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Heartwarming / Song of the Sea

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  • The opening has Bronagh and Ben painting the new room for the baby. All the while singing the Song of the Sea together.
  • The entire relationship between Ben and Cu.
  • Dan the Ferryman's sympathetic nature towards Ben and Saoirse when Granny takes them away from their father.
    • Replicated somewhat with the Great Seanchai once Ben points out his sister is a selkie.
  • Ben's increasing concern for Saoirse after their first encounter with Macha.
  • Ben apologizing to Saoirse for being a bad brother to her and saying that everything that has happened wasn't her fault.
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  • The flashback on the night of Bronagh's disappearance/death reveals that she sacrificed herself in order to give birth to Saoirse.
  • Granny wanting to take the kids into the city for their own good was very sweet, if misguided.
  • After snapping at Ben for being so difficult over leaving with his grandmother, Conor offers an apology.
  • Saoirse's first word: Ben.
  • The fact that the fairies had forgiven a repentant Macha enough to drop by her place and welcome her among them.
  • Macha getting reunited with her son Mac Lir.
  • Bronagh accepting Saoirse's choice in staying with Ben and Conor, even if it meant not having a single member of her family with her in Tir Na Nog.
  • At the ending, it's Ben's birthday. Ben and Conor are painting in Ben and Saoirse's room. Cut to him about to blow out his birthday candles, Saoirse smashes his head into the cake, but all in good spirits.
    • Ben, Saoirse, and Cu swimming together with the seals. The way the seals follow them, it's almost as though they mean to watch over the selkie Bronagh's two children.
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  • There is a sort of Genius Bonus Heartwarming in the flashbacks from before Bronagh's disappearance: In the most common myths, a man would steal and hide the selkie's coat to prevent her from leaving him, but Bronagh is never seen without her coat, meaning Conor decided not to take it away. Bronagh loved Conor enough to stay with him on land, and Conor trusted her love enough to let his wife keep the one thing that could allow her to go where he could not follow.
  • Ben carrying Saoirse to the Holy Well through a patch of nettles, willingly getting his legs stung just to avoid the same thing happening to her, she immediately repays him by nursing his legs with dock-leaves.


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