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As is typical for most Sonic media, the Sonic Boom subfranchise (including the more comedy-focused cartoon) has its share of awe-inducing moments that are likely to make you want to stand up and cheer.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moment pages; therefore, all spoilers are unmarked. Tread carefully.

The cartoon

  • Burn-Bot may have a misnomer of a name, but it's a force to be reckoned with — in Sonic and Tails' first fight with it, it defeats Tails and crashes the Tornado, and is able to keep up with Sonic. And then Eggman upgrades him with twin hip-mounted flamethrowers, so he actually can burn things.
  • The giant robot from "Translate This" was strong enough to deal with Sonic and his friends on its own. Not even Knuckles' fists or Amy's Piko Piko Hammer could harm it. However, the way it was defeated deserves a special mention. When the robot launched photon bombs at them, Sticks lobbed one of them into the air and Knuckles spiked the bomb into the robot's eye. He drops into a Three-Point Landing with a triumphant grin on his face just before the bomb explodes.
  • Sticks leaps into action at the end of "My Fair Sticksy", ditching her "lady-like" guise for good in order to save her friends from Eggman.
    Sticks: That's it! I'm sick of being proper! (pulls her dress off, revealing her regular clothes underneath) Time to get primal!
  • Chalk one up for Eggman in a couple of episodes, as despite him being as comically ineffectual as ever he still manages to prove himself a legitimate threat. In particular:
    • In "Can An Evil Genius Crash At Your Place For A Few Days", he pulls an effective Batman Gambit wherein he acts like a friendly guy who just wants some help while he's down, while annoying Sonic and Tails to the point of exhaustion — making it impossible for them to retaliate when he finally uncovers his plan.
    • In "Sole Power", Sonic seemingly develops a condition that causes a painfully loud noise to occur whenever he uses his super speed. As a result, he is unable to help his team during a robot attack. Much to his dismay, his friends easily destroy Eggman's robots without him. Eggman then arrives, claiming that Orbot and Cubot accidentally triggered the attack. Since the attack went just fine without his guidance, he claims that he feels unneeded as a result. When Sonic confides in Eggman and asks for his assistance, he then develops a set of shoes that seemingly cure Sonic of his condition. Turns out, there was nothing wrong with Sonic. Eggman actually created a device that would play the deafening tone every time Sonic runs. The shoes he made for Sonic serve as a external power source and generator for Eggman's giant robot, converting his super speed into power for the robot's battery, force field, and weaponry. Additionally, Eggman knew that Sonic would celebrate his "cure" by using his speed more often, that Sonic hates being left out of a fight between Eggman and his friends, and that Sonic has a habit of senselessly charging headfirst into danger — all of these factors gave the robot more than enough power to deal with all of our heroes at once. To top it off; as a nice subtle Shout-Out to Sonic Labyrinth's Slow-Down Boots, Sonic can't remove the shoes.
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    • "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce". The heroes were suspicious of said sauce and so they tested it for everything they could. To their surprise it came up negative so they dismiss it. But then it turns out that Eggman knew they'd find the sauce suspicious... which is why he made the cans the sauce is marketed in the real danger, programming them to take over all technology on the island. If not for Sonic and co., he probably would have won this time — and indeed, it took them a while to foil the plan.
    • In "Chez Amy", Eggman actually gets an understated victory by destroying Amy's restaurant and getting away with it scot-free.
  • Meta-example, but special mention must be made to Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock for their work in "The Meteor". Since Sonic and Eggman switched bodies in that episode, they were both technically voicing a different character. Roger was able to make his Sonic laugh and speak with Eggman's mannerisms while Mike was able to make Eggman speak with Sonic's. Being able to do that really sold the premise of the episode and bring in a lot of laughs. Of course, props should also be given to Cindy Robinson and Travis Willingham, who have been in this situation before, and likely gave Roger and Mike tips.
