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Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser (Grand Chase for kakao in Korea) is a mobile game sequel to Korean online game GrandChase published by KOG Studios and Kakao Games.

It was first released as CBT in September 2017 and officially released in January 2018 in South Korea. The game was then localized in English on a Philippines server in July 2018. The game was also released in Japan, receiving Japanese voice-overs (which the English PH server also got later on), as well as in Taiwan and is set to have a Brazilian server.

Following the events of the Tower of Disappearance from the original game, a dimensional rip has opened up, causing the Grand Chase party to be scattered across worlds.

The story starts with Kassias Grandiel's two apprentices in the world of Krictria, Kyle and Cindy, who come upon Arme having just fallen from the sky into the mountains near their home.

Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser provide examples of:

  • Action Bomb: Certain monsters explode upon death like the cactus monsters in Imp Empire, the mutants throughout Mouspia, and the flycatchers in Burning Canyon.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: Unlike other gacha games, failing the adventure doesn't cost you any stamina. The stamina is only deducted if you actually complete the adventure and get the rewards.
  • Art Evolution: When compared to the original games, the art in Dimensional Chaser had evolved from chibi-fied looking to human like proportions but still awesome. Case in point, this art of Elesis from the original games to her art in Dimensional Chaser.
    • Sieghart has been subjected to this numerous times in this game, where his artstyle keeps changing.
  • All Your Powers Combined:
    • King Arsad who wields the three demonic weapons of Kounat has moveset of the weapons' previous owners together.
    • The Class Masters in Chaser Dungeons can use all skills of heroes of its corresponding class.
  • Allegedly Free Game: Sure, you can get the Grand Chase members, but most of them are locked behind gacha summons at a very low rate of 1% chance of getting anyone of the Grand Chase. There are also special packs that you can buy for yourself. Though that said, the gacha runs similarly to Granblue Fantasy that they have a spark-like system that Granblue Fantasy had, so once you rolled up to 200 times, you can get a ticket that lets you select any of the SR Rank heroes. The guild honor shops also let you gain an SR ticket for a certain amount and you can also get a SR ticket by logging into the game the first 2 weeks of each month. An update adds another gacha with higher cost but one can select which SR hero can appear and every 100 rolls gives a SR ticket of choice.
  • Attack Animal: Pets can be brought in battle to assist the party members through attacking and casting skills.
  • Beast Man: The Ramblins, a race of sheepmen living in caves. The world of Mouspia is also inhabited by animal people like the civilians with dog ears, Rat Men, Rhino Men and the aforementioned Ramblins.
  • Bland-Name Product: Sofia is an internet idol in Me Tube.
  • Body Armor as Hit Points: The most common form of armor that is not called Damage Reduction is a different-colored health bar that obscures the standard red health bar proportionate to the amount of extra hit points it provides against normal health. Hero classes with low base HP, such as rangers, may occasionally get so much armor from other classes that their entire health bar effectively changes color.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The main premium currency in the game, gems, can be obtained in decent quantities from a few sources quite easily, without having to spend real money to get more of them, but there are many things in the game where gems are the currency of exchange, and the game's gacha system means that, sometimes, multiple transactions using gems may be necessary to get, say, an SR hero with a drop rate of 1%. Widespread expenditure of gems (on the order of several thousands) is only possible if you clear all daily tasks and save up over a period of a few months, or resort to in-app purchases that cost real money.
  • Build Like an Egyptian: The Imp Empire in Kricktria is heavily Ancient Egypt-style from the pyramids, temples, mummies and the heroes associated with it.
  • Call-Back: One of the game features' tutorials has Kyle meeting Elena. Kyle wonders if Elena is the type of person who likes breaking people's necklaces, something Elena was infamous for in the original game.
  • Damager, Healer, Tank: The heroes and monsters are divided into five categories.
    • Assault types are frontline fighters primarily focused on dealing damage and taking hits to protect squishier allies at the same time, with some capable of putting offensive buffs for the party.
    • Tank types primarily protect the party by taking hits, casting defensive effects and crowd control. Some tank heroes can buff allies and even heal.
    • Ranger types are the physical damage dealers that attack from a distance. Some ranger units are wide area damage specialists while some others are dedicated boss killers.
    • Mage types are magical counterparts to Rangers. They are specialized in dealing heavy area damage.
