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  • Anyone can well up watching the end of the first series, when Sonic takes Chris running one last time before he has to do the whole return to his own world forever thing. It's summed up in the fact that Sonic cries for the first time pretty much ever in that continuity, and the kid gets the tears in his face. That you never see Sonic's eyes just makes it worse.
  • Cream's reunion with her mother.
  • During the episode Last Resort, Amy makes Sonic a bracelet out of shells to protect him when he's around his weakness, water. Instead of being all put out the way he usually is when Amy makes a romantic gesture, Sonic can only stare at her in surprise. The look on his face, coupled with the look on Amy's, is absolutely adorable.
    • Add this to the fact that after the bracelet is smashed, and Amy is convinced it's lost, the episode ends on a scene with Sonic, watching the water and wearing the repaired bracelet. Awww.
  • The ending to Episode 52, Memories of the Wind. There Amy has waited for a good while for Sonic to return. When he does, Amy rushes to him, yells at him while in tears, then finally declares she would have waited for his fateful return for the rest of her life. THEN she screams for Sonic to just tell her he loves her. Sonic responds by giving her a flower and an answer...which is inaudible and thus ambiguous. But it works so well that you're likely to be "awww"ing throughout.
  • The fact that Sonic actually flew to Amy's house just to visit her. This is the girl that he's always running away from, yet he travels miles to see her. And because Amy was staying at Cream's house, she had to run for hours just to reach him. She leaves in the middle of the night, and by the time she gets home, it's morning. Now that's dedication.
    • Even more heartwarming in the French dub : He openly returns Amy's feelings towards him.
  • Near the end of the final season the crew will have to use the Master Emerald against the Metarex. The fate of the universe is on the line and it's literally their last chance... and Eggman points out to Chris that if the Master Emerald explodes, he's going to lose his only chance to go home. He's no doubt expecting an immature response much like the one he would've gotten from Chris when he was twelve years old... except Chris doesn't answer, he just turns around and goes back to work. Because it's the fate of the universe at stake and that's no contest. Still you can see how much it tears him apart, and it takes on a new significance when you remember that Chris, the boy who once risked destroying all of time just because he didn't want to let go of Sonic. Now he actually wants to leave Sonic and knows what he's giving up if he stays... and he still gives it up, just like that.
  • There's nothing quite like puppy love, and Tails and Cosmo's relationship is pure d'awww.
    • Their Love Confession before parting away is both this and a Tear Jerker.
  • Chuck hugging Tails goodbye at the end of the first series was almost as emotional.
  • Tikal arriving to take Chaos home in the episode "Flood Fight".
  • Chris gets a few of these:
    • If you want to be specific, there's a moment in an episode near the end of the final series when Chris chooses to forgo his chances of getting home so that they can use the power of the Master Emerald to save Sonic. Half the audience was probably thinking the same thing as the robots were: "God damn, the kid's finally grown up." It makes the point where he actually does go home even more heartwarming than it already was.
    • People keep mentioning Chris's sacrifice in this situation, but you can also look at Knuckles, who is also feeling the impact of this decision. The Master Emerald is very important to him, but he's willing to offer its power to save the universe, even at the cost of the Master Emerald and his own life. The fact that Knuckles is willing to put the safety of his friends before his duty as a guardian shows how much he's grown as a character. Plus, his chant, as always, counts as a Moment of Awesome. Even as the Emerald starts to break apart, Knuckles keeps going, pouring his heart and soul into the chant.
      • The moment is Heartwarming, Awesome, and a Tear Jerker all at once. Made even more powerful by the fact that the Master Emerald had previously been hinted to be sentient, by its sad and melancholic theme playing in the background, and by Knuckles' wording of his request to this one:
      Knuckles: To the light that controls the power, protect us with your everlasting light! Even if I have to give my life, I beg you listen to my request, Master Emerald! Please lend us your immense power! Give us the power to protect the universe!
    • Sonic and Chris's final goodbye at the end of the series. The dub's Sonic jingle that plays in the background added something majestic to the scene. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • And for bonus points, Hironobu Kageyama is one of the singers of the Japanese opening. How appropriate...
