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"You got a vest wearing cactus, grave digging bats, and a killer biker crow. Oh, and if you stop to explain-(gets stabbed by one of Spike's cacti)'re a goner." -Poco, as quoted in the "No Time To Explain" trailer. note 
Brawl Stars is an insanely popular casual MOBA game soft released by Supercell in late 2017 and was globally launched in December of 2018. How popular, you may ask? It made $63 million in its FIRST month of global. As of late, it's available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The gameplay is very similar to twinstick arcade games, such as Smash Tv or Robotron: 2084, where you have a button to move, and a button to shoot. What sets it off as different from those games is that since the game is catered for online play, bullets come out much slower or have limited range (for people to get away from them faster) and you have a limited number of shots to fire, until you have to wait to reload again.

As of the global launch, you have 3 buttons: A button to move around, a button to shoot, and a button to use your super. You have 2 options for shooting: you can either drag the button around to aim your shots, or you can press the button to automatically aim. Hitting a person with your attacks will build up your super meter, which if you will up will unleash a powerful super move. Each brawler has a unique attack and super, as well as a "Star Power" passive that can be unlocked once the brawlers are at power level 9 (out of a possible 10).

There are a total of 9 gamemodes to play with 4 usually being on display. The game modes are "Gem Grab", "Showdown", "Bounty", "Heist", "Robo Rumble", "Boss Fight", "Siege" and "Brawl Ball". The first 2 of the 4 gamemodes permanently stay on display, with different map layouts every day. The next 2 swap each day, with a different layout for each time it happens. Every Friday, there will be a big event that will be released that consists of one of the last 4.


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A short description for the 9 gamemodes:

Normal Events:
  • Gem Grab, a gamemode where you collect gems. It's a 3v3 gamemode where whenever a team collects a 10 or more gems, a timer will start. If the timer runs out the team that had the 10 or more gems win. You can reset this timer by killing opponents with gems on them, but the timer will keep going if the team still has 10 or more gems.
  • Showdown is your standard free for all where 10 players go all out against each other. The last one standing wins. What makes this unique from other free for alls however, is that:
  1. You can break boxes laid out all over the map containing Power Cubes that will increase your attack and health. You can take other people's power cubes by defeat them.
  2. There are sometimes effects on the battlefield that will change every day. For example, you could have a day today where everything is completely normal. But then you can have a day where a giant robot occasionally spawns and if you defeat it, you can get Power Cubes from it.
  3. Poisonous gas constantly shrinks the effective arena size to keep you on your toes.

Special/Ticketed Events:
  • Boss Fight is just that, a boss fight. It involves you teaming up with 3 other players against a boss robot.
  • Robo Rumble is similar to Team Fortress 2's Mann vs. Machine mode, in that it involves you holding off waves of robots from a safe, vying for the maximum score of 13:14. However, you've got to be on your toes at all times, as if the wave isn't defeated in enough time, the robots get angry and run towards the safe faster and with more power.
  • Big Game pits you and four other Brawlers against a powered up Brawler, known as the Boss. The Boss has a ton of health, but gradually loses it over time, and they have to survive for 2 minutes to win. If defeated, the other 4 Brawlers win.
  • Siege plays out a bit like a Tower Defense game, involving your team trying to wreck the enemy IKE turret before they do so to yours. To do this, one collects Bolts scattered about the map, which are then fed to the IKE turret to make a robot that will walk towards the turret in an attempt to destroy it. The more bolts, the more damage it deals and the faster it goes.
  • Brawl Ball involves you passing and attacking a ball between your team to attempt to score goals. First team to 2 goals wins. However, you're left vulnerable with the ball, as you can't attack.

Every Troper for Themselves!