    • Healer types are similar to Mages, but instead of damage, they provide support like heals and buffs.
  • Doomed Hometown: Kyle and Cindy's home Abbey was burned to the ground when the demons attacked in order to capture Arme.
  • Edible Theme Naming: A number of demons (which are some of the playable heroes) are named after various spices, herbs, and dishes.
  • Elite Mook: Most non-Grand Chase heroes are not bosses but rather a stronger variant of a monster that appears as a mid-boss.
  • Escort Mission: Adventure dungeons and request boards sometimes require escorting a Ramblin and keeping it alive until the dungeon run ends.
  • Expy:
  • Floating Head Syndrome: Some Login screen art for certain new world releases suffered heavy from this, main examples being World 7: Bermesiah, World 8: Ellia Peninsula and World 11: Spirit World.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Among the playable heroes, male heroes are usually melee Assault or Tank types while female heroes are Ranger, Mage or Healer types. There are some exceptions, however.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Big time. This is heavily contributed to by the Art Evolution that Dimensional Chaser undergoes after the events of the original Grand Chase.
  • Idiot Hero: Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Additional points for being Book Dumb.
  • Interspecies Romance: Hekar the sharkman and his love interest Marin the jellyfish-girl.
  • It's All About Me: Kyle at his worst is this. What with being a Heroic Wannabe and claiming himself to be the next Sword Saint. To everyone's chagrin. Cindy is usually the one to call him out on it. Sieghart is also arrogant and keeps bragging about how handsome and badass he is.
  • Jiggle Physics: Heroes and NPC portraits are constantly moving and things that wave and bounce move around, like clothes, hair and uhh... breasts.
  • Locomotive Level: The entirety of Burning Canyon raid Underworld Train.
  • Loophole Abuse: The very reason Decanee corrupts the Avatars of God is to extract their divine power to activate the time portal. Said Avatars' divine powers could only be extracted on their deaths; however, the Avatars cannot be killed by demons. Decanee got around it by capturing and corrupting them so the humans would have to kill them for her sake.
  • The Multiverse: The original game already introduced three worlds: Aernas (the original world), Elyos (the demon world) and the Underworld. This sequel, as the title suggest, adds more worlds in the story like Kricktria (another mortal world like Aernas), Mouspia (a fragmented world of werebeasts that lies above a dimensional rift), and the Spirit World.
  • Only in It for the Money: Mandragora the herb fairy is rather corrupt and uses her herb fairy abilities to swindle money. Likewise, the internet idol Sofia and the rockstar Tacoel only do their stuff for money.
  • Our Demons Are Different: A handful of heroes including some of the Grand Chase members are demons. Some like Belile look outright demonic, some just look like horned people like Hanout, and others don't even look like demons at all like the members of Creator's Morning.
  • Party Scattering: Dimensional Chaser starts with the Grand Chase party being scattered across dimensions. Arme, Mari, Lass, Ronan, and Ryan end up in Kricktria, Sieghart was summoned once early in Chapter 2 but was unable to fully appear in Krictria, having killed the one that summoned him, while Rufus had the help of the Dimensional Research Traders, Kiwi, and Apple. Jin, Ley, and Amy are in Mouspia. Elesis is working on her own to stop Elscud while Lire is wandering around searching for hints of Elesis's appearance. The whereabouts of the other Grand Chase members are unknown.
  • Temporary Online Content:
    • All in-stages dialogues from previous Grand Tale events, in which shows A Day in the Limelight for certains A Rank or S Rank heroes, even for NPC's. There's also the unlockables cutscenes that you could earn it by clearing one of the adventure dungeon in the event 10 times, showing dialogues featuring our SR Rank heroes.
    • The entire Grand School Event. It was a High School AU dungeon where you could grind points to trade for portraits and a exclusive border in a tie-in bingo. Alongside the cosmetics, "Leader of the Science Club" and "Transfer Student" Premiun Skins for Mari and Asin respectively could be earned as well inside said bingo. And now it can't be rescued anymore since this event never returned or had a part 2, unlike the Grand Tale events.
    • Serdin's Defense Tower event, in which you control said character in defending a boat from oncoming enemies. Just like Grand School, it happened only once in all servers.note 
    • Most profile portraits and borders who could be earned in previous events falls into this category as well.
  • Punny Name: Certain monster's names contain puns like the Meowgician (a mage cat).
  • The Reveal:
    • Decanee is a manifestation of Kaze'aaze who is working with Elscud, another twist is he is actually a volunteer Double Agent working with Grandiel..
    • Kyle and Cindy are soul fragments of Baldinar embedded on clones of himself and his dead lover respectively.
