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Magical Cannon Wars is a freeware Bullet Hell game for the Android made by RONJI.

Due to the incredibly "Blind Idiot" Translation it's hard to know exactly what's happening with the plot.

Magical girls are used as weapons of war, as they've been recognised to have talent as soldiers and have been persecuted in their time. Countries try to mass produce the wands necessary for the girls to fight which quickly led to the "Second Magical Girl World War". The girls were all protected by their weapons but 25% of the world's cities were wiped out. The United Nations made a law about the uses of Magical Girls and that magical girls should fight each other in death matches to lower the numbers.

Countries studying Magical Girls have come to the conclusion that with each passing year their power is becoming more and more powerful. The battle between magical girls, "The Battle Of Magic", is starting again and with serious economic recession.


You play as Akira (or Akari, Alternative Zhu, or "red pear"), a Magical Girl (and an ordinary student), who, along with her sidekick, RightStuff, is possibly trying to end the war between the magical girls, by fighting them. The various magical girls Akira meets along the way refer to the Battle Of Magic as a competition held between the magical girls to find out who is the strongest and they also meet a mysterious magical girl, named Zero, who talks cryptic to them, if at all.

Enemies include various types of magical girls and space ships.

Not to be confused with the Magical Girl Bullet Hell game Magical Cannon Girl (though it does get called that).



  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: It's hard to follow what's even going on.
    Rin: "Late-night drama escape, I wonder enjoyed? I do not even forcibly separate the.If you love hurts so much... I'll make as you wish."
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: During the tutorial RightStuff explains that to use a bomb the player must double-tap the screen. Akira asks what that means and RightStuff responses that it's some kind of "meta-concept."
  • Legacy Character: Akira (possibly) as RightStuff refers to making an interstellar space law using the magic from his "first Akira".
  • Made of Explodium: All of the magical girls (including Akira) explode when they lose a fight. They don't die oddly enough.
  • Mind Screw: Olivia's fight is extremely trippy (following the theme that she's an artist).
  • Musical Assassin: The pink-haired mini-bosses fight with their guitars and their bullets are musical notes.
  • Precision F-Strike: Zero flies in in stage 3, simply says "shit!" and flies away.
  • Production Throwback: The red circle enemies are exact copies of the enemies from RONJI's Final Crisis game.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": It gets to a point where none of the characters have the same name in the dialogue as they do in the credits. Example: Zero is Xero.
  • Split Personality: Akira and Alternative Zhu. It gets confusing when she also claims to be two other people:
    Akira: "And was tired opponent something..."
    RightStuff: "That's not masses of Magical Girl personality."
    Akira: "I am Tsu?"
    • Later:
    Akira: "... I've been Zero."
  • The Stinger: The dialogue during the credits explains that a magical girl escaped from a laboratory and that Sun magic is white magic.