  • Abnormal Ammo: There's the typical gun ammo like Bull and Shelly's shotgun pellets, and Colt's bullets. Then you have stuff like Spike's cactus bombs, Tara's cards, Penny's Spread Shot coins, Poco's music, Barley's booze...
  • Action Girl: Shelly, Nita, Jessie, Rosa, Penny, Pam, Piper, Tara.
  • Anachronism Stew: Averted at first, as the main theme was supposed to be a "Wild West" theme, like sheriffs, bartenders, and Native Americans with bits of Steampunk sprinkled in to the mix. As of now, there are pirates, genies, robots shooting bouncy pool balls, people in chameleon jackets throwing out ninja stars, etc.
  • Art Evolution: A LOT of character models have vastly improved. Reminder that Shelly used to look like this and she looks like this as of late.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Downplayed, as you run out of ammo, but you can reload infinitely.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Quite a few Brawlers are like this, such as Darryl, Rosa, El Primo and Bull.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: You're always colored green, allies, their attacks, and your attacks are always colored blue, and enemies and their attacks are always colored red.
  • Colony Drop: One event in Showdown involves enormous meteors periodically dropping upon the map. You'll have to run like crazy to get out of their range before they hit.
  • Combat Medic: Poco deals low damage and has a short ranged AOE attack, but his value comes in his Super, which heals allies. When he gets access to his Star Power, he goes from this to White Mage, as he can heal his teammates without the need for the Super.
  • Death from Above: El Primo's Intergalactic Elbow move can do this, but it doesn't deal much damage, as its intended use is to escape, travel and burn enemies for a lot more damage with El Fuego, Primo's Star Power. Piper can also fly away with her Super, leaving a ton of bombs behind in the process.
  • Dem Bones: Poco.
  • Dastardly Whiplash: Mortis has shades of this.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Piper's low health and incredibly slow reload spells doom if an enemy closes the distance, and her escape-hatch like super can lead to other marksmen mowing her down once she lands. Piper need constant protection from her teamates to succeed, and if they do, it will be worth it. Piper deals significantly more damage than most other Brawlers with her normal attack, and with energy drinks or lots of power cubes, can outright OHKO the lower health Brawlers that can match her insane range. If she has access to her SP and is in a bush, she can attack unseen with even HIGHER power. A good Piper can remain annoyingly out of reach while she pops all the backline fighters with ease. Even the latest Brawl Talk lampshades how aggravating an experienced Piper can be.
  • Drop the Hammer: Frank wields a tombstone hammer, which he can slam into the ground to make a big shockwave that stuns enemies, If he chains 3 hits in one shot, he can do it again.
  • Excuse Plot: Justified in that the characters are too preoccupied with beating each other up to care about why.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Colt has shades of this, with some of his lines being such as "Too pretty for pain!" and when he gets KO'd, it includes such quips as "Not the face!"
  • Flunky Boss: Brawlers that can summon minions, such as Penny's Old Lobber, Jessie's Scrappy, or Nita's Big Baby Bear can become this in Big Game, as the minions gain the same power boost as the Big Brawler that summoned them.
  • Foil: Jessie to Penny. Both are Brawlers with long range, high damage attacks that have a special property upon hitting an enemy, and both also can summon minions. However, Jessie has slightly less damage in return for Shock Rifle homing onto the nearest target, and Scrappy fires lots of accurate, low damage attacks, whereas Plunderbuss has more damage, but the shrapnel is inaccurate and deals a lot of damage from a lucky hit behind a foe, and Old Lobber shoots bombs that can deal thousands of damage, but the bombs' trajectory is slow and inaccurate. At least, until Penny unlocks her Star Power, Last Blast, which makes the cannon explode and spew out a ton of bombs upon its destruction, in which case you're royally screwed if you got too close in the process of destroying it. Scrappy can also be restored by Jessie's attacks with her Star Power, Energize, making it good for staking out choke points, while Old Lobber, due to its low health, is more suited for dealing as much damage as possible in little time, and also exploding when it dies.
    • Likewise, Poco to Pam. Both are Brawlers focused on healing others with their Super and Star Powers. Poco needs to charge up Encore for a one time blast of healing, which is hard, given Power Chord's low attack power and his middling health, as well as the usefulness of his Super relying on if allies are in range, whereas Pam has an area of effect healing turret that allies can stand in. However, it's equally hard to fill up her super, as Scrapshot is about as accurate as the Splattershot Jr, meaning that you're not going to get a lot of hits in without being at or near point blank. However, both get much more adept at healing allies after their Star Powers are introduced to the mix. Poco's Da Capo! makes it that allies are healed for 500 health by Power Chord, while Pam's Mama's Kiss heals allies for a little health each time she hits an enemy, and since Scrapshot is a Spam Attack, it adds up.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Barley throws bottles of what are clearly supposed to be moonshine, as dictated by the "XXX" on the label. Supercell probably got a pass because it looks like poison or acid, or because they're Molotov cocktails. Not enough? Some of his quotes are "Bottoms up!", "Ready for another?" and "This one's on the house!", his attack and Super are named "Undiluted" and "Last Call," and his Star Power is named "Medical Use." Keep in mind alcohol references usually earn a game a solid T.
    • Speaking of alcohol, Penny sounds like she took one too many swigs at Barley's bar. The way how she puts so much emphasis on her sluggish voice lines and the fact that she is a pirate is more than just suspicious.