  • In "Battle of The Boy Bands", Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles successfully manage to break the mind control of Justin Beaver and all of the girls through a combination of insults against the boy band industry in a song in a singing battle, and going from Dreamboat Express to Dude-itude rocking out to conclude the episode. Keep in mind that the last time in Sonic history that he played in a band was in Sonic Underground.
    • This episode in general wowed many viewers, especially those that really hate the boy band industry, especially Justin Bieber, to the Mythology Gag relating back to another Sonic TV series from the past. The crew deserves special mention for doing their research and listening to certain boy band songs, and placing in cameos of other Sonic Boom characters like Perci and Zooey.
    • Special mention goes to Cindy Robinson here; her singing voice as Justin Beaver falls under Most Wonderful Sound, even if you don't like Bieber's music.
  • In "Tails' Crush", after failing to impress Zooey several times, Eggman of all people, tells Tails to Be Yourself instead of listening to other people. Then, after finally getting his long-awaited package and attacking the village with his new robot, Tails goes One-Man Army by taking out Eggman's robot mooks with only his wrench, gets into his plane, saves Zooey, and destroys the robot in two blasts. And he got the girl in the end.
    Eggman: Well well, look who got the girl by being himself! Didn't see that one coming.
    • Earlier in the episode where Eggman goes to attack the delivery turtle for not getting his package, despite being grabbed by a robot with the potential to kill him, Leroy the turtle points out that thuggery wouldn't send the package any faster. Quite amount of bravery for a minor character.
    • The heroes' disposal of the Desimator-bot afterwards, especially Knuckles' "wheelbarrow race".
  • In "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog", after being accused by Eggman of stealing his particle accelerator, Sonic must clear his good name by finding the real thief. Joined by Knuckles, he tracks down the culprit to a house in the jungle and is confronted by none other than Metal Sonic. Knuckles attempts to take the robotic double down with a barrage of punches, but Metal stands his ground without even flinching and proceeds to unload a point-blank energy blast from the hole in his chest to knock the echidna into a nearby tree, rendering him unconscious. That's right— Metal managed to withstand the blows of and knock out the strongest member of the team with barely any effort!
    • Enraged by this, Sonic attempts to make his nuts-and-bolts copy pay, even repeatedly Homing Attacking him for a brief period before Metal pulls out the particle accelerator to power himself up, confirming he's the thief. Realizing he's outmatched, Sonic runs off with Metal giving chase and periodically firing lasers at him. The two zip across the entire island before Sonic finally stops near his shack, seemingly exhausted. Metal floats nearby, ready to end the fight... until the one and only Sonic reveals he was faking it. He then runs toward and tosses a horseshoe at his mechanical foe, its presence causing the particle accelerator to malfunction and let out a discharge of energy that sends Metal flying across the island.
    Sonic: I guess when you get tired, you can just recharge.
    Metal Sonic: (charges up, ready to attack)
    Sonic: That's the difference between you and me, Metal — I. Don't. Get. Tired.
    • Also an awesome meta moment because not counting Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, this is the first appearance of Metal Sonic on animated television, and he does exactly the kind of thing you'd expect in a show like this: act as a doppelganger to our blue hero and try and set him up as a bad guy. The closest thing we got to that beforehand was Pseudo Sonic, and in that case the threat was quickly taken care of and used against Robotnik; here he's not even revealed until the end of the episode, and he actually puts up a good fight to boot. Seriously, it took 23 years of animation just to get this kind of scenario?
  • "Designated Heroes" gives one for both sides.
    • For Eggman: After convincing Sonic and Co. to take him on one at a time, he outwits them one by one through the use of flattery, compliments, and exploit of their own weaknesses so he can swipe the objects they have (or created for him unintentionally in Knuckles' case) and put them in a Rube Goldberg-esque machine, which he uses to easily capture Sonic after waiting until the hedgehog lets down his guard. It just goes to show that Eggman still has the IQ points to be dangerously clever.
    • For the good guys: Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, and Tails showing off impressive teamwork, each countering Eggman's attacks with their stolen gear, getting it back, and ultimately busting out Sonic to finish the fight— all while tagging each other in and out when they needed to to uphold their 1v1 arrangement that they made with Eggman.
