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"You got a vest wearing cactus, grave digging bats, and a killer biker crow. Oh, and if you stop to explain-(gets stabbed by Spike's cacti)'re a goner."
Poco in the "No Time To Explain" trailer

Brawl Stars is a casual MOBA game soft released by Supercell in late 2017 and was globally launched in December of 2018. It's available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The gameplay is very similar to twinstick arcade games, such as Smash Tv or Robotron: 2084, where you have one button to move, and another to shoot. However this game is catered for online play, bullets come out much slower or have limited range and you have a limited number of shots to fire before automatically reloading.

As of the global launch, you have 4 buttons to move, shoot, use your super, and use a gadget. For the latter 3 offensive options you can drag to aim or tap to auto-aim for a sudden encounter and less accuracy. Each brawler unique attacks, as well as a "Star Power" passive that can be unlocked once they reach power level 9 (out of a possible 10).


There are a total of 10 gamemodes in rotation with 5-6 on display at a time. The game modes are "Gem Grab", "Showdown", "Brawl Ball", "Robo Rumble", "Boss Fight","Super City Rampage", "Big Game", "Bounty", "Heist", and "Siege", with different map layouts every day. Most of these modes are played with two teams of 3 players, with certain exceptions.

  • Normal Events
    • Gem Grab: Two teams compete to control a gem spawner. The first team to keep 10 or more than the other team for 15 seconds wins. A secondary timer also exists for 3.5 minutes, where by the end of that timer, the team with the most gems wins.
    • Showdown (Solo and Duo): A standard free-for-all where 10 players or 5 teams of 2 go all out against each other. The last player or team standing wins. Gas will force players closer together as the match goes on, and they can increase their power by breaking boxes.
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    • Brawl Ball: Two teams attempt to kick a soccer ball into the other team's goal. First team to 2 points wins.
    • Bounty Players get points for killing a brawler, but increase their own bounty and will reward the enemy more for killing them. The team with the most points wins. Ties are broken by a blue star that reward the team with it a win.
    • Heist: Teams must destroy the other team's safe to win, or have a higher safe HP by the end of the timer.
    • Siege: Two teams collect Bolts scattered about the map, which are then fed to their IKE turret to build an assault robot meant to destroy the enemy turret. The robot becomes stronger and faster depending on how many bolts are collected.
    • Hot Zone: There are 1-3 zones in the middle to take over. For every half a second, a zone is filled up by 1%. The first team to capture all 3 zones, or have the highest zone percentage by the end of the timer, wins.
  • Special Events:
    • Big Game: 5 players go up against a powered up player, known as the Boss. The Boss has a ton of health that depletes over time. If defeated within 2 minutes, the other 5 Brawlers win. Otherwise, the Big Brawler wins.
    • Robo Rumble: 3 players defend a safe from waves of robots. If the safe is not destroyed by the end of two minutes, the players win. Beating each level allows you to progress to the next level, which feature faster and stronger robots.
    • Boss Fight: 3 players team up against a boss robot with an absurd amount of HP. Beating it grants access to progressively harder difficulty levels that carry more rewards.
    • Super City Rampage: 3 players team up against a huge Godzilla-like monster who’s attacking the city. It must be beaten before it destroys all buildings.

Every Troper for Themselves!

