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Video Game / Planet 404

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Looks like someone doesn't like spam.

A mix of platform, space combat and bits of puzzle and point-and-click.

An alien archaeologist has discovered the location of the legendary Planet 404, before going missing himself.

Now everyone is after the lost planet and its secret, including space pirates and an evil galactic empire.

You take the role of Captain Jethro as he searches for the titular planet.

Download it here for Android systems.

Planet 404 provides examples of the following tropes:

  • 2-D Space: Space combat is basically this.
  • Absurdly-Spacious Sewer: Conveniently placed under a jail cell.
  • All Deaths Final / Death is Cheap: Whenever Captain Jethro is killed, he's killed for good. However, the games shifts to a parallel universe, where Jethro is (still) alive.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Lampshaded. There is an acquirable item with this exact name.
  • A Winner Is You: Played with, twice:
    • This is one of the actual messages you get for beating a mission.
    • When you first reach Planet 404, a plain message appears, thanking you for playing. After a moment Jethro announces that the game's not over yet, and the game continues.
  • Badass Adorable: Captain Death. A cute amoeba-like creature who runs a ruthless pirate business.
  • Credits Gag: Several.
    • The credits thanks random people, such as "the neighbor who once lent me his drill".
    • Scar is given credit for killing Mufasa.
    • The player is thanked for actually reading the credits.
    • At the end of the credits the player is told there's nothing more to see, since this isn't a Marvel movie.
  • Fridge Logic: The clerk at the Unemployment Office mentions getting rid of unemployment one way or another before sending you on dangerous missions. In the toughest mission, the machine you must destroy turns out to belong to none other than the Unemployment Office. This implies that the Office deliberately creates these suicidal missions in order to kill off unemployed people and improve the unemployment rate.
  • Frothy Mugs of Water: Items in the bar include "Non-alcoholic milk", "Apple juice", "JRPG Soda" and actual "Frothy mug of water".
  • Global Currency: The in-game currency is aptly named Generic Money Units.
  • Kilroy Was Here: Some unseen character named Buff scrawled his attendance in several different places, such as a secret pirate base and an imperial jail cell.
    "Buff was here too"
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The secret of Planet 404 is that it contains an evil crystal that has the power to destroy the galaxy.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Space Pirates: Most of the enemies are these.
  • Stealth Pun: Planet 404 is a planet which could not be found (until now). A 404 error is what you get when a requested web page isn't found.
  • The Empire: The Empire of Many Suns.