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  • It's a small thing, but in the manga the maids are genuinely happy and relieved to have Luke return, checking that he's okay. Aside from that scene itself being nice, it also implies that Luke most likely did a lot of Pet the Dog moments towards them for the maids to react like that.
  • Related to the above, Luke actually panics when he hears his mother is sick and, though he's awkward about it, it's made clear he is genuinely concerned about her. His mother also shows how much she cares for him as well, doting on him. Luke then follows up by awkwardly comforting Tear; telling her that his mother is an Ill Girl so she need not blame herself for Susanne's condition.
  • When King Ingobert accepts Natalia as his daughter after he knows full well that she is not his real daughter.
    • Also when all the citizens of Baticul help Natalia to escape her execution, because they don't care that she's not royal by birth, she's a good leader and they want to keep her as the princess of Kimlasca.
      • Guy says it best, in the most heartwarming lines in the game, delivered in a perfect way: "The people of Baticul don't love the princess. They love Natalia."
  • When Duke Fabre and Susannah accept Luke as their son too, and not just as a clone of their son, despite his frequent arguments that Asch is superior to him in every way
    • Related to that: when Luke tricks Asch into reuniting with his parents after seven years, and they treat him exactly as you would a long-lost son. Quite possibly one of the few times you feel Asch is happy, despite himself.
  • "You're the only Ion that matters to me" and "Replica or whatever, you're real to me."
  • Pretty much Guy's loyalty in general. Him going back for Luke, and numerous conversations, including: "But I . . . I want you to stay alive, no matter what anyone else says." And "Even if the rest of the world abandoned you, I'd still be here, by your side."
    • Guy waiting for Luke after the rest of the team temporarily disowns him.
      • "He may be an idiot, but he's my idiot!"
  • If you think that Luke is the one that returns at the end of the game, then it's heartwarming to see Tear cry out of joy that Luke kept his promise.
    Tear: Why here?
    Luke?: This place has a nice view of Hod. And also...I promised someone.
  • Jade coming out of his shell a little and admitting that he considers Luke a friend while in Daath. Tears were shed.
    • And just after the final battle: When he shakes Luke's hand, as his friend
      • Especially poignant if you notice that Jade uses his sword arm for this.
    "Luke. How you've changed."
    • A small moment, but after St. Binah falls into the Qlipoth, with the heroes only managing to evacuate the town before hand, Jade actually scolds Luke for the first time when Luke's upset about failing to save St. Binah. Since Jade had mostly snarked at Luke for much of the first act, it's a sign that Jade's warmed up to Luke enough to show Tough Love to him, as Elder McGovern observes.
    • During one visit to Keterburg, talking to Jade results in this:
    Jade: To be honest, when I first met you, I thought I'd never be able to like you.
    Luke: I felt the same way. You were obnoxious and insulting.
    Jade: But, well, since we've been traveling together, I've come to think you're...not so bad.
    Luke: ...Are you being serious for a change...?
    Jade: Yes. I know about the nightmares that still wake you in the middle of the night. For you... the Fall of Akzeriuth still isn't a part of the past.
    Luke: Well yeah...what do you expect?
    Jade: On nights when you've killed bandits or Oracle lie there awake, shaking.
    Luke: ...I'm a coward...
    Jade: No...That part of you is something I lack. I...still can't really grasp what it means for people to die.
    Luke: Jade...
    Jade: I've learned a lot of things by watching you.
    Luke: I'm glad I traveled with you, Jade. Thanks to you, I've learned what I need to do. It's not the same as Master Van're still a teacher and a mentor to me.
    Jade: I HATE teaching. I don't take apprentices. I don't impart knowledge.
    Luke: That's okay. I'll just steal it on my own.
    Jade: Oh? Heh heh...All right.
  • There is also the scene after the destruction of Akzeriuth when Luke was looking for reassurance that what happened was not completely his fault but every one condemned him and abandoned him except Mieu who said that he also accidentally killed a lot of people and knew how Luke felt. While his wording might not have been the best the Cheagle's heart was in the right place.
    • Luke is not playable for a short while after the first duel with Asch in Yulia City. Mieu fervently stays at Luke's side, even if it means depriving the party of the Sorcerer's Ring - Mieu will NOT abandon his master, no matter what.
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    • In fact, even if you find Mieu annoying there is something very touching about his unbreakable faith in Luke. Maybe he's stupid or naive to hold on to believing in Luke being a good person despite the amount of time Luke spends kicking him, but he does. The only one who matches him in faith is Ion. Best of all? He's right to believe in Luke.
  • Luke and Tear on the Albiore in the water before the final battle. Heartwarming moment ahoy.
