatter, Sonic stopped shaving his arms, etc.
  • According to Tails in the Cowbot episode, Angel Island exists in this canon as well, so this isn't as farfetched as it seems.

Lyric isn't a true snake.
Not only is he at least twice the size of most other Mobians, but he's got non-standard facial features as well (mostly in that the division between his snout and the rest of his face isn't directly connected to his eyes, if that makes any sense). Lyric's species may have been closely related to, but not actually, snakes.

He only refers to himself as a "snake" so that he won't have to waste time explaining things to Eggman or Sonic and co.; it's not like they'd be inclined to listen.

Shadow will form his own team after his debut.
...and each member will be a parallel of a member of Team Sonic:
  • Tails/ Silver
  • Knuckles/ Omega
  • Amy/ Blaze or Rouge
  • Sticks/ Perci

Mirror Dimension Sticks has a crush on Mirror Dimension Sonic.
  • To match up with Mirror Dimension Amy having a crush on Mirror Dimension Knuckles.

Zooey will become a main character in the second season.
  • It may work if Tails and Zooey's relationship becomes a ongoing thing though out the show.
    • Actually, the relationship thing is apparently dead or something, because three episodes following her debut Tails flirts with Perci. Yes.
    • Are you really that surprised about a show with Zero Continuity completely forgetting about a relationship from a previous episode? Once the episode's over, anything that happened in that episode basically never happened, so Tails and Zooey are no longer dating as far as the show's concerned.
      • If they intended to never bring that up again, why hook them up in the first place!?
      • An Aesop about being yourself when it comes to love? Or maybe they just wanted to toy around with the tropes associated with the subject.
There ARE other humans in Sonic's World...
... But they live on a private island consisting of nothing but furries, apart from Eggman.

Next year's Christmas Episode (There obviously won't be one this year) will be either..
A How the Character Stole Christmas episode with Eggman, or Yet Another Christmas Carol with either Eggman or Shadow (We need some explanation for why he's so grumpy here.

This version of Shadow is Sonic's future self
It may seem out of place, but still possible. Something bad happened to make Sonic cross the Despair Event Horizon, causing him to reject friendship, become a comically serious Villain Sue, and worst of all, dye his fur red and black. One day, an incident with Time Travel (possibly trying to learn Chaos Control) sent him back in time to his glory days (somehow giving him his Chaos Powers in the process), where he donned red contacts and named himself Shadow (after hearing someone call him "a shadow of his former self"), and dedicated his life to destroying his past self so he wouldn't have to experience the trauma that drove him to become Shadow (fully aware that success would most likely erase him from existence),or failing that, help his past self improve through their encounters, unwittingly becoming well known enough for Eggman to fanboy over him. Sonic and his friends could discover all this when one of Tails' or Eggman's faulty inventions sends them forward in time, where they see a future version of one of Sonic's friends, possibly Tails or Amy, call Shadow "Sonic". The next time him and Shadow fight, Sonic will then splash him in the face with something, washing off some of the dye and revealing his natural blue fur underneath. Later in the fight he'll finally succeed in his goal and blink out of existence... only to immediatly blink back in and for Sonic to come back to life because of the obvious paradox, showing that Shadow retained one aspect of his personality: his tendency to not think things through.

Cream the Rabbit will be a tomboy and will live in a palace.
Cream will go from a polite girly girl to a martial arts loving tomboy who loves to eat extremely spicy food and wears a sleeveless orange hoodie with a white hood and blue hoodie strings. Her home will be a large East/Southeast/Central Asian-style palace larger than Eggman's lair complete with a moat, guards, a temple, a martial arts hall, a Japanese styled-castle (part of the palace where she lives), a garden, a museum, a gym, a restaurant, a theatre, a swimming pool, etc. The seasons in palace will change (e.g. if winter hits, it's snowing).

Sticks was involved in some sort of dimension-hopping accident, and is actually from the main Sonic verse
As this comic points out, some of the things mentioned in Stick's conspiracy rants have actually appeared in some form in the main Sonic 'verse (GUN could be morphed into the government spying on people, for example). How exactly she ended up in the Boom 'verse is unclear, but the result is the same: her theories are just warped memories of where she grew up.

