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Become a Lord who dares to conquer the world! Recruit heroes and take over the world!
Fantasy War Tactics - also known as Fantasy War Tactics R in some markets and app stores - is a free-to-play mobile strategic role-playing game with in-app purchases, developed by Nexon GT and published by Nexon. It was released globally on November 5, 2015 for both Android and iOS.

After spending years perfecting his resurrection techniques on Mustache Island in the remote corner of the Arc continent, Lord finally manages to resurrect the legendary white knight Chris from her heroic genes - or a clone of her, at least. Lord soon gathers allies in the form of Ian the Cat, Alfred the Principal of Ketarh Magic School, and Sraka the orc. With his four allies of questionable loyalty they set out to reclaim the world from the World Reformation Council, who had the audacity to conquer the Elian Kingdom - before Lord could conquer it for himself!


Fantasy War Tactics provides examples of:

  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: The party consists of 5 characters (or less, in certain game modes) despite being pitted against dozens - and sometimes hundreds - of enemies.
  • Artificial Stupidity: When set to auto-battle, the party AI can't figure out objectives that involve seizing certain tiles, and will wind up walking in circles long after enemies are defeated until the battle runs out of turns and forces a loss.
  • Continuing Is Painful: Continuing in a battle after defeat costs 30 red crystals. Considering that you only get a base of about 40 a day - not including additional bonuses - by completing all your daily objectives, that's quite a hefty fee.
  • Difficulty Spike: The first continent, Arc, offers a gradual difficulty increase that shouldn't be too difficult for someone new to the game to get through within the first two months of playing. The second continent, Sia, ratchets up the difficulty considerably.
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  • Fanservice: Considering that this is both a mobile game, and made by Nexon, it should be no surprise that the game is filled with buxom women, dashing men, and then all sorts of other characters meant to appeal to players.
  • Limit Break: Awakened characters have access to a fifth skill, which comes in the form of an incredibly powerful attack of some sort that can only be used after several turns have passed in a battle.
  • Living Weapon: The guild raid plot revolves around the Soul Gears - weapons with a soul gem implanted into them, causing them to be alive.
  • The Strategist: Lord, the main character, does not fight in the battlefield. He can support his team by raining down Hellfire or providing buffs and healing, but he himself is not a unit that can be equipped with weapons or sent out to fight.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: When using their ultimate attacks, an enlarged portrait of the character appears alongside their animation.
  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: The characters are literally broken down into Rock-, Paper-, and Scissors-type units, with each one having advantages when attacking the one they are strong against. There are other sub-types as well (such as attack, defense, and support) but regardless of role, each character falls into one of those three types.

Alternative Title(s): Fantasy War Tactics R


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