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Heartwarming / Jade Empire

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Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

  • Many Open Palm solutions yield it. Special mention to burying the bones of the orphans, complete with swelling soundtrack and careful camera work.
  • Helping Old Lady Kwan get her tea house back from a businessman who forged a letter that claimed the land belonged to him.
  • The Open Palm ending of the "Bei the Baker" quest, where you convince the already half mad gangleader that she's being unreasonable over a childhood act and should move on. Even better, you can then help her find the perfect husband!
  • Most of the arena competitors are professional. They'll congratulate you on your victories, even if said victories were at their expense. Special mention goes to Hapless Han, whose optimism is infectious.
    • The Guild has taken an interest in you and wants to ensure that you win your fight against Crimson Khana by poisoning her. You can refuse to do so, either out of honor for your craft or because poisoning someone is bad. Either way, she's grateful and teaches you her fighting technique.
  • Jinlin is a little girl whose father is dead and whose mother is being held captive by a man. Said man will only release her if Jinlin pilfers a tomb, which is swarming with ghosts. Naturally, you can help her pro bono.
  • Ji Xin offering up his liver to save a child. "If Damnation is my fate, at least let it be worth something in the end."
    • And it works. Not only is the little girl saved, but Ji Xin is redeemed through his sacrifice.
  • Most of the ghosts you see have gone mad. However during the "Aishi the Mournful Blade" quest you can find out that the old man who tells you about her is actually her deceased father, staying only so he help his daughter find peace.
    Old Man: Some things are more powerful than hate, Spirit Monk. Love is one of them.
    ...I have waited more than two decades. I can wait a little more, and I have a reason to smile.
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  • Near the end of the siege of Dirge, you get a cutscene where everything looks bad for your followers. A golem advances menacingly and Silk Fox put a defensive arm on Wild Flower.
  • The look of utter gratitude and relief on the Water Dragon's face if you choose to destroy her body at the end. After years of being trapped in a horrific And I Must Scream situation, the Jade Empire's Psychopomp is finally free to usher the spirits of the dead to their final resting place.
  • How well things can turn out for your followers if you get the Way of the Open Palm ending. Dawn Star can either settle down together with a male Spirit Monk, or travel the Empire and gain new, good memories. Silk Fox can become a good ruler of the Empire, potentially with a Spirit Monk of either gender ruling by her side. Sky can either settle down in Tien's Landing together with a Spirit Monk of either gender, or turn the Guild into the Salvation Army. Henpecked Hou can finally escape from his wife by disappearing during a job doing deliveries, Chai Ka can return to the heavens and give Wild Flower a new lease on life as a reward for her voluntary service as a vessel, Death's Hand can either be released or can wander the Empire doing penance, and Kang the Mad can leave new inventions on your doorstep every year for your birthday.
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  • Few Open Palm motions are more redeeming than convincing an evil spirit to donate his perfectly preserved liver to save the life of a dying little girl. Good really does feel good.
  • The romantic dialogues. All of them, really, but the Sky/Male PC interlude is really stirring.
  • The Open Palm ending of the drowned orphans quest to qualify and then some. The cutscene where Kindly Yushan is burying their bones as beautiful music plays, and then Bin and Miao bow to you before dissipating is just immensely heartwarming.
  • The nice resolutions to the Tien's Landing sidequests: notable are the incidents with Ai Ling and Zhong the Ox Carrier. Especially Zhong.


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