Shadow will not make a Heel–Face Turn, but instead will grow into having Sonic as a Worthy Opponent.
The show and games build him as a complete dick, and he has zero backstory. However, he seems to have a tendency towards being nicer when given a show of strength. Sonic will prove that working with his team really does make him strong, and Shadow will begin to realize the real superpower of teamwork, eventually leading to him being forced to assemble Team Dark out of anti-heroes-turned-villains.

The Chaotix will appear at some point
Since they're already a Comic Trio, they'd fit in pretty well. Also, they're fan favorites.
  • Vector has indeed been referenced in the episode "Where Have All The Sonics Gone?".

Zooey will appear as a cameo in a later episode
Sonic or Knuckles will save her during one of Eggman's rampages, after which she will vent about not hearing from Tails for a while, and after giving her a few words, Sonic/Knuckles will tell Tails that they "saved his relationship".
Sonic is Shadow's Identical Grandson.
With the way Thornton plays the character, it wouldn't be surprising if this version of Shadow is actually older than Main!Shadow. This will be dropped when Shadow is at Sonic's mercy. This will eventually lead to Shadow's Moral Event Horizon.
Shadow played everyone and is the real Big Bad.
Let's look at everything he does:
  • Rise of Lyric:
    • Approaches Sonic for no reason, and gets his ass firmly handed to him, leading to his Put on a Bus situation by the end, dodging the whole fight. He shows up just after Lyric's been defeated, and remember Shadow has a level of control over time.
  • Shattered Crystal:
    • After being brainwashed, throws down with the team, and then waking up, ready to fight Lyric. At the end, he pulls the same shit he did in Rise, except this time, taking the Big Bad down himself.
And It Takes A Village is listed under Fridge Brilliance.

Shadow is from a Proud Warrior Race that was Destroyed
Shadow once lived in a village of hedgehogs who are all known for being fast and skilled fighters. One day, someone comes in and destroys everything except Shadow, instead capturing him to be used in science experiments (that may or may not involve Chaos Emeralds). In the end, he escapes and destroys the lab. Bitter about his experiences and unable to let go of the pride he holds as a hedgehog, Shadow picks fights with Sonic, in whom he sees a little bit of his past self.

The Chaos Emeralds will give Sonic's friends Psychic abilities
Eggman will find them and start experimenting with them, only to fail to use them properly (suprise, suprise), causing them to scatter all over the island. 4 of these emeralds will be attracted to Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks and become Clingy Macguffins that give each of them a different psychic power related to their personality:

The rest of the season will focus on collecting the other Emeralds, all the while making a running gag out of Sonic complaining about not gaining any psychic powers despite being the one who usually grabs the Emeralds. This will have the ultimate payoff when he becomes Super Sonic during the climax of the story arc, equipped with all the powers his friends had with increased strength.

The series is slowly becoming Darker and Edgier
The last two episodes had Sonic nearly drowning, which was definitely not played for laughs, and Sticks finding out that Eggman had successfully brainwashed the entire village, including Team Sonic. And it's been confirmed that Shadow is reappearing, even after it was said that it was difficult implementing him in a Denser and Wackier setting. These could be signs of the show becoming a lot more serious...

One episode will involve a parody of Teen Titans Go! as a Take That! to TTG for pretty much shoving the show to Boomerang.
Sonic and friends will be upstaged by a group of superheroes similar to the Titans (possibly also created by Dr. Eggman, though that's entirely optional), then when it seems like the old team isn't needed anymore, the "heroes" start acting like total jerkasses. Sonic and co. return and defeat the other team with the real superpower of teamwork and prove themselves to be actual heroes unlike the villains of the week.
  • Bonus points if Team Jerkasses also start fighting between members, to solidify the teamwork aspect of the heroes.
    • Alternatively: one episode has an in-universe cartoon similar to the original Teen Titans that Sonic and co liked get a reboot that looks very similar to TTG, and at first, Sonic and co are of differing opinions (ranging from being outright hating it to liking it more than the original)note , but as the in-universe TTG stand-in becomes more and more Adored by the Network and screwing other shows over, Sonic and friends start to share the same negative opinion of the show, if only because of how much it's screwing other shows over (and maybe Breaking the Fourth Wall and saying "Just like what's happening to us"), resulting in them petitioning the network to get said show cancelled.

The games version of Blaze the Cat will appear rather than an original Sonic Boom version.
She would use the Sol Emeralds or the Sol Emeralds would bring her to the Sonic Boom Universe.