  • Aborted Arc: The plot surrounding Starr Park and the backstory behind the brawlers and their setting has been all but forgotten as of after the Season 3 Brawl Pass. note 
  • Abnormal Ammo: There's the typical shotgun pellets, Colt's bullets. Then you have stuff like Spike's cactus bombs, playing cards, Spread Shot coins, music, booze, sand, energy drinks...... It even becomes funnier when you actually calculate the damage of these individual projectiles, like how can energy drink [784 damage - Surge], deal more damage than a bullet?? [504 damage - Colt]
  • Action Girl: All of the female Brawlers are this.
  • Anachronism Stew: Averted at first, as the main theme was supposed to be a "Wild West" theme, like sheriffs, bartenders, and Native Americans with bits of Steampunk sprinkled in to the mix. As of now, there are pirates, genies, robots shooting bouncy gumballs, kids in chameleon jackets throwing out ninja stars, etc.
    • Subverted as of the September 2020 Brawl Talk, which revealed the game took place in a theme park and not the Wild West. Still, the environments of the game vary alot, from junkyards to jungles, a shop and space!
  • Art Evolution: A LOT of character models have vastly improved. For example, Shelly used to look a lot worse before her current design was decided on. Others, like Dynamike, look nothing like their past designs. In fact, tons of brawlers have been revamped, either getting new designs or icons. In fact, Brawl Stars has recently started animating faces on brawlers and skins!
  • Bottomless Magazines: Although you do need to reload.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Close-range brawlers like Rosa, El Primo, Bull and Edgar.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: You're always colored green. Allies, their attacks, and your attacks are always colored blue, and enemies and their attacks are always colored red. For Duo Showdown, teams are labelled with different colours even when they die, showing up in the kill indicator. [As of now, the colours are red, yellow, pink and blue for the other teams.]
  • Colony Drop: One event in Showdown involves meteors hitting the map. You'll have to run like crazy to get out of their range before they hit.
  • Combat Medic: Poco deals low damage and has a short ranged AOE attack, his Super heals allies. In fact, he is probably the most healer orientated brawler. His gadget either heals you over time, or [his new teased gadget] removes all ailments like slowing, stuns, damage over time, and gives you immunity!
    • When he gets access to his Star Power, he can heal without the need for the Super.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Takedown and Lone Star were actual modes in 2019, Takedown being a hybrid of Bounty and Solo Showdown, and Takedown being somewhat like Boss Fight, but the goal being to deal as much damage to the boss as possible. However, in January 2020, the developers decided to remove the two gamemodes "for a while". Ever since then, nothing has ever been said about them, even after an entire year of disappearance. Other than the maps and wiki pages on said game's wiki, the two gamemodes are as good as gone and forgotten, never to be mentioned again and only remembered by older players who probably won't bring it up often.
  • Dastardly Whiplash: Mortis has shades of this.
  • Dem Bones: Poco is a yellow skeleton mariachi.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Piper's low health, incredibly slow reload, and damage mechanic spells doom if an enemy gets close, and her escape-hatch like Super can lead to other marksmen mowing her down once she lands. Piper needs constant protection from her teamates to succeed, and if they do, it will be worth it. Piper deals significantly more damage than most other Brawlers with her normal attack, and with damage boosts, can outright one-shot the lower health Brawlers that can match her insane range. With her first Star Power, she can attack from a bush, unseen, with even higher power. Meanwhile, her Second Star Power rewards good pipers by giving them a slight ammo bump, allowing them to chain shots! A good Piper can remain annoyingly out of reach while she snipes all the backline fighters with ease. Even the developers lampshade how aggravating an experienced Piper can be.
    • In fact, most Sharpshooters are shades of this. Though it takes a while to get used to their aim, it eventually pays off when you're able to strafe and take out most brawlers.
    • Mortis is questionably this. With his star power and a good player, you can super chain through opponents clearing them. However, mess up once and you melt instantly. It doesn't help that he's still somewhat hated by the community.