  • After spending most of the series (and the episode itself) acting as incompetent comic relief, Knuckles finally gets a solo Awesome Moment in "Counter Productive". After breaking neurotic local Charlie into insanity with his stupidity, Knuckles turns the other cheek towards his bullying due to feeling blame for it. However, when Knuckles discovers that Charlie has become a supervillain (from hearing Charlie say so himself), he finally decides to fight back. He then quickly spars with Charlie's giant mech and destroys it. Extra points due to demolishing it by backfiring one of its rays with a trash can lid, marking a rare case Knuckles won by being smart.
  • In the Season One finale "It Takes A Village To Defeat A Hedgehog", Sonic and co., despite being stretched thin, manage to take out a Not So Harmless ambush by Eggman, who was working with a team of evildoers that the gang has fought before and Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • In "Tommy Thunder Method Actor", Sonic's battle against Eggman's robots is capped by a Suspiciously Similar Song of the theme to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Regardless of your opinion on the show in question, it's a pretty great throwback.
  • Knuckles once again gets a chance to shine in the climax of "Spacemageddonocalypse". The echidna rockets into space to attempt to knock the asteroid that's about to hit his home planet off its collision course using an invention of Tails'... which he accidentally breaks because he has no idea how to use it. Undeterred, however, Knuckles exits the rocket, jumps into the air (or lack thereof), and punches the asteroid hard enough to break it apart. He then manages to narrowly escape by surfing back to the rocket using one of Eggman's satellites. It bears repeating: Knuckles destroyed a massive asteroid. WITH A SINGLE PUNCH. Truly, his strength knows no bounds.
    Knuckles: Looks like I'm gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way. (punches his way out of the spaceship, and jumps down onto the surface) I'm sorry to do this to you asteroid, but I've got a lot of friends on that planet!
    • Then afterward, the broken pieces of the asteroid begin raining down on the island. Cue Sonic borrowing Amy's giant mallet, racing to each segment's predicted landing site as they enter the atmosphere, and smashing all thirty of them out of the air within the space of only a few seconds. Bonus points for deliberately leaving one of them to land outside Eggman's bomb shelter and trap him after he'd earlier been trying to charge the village's elite to use it.
  • In "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er", Tails spends most of the episode trying to prove to both Sonic and Eggman that he would be much better at capturing Sonic. He comes up with some pretty creative and clever traps, but Sonic bests him at every turn. Which, in itself, is a bit of an awesome for Sonic. But at the climax, Tails finally gets the better of the blue blur by playing to all of his weaknesses. Even Eggman's robots acknowledge Tails' improvement rate is much faster than Eggman's.
  • After one of Eggman's Crab Bots cuts Sonic's air tube during I Can Sea Sonic's Fear From Here, Sticks dives into the ocean without any scuba gear to give Sonic a new air tube-- thus rescuing him from drowning-- and help Amy and Knuckles, who were struggling with fighting underwater, all whilst holding her breath. Quite an impressive moment for an often-understated individual who's usually considered a paranoid fruit-loop.
    Tails: But Sticks, you don't have a wetsuit!
    Sticks: I don't need a wetsuit. (dives into the ocean to save everyone)
  • Sticks manages to save the day again in the climax of "In the Midnight Hour". After being thrown in jail while attempting to explain to everyone that the mysterious Dreamcaster is attempting to use mind control on them through their TVs while they sleep during the night, she finds out he's a robot created by Eggman to do just that, explaining everyone's strange behavior. Being the only one not hypnotized because she purposefully doesn't have a TV, Sticks manages to break out with the help of a mind-controlled Knuckles and barely resists the subsequent mind-control attempt by Dreamcaster long enough to return to her burrow and pack five tinfoil hats, the one thing that can block mind control indefinitely. Upon returning to the scene, she puts one on herself and gives the others to the rest of Team Sonic, allowing them to take care of Eggman's robots while she deals with Dreamcaster; she squirts paint in his eyes and then uses her patented "jujitsurrealism" (i.e. martial arts) to take him offline for good, freeing the rest of the villagers from the mind control and forcing Eggman to retreat. Again, not bad for a nutcase.