One episode will feature a Take That! towards Ken Penders.
Mocking his writing habits, his overuse of echidnas, and his copyright strikes.

Knuckles is actually Obfuscating Stupidity
He may not be a genius like Tails, but Knuckles occasionally has bouts of intelligence every other episode. It wouldn't be out of character for him to be Brilliant, but Lazy, eschewing his smarts to avoid pressure from others and continue having fun with his friends, being content to let Tails do 99% of the brain work.

There will be a Psycho Rangers for Team Sonic.
Shadow won't be a part of it due to him preferring to work alone. But the team will be made up of Boom versions of either scrapped or legacy characters.

Sticks counterpart will be Bean.

Amy's counterpart will be Fang.

Knuckles counterpart will be Bark.

Tails counterpart will either be Ray the Flying Squirrel, Cream, Marine, or a new character.

Sonic's counterpart will be either Mighty the Armadillo, Tiara Boobowski, Blaze, or a new character.

  • Alternatively, if Blaze IS Sonic's counterpart, she will be an arrogant, pompous, and egotistical heir to a throne that believes that Sonic should quit being a hero and be her servant. Bonus points if they went to the same Hero School, were once best friends, but became bitter rivals.

  • If it's a new character, it'll be an anthropomorphic animal from a snowy region, like a Chinchilla or Snow Leopard, with super speed and ice powers. One who will be a snarky, egotistical, and tomboyish girl.

  • And Tails will suddenly get caught in a love triangle with Zooey and Cream. For no reason other than they (as in, Zooey and Cream) thought pandering to the Tails/Cream shippers would be fun.

Plot elements in season 3
If a 3rd season actually happens at least.

  • The subject of Sticks' parents'.

  • Flashback detailing how Team Sonic knew Shadow.

  • In an Ancient related flashback, there will be a Call-Forward involving a symbiotic chip.

  • Mayor Fink losing his position as mayor to someone with more common sense.

  • An episode that makes fun of Screwed by the Network.

Lyric does not exist in the TV series
I noticed something odd, but there has been little to no mention about Lyric within the TV show (despite the series supposedly having been after the first two games). So I got to thinking: Maybe SEGA decided that Lyric should not be canon anymore and has completely ignored everything about him and the games he was in. Hence forth, why he never made even a cameo appearance in the TV series.

The whole show is just the fantasies of an obsessive Sonic fan who works as a garbage man in real life
The Medium-Shift Gag in "Just a Guy" shows an adult dressed up as Sonic taking out the trash and implies the show itself is his "happy place."

Seaside Island is the fictional equivalent of Hawaii
It's a tropical island, but still contains a Western-styled civilization (for example, Meh Burger).

Sticks' parents are the ones who trapped the Froglodytes underground. And they captured Sticks because they mistook her for her mother.
They never outright said Sticks' name in "Closed Door Policy".

If the show got a season 3... would have revealed that Mark (from "The Biggest Fan") secretly films clips of Team Sonic's funniest moments (such as Amy saying that studios should stop recycling tired old properties, or Knuckles criticizing the You Go, Girl! trope), and posts them on their universe's equivalent of Twitter for free likes and reposts. Now, Team Sonic has to deal with their unexpected internet popularity.

Eggman set up Tails with his crush in "Tails' Crush"
Eggman sees all of Tails' attempts at wooing Zooey, and from the start finds them an annoying trainwreck. Then there's the attack where Tails rescues Zooey. It kicks off immediately after Eggman gives him the advice to be himself, and by picking up Zooey, Eggman's robot creates a situation where Tails can do just that. Further to this, I don't recall seeing any other attacks where Eggman's robots pick up characters other than the five heroes. Finally, Eggman sticks around afterwards to provide romantic music. There's also the line where he states that "the bro code trumps the whole enemy thing".

The plot of “Eggman the Auther” is actually centered around a quadriple ruse.
Orbot and Cubot weren't lying when they claimed Eggman would get rid of them should his plan succeed: think of it,if the whole island (or most of it) is under the doctor's control,does he need these boltbrains anymore? He didn't forget to install the mind-controlling device — Orbot had time to remove it.

Shadow was created with carvings of Sonic on Lyric's tomb used as a template.
That's why Lord Eggman doesn't recognize him and Shadow didn't glitch in the "No-Sonic" dimension.

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