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Smashy Road is a 2014 Indie Game by Bear Bit Studios, developed for iOS and Android.

Remember when you were addicted to Crossy Road, which was basically Frogger with more content added? Well imagine a Hot Pursuit game in the style of Frogger with the addictivity and the diverse content as well. Well, you got yourself Smashy Road.

The game involves you riding a speeding car on a simple road and try to move left and right to dodge incoming cars and trees and stay away from the police while collecting coins. You get to spend the coins you collect to get new cars.

It got a sequel in 2015 under the name Smashy Road: Wanted, where you now have to travel around a city and a desert instead of a simple road. Moreover, you get stars, which brings harder police cars and put blockade on roads, as you progress with the game. Then, there was Smashy Road: Arena in 2016.

It also has a 2015 Spin-Off called Wrecky Ball, which involves you trying to ride a vehicle and smash everything with your wrecking ball (and some variations depending on the vehicle) while avoiding obstacles as well.

The games provide examples of:

  • Auto-Scrolling Level: Smashy Road does this while you ride. The next two games avert this.
  • Joke Character: In Wanted, the epic cars have the worst cars. Some of them include:
    • Drag Racer: Poor control plus bad durability.
    • Hovercraft: Slippery and can't float on water.
    • Alien: Turns too fast and slows down doing it.
    • Dr. Drift: Drifts every turn, making turning very hard.
    • Stealth Drag: See Drag Racer's weaknesses.
    • Rocket: A faster Drag Racer.
    • Power Tractor: Slow turning.
  • Lethal Joke Character: In Wanted, smaller cars aren't too tough. But it can get through small places and is quiet hard to hit.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The Legend in Wanted is named like this, but is actually an epic car rather than a legendary car.
  • Oil Slick: The Oil Truck's special ability is doing this to make police cars slip.
  • Shout-Out: In Wanted, some cars are obviously based on some other cars, which include BA Van, which references the The A-Team's van, and Time Machine, which references Back to the Future's DeLorean. Some other cars that references something else include Doge, based on the meme Doge.
  • Tank Goodness: In the original and Wrecky Ball, tanks are playable.
    • The police uses this upon gaining 6 stars in Wanted. Instead, you play as the Tank Destroyer.
  • Time Machine: The Time Machine in Wanted can go fast to go back in time. Kinda subverted as everything still looks like normal after going back in time and forth.