    • Props to Eggman as well; this is probably the closest he's gotten to successful world domination in the entire series. He had everyone under his mind control thanks to Dreamcaster— even 4/5ths of Team Sonic— and was in the process of using them to build a satellite that would allow Dreamcaster to mind-control the entire world! Had Sticks been mind-controlled as well, there would be no one left to stand in his way. He would have won. Eggman may be a comical villain, but he still has his moments of competency.
  • In "The Evil Dr. Orbot", Orbot...well, becomes an evil mastermind after downloading an evil textbook and passing the exam. This leads to him pulling evil deed after evil deed without senseless destruction, and manages to better pull off Eggman's Fuzzy Puppy Buddy scheme from earlier in the episode. He even gives Team Sonic a run for their money, only being thwarted when his increasingly power-hungry nature caused him to blow up the villainy permits.
    • Orbot's aforementioned version of the Fuzzy Puppies plan? Rather than brazenly attack the warehouse and grab the attention of Team Sonic, Orbot legally purchases the entire stock at discounted prices. He then put up posters all over the village claiming that there was a mystery buyer willing to buy a Fuzzy Puppy figurine at 1000 dollars. He then put an ad in the newspaper for a figurine sale with each unit at 500 bucks. As he predicted beforehand, each of his customers bought three units; one to play with, one to keep mint, and one to sell to the mystery buyer. Later, Cubot as the mystery buyer made the sales with paying out 1000 bucks to each customer as promised, but due to Orbot's previous sales resulting in an initial 1500 bucks profit, he overall scammed every customer out of 500 bucks, and the ensuing value surge boosted the value of Eggman's collection.
    • Also in the episode, all the villains seen thus far managed to pass the evil exam while Eggman didn't, thus proving themselves once and for all to be better at villainy than Eggman. Or at least smart enough to bring non-breakable pencils.
  • In Mech Suits Me, Sonic uses a suit created by the Ancients and totally whoops Eggman with no sweat.
    • The rest of the team fighting Mech-Suit Sonic and manage to release the symbiotic program. Now they have a weapon that they can use in future episodes.
    • Also counts also as a moment of funny, but Amy calling out Hollywood for continuously using recycled plots rather than try something new.
  • In the climax of "Og Man Out", Team Sonic is fighting the recently-surfaced Froglodyte army, but unlike the last time they fought the Froglodytes, they're overwhelmed by their enemies' superior numbers. Fortunately, it's at this point that the usually nonviolent Og comes to their rescue and fights off his former Froglodyte brethren and their drill instructor. By himself. This, combined with Team Sonic rejoining the battle, is enough to get the drill instructor to order the Froglodytes to retreat back into the hole they surfaced from.
  • Amy gets a surprise moment in "Knine-to-Five Knuckles", which is otherwise a Knuckles-focused episode. After Knuckles tells his friends that the returning T.W. Barker is threatening to evict him from his new home, the pink hedgehog takes matters into her own hands, studying Barker's terms for living in the house and noting them as completely unfair to Knuckles, then telling him that despite seeming like "the girly one", she is not to be underestimated, as she has a huge hammer and will use it on anyone that wrongs her or her friends. She then flies into an animalistic rage to the point where her friends have to hold her back, scaring Barker into freeing Knuckles from the contract before running away and just plain scaring his bears off. Yes, people— Amy is threatening enough to scare off a con wolf and his two guard bears. Ticking her off is NOT a recommended course of action.
    Amy: Do you know what I do to my enemies?! I crush 'em and I eat 'em for breakfast, even after I've already had breakfast and brunch! So do not push me and don't mess with my friends!