  • After defeating Nebilim's replica, the party reassures (Luke in particular) Jade that he shouldn't be so hard on himself. Jade, in his own roundabout way, thanks them for helping him finally come to terms with his personal demons.
    • The version in the manga spinoff Reminiscences of Jade is arguably more heartwarming considering the events there. Just this page is enough for much gushy feels.
    • Luke leaping to Jade's defence holds some Fridge Brilliance to it as well: the last time someone was responsible for such a horrible act was Luke himself, in regards to Akzeriuth and everyone got on his case, berating and pinning the blame entirely on him. Luke is thinking of that and immediately doesn't want that to happen to Jade. From how Jade reacts, it suggests he knows that is why in part Luke is doing that. Double the heartwarming with that in mind.
  • "I never considered you as just a servant, Guy!" From our resident Jerkass hero, Luke fon Fabre.
  • Four very simple words in the ending that's heartwarming and mixed with Tear Jerker at the same time:
    Tear: Luke...I love you.
    • In the English version, the last three do not have a text box. They are meant only for Luke. Breaking the Fourth wall has never hurt so sweet.
  • Asch comforting Natalia and reciting his promise to her before he was kidnapped and explaining that it doesn't matter if she's a princess or not.
    • Talking to Natalia later, she admits she knows that Luke was listening. And then asks him to please recite the promise Asch said to her. It's a sweet note, implying that Natalia is really listening to her heart now, likely even seeing Luke and Asch as completely separate people for the first time. Hearing the promise being spoken by Luke makes her admit that she has 'realized something'.
  • Luke and Tear's relationship post Important Haircut, she doesn't give up even if he is an idiot.
  • Jade briefly vanishes from the party after Arietta attacks Anise's mother in Daath. Where does he go? To the chapel with Guy, who's just remembered something extremely traumatic from his past. It's never pointed out or explained, but it's very sweet to see him standing guard as Guy recovers.
  • In a strange way, Arietta's death in the anime. Whereas in the game, she just dies miserably, saying "it hurts" and asking where Ion is, in the anime the spirits of her family and Ion appear to personally take her to the afterlife with them. She cries Tears of Joy and reaches to take Ion's hand, and then dies with a content smile on her face.
  • The end of the "Jewel of Gardios" sidequest.
  • Natalia is very sweet with little Mieu in general. During the disaster at Akzeriuth, she runs over to make sure he's okay after he was knocked unconscious, and earlier at the Zhao Ruins, she expresses concern for the little guy when he learns Mieu Attack, worrying that smashing his head against rocks might hurt.
  • Later in the game, if Luke has the Gald for it, he can buy back Tear's Pendant from a merchant in Grand Chokmah. You can see that Tear is really grateful for getting it back. In one of the drama cds of its animation version, Tear reminiscences how Luke got it back when Mieu spotted around her neck after reuniting with her 3 year later since their post final battle. It was even more touching when Luke secretly worked his way to reclaim it for her.
  • Much of Guy's dialogue to Natalia following Mohs' declaration that she's a false princess is spoken in an even warmer, gentler tone than anything else he says, and most of what he says are words of comfort and kindness.
  • After the scene of Ion's death, Luke goes to look for Anise. She's in the cathedral and traumatized from the preceeding events including blaming herself for causing Ion's death. Luke going to comfort her is similar to the Mieu example higher above - Luke knows how Anise is feeling right now and is the only one out of the group, who can really talk to her without coming across as fake, having gone through a similar experience.
    • The party forgiving Anise, possibly because all of them realised what a lot of players don't- Anise actively tried to make them hate her long before revealing herself as a spy, as Anise is the coldest and harshest to all traitors of everyone in the party. She's the one who takes the longest to forgive Luke and is by far the coldest to him, the one who speaks out against trusting Spinoza and still thinks its stupid to trust him, she's the one who voices distrust in Guy when Guy reveals he worked with Van for years up until Akzeriuth's massacre... the fact that they forgive Anise when she doesn't think she deserves it is incredibly sweet.
  • It's not made a big deal out of, but Peony and Jade's relationship is weirdly nice.
    • Related to that, Peony is always friendly and nice to the group. But especially Luke, who he at one point offers to let him stay in Grand Chokmah so he will feel better and safe in regards to being a replica. Peony's nature of being very socially adept and sharp eyed in regards to the nature of people (which is why he can one up Jade) means he definitely picks up on Luke's issues. In the Reminiscences of Jade he has a very touching moment of comfort for Luke here. (beware of spoilers)
  • Though it was not shown in either of the versions, this track of anime's drama cds confirmed that Van did care for Theodore and spent his final family moment with him and Tear which set before she overheard his plans with Legratta.

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