  • Sonic befriending Helen and blithely refusing an invite to a big public event involving the President to take Helen to an island is a doozy of Heartwarming. Determined to bring Sonic to the event, one of the government officials goes as far as to send helicopters and guards to force Sonic to go to the event. Of course, Sonic manages to bring Helen to the island and it looks as if she is going to cry with fear. However, she burst out laughing because she never had so much fun in her life. Then by the end of the episode, Helen's overprotective parents realizes Helen's joy in adventure and decide to spend more time with her outside.
  • ESPECIALLY episode 38, in which Live & Learn plays through the scene of Sonic & Shadow using Chaos Control. In the Japanese and French versions, anyway...
    • Unfortunately, the 4Kids dub does away with most of this, and plays the same music for almost every situation, ruining some of the more emotional scenes.
    • Episode 38 has another scene full of this: Chris redeeming Shadow. First of all, Chris ends up taking two powerful hits from the black hedgehog and getting right back up to try and beg him to save the world he grew up in; he knows he can't fight Shadow, but steps up anyway. Amy herself may not have been the one to start the Heel–Face Turn, but she's more than willing to run up and help Chris before she's stopped. Tanaka is probably the biggest example here: even though he spends a good chunk of the arc worried sick about Chris, as soon as the kid walks up to Shadow, he understands completely that Chris wants to do this on his own, but every expression on his face shows clear concern. Even when he stops Amy from intervening, he gets a facial expression that says he knows this is Chris' decision, but still genuinely worries for the young master. And when Chris faints but successfully brings Shadow to the side of good, Tanaka gently carries him with a caring smile on his face. Amy may not have been the major player here, but everyone present got a small chance to shine in this scene, however subtle.
  • Amy's bond with E-102 Gamma in the Sonic Adventure adaption. It was cute in the game itself, with the anime's refined animation and dialogue however it's upped a fair bit. Perhaps most notably Amy defending him after his battle with Sonic, the guy's probably never had someone care for him, let alone on the verge of tears about him.
    Amy: Robot-san isn't a bad please...
  • The comic book adaption, Eggman poses as a wrestler (El Gran Gordo) to help make profit for his machinery, it is quickly revealed however that the doctor has become accustomed to his new alter ego, and enjoys being popular for once. After a suspicious Sonic challenges the doctor in his wrestling alias, he finally overpowers him and gets ready to take off his mask and reveal him. However the doctor quietly begs him to let him keep his new identity and be loved for once in his life. Sonic is hesitant, but complies, and "El Gran Gordo" graciously congratulates the victor of the match.
  • Eggman is content to take over Earth because he's been teleported there and tyrannizing one planet is pretty much the same as any other, but it's quite nice to see that he too wants to go home badly enough to help out with the space-gate.
  • The television series focuses a lot on the relationships between the characters. Not even Eggman is exempt from this, as his hench-bots - specifically Docoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun - gradually come out of the background and become full-fledged characters, complete with a few mini-arcs. While each have their own quirks, the three together with Eggman ultimately come off as a sometimes-dysfunctional family.
    • Particularly memorable is when Bocoe and Docoe strike out on their own for a while, and Eggman tries to cook Bokkun a meal and fails miserably. That, and Eggman takes them back without a second thought, something that Sega's wrathful Eggman would be hard-pressed to do and that Archie's machiavellian Eggman would never consider.
  • Ok, this was very brief in quite a Tear Jerker/battle scene, but when Sonic is about to power up a cannon to destroy the dark oak and by extension, Cosmo, he sees Shadow approaching it too. When inside, the two exchange a small smile with each other as if to say; "together?" "together.". It's one of those moments where we see their utmost respect for each other.
    • Also, it was implied earlier on in the episode that Sonic may not survive the attack on Dark Oak when being shot out of the canon. So, when Shadow jumped in, it was almost like they were facing potential death together. Man... who would have guessed?
  • Sonic and Knuckles comforting Tails after some screwups by him, reassuring him that he's a good captain anyway.
  • After Tails fires the Sonic Driver at Dark Oak and Cosmo, the planet begins to break apart. Dark Oak is revealed to be Luke, the Metarex that sacrificed his home planet for a chance at peace, but went too far. He stands silently, grieving. A silhouette of Hertia appears, floating above him, and holds out her hand. Luke smiles, reaches out, and takes her hand, fading into light. Their silent reunion, and Hertia's forgiveness towards him, is heartwarming.
