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''Bring You Home" is a mobile phone game released for Itunes in January 31, 2018, going at 2.99$. Created by Alike Studios, is an adventure puzzle game acting as a Spiritual Successor to Love You to Bits. The game revolves around Polo, a bumbling, but ultimately kind, alien. During the night, Polo has his pet stolen by a duo of hooded figures who escape through a mysterious green portal. Polo follows them through the portal to get his pet back, causing a massive chase sequence that will span across the whole universe...

Unfortunately Polo isn't that bright, he'd often get into situations where he'll suffer through various amounts of Amusing Injuries to flat out death. Luckily for him, the game's central mechanic involves you manipulating the level by sliding out specific parts of the level with another scene, which can either help him or fail miserably.

Bring You Home contains examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Polo. Remember that you can manipulate every level to some extent leading to many, MANY, different outcomes. Nearly all of them will result in Polo suffering in some way, some ways include: being Eaten Alive, burnt to death, drowning, getting mauled by monsters or falling. Only one outome will make him succeed and pass the level. Thankfully it's all Played for Laughs.
  • Crossover Punchline: Kosmo, from Love You to Bits, can appear as one of the variations for level 28.
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  • Early-Bird Cameo: Polo actually made his debut as a nameless farmer in level 4 of Love You to Bits.
  • Evolving Title Screen: Depending on which ending you get:
    • Ending A has Polo laying down in the same tree at night, however his pet is no longer with him. Though he's still happy, knowing that his pet is with his real mother safe and sound.
    • Ending B has Polo laying down during a sunrise, with his new pet.
  • Nice Hat: Polo's small green hat that he has on all the time. In ending A, he decides to give it to his (now sleeping) pet as a way of remembering him before sending him back to his biological mother.

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