  • Sentai: The Guilty Seven are parody of this. They can even morph using a smartphone-like thing when certain conditions are met.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • At the time of the game's release, all obtainable heroes were ranked from B to SR (SS in Korea), and each hero has a starting evolution level between 3 to 6 stars. All heroes can be evolved to 6 stars regardless of rank, whereupon they can be awakened 6 times for even more power. Awakening a hero also increases their level cap and, depending on the hero, unlocks multiple concurrent layers of upgrades. A post-release update to the game then changed all heroes starting at B rank to start at A rank.
    • The basic upgrade system is similar to the way weapons and equipment are improved in Dungeons & Dragons, appending a plus number (e.g. +5) to the upgraded hero and increasing their stats. Heroes with higher evolution levels could be upgraded further, up to +12. A post-release update removed this system and integrated the stat boosts into the evolution system.
    • Using the Promotion system, a fully awakened B to S rank hero can be promoted to the next higher rank. Upon promotion, the hero is fully evolved, and can then be fully awakened another time.
    • A fully awakened SR rank hero can gain even more power through Transcendence Awakening. A hero can be transcended 15 times.
    • Several heroes who start at SR rank have an additional, concurrent layer of upgrades alongside Transcendence Awakening, known as Limit Break. Once these heroes have been transcended a few times, they can undergo Limit Break to upgrade one of their Active Skills or their Passive Skill; they can do this one more time when they are transcended further.
    • Certain SR rank heroes who have been awakened a few times can unlock more power through the Chaser system. The Chaser system has its own set of upgrade levels, separate from the hero's level, and boosts a specific stat of the hero per level before unlocking a set of learnable passive skills every 5 levels. The maximum Chaser level is 25, at which point the hero would have had all their stats boosted 5 times and have 5 sets of extra passive skills that they can learn.
    • The Soul Imprint system adds a new skill tree for certain heroes who have been awakened 5 times. Soul Imprint upgrades range from more general ones, such as improved stats, to niche upgrades like increased XP gain.
  • Series Fauxnale: The conclusion of World 9. It finally concludes the hunt for Kaze'aze/Karin Erudon with her final defeat at the hands of the Grand Chase, the main premise that started in the original PC game. This also results in Elscud's mission as a Red Knight being concluded as well meaning that he can finally rest in the Underworld, bidding farewell to Elesis. The Grand Chase officially disbands after this. However, Heitaros is still at large and Kyle is still trapped in his dark side, leaving that plot point loose for the future.
  • Shoot the Mage First / Shoot the Medic First: The general tactic used by players when pitted against a team of enemy heroes, usually in PVP Attacks, is to directly aim at any squishier heroes present, though they must also protect their own at the same time as the AI of enemy Assault heroes also take this approach.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The second time Kyle meets Kiwi and Apple in Maelstrom, they stated they came to find someone named "Guile"note .
      Kyle: That name sounds like someone who uses sonic booms.
    • Dullahan's passive skill is named "Durarara!!".
    • Ponya's baby's face can change to something similar to Duke Togo in one expression. In the same expression, Ponya mentions the Konami Code as his "secret technique".
    • Jin's wanted poster in Mouspia depicts him with the same face as Kenshiro.
  • Stat Sticks: Each types of heroes have specific weapons and armors but those are merely stat boosts and special effects and doesn't affect anything else. Example is Tank heroes use axes and shields but there is no Tank hero who actually uses them in battle. Ryan may be using an axe but not the shield, and it's not the actual axe that equipped on him.
  • Straight for the Commander: Defeating the boss hero in Adventure and Raid dungeons immediately ends the battle regardless of any other enemies' presence.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Kyle and Cindy started out as the new protagonists of Dimensional Chaser, but ultimately, the original Grand Chase members are the focus of the story and they're just going along with the ride.
  • Under the Sea: The Maelstrom in Kricktria is set on the sea floor and in a sunken temple. The heroes are able to survive the waters through a spell Arme used to let them breathe underwater.
  • Wutai: The Underworld City has Asian-style motif. Outside of it however, is more of American Wild West.
  • You Already Changed the Past: Subverted upon Decanee and the Grand Chase's interference on the past of Kounat, where the only change is the altered timeline had more survivors from the Kounat Explosion.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: A non-undead one in Airship in Mouspia where the citizens are infected by parasitic plants of Flaune and the heroes must fight their way through the mutants to prevent further infection. The mutation is reversible by knocking out the mutant unless it's too severe which forces the Chase to Mercy Kill the infected people.