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Heartwarming / EarthBound Beginnings

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  • What better to start this page than with the Eight Melodies?
    • Take a melody
      Simple as can be
      Give it some words and
      Sweet harmony
      Raise your voices
      All day long now, love grows strong now,
      Sing a melody of
      Love, oh love
  • The first Mother game does this with its Final Boss, too. Giegue is defeated by a song his adoptive mother Maria sang to him when he was an infant. He tries to stop Ninten, Ana, and Loid from finishing, but fails and instead flees in confusion (though not before promising Ninten he'd come back.) It was incredible, and quite touching too.
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  • How about the cute Puppy Love moment between Ninten and Ana that Teddy allows out of the blue close to the end of the game? It's primitive 8-Bit RPG dancing, but it just begs you to go "D'awwww..."
  • The fact that Queen Mary, aka Maria, raised Giegue/Gyiyg/Giygas and loved him as if he were her own child is pretty sweet in itself. Some very well done fan art only cements how cute and somewhat tragic their relationship is, while also symbolizing the entire game in a nutshell.
  • On June 14th, 2015, Itoi confirmed that Mother 1 will be on the US and European Wii U Virtual Console, a major victory won by the love of the entire fanbase.


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