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Video Game / Mega Mall Story

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Design a towering mall of mega proiportions.
Mega Mall Story is a simulation game developed and published by Kairosoft and released in 2011 for iOS with later releases on Android, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

The player is tasked with building and designing a multi-story shopping mall. The player must add a variety of stores and restaurants to the mall that will attract diverse business and make the mall run profitably. If the mall gets popular enough the game will enter a Surge Mode where large amounts of customers will visit the mall at once.

The game shows examples of:

  • An Entrepreneur Is You: You must build a giant shopping mall and fill it with retail stores that bring customer traffic to the mall, but also make sure the mall operates profitably and make sure the customers enjoy their time at the mall.
  • Bland-Name Product: The game does not feature any real store or restaurant names, and none of the businesses sell products with real-life names.
  • In-Universe Game Clock: The in-game world runs much like in real-life. Stores close at night and hiring security guards for the mall is necessary. The player will also see more business during a strong economy and a huge spike at Christmas time.