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Pot of Legend is a free mobile game for iOs and Android by Orca Inc.

Remember all those pots you smashed for money in Action RPGs such as The Legend of Zelda? Imagine a game that removed almost everything else except the pot-smashing.

This is that game.

You start with one sword-wielding warrior in a three-story house. A meter at the top (which you can hasten by tapping the screen) fills causing pots to spawn, which your warrior will dutifully run around smashing open for money, which you can use to buy a faster meter, hire more warriors and upgrade their equipment, and upgrade to stronger, richer pots for them to break.



  • Die, Chair! Die!: Your little army's whole purpose in life is to smash pots.
  • Endless Game: Once you've upgraded all the way you can just let your warriors smash pots forever, since it has no "win" screen.
  • Idle Game: It comes close. If you leave the game alone the meter will fill at a slower rate and the characters will smash pots as they appear. You still need to swipe over money to collect it every so often, but once you've maxed out your upgrades there's no real reason to do this.
  • Retraux: The game is done in pixelated 8-bit style.
  • Rewarding Vandalism: The entire game is built around it.

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