  • Glass Cannon: Colt has a rapid fire move that acts much like a small laser of bullets, and they deal a respectable amount of damage. His Star Power also increases his speed by a notable increment to get away from enemies in a jam. However, he'll suffer badly from even one of El Primo's punches.
  • Gratuitous Ninja: Leon is a kid in a chameleon costume who utilizes ninja techniques, such as smoke bombs and throwing stars.
  • Japanese Delinquent: Bibi. Her nationality is made clear by one of her lines "Konichi-WACK"
  • Knife Nut: Crow attacks with poisonous knives.
  • Lightning Bruiser: El Primo has a one of the highest health bars in the game, only rivaled by Frank, and if he hits someone at point blank (which is the ONLY way for him to hit) it deals a lot of damage in small increments. What makes him count for the "lightning" part is his Super, which lets him leap across the stage, dealing damage when he lands.
  • Meaningful Name: Many characters.
    • Shelly fires a Spread Shot of shotgun shells.
    • Nita's name means bear.
    • Colt wields a revolver, in other words, a Colt.
    • Bull's special involves him attacking like one.
    • Brock fires rockets.
    • Dynamike is a dynamite lobbing miner.
    • Bo wields a bow and arrows.
    • Barley is a type of malt liquor.
    • Rosa totes around a rose-like plant that shrouds her and protects her from most damage.
    • Rico's shots ricochet.
    • Penny fires pouches of worthless coins, (they're fool's gold) in other words, pennies.
    • Darryl's in a barrel, Carl's in a cart.
    • Meta example: Piper is a sniper.
    • Frank is a Frankenstein-esque monster.
    • Mortis means death, and Mortis is a vampire.
    • Tara is a Death Dealer, and her name is a pun on tarot cards.
    • Gene is a literal genie.
    • Spike is a cactus.
    • Leon's special involves him turning invisible, like a chameleon.
  • Mighty Glacier: Frank has the highest health in the game and his Super is the only one that can outright stun foes, but he's rather slow and his attack has a short windup period. Subverted with Bibi, as she herself has a decent amount of health and her Home Run move deals a rather hefty amount of damage, as well as being able to knock back foes when her Home Run bar is full, but it's short ranged and has a bit of a windup.
  • One to Million to One: Mortis has a Life Drain Special that turns him into a swarm of bats.
  • Our Genies Are Different: Gene, who specializes in crowd control with his Spread Shot mist orbs and foe grabbing Super.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Mortis, who, fittingly, specializes in Life Drain moves, both via his Special and his Star Power, which heals him for 1200 HP per KO.
  • The Paralyzer: Shelly's super, after activating her Star Power, slows enemies for 2 and a half seconds. Frank can outright stun enemies with his normal Super.
  • Pinball Projectile: Jessie and Rico wield weapons that can do so. Rico's bounces off walls and pierces enemies, refilling his Super with just one rebound onto the same target, and Jessie's energy orbs bounce off and home onto the nearest target, making both of them awesome for Robo Rumble.
  • Pirate Girl: Penny.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Barley, Rico, Darryl and Carl leave the splatters behind when defeated that any other Brawlers do.
  • Riding the Bomb: Dyna-Mike can do this with his Star Power, which lets him be affected by the explosions he makes and is knocked back, much like, say, Shell Shock. However, this can be beneficial, as Dyna-Mike is more suited for offense than defense, and the blast wave can allow him to get away from a tight squeeze.
  • Robot Buddy: Jessie's turret Scrappy functions as this.
  • Rolling Attack: Darryl's Super involves him rolling forward in his barrel, bouncing off walls in the process.
  • Shout-Out: Frank's only skin looks similar to that of a certain caveman...
    • Likewise, Brock has a gamer motif going on and one of his "enemy defeated" voice lines is "Take the L!"
  • Southern Belle: Piper is part this, part princess.
  • Smug Snake: Carl.
  • The Speechless: Most new Brawlers go for a bit without voice acting, but Spike's never gotten any throughout the duration of the game. Which makes sense, cause he's, y'know, a cactus. Leon and Darryl also count here.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: How Nita operates.
  • Squishy Wizard: Poco is a decent healer, and Barley can rain down lasting damage from afar. However, if either one gets jumped on by an El Primo, or otherwise caught at close range, they're toast.
  • Stone Wall: Nita has an decent health bar, one of the highest of any Brawler. When she uses her Super and stays behind it, she effectively doubles her health. And Big Baby Bear both SHARES this health bar, and when she obtains her Star Power, both of them HEAL each other when attacking. However, her Rupture move is rather inflexible and lacking in damage.
    • Rosa is one too, being able to put up a shield with her Super, which chops 70% off of all incoming damage, as well as having a very durable health bar.
  • Symbolic Blood: All Brawlers leave a patch of goop on the ground when KO'd.
  • Team Mom: Pam is a Combat Medic, and her skill names and skill lines revolve around motherly things. She's also focused more on healing teammates rather than herself AND teammates.
  • The Unintelligible: Gene.
  • Use Your Head: Bull's special involves him ramming full force in a straight line, making him invincible while he does so. Not recommended in Showdown, as a player can crash into the poison gas, spelling doom if they used the Super in desperation.
    • Tick literally uses his head for his super; he throws it to the ground to create a speedy suicide unit.
  • Wrench Wench: Jessie and Pam, who, in the case of the former, overlaps with Gadgeteer Genius.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Gene's special yanks fleeing opponents back to him. It's also great for stalling out the IKE robot from hitting your turret.

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