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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Awesome Moments pages!

  • The second Duel Boss battle against Asch.
    • First, Luke's "World of Cardboard" Speech where he tells off Asch's self-righteous taunting. Even Asch admits it's a good speech.
      Luke: I don't even have a past to lose. But I've still decided that I'm me. It doesn't matter what you think. Here I am! If that's the source of the strength you're talking about, then I won't lose!
      Asch: ... Well said. I will make those words your last, REPLICAAAAAAAAAAA!
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    • The Awesome Music highlights both how awesome and how emotional the battle is.
  • Any cutscene where Natalia gets to show off just how badass she is with that bow of hers. She was providing cover fire against an actual gun at one point. Not to mention shooting Sync out of a tree effortlessly. And let's not forget the time she killed Largo.
  • Lost Fon Drive. Or any of the other Mystic Artes. Have a montage.
    • Especially Jade's—one of the most powerful on your first playthrough, and complete with an awesome incantation: "Oh admonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer! Mystic Cage! Now know what true power is!". Still, Luke's comes at the end when the party is fighting Van for the fifth time or so, Tear is singing the Grand Fonic Hymn, and Luke runs up, slashes Van a bunch, and then unleashes his Mystic Arte, Radiant Howl, finishing with the words "NOW YOU DIE!"
      Luke: You're finished! Arise, resound, and become a blade of destruction! LOST FON DRIVE!!
      Tear: O light that rains down on heaven and earth bring my enemies to their destined annihilation! FORTUNE'S ARC! And grant us the divine protectine of thine brillance!
      Guy: Prepare yourself for a blinding storm! BRILLIANT OVERLORD! Never fight a battle you can't win.
      Jade: I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of Hell. Come forth, divine lightning! This ends now! INDIGNATION!
      Natalia: Oh fragments of the Fon Verse, heed my call and become power incarnate. I WILL FINISH YOU! NOBLE ROAR!
      Anise: Now the fun starts! FEVER TIME BABY, YEAH! And you don't stop!
  • Asch letting Luke go ahead and making one hell of a Badass Boast.
    Asch: No, your fight is with me, Asch! No, Luke fon Fabre! Prepare to die!
    • He may have died in the process, but he took out every single one of the soldiers, including the ones that caused his death.
  • Jade's One Shot Kill of the Liger Queen in the anime by using Indignation. Jade also gets the honour of being the only one to damage Van before Luke finishes him in the final battle.
    • Not to mention his breaking the fon slot seal and one shotting Dist with Mystic Cage. Really, Jade gets the most Moments of Awesome in the anime.
  • Luke's resolve to take a human life if he has to and dueling the Oracle Knight in the anime. It was badass.
  • Notice how in the Tower of Rem scene where Luke uses the Ten Thousand Replicas, Guy holds down Tear. He touched a girl for the sake of Luke at the moment killing himself. Then remember Guy is still a bit timid around about guts.
  • Jade Curtiss is one of those people that gets a lot of these for many reasons. You can be assured he has one every time he opens his mouth.
    • For a story based example, Jade removes the Fon Slot Seal by himself. Guy mentions that NO SINGLE PERSON IN HISTORY has ever done such a feat. Jade naturally jokes it off as nothing at all.
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    • Just before the final battle, The Glasses Come Off.
  • Being that he is a typical Non-Human Sidekick with a squeaky voice, unbearably bright demeanor and looking like a demented Moogle, seeing Mieu getting kicked and/or told to shut up can be quite a moment to the jaded JRPG player.
  • The final confrontation with the Big Bad is too awesome (and funny) to watch everyone in your party verbally own him, picking ripping apart the Big Bad's logic piece by piece and throwing it in his face.
    • What makes it even more awesome is you physically backing that up (provided if your chosen party is leveled up and well equipped enough of course). If you succeed with Luke and Tear in your party, you get a final round with infinite HP and TP where you can use any attack and combo you have on Van as much as you want until you trigger Luke's Mystic Arte, Radiant Howl, to end it.
  • The cameo team battle in The Arena against Reid, Mint, Philia, and Nanaly makes for easily one of the best fights in the entire game.
