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The player (left) going up against Bill (right).

"What the fuck is Link doing in this?"
Vinny, Vinesauce

West Cowboy is a Chinese cowboy video game made in the 2000's. The game was originally released on Shoddy Knockoff Products of the Nintendo Wii, but it was later made into an Android game credited to senca.

You are an unnamed Western cowboy who's set out to kill other wanted cowboys. You can shoot your gun and lean left and right to dodge incoming bullets; the opponents can do the same. It takes only one shot to defeat an opponent and continue to the next level, but if an opponent shoots you even once, it's Game Over.

You encounter a few different cowboys throughout the game. You first fight Bill, an expy of Link fought in an old warehouse. Then you fight Hasih, a normal cowboy in another old warehouse. After that, you fight Larisa, a cowboy who's out in the street between houses. Then you fight a widely-known Real Life person (we won't spoil their name) who's depicted with a rocket launcher in this game. You fight them out in the streets with trees and buildings nearby. After that, you fight duplicates of those cowboys with multiple cowboys attacking you at once.

The game's pretty obscure. The only reason anyone knows about it is because of a Vinesauce video where Vinny plays the Plug N Play Game version and tries to defeat the opponent of level 4.

At some point, the Android version was removed from the Play Store, but copies still exist.


  • All There in the Manual: The game's description explains that the protagonist's goal is to destroy all his enemies. While this is still an Excuse Plot, it's better than the game itself which never explains the protagonist's end goal.
  • Anachronism Stew: The game is supposed to take place in the West, and everyone's supposed to be a cowboy. However, on level 4, you fight a Historical Domain Character who did not live during this time period, and he wields a rocket launcher which did not exist in this time.
  • Cowboy: Every character in this game is a cowboy who's out shooting people in the West.
  • Dodge the Bullet: You can lean left and right to dodge bullets coming at you.
  • Excuse Plot: The plot of the game is that you're a cowboy with one mission; to destroy all of your enemies. That's not a detailed plot, and there's no backstory.
  • Expy: Bill is a clear expy of Link. His green hat and yellow hair are almost identical to Link's.
  • Game Over: If you lose, or even tie, the game tells you that it's over.
  • Historical Domain Character: The opponent of level 4 is based off of a real-life person. They look the same as they do in real life. However, the game slightly changes their name and gives them a rocket launcher.
  • Loading Screen: If the game's taking a while to load, it'll show a screen that says it's loading.
  • No Name Given: The cowboy you play as is never given a name, despite all of your opponents having names.
  • One-Hit Kill: It takes only one successful shot to defeat an opponent and it takes only one shot for the opponent to defeat you.
  • Only One Name: Bill, Hasih, etc. have no last names.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: The bullets aren't extremely slow, but they're a bit slower than they would be in real life, giving you some time to dodge them.
  • Price on Their Head: Every enemy has a monetary reward for when the player kills them.
  • Series Goal: The protagonist's goal is to "destroy all enemies".
  • Spell My Name With An S: Two characters suffer from this due to the game's low-resolution text.
    • It's hard to read the first letter of Bill's name, making some people think his name is Gill.
    • Hasih's name is notoriously hard to read due to the first and last letter of his name appearing as pure black squares. Hasih is this wiki's best guess for what his name is supposed to be, but his name could possibly be something else.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: The game has wanted posters that show cowboys, their danger levels, and their rewards.
  • The Western: It's a cowboy game set in the West. Most people have the clothing and weaponry that you'd expect from a time period like this.
  • The Wild West: The game is about a bunch of cowboys all shooting each other in the West. The game uses typical tropes from this time period like the Price on Their Head and the "Wanted!" Poster.
  • Work Info Title: The title tells you that it's The Western cowboy game.