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Simplest RPG is a mobile Role-Playing Game by Codejungle released in 2020. In it, you play as an unnamed hero who has to fight monsters to level up and enhance his equipment. You can also go to the ruins to search for items. The game also lets you enhance items, which is often needed for more powerful monsters. The game is simplistic as the title implies, as monsters are not shown so you can use your imagination to come up with what they are and many RPG mechanics only show up in the most basic forms.

Simplest RPG: Online Edition was released in 2021, with more graphics like icons and random characters popping up to show tutorials, but it still leaves what the monsters look like to your imagination. The original version is still supported and receives regular updates, for players who have weaker hardware or just prefer something even more simplistic.

Tropes present in the original:

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: The level cap is 4000. It'll take a long time battling to reach it, as even monsters that are hundreds of levels above you don't give that much EXP.
  • Beef Gate: All monsters are fightable at any point of time and can be used to grind quickly. Still, good luck trying to fight that level 700 Kraken when you're barely level 10.
  • The Blacksmith: You have to visit a blacksmith to enhance equipment. Each subsequent upgrade requires more and more gold, and there is a 10% (5% with King mode) chance he'll break the item and you have to stop a bar in time to save it, which also turns harder with each subsequent upgrade.
  • Continuing is Painful: Lose in a battle and you lose some EXP and gold, plus you have to pay gold or energy to restore life at the shaman.
  • Disc-One Nuke: You have a chance to find +85 items in the Ruins if you bought King mode (+60 normally) that can also be above your level. They are extremely powerful, potentially giving you 10x higher stats than expected by the time you can wear them. Once you can afford to enhance items to a higher level than +85, they start to lose their value.
  • Freemium: You can pay to access King mode for a month or forever. Such players get more gold, regenerate energy 4x faster, several discounts, and can find better equipment in the ruins.
  • Freemium Timer: You have an energy meter which goes down by 4 with every battle and 150 with every visit to the ruins. It caps at 500 and refills by 1 every second. You can buy King mode which refills it by 4 every second, and because auto fight works once every second, it allows for unlimited battling and not worrying about the energy bar.
  • Gameplay Automation: You can turn on an option that lets you fight enemies automatically which doesn't stop on its own unless you run out of energy or die.
  • Level-Locked Loot: Every piece of equipment has a minimal level required to use it, with it usually being a factor of 5.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up: Levelling up fully refills your HP, which is the only way to do so other than visiting the shaman.
  • Minimalism: As the title implies, the whole game is minimalistic. Enemies are not shown, the only stats are HP, ATK, and DEF, there is no real plot, you attack enemies with one move automatically, etc.
  • Number of the Beast: If there's a creature related to devils, chances are its stats will be based on these numbers. For example, Hellhound has 666666 HP and 66666 ATK, and Angry Demon has 166666666 HP and 66666666 ATK.
  • One Stat to Rule Them All: Defense. If it's higher than the enemy's Attack, you are almost guaranteed to take no damage from attacks and win the fight. While it is still a good idea to have high Attack so the same thing doesn't happen in the enemy's favor, and more HP is also good to have even if it only comes from level ups, Defense is ultimately what decides the outcome of the fight most often. Nerfed in an update released in October 2020, where you can still take damage even if your Defense is higher than the enemy's Attack.
  • Randomly Generated Quests: You always have a quest to defeat a random monster x number of times and get a specific piece of equipment to a certain + level. After finishing it, you get a reward in EXP and another quest of the same type is given.

Tropes exclusive to Online Edition:

  • Skill Point Reset: You can pay 20 gems to reset allocated skill points.
  • Updated Re-release: It's almost the same game as the original, but there are more features geared towards MMO fans and a fresh coat of paint.