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Visual Novel / Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales

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Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales is an installment in the Shall We Date? series.

Ever since Luna Nolan was a young girl, she's always wanted to be a sorceress like her grandmother.

One day, when trying to help her friend, the princess of her country, she gets in trouble with a hair-growing potion. She blindly runs into her grandmother's basement where she discovers multiple doors, which lead to different locations. She goes through one door and meets a charming prince.

How will things go for her and her lover?

Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales provides examples of:

  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Just about every story has a different version of the protagonist's friend Marybell playing some role in the story. Aster and the twins Ruben and Toto also appear with the same names but playing different roles depending on the story - Ruben and Toto are Cindo's stepbrothers in Cindo's route and play the role of the dwarves in Seanwhite's story, and so forth.
  • Your Universe or Mine?: Since the protagonist is a foreigner to each of the fairy tale worlds that she can visit and spends most of the storyline trying to get home, she and her love interest inevitably have to decide whether to part and each stay in their own world or stay together in one world or the other. Typically in the best endings the protagonist chooses to stay in her lover's world, while in the good-but-not-great middle endings the love interest returns with her to her world.