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Gardenscapes is a Match-Three Game with simulation elements. You play the owner of a mansion, who along with your butler Austin, work to restore the grounds to their former glory. You complete match-three levels to earn stars, which are used to complete tasks around the grounds. As you interact with the townsfolk, they are added to Austin's social media network, where you can see them make posts and comments.

This game was originally released for PC in 2009, before getting ported to iOS and Android in 2011, and on Nintendo 3DS in 2012. Gardenscapes 2 and Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover were released for both phones and PCs in 2013, but falling popularity on the latter, meant that 2016's Gardenscapes: New Acres and 2017 Homescapes (where you have to help restore the house where Austin grew up to change the mind of his parents, who have been thinking about selling it) were released only on mobile.


Contains examples of:

  • The Butler Did It:
    • Austin makes a comment about the use of this trope in a book he's reading.
    • When Austin calls Jane to borrow a hazmat suit, she jokes, "Don't tell me the butler did it!"
  • Cat Up a Tree: You meet Lucy when her cat gets stuck up a tree in your garden.
  • Character Blog:
  • Childhood Friends: Austin and Robbie.
  • Epic Fail: The ads for Homescapes show the player using the wrong tools to try to fix the rooms, only to destroy them in the process.
  • Fictional Counterpart:
    • During the attic renovation event, Robbie finds records by The Heatles and The Rolling Cones.
    • The garage renovation in Homescapes centers around repairing Austin's father's old Forsche.
  • Gender-Neutral Writing: Generally, pronouns don't come up when the characters are talking about you, but there is at least one occasion of 'they' being used.
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  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Your name, as well as well as the name of the dog (in Gardenscapes) and the cat (in Homescapes) are decided by the player.
  • I Have This Friend...:
    • Annie asks for dating advice by saying it's for a friend.
    • Before Austin is due to take part in the dive, he posts asking what people do when they're feeling anxious. When his father asks what's got him feeling anxious, Austin says it's for a friend.
    • When Austin enters a dog show, Peter advises him not to get the time wrong, saying it happened to one of his friends. When Austin says to send his condolences, Peter replies, "Thanks, but it won't happen to us this time!"
  • An Interior Designer Is You: After each level, you help decorate the garden (mansion in Homescapes).
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: Jane is usually wearing a lab coat.
  • Married to the Job: Winston's relationship status is "Married to his job", and Jane's is "Conducts research".
  • Meaningful Name: Many of the townsfolk have these.
    • Robbie Wood is a carpenter.
    • Martha Goodwill loves animals and runs an animal shelter.
    • Winston White runs a cleaning service.
    • Colin Stone is a mason.
    • Claire Hoverson flies a helicopter.
    • John Rockit throws firework shows.
    • Annie Smith is an apple farmer.
    • Jason Armstrong is well built.
    • Jonathan Mooney is an astronomer and is first met being nervous about a date — mooning over someone is something someone on a date might do.
    • Stephanie Broom is a rather stuck-up woman, leading to people say she's a witch.
  • Never Live It Down: In-universe. Early on, Austin cuts down a tree, which falls into a fountain which he then needs to get repaired. Any time dealing with a tree comes up after that, expect someone (usually Robbie) to remind him of this.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: A "Patty Kerry" is mentioned on a newsfeed.
  • Punny Name: Some of the townsfolk have these, such as John Rockit the fireworks guy, Annie Smith the apple farmer (like the Granny Smith apple), and Henry Right the reporter.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When Austin posts a photo of himself wearing a hazmat suit with the caption "Getting ready for an experiment!", Robbie comments, "Looks like Austin is breaking bad…"
    • In Homescapes, when Austin buys an aquarium, the fish have a strong resemblance to the major characters in Finding Nemo.
    • After you plant the hedge maze, you get a letter inviting you to take part in "a new action movie called Hedge Maze Runner".
    • Jason posts that he was thinking about making an iron man suit, but it turns out someone beat him to it.
    • When Colin is working on a sculpture in the pond, Austin looks at the unfinished column of stone and says it looks like an evil fortress from a fantasy novel... and the image he thinks of looks a lot like the film version of Barad-Dur.


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