  • Drop the Hammer: Frank attacks his opponents with a hammer that consists of a tombstone attached to a steel pipe.
  • Dub Name Change: Occasionally happens with the Brawlers' names:
    • The French translation is the most noteworthy: El Primo is referred as El Costo, Sprout becomes Wally, Amber becomes Ambre, Barley becomes Bartaba, 8-BIT becomes A.R.K.A.D, Bibi becomes Billie, Crow becomes Corbac, Gene becomes D'Jinn, Emz becomes Eliz@, Mr. P becomes Monsieur P, Sandy becomes Émeri, Gale becomes Gaël, Piper becomes Polly and Rico is called Ricochet, just like he used to in the earlier versions of the game.
    • In the Italian localization Nani is Iris, Amber is Ambra, Poco is Pocho, Darryl is Barryl, Sprout is Semino, Barley is Bombardino, Rico is Stecca, Max is Maxine, Gale is Gelindo and Surge is Energetik.
    • Japanese: Piper is referred as エリザベス (Elizabeth, which is also her voice actress' first name).
    • Portuguese: Crow becomes Corvo, Gene becomes Eugênio and Surge becomes Wattson. note 
  • Excuse Plot: The Brawlers are too preoccupied with beating each other up to care about why. Downplayed as of the September 2020 Brawl Talk, which implies that something shady's going on in the underbelly of the game. Something VERY big and VERY shady.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Colt has shades of this, since he's "Too pretty for pain!".
  • Flunky Boss: Brawlers that can summon minions, such as Penny's Old Lobber, Jessie's Scrappy, or Nita's Big Baby Bear can become this in Big Game, as the minions gain the same power boost as the Big Brawler that summoned them.
  • Genius Ditz: Shelly is the most notable example of this. For being one of the top few brawlers in Solo Showdown and being able to sneak up to people and blast them to bits and get 1st place? She's just awful in 3v3s, being only good in a few maps, and otherwise being a deadweight in others. Other brawlers also suffer from having only one notable good mode, while being poor in others.
  • Glass Cannon: Most sharpshooters and throwers qualify. You can deal tons of damage with them if you're left alone, but get too close to someone and you'll be shattered in just about 2-3 hits.
    • Tick is an insane example of this. For a brawler that can simply deny area with a few shots and some mines that take fairly long to disappear, he will melt if someone attacks him. I mean, he barely goes over 3000 health at power 9!
  • Head Pet: It's easy to miss, but Dynamike is hiding a canary under his mining helmet.
  • Japanese Delinquent: Bibi's design has elements that can be seen in a typical japanese delinquent character, like the jacket and the baseball bat.
  • Knife Nut: Crow attacks with poisonous knives.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Despite their short range, heavyweights have higher health than other classes as well as above-average damage and speed, the latter of which can be boosted further by most of them through a Super, Gadget, or Star Power.
  • Meaningful Name: Cute and simple puns for most characters.
    • Shelly fires a Spread Shot of shotgun shells.
    • Nita's name means bear in most Native American languages.
    • Colt is armed with Colt Pythons.
    • Bull's special involves him attacking like one. He wears a nose ring like a bull.
    • Brock is armed with a rocket launcher.
    • Barley is a type of malt liquor.
    • Rosa totes around a rose-like plant that shrouds her and protects her from most damage.
    • Dynamike throws dynamite.
    • Bo wields a bow and arrows.
    • Tick makes some 'tick' noises.
    • Rico's shots ricochet and was even previously named Ricochet.
    • Darryl's in a barrel and his Super has him doing a barrel roll.
    • Penny shoots coins, aka pennies.
    • Carl's in a cart.
    • Jacky wields a jackhammer.
    • 8-BIT is a sentient arcade machine.
    • Piper is a sniper.
    • Frank is a Frankenstein-esque monster.
    • Bibi could be written as "B.B", as in baseball, and she uses Batter Up! tactics. Bibi is also the equivalent of "Miss" in most Asian languages given she appears Asian and carries herself like she's in charge.
    • Bea uses bee-shaped drones to attack.
    • Nani is Jessie's robotic nanny.
    • Mortis means death and is a vampire.
    • Tara is a Death Dealer, and her name is a pun on tarot cards.
    • Gene is a genie.
    • Max's name is shorthand for "Maximum", her play style revolves around her moving at maximum speed.
    • Mr. Penguin.
    • Sprout is a less-developed plant (a sprout) piloting a robot.
    • Spike is a spiked cactus.