  • In "Robots from the Sky" Part Three, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks and Og are dealing with the robot army attacking Hedgehog Village while Sonic and Tails are in Morristown finding the source of the malware infecting them. However, even these experienced heroes end up grossly outmatched and outnumbered, and for once, they need some serious assistance. So, with the help of a rallying speech from Knuckles, the previously fleeing villagers stand up and join the three in fighting back, easily holding out long enough for Sonic and Tails to defeat Hypno-bot, thus freeing all robots from his influence. Most of them may be background characters, but this scene shows the villagers can still put up a fight and defend their home (with the right motivation, at least).
  • Partway through "Robots from the Sky" Part Four, things aren't looking good for Team Sonic. Eggman has teamed up with Hypno-bot, Mighton and some Morristown citizens have been hypnotized in order to add to their already large army, and Team Sonic and Bolts are highly outnumbered, forcing them to retreat to the lead-lined bunker where Hypno-bot's hypnotizing signal doesn't work. What are our heroes to do? Well, Bolts and Tails use Team Sonic DNA to create Team Cybonic, robot lookalikes of Team Sonic complete with organic brains to prevent them from being hypnotized, and together, each member of Team Sonic and their cyborg counterpart decimate the enemy forces (aside from robots the team is friendly with, of course). It is an absolutely glorious sight.
    • At the end of the battle, Sonic is punched by the hypnotized Mighton's rocket fist, exacerbating his leg injury from the previous episode and leaving him vulnerable; Hypno-bot commands Mighton to finish him with another rocket punch. Horrified by the thought of losing his best friend, Tails quickly gets over his hesitation to harm Hypno-bot on account of being his creation and, as the others assist him by destroying the robots attempting to stop him and disabling Hypno-bot's gun, flies over with all his might to bash the robot's hypno-ray off with his wrench, putting him out of commission just before the rocket punch can connect with Sonic and finally ending the crisis for good. Way to go, Tails!
  • The climax of "Planes, Trains, and Dudemobiles"; a car chase through a lava filled jungle between the males of Team Sonic, the police, and a criminal maniac set to a wonderfully cheesy rock song.
  • A meta example, Sonic Boom's nomination in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. Considering the troubles thrown in the show's way—averaging only a paltry 100,000 viewers in ratings thanks to being relegated to Boomerang, the channel considered to be Cartoon Network's "recycle bin", getting little to no promotion from said network and arguably SEGA themselves, with only the commendable efforts of the fans, the writers, and the voice actors helping spread the word, and being forever stigmatized by the failure of Rise of Lyric and to some extent just by having the word "Sonic" appear in its name—garnering enough love to be placed alongside other popular animated shows like Family Guy and Rick and Morty is nothing short of remarkable.
  • At the end of "The Haunted Lair", Eggman reclaims his robots, and then has this exchange with Sonic.
    Eggman: Eggman's back in business, baby! You ready for a battle, hedgehog?!
    Sonic: Aren't I always?!
    Sonic and his team prepares to clash with Eggman and his Badniks.
  • Near the end of "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom", Eggman succeeds in his goal of getting a power source for the mech suit he built in the same episode. So what's Sonic to do? Well, he calls in his Ancient mech suit, returning from "Mech Suits Me", and the two duke it out in a fight sequence that's as awesome as one would expect a mech fight to be and a definite change-up from Boom's usual brand of climactic battle. The badass heavy metal background track is the cherry on top.
  • In Season 2 Episode 38, Knuckles manages to give a surprisingly insightful speech on how to do feminism correctly. Several viewers have pointed out that not only would this viewpoint be a healthier one for the feminist movement in general but that it would be healthier for any group feeling maligned and/or mistreated. The point is so good that The Mysterious Mr. Enter uses it to help explain the problem with "fake-breaking stereotypes" in his list of Worst Animation Cliches.
    Knuckles: You know Amy, any time someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.