  • Episode 76 is full of adorable Sonic/Amy moments. Seeing Sonic floating helplessly on the surface of the Metarex water orb, Any flies her ship towards him, only to be trapped by the vines. Undeterred, she climbs out of the ship and allows herself to drift down to the orb, not caring abut her own safety, only that Sonic won't have to be alone. Sonic catches her and holds her tightly as they sink deeper. They are saved by the Planet Egg, which floats them to safety. Even after the two hedgehogs are on solid ground, they continue to cling to each other, holding each other up.
  • In the last episode, Chis and Knuckles have a conversation whilst sitting on the shrine of the Master Emerald. Their friendship moment is both funny and heartwarming, especially because we don't see the two of them interact very often.
    • There's also the fact that after Chris asks Knuckles if he can just order the Master Emerald to repair itself, Knuckles responds that he could, but won't, as he wants to let the (possibly sentient) Master Emerald rest for a while after it saved them all. Chris is aware that he needs the Master Emerald in order to return home, but chooses to say nothing and let Knuckles have it his way, possibly as a thanks for his previous sacrifice.
  • In episode 75, when Sonic tells them to prepare for battle against the Metarex, Knuckles immediately objects, saying that Cosmo is still frail. The sight of his massive gloved fist that can break a Metarex's battle armor held out protectively in front of little Cosmo is strangely heartwarming. Of course, Rouge and the other's reactions to this transform it into a moment that's more funny than anything else, but the fact that they can all still laugh together, despite everything that they have been through, would make many people smile.
  • The final battle against the Metarex shows time and time again how much the cast care for each other. Heartwarming, in an otherwise tense, and at times, Tear Jerker finale.
  • In episode 25, Chris starts to get nervous about going out in the woods. Knuckles, then, tells him that he doesn't have to worry, because he'll protect him.
  • In another one of the episodes, Rouge is about to fly off to look for Chris and tells Knuckles to help Tails set up some equipment. Right before she departs, Knuckles wishes Rouge good luck and Rouge winks back. Considering most of the dialogue is comedic, this is quite a sweet moment.
  • In the end of "Cracking Knuckles", there's Knuckles giving Sonic a slight grin after the fight with Eggman's machine, which pretty much shows he is beginning to have a little respect for Sonic. Also there's the part where Sonic goes to grab Knuckles' arm, saving him from colliding to the rocks of the machine, showing that for all of his teasing towards him in the episode, he does have his back.
  • A rare bit of Woolseyism in the dub edit of "An Enemy In Need". During the ending scenes, Knuckles apologising for falling for Eggman's trickery again, though Cosmo comforts him, pointing out he merely trusts Eggman because he believes there can be good in anyone.note  Interestingly, the dub conversation seemed to take on as Cosmo's analysis of Knuckles is almost repeated word for word in some Sonic Channel bios, as well as his bios in Sonic Generations. That explanation actually dates back to the Sonic Adventure era at the very least, as his character profile in the game manual says a similar thing, so it's possible one of the dubbers had previously read official material on the characters.
  • In "The Cosmo Conspiracy" Shadow, even though he's out to kill Cosmo due to her being an unintentional spy for the Metarex, gets a subtle few of these. The fact that only Rouge knows his true mission shows that he (and by extension Rouge as well) would rather be seen as villains than tarnish the group's memories of their close friend, and when Tails interferes Shadow offers him a chance to run, to which he obviously refuses. This actually impresses Shadow, leaving a smile on his face.
  • At the very end of the series, Tails is seen watering a small plant which is heavily implied to be what has grown from the remaining seed of Cosmo, implying there may be hope for her return yet.
  • Mr. Stewart's Becoming the Mask arc. He's an agent of the military sent to investigate Sonic's appearance in Station Square, posing as an elementary school teacher in Chris' classroom. Since then however, he's grown to be a respectable authority figure, giving advice and even going against his own orders to evacuate when Perfect Chaos starts flooding the city so he can get the kids to safety.
  • "Sonic the Fugitive": While working as the President's chauffeur, Sam reassures him that Sonic has to be innocent, stating that "a true hero doesn't betray people's trust". The President's secretary disagrees and badmouths Sonic, calling him unfit to live in their world. Sam responds by making the car come to an abrupt stop, causing her fall to the floor and drop her papers. The way he justifies himself smugly saying that a cat had just crossed the street makes the scene all the better.


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