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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • An early one, but after Owen's death, a Party Chat reveals that his father Karl sent the group off with a massive packed lunch filled with their preferred foods, and a kind letter to Edea for listening to him talk about Owen.
  • Agnés' speech at the Flower Festival in Florem about how much Oliva's friendship means to her.
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  • All the job classes have this demonstration when the party first receives the asterisk. For the Red Mage, Ringabel is showing what it can do: using Fira on a tiger monster and then healing Edea. Why is this heartwarming? Because of the symbolism in the way it was obtained. Edea goes mole to find out what Red/DeRosa is up to and falls victim to a date-rape drug. Ringabel then throws down the gauntlet because he's aghast at such chauvinist behavior. It's very Lady and Knight-ish.
  • For all of Chapter 3, Agnés has been pushing her friends away and generally acting like a jerk to them, to the point where even Tiz has to call her out on it. Then, on their way to the fire temple, the cavern breaks apart and Tiz and Egil are hanging over lava and Edea and Ringabel can't pull them up. Everyone, including Airy, is telling Agnés to go on ahead. Does she? No. She pulls a Moment of Awesome, rescues Tiz and the apologizes to everyone for her behavior. It is at this point that the heroes become True Companions.
  • After you defeat Barbarossa the Pirate, you can see his ghost haunting the Ghost Ship with the other dead crew... and he seems to be enjoying himself as always. Given that he was an extremely likable Anti-Villain, it's nice to see he's happy even in death.
    • Not to mention, he was using the Ghost Ship in the first place to help his dead friend (who was also Mephilia's boyfriend) find Susano-o.
  • In a late-game Party Chat, Agnés is revealed to no longer be a vegetarian. How did this happen? Apparently, sometime between Chapters 2 and 3, on the way to Eisenburg, the party ran out of supplies and was forced to spend their days fishing for food. One night, Tiz prepared a meal for Agnés only to have her refuse it. Ringabel has a little one-on-one with her both about Tiz preparing the meal for her, and about the fish sacrificing itself so she could live and she takes those words to heart. What makes this particularly heartwarming is that it this occurs while Anges is grieving over Olivia and hostile towards the party, and Ringabel is subconsciously remembering Braev telling him this long ago.
    • Ringabel says that he heard the same advice from the grand marshall. It's nice to see him simply acknowledging his past without the pain and trauma that accompanies his earlier flashbacks.
  • In Chapter 6, an event with Kamiizumi can occur, provided you've done a rather complex series of dialogue in Eternia in the preceding two chapters involving Mahzer, a gossipmonger in Gravemark Village, and Braev the Templar, in addition to awakening three of the crystals. Should you fail to complete these events, Kamiizumi is slain in battle much like in earlier chapters should you face him. But if you succeed, Edea instead has a heartfelt dialogue with Kamiizumi which is reciprocated and leads to a non-fatal sparring session.
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  • When you first walk into the central healing tower, there is a little girl and a nurse next to her. Talking to the nurse reveals an anonymous man had, for the last year or so, been sending money to keep the little girl alive, and the nurse is very happy because the girl is now healthy and, with the money that had been given, was allowed to live in the hospital. If you look closely, her hairline brings to mind someone you've met... This is Ciggma Khint's daughter, whom you have unknowingly saved by killing off Jackal and Profiteur, allowing Khint to make money from the Kingdom of Anchiem by the King himself.
  • Holly and Barras slowly become closer over the course of the game. After one fight, you leave, but they just get up, as Holly quietly cast Reraise on them both during the battle. They're too weak to fight, but not too weak to spend the night together under the stars. Even better, Ringabel and the others noticed her casting Reraise, but they didn't finish them off because they were too adorable.
  • Whenever the Jobmasters team up
    • Barras and Heinkel backing up Ominas.
    • Jackal coming to Praline's aid.
      • Of course this means bad news for you.