  • In "Vector Detector", Vector the Crocodile makes a surprise appearance as the star of a detective reality show in an effort to find Amy's stolen hammer. It sounds like he's going to be comic relief, but, aside from getting a bit snide and being obviously greedy, he plays it completely straight with some really solid reasoning thanks to Sonic's help, even noticing when the evidence isn't adding up the way it should and seeking Sonic out by himself to make his continued work on the case more difficult to track.
  • Near the end of "Eggman: The Video Game Part 1", Shadow's out for revenge because of a poorly-edited video of Sonic "trash-talking" him that Eggman showed him (and also edited and recorded), but he's not just taking on the Blue Blur; no, he's fighting the entirety of Team Sonic. How does this experienced group of heroes take him down? Trick question. They don't. In what is perhaps one of the most brutal beatings Team Sonic has suffered over the course of the entire series, Shadow utterly demolishes Sonic's friends and shoulder-charges Sonic himself into a wall as soon as he appears on the scene, then prepares to finish him off as the episode ends on a cliffhanger; when Sonic arrives, his friends are shown struggling to get back to their feet after the beatdown with such a level of pain outlined on their faces that you know it definitely wasn't a fun experience for them, and the entire gang is still bruised and sore all over from the whole thing by the middle of Part 2. Shadow, as always, is a force to be reckoned with.
    • Shadow's downright awesome and sinister entrance, right after one-shotting Knuckles by smashing him through a brick wall at blinding speed:
    Tails: Knuckles! What happened?!
    Knuckles: (groggily) If I had to guess, I'd say I was... knocked into a wall.
    Shadow: (teleports in behind them and slowly descends to the ground) Correction — pummelled into a wall.
    Tails: Shadow...? What are you doing here?
    Shadow: (pulls a Psychotic Smirk) Fox-hunting.
  • At the beginning of "Eggman: The Video Game Part 2 - The End of the World", we get the Sonic vs. Shadow rematch we've waited for since the end of season one, and round 2 is even more awesome than round 1; the two combatants exchange punches, kicks, and Spin Attacks galore.
    • Metal Sonic returns, and he's just as dangerous as ever, thanks to the data of Team Sonic and Shadow Eggman uploaded into him. Sonic and Shadow can barely stop him, and when he crosses over into the main dimension with them in tow, it takes 4/5ths of Team Sonic (minus a knocked-down Amy) to take him down, with the guys holding onto his limbs with their Enerbeams, allowing Sticks to deliver the coup de grace by jamming her bo staff directly into his chest cavity just before he can land a shot on Amy.
      • On top of that, Metal Sonic defeated Shadow. Knowing the sheer pain the latter put Team Sonic in, this is nothing short of awesome.
    • Once again, you have to give Eggman props for his borderline Xanatos Speed Chess antics this episode. After Shadow realizes he's been fooled and comes gunning for Eggman, he hops over to Lord Eggman's dimension and tells him where Sonic is, causing him to jump over to the main dimension and distract Shadow while the real Eggman stays behind. And when that gets cleared up, he already has Metal Sonic on hand to defend against both Sonic and Shadow. It may have ended with him being captured by Shadow, but Eggman managed pretty well while he could.

The games

  • The period after first contact with Lyric has some awesome moments.
    • Lyric himself shows resourcefulness by using his shackles and Enerbeam binding array against the group - first by using the shackles to block Sonic's spin attacks, then the binding array to ensnare the four of them. What really makes it awesome is that Lyric only saw Sonic spin attack him twice before, which invokes Awesomeness by Analysis.
    • Tails shows his own resourcefulness by disabling the binding array on his own and recalibrating it into grapple units for the group to use.
  • At the end of Rise of Lyric, Lyric uses the teams' Enerbeams to capture the group. They struggle, hovering in the air, as he moves to finish them off. Who comes to the rescue? Eggman. He shoots Lyric from behind and breaks his control over the Enerbeams.
  • Despite the game being bad in the eyes of many, at least the bosses were pretty good.
  • At the end of Shattered Crystal, Shadow shows up and makes short work of Lyric's "ultimate" machine before kicking him away, with Sonic opening the drop chute for Lyric to fall through.


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