    • Best fight in the entire game nothing. A full four on four battle with what could be a fully functional and deadly adventuring team were they in the players hands was the best fight in the series.
    • Even though it can turn the tide of the battle and potentially wipe your party, Reid's Aurora Wall is very impressive. Equally awesome is the Theme Music Power-Up when a remix of Eternal Mind plays after Aurora Wall.
      Reid: We will not LOSE!
  • During the final confrontation with the main villain, if you don't have Luke or Tear in the active party, whoever you control will have a unique speech once the boss loses a certain amount of health. Arguably Jade gets the best one.
    Jade: I don't care about of that. I care only about putting an end to what I began. That is why I will take back fomicry. [...] At least I can use it more effectively than you. [...] The fact that I didn't kill you is a sign my skills have dulled. [...] Once we strike you down, Luke and Tear will free Lorelei! Rest in peace!!
  • Any time Ion shows that even though he looks like a kid, he's still the Fon Master and he will be listened to.
  • Tear is a badass leading lady who sings pretty songs and trained as a soldier, so she naturally gets her fair share of awesomeness. Ahem:
    • Her introduction deserves special mention. While most previous heroines in the franchise had been established as damsels in distress from the beginning (Mint, Colette, Claire, and Shirley in particular), Tear makes her entrance by infiltrating a manor and performing an assassination attempt on the Big Bad. Not to bash the earlier Tales ladies, but it was a breath of fresh air to have a lead female in the series to establish herself in such a badass way. The final kicker? She's the White Magician Girl.
      • Even better, had Luke not been there to muck things up, it would have worked. Tear could have ended the entire game in just ten minutes. Seriously, if Symphonia's Sheena or Presea weren't enough, this was truly the Tales game that showed off how awesome Tales females could be, and future Tales girls are almost always judged on how badass they are by comparing them to Tear Grants, Anise Tatlin, and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear.
      • Related to the above, Luke stopping Tear is this with some Fridge Brilliance tossed in. Everyone including Van is taken out and/or weakened by the First Hymn Nightmare that Tear is using. Except Luke. Luke, a spoiled Sheltered Aristocrat, gets up and gets in the way of Tear which, in retrospect, is massive foreshadowing just what kind of potential Luke has. Not to mention that one action ultimately is what kicks off the events of the game which, though it leads to bad places as well, not Akzeriuth since Luke would have been sent anyways, but the massacre at Sheridan and Ion's death are examples, ultimately pans out in regards to saving the world. This is the nail that sets everything in motion; Luke, against all odds, getting up and in the way of Tear's imposed task of killing her brother. Better yet, Luke's resistance to Yulia's Hymns is possibly foreshadowing that he's another Lorelei.
    • Tear gets another good one when Akzeriuth is destroyed; if she hadn't gathered the party together and cast Force Field when she did to protect them from... that whole mess, well... let's just say this game would have been a lot shorter.
    • At one point, the party is ambushed by some Oracle Knight in the Daathic chapel. This, however, is quickly remedied by Tear leaping forward with a knife and taking at least one out in a second. Seems her military training really paid off.
    • Tear gets yet another one when the party rescues Luke and Natalia, specifically by singing a verse of the Grand Fonic Hymn to lull the palace guards to sleep all across the palace so she and the others could get to the two captives without too much trouble.
  • The hyperresonance that sent Tear and Luke to Tataroo Valley becomes this when the truth comes out; it wasn't Luke and Tear who did it, it was just Luke. Luke, who unconsciously called on his power to protect Master Van - and most likely grant his wish of leaving the manor - sends them flying across the world. Luke's desire to be free and protect Van are what, ultimately, screws Van over.
  • The Reminiscences of Jade manga has a downplayed but still epic bit from Jade; face to face with everyone's favorite Bonus Boss, the entire team is on the ropes understandable to anyone who's faced Nebilim's replica in the game. What does Jade do, faced with the consequences of his past and the face of his beloved teacher? He outsmarts the boss, forcing her to overload herself with power, breaking down in the process. And he even manages to say goodbye in such a way that proves how far his Character Development has come.

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