    • (Though this also means bad news for you) Mephilia reveals in chapter 7 that with the combined support of Einheria and Barbarossa, she was able to overcome her despair and obtain Susano-o, the summon her boyfriend had risked his life trying to find for her.
    • Watching the Venus Sisters show that they care for each other dearly. In later Chapters, Artemia expresses her adoration of Einheria, and the scene where they all work together, even to challenge you, can be refreshingly heartwarming after the tragic ends they met in the first four chapters of the story.
  • In the later world loops, Braev increasingly becomes more forgiving to Edea, up to the point where he tells her that he's proud of her having grown up and finding a cause to fight for, which contrasts his attitude in earlier iterations where he refuses to see reason. Also, any interaction between Braev and Alternis. When Braev reveals that he's always considered Alternis his surrogate son, Alternis is shocked and deeply touched. The same scene has Braev referring to Ringabel as his "son from another world", which is quite something to hear knowing of Ringabel's past identity and current situation.
    • In Chapter Seven, Alternis will desire to train under Kamiizumi to get stronger to protect Braev. The swordmaster will simply tell Alternis that he already has the strength of spirit and purpose to be as strong as he needs.
  • During Chapter 8's Boss Rush, the second group has Heinkel, Holly, Kamiizumi, and Kikyo revealing that they've worked together before 15 years ago. They spend the waiting time reminiscing...except Kikyo. She's called out on it by Holly, and then reveals the reasons for her nature. During her training, she would be made fun of because she spoke slowly. She came to find it easier to talk while disguised, and eventually, she stopped talking otherwise entirely. Cue Holly calling out the Swordmaster for seemingly doing nothing to help her. Even though Kikyo tells her all of the Black Blades were patient and accepted her (minus one fat slug), it's nice to see that she cares. She even encourages her to speak normally when the heroes show up.]
    • What's more, normally, Kikyo's "spoken" line when you get her down to low health is just more ellipses, but in this battle, she declares aloud her intent to fight until the end for those who have accepted her.
  • In the True Ending, every alternate version of your party fight back against Ouroboros' planet-eating magic, then deliver a simultaneous You Are Not Alone to your party, allowing you to defeat Ouroboros once and for all. Also overlaps with Moment of Awesome.
    • Adding to that, it's not just the other versions of your party who's helping out. Across the various worlds, they are joined by DeRosso, Yulyana, Alternis, Commander Goodman, and more. Literally EVERYONE who is still alive across the near 10,000 worlds is fighting for you at this point.
      • Ten thousand? Try 1.65 billion. If you had fifty pg for every world involved, you could pay Khint to die for you.
  • While going to awaken the Fire Crystal, the party has to navigate an active volcano. If you talk to the Adventurer to save your game just before entering, he doesn't give his usual "It just gets worse from here on out..." message. What he says is, "Just try to be careful. That's all I ask." For a character whose messages are almost always neutral in tone, that moment of genuine concern really stands out.
  • Edea is furious when Airy demands that Ringabel should leave Grandship, after he starts to question the purpose of the Crystals. Even when Ringabel has treated her poorly, and his reaction to his amnesia leaves him acting oddly (Edea seems to think he's "losing his mind"), Edea is still willing to defend him. And then storms off to eat parfaits.
  • While it becomes increasingly clear that Braev Lee is not the cold-hearted Determinator his originally appeared in the first world, it is particularly nice to note that his time outside of Eternia led to him finding Alternis and Victoria as children, and trying to make their lives better.
  • Late in the game, Ringabel has one of his few nice recollections about being Alternis. After his earlier dreams about game mechanics, he's now apparently remembered where that came from, a conversation with Barras about combining the Dark Knight skill Minus Strike with the Monk's Phoenix Flight. Ringabel recalls they were both keen to learn those skills properly to use them in battle. The world of Chapter 8 also has Barras invite a reluctant Alternis to "punch things darkly" with the Sky Knights, so apparently even those two get on.

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