    • Crow is, well, a crow.
    • Leon's Super involves him turning invisible, like a chameleon.
    • Sandy has Sand Blaster powers, being able to manipulate sharp rocks and whip up sandstorms.
    • Amber's name is one letter away from ember, and her schtick is that she fights with fire.
    • Gale means an extremely strong wind, which is reflected in his Super.
    • Surge increases his power every time he uses his Super. In other words, a power surge.
    • Colette is a Loony Fan With A Crush of the Brawlers, and she collects trinkets and scraps from them in her scrapbook.
    • Lou as in igloo.
    • Edgar could be described as an edgy teen who's going through a phase. I mean, even the developers mentioned that.
    • Byron is a salesman. "Buy"-ron. Maybe.
    • STU as in stuntman, since he's a stunt robot.
  • Mighty Glacier: 8-BIT is this, boasting some of the highest DPS in the game (and with a damage increasing booster!) and the highest health out of all sharpshooters, in exchange for being the Brawler with the slowest moving speed.
  • The Paralyzer:
    • Shelly's super, with her Star Power, slows enemies for a few seconds.
    • Frank can outright stun enemies with his normal Super.
    • Jacky's Super immobilizes anyone caught in it's range.
    • Gale's super can stun enemy brawlers that are blown into walls for a short moment with his first Star Power.
    • Crow's second Gadget allows him to slow down poisoned enemies.
    • Lou's unique Frost Meter mechanic. Opponents with a full Frost Meter will freeze in place for 1 second.
  • Pinball Projectile: Jessie and Rico's weapons do this. Rico's bounces off walls, and Jessie's bounces off enemies and home onto the nearest target.
  • Pirate Girl: Penny. She even speaks like she's drunk!
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Barley, Rico, Darryl, Carl, Nani, Surge, Lou and STU.
  • Riding the Bomb: Dynamike's first Star Power lets him launch himself with his weapon's explosions.
    • Brock can also do this with his first Gadget.
  • Robot Buddy:
    • Sprout is this to Bea and Rosa.
    • Jessie's turret, Scrappy.
    • Nani is this to Jessie and Pam.
  • Rolling Attack: Darryl's Super has him roll forward in his barrel, bouncing off walls in the process.
  • Support Party Member: Max is an offensive buffer that uses her Super to buff her allies' speed. An 8-BIT isn't so scary from far away, right? Consider him charging you at Mach 2.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Southern Belle: Piper.
  • Smug Snake: Carl and Byron. The latter of the two being quite fitting considering he's themed around snakes.
  • The Speechless: Most new Brawlers go for a bit without voice acting, but Spike never got any throughout the duration of the game and never will.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: How Nita's Super operates.
  • Squishy Wizard: Nani's standard attack can obliterate anything short of a heavyweight if all three energy bolts connect, and Barley can rain down lingering damage from afar. Bea has a respectable range, and when she hits an opponent, her next hit is amplified by a scary 175%. And how could we forgot Tick, who has mines that can last for 2 seconds before disappearing, essentially being able to shut off certain lanes to enemies. They all have low health, and if any of them caught at close range, they're toast. Especially Tick, who can practically die with a single shot from any brawler.
  • Stone Wall: Nita has an decent health bar but low damage. When she uses her Super she effectively doubles her health. And Big Baby Bear both SHARES this health bar, and when she obtains her Star Power, both of them HEAL each other when attacking.
  • Symbolic Blood: All Brawlers leave a patch of goop on the ground when KO'd.
  • Team Mom: Pam is a Combat Medic, and her skill names and skill lines revolve around motherly things. She's also focused more on healing teammates rather than herself AND teammates.
  • The Unintelligible: Gene, Tara, Tick, Mr P., and Frank.
  • Use Your Head: Bull's Super involves him ramming full force in a straight line. Not recommended in Showdown, as a player can crash into the poison gas, spelling doom if they used the Super in desperation unless he has his second Gadget.
    • Tick literally uses his head for his Super; he deploys it to the ground to create a speedy suicide unit.
  • Wrench Wench: Jessie and Pam, who, in the case of the former, overlaps with Gadgeteer Genius.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Gene's Super yanks fleeing opponents back to him.


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