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This only represents one faction.note 
AFK Arena is a Free-To-Play RPG for the Android and iOS by Lilith Games.

Dura, Goddess of Life, was attacked by Hypogeans sent by Annih, the God of Death, who created them out of jealousy. In one last act, Dura creates seven artifacts and scatters them across Esperia.

Many millenia later, the Hypogeans rise again with the intent on laying waste to Esperia once again.

May the tropes protect us:

  • Always Chaotic Evil: The Hypogeans, due to being an evil demonic race created to wreak havoc across Esperia. Including the ones you can recruit.
  • Boss Battle: Guild Hunt and the Twisted Realm pit you against various boss enemies that can't be defeated, but the damage you deal is tracked and used to evaluate payouts from fighting them. Wrizz (one of the Guild Hunt bosses) also appears in the Arcane Labyrinth as a Bonus Boss, where he can be killed and will only give rewards if you defeat him... but you only get one attempt and he actually deals damage.
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  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Downplayed. Spending money speeds up the rate at which you acquire resources and therefore allows you to progress faster, but the game never goes out of its way to rob you of functionality if you decide not to spend money on it; even Diamonds, the closest thing to a premium currency, can be accumulated at a fairly respectable rate. A free-to-play account can progress throughout the entire game with no issues if you invest in the right heroes, it'll just take a while.
  • Color-Coded Item Tiers: In ascending order, tiers used in the game are: green (Common), blue (rare), purple (Epic), orange (Legendary), red (Mythic), and amethyst (Ascended). These apply to every aspect of the game that uses tiers in some way, most notably heroes, which use all of these. Equipment also uses gray, a tier below green.
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  • Com Mons: all common heroes have over a fifty percent rate of being summoned and cannot be ascended to higher rarities. Their use comes out of retiring them which grants a player with hero coins and essence, which can be used to level up your heroes and grab better ones from the shop. Rare heroes become this late game due to only being promotable to Legendary+ and being level-capped at 160, making them only good for feeding to your Elite heroes later on.
  • Crutch Character: Rare heroes can be strong in their own right in the early game and are easier to ascend than Elite heroes, making some of them perfectly usable until they reach their level cap and have to be retired. Saveas is probably the most notable example; packing a serious wallop and having deceptively high durability, he can single-handedly carry your team all the way up to the point where he becomes obsolete.
  • Cute Monster Girl: The Maulers have a fairly jarring example of this. While the male Maulers are generally all Beast Men, the females tend to look like human girls with animal features (although Safiya does have a feline lower half, being a sphinx and all). This also generally applies to female Wilders, but it stands out less due to there being good-looking male Wilders as well.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Well, factional Rock-Paper-Scissors, but the functions are the same. Each faction has an advantage over another faction that allows them to deal an additional 25% damage. Lightbearers are strong against Maulers, Maulers are strong against Wilders, Wilders, are strong against Graveborn, Graveborn are strong against Lightbearers, and Celestials and Hypogeans are mutually strong against one-another. Dimensionals are the only faction to not have such a thing apply to them.
  • Final Death: Adventures and the Arcane Labyrinth operate on this principle: health and energy carries over between fights, and if a hero is killed, it has to sit out the rest of the run. The Arcane Labyrinth has Mystics and Dura's Tears to resurrect fallen heroes, but adventures tend to be much less generous.
  • Guest Fighter: Ukyo Tachibana, Nakoruru, and Ezio all appear as dimensional heroes for purchase, but they could also be acquired for free with use of Guild coins, Hero coins, Labyrinth tokens, and Gladiator Coins. Later, Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo also joined the roster. Recently Joker and Queen have.
  • Limit Break: Heroes' ultimate abilities are used by charging up energy from dealing/taking damage or slaying enemies.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Being a mobile game, there are many heroes that one can collect.
  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules:
    • Enemies in campaign stages are not subject to the usual ascension or level caps for Rare heroes, allowing them to get Ascended versions of heroes like Angelo and Saveas.
    • Players are limited to one copy of each hero per team; the AI is not. This is particularly apparent in the King's Tower, adventures, and the Abyssal Expedition, where it's not unheard of for teams consisting of three or more copies of a hero to appear (and, in the latter, it's not uncommon to face teams with five of a single hero).
  • Play Every Day: Bounty Quests and Daily Missions, among other things, refresh on a daily basis, giving players incentive to return and check on the game every day.
  • Rewards Pass: By collecting Medals of Valor for Regal Rewards, players can earn rare hero soulstones to summon heroes, while collecting heroic merit for Champions of Esperia rewards Hero's Essence. If a Premium Pass is purchased, Regal Rewards will also award a player with Elite Hero Soulstones, Champions of Esperia rewards additional Hero's Essence, and both reward a hefty amount of diamonds.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Celestial hero Orthros is very evidently based on The World. The comparison becomes especially obvious with his ultimate ability, in which Orthros freezes time before pummeling an enemy with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • In the Chinese version, Isabella's Void Barrage ability is named "Finger of Death" and, prior to her graphical overhaul, shot a bolt of red lightning.
  • SNK Boss: Campaign mode becomes nothing but a non-stop chain of these at later stages, where you'll regularly be facing enemies with twice the power rating of your team and a level advantage of several dozen due to the AI teams level-scaling much more quickly than you can. Hero synergy very quickly becomes more important than raw power.
  • Stone Wall: The Abyssal Expedition can take this to ridiculous extremes as some of the high-tiered tiles sometimes have a trio of Flora. Flora's abilities frustratingly keep her out of range of attacks until all other combat units die, but until then, she focuses on protecting surviving allies with a shield that mitigates 65% damage while constantly restoring their health. Without overwhelming force, a trio of Flora would quickly grind down a player's team with their constant Ao E damage without suffering a lot a return, as each Flora would constantly replenish the shield, essentially making whatever combat unit remains functionally invincible, especially if they're a tank unit like Thoren, Orthros or Lucien. These tiles were most likely made to tempt players into wasting stamina on trying to take them, making it more ideal to go after tiles that don't have any Flora units at all.
  • Three-Stat System: Heroes are divided into Agility, Strength, and Intelligence based on their skill sets and designs, but this doesn't really have an impact on the game beyond determining their general stat spread and the equipment they can wear.

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