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"Real little and REAL MEAN!"
Crazy Dave, Plants vs. Zombies

You've fought against normal Mooks, now meet a smaller version of them. An impending Curb-Stomp Battle? Well... you can't be that sure. Sometimes, a Mini Mook will make up for its fragility by being so small and agile that just hitting them is a problem. And sometimes, they defy expectations by being a full-on Pintsized Powerhouse.

Often dealt with using an Area of Effect attack.

Some Mini Mooks come in swarms, relying on sheer numbers to compensate for their diminished strength.

Contrast Giant Mook. See also Adorable Evil Minions.



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    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering gives us Segovian Leviathan. A 3/3. A normal Dominarian leviathan is a 10/10. Why is this? Well, Segovia is a plane where everything is tiny. More directly dealing with this is Amrou Kithkin, a tiny creature that can't be blocked by anything that isn't also tiny.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The Star-spawn of Cthulhu, who are basically mini-mes of Cthulhu. In this case, Cthulhu is a being the size of a mountain. His spawn are still large compared to the average adult human.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • While mini estrellas were started in CMLL, AAA took it a step further with the mascot division, where every wrestler must be paired with smaller one using a derivative of his gimmick, or vise versa.

    Video Games 
  • Little Calebs in the Blood Expansion Pack. Notable in that they are midget enemy versions of the protagonist.
  • The midget versions of Psychos and the Midget Shotgunners in Borderlands. They're hard to get a bead on because they dart around like mad as they try to engage you in close range.
    • The 1st DLC features zombies as enemies, and even has zombified midgets. Zombie midgets behave different from the regular ones — their MO is staying out of your field of vision and leaping in your face.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Borderlands 2, where every bandit enemy type has a midget version-even the Goliaths.
  • Bug had Reptilia, a stage with literal Army Ants that fired grenades from their tails. At the end of Scene 2, you come across a sign that says: "BEWARE! BIG ANTS". You then face off against three tiny versions of the ant enemies, but these don't do anything except flee from Bug. Until you get to the end... where you indeed fight a giant ant miniboss.
  • Evolva featured a few of these, especially at the Parasite's headquarters, where they're supposed to be created.
  • Gunstar Heroes: The diminutive Minion Soldier, who is actually really quite hard to beat.
  • In Half-Life 1, when you get to Xen you discover that the ubiquitous headcrabs are merely mini-versions of the Gonarch. (And the Gonarch spawns mini-headcrabs, as well.)
    • In Opposing Force, there is a mini-version of the voltigore.
  • Every mook in Justice League Heroes: The Flash can become one of these with a cheat code.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Floormasters, when defeated, turn into three tiny Floormasters. They will kill you so freaking dead it is not funny. Whereas big ones shave off less than a heart per hit, the little ones grab you and each takes out multiple hearts until you dislodge it. All three grabbing you at once most likely means you're dead.)
  • Mercenary Kings has really little and cute baby boars, which are largely defenseless, but can still be killed and looted for meat and bone. Don't feel too bad about it, though, because the full-grown boars are usually never far away!
  • The Nameless Mod has tiny aliens on the space station. They're extremely difficult opponents, approaching Goddamned Bats, because of their small hitboxes and because of how fast they are. They can also somehow tank whole clips of bullets that are half their size.
  • In one stage of Plants vs. Zombies, you have to fight small versions of regular zombies. They take about a third of the damage they normally have, but they move twice as quickly and eat your plants twice as fast.
    Crazy Dave: Defend your shins!!!
  • In Photo Dojo on DSi, in the 1-player beat-em-up sidescroller mode, miniature versions of your opponents sometimes appear. You can't punch them or hit them with fireballs, but kicks and jumpkicks kill them in one hit.
  • Invoked by the Pokémon move "Minimize" (which also increases damage from the move "Stomp") which raises your Mons' evasion.
  • Psychonauts has mini-censors (like normal Censors, but smaller). Ford advises you to use Raz's Ground Pound attack to take out the whole swarm at once.
  • Red Dead Revolver: Them; buildings full of clown midgets. You; gatling gun. Fun times are had by, well, you.
  • Serious Sam occasionally toys with the enemies' size just to screw with the player. Most often tiny enemies retain health and power of normal ones, unless they have even more.
  • Shrek the Third tie-in game had the mini-versions of evil Pinocchio knock-offs made by Stromboli. These were weaker but also just a short enough to not get hit by Shrek’s fist unless they were at just the right distance.
  • The Smallfry of Splatoon 2's Salmon Run mode can be easily splatted in one hit from even light-hitting weapons, but they're fast, have a very small hitbox, attack in groups, and can even mess up a player's movement.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Mites in the Subspace Emissary.

    Western Animation 
  • Jackie Chan Adventures had Hak Fu summoning miniature shadowkhan. They failed to prove a threat until he discovered their shadow eating abilities. His attempts to teach them martial arts, however, were hilarious.
  • One Nindroid in Ninjago is way smaller then his counterparts. He's called Mindroid.


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