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Clash of Clans is a combat strategy game developed by Supercell. It's on both iOS and Android.

Each player is given control of a city to build up as they please: defenses, walls, research, troop creation, etc. Once you've gotten enough mooks, it's time to attack: you can fight in single-player dungeons or attack other players. You don't have full control over your army, though: you get to choose where in the defender's city they spawn, but after that they follow their own AI routines in choosing what to attack. This places an emphasis on defensive city layouts, arranging your buildings in a way that "encourages" the AI into poor choices. This is perhaps best seen in the single-player campaign, where you fight against increasingly elaborate cities.

There is no real goal besides "get stronger," though that hasn't stopped the game from becoming one of the highest-grossing games in the smartphone economy. For a few years in the mid-2010s, it was the king of Mobile Phone Games, having exceeded Candy Crush Saga as the game with the highest revenue. Most smartphone-game companies play things very close to the vest, so there are no hard numbers to be found; only one company even does estimates of how much anyone's making. But that company's estimate was that at its peak, Clash of Clans was raking in something like $1.25 million (USD) per day on iProducts, with only Game of War: Fire Age and its ubiquitous Kate Upton commercials making anywhere near as much. While it's now been surpassed by newer games, with Fortnite among the most notable, it still regularly makes the top 10 on the money list.


The game eventually gained a sequel, titled Clash Royale, which contains some elements from this game, but is a much different game from it.

In late 2016, Clash of Clans received an animated webshow called Clash-A-Rama!: The Series. The series is based on a webcomic adaptation of the same name, and features several well-known voice actors such as Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Tress MacNeille, and Kari Wahlgren, and also has much of the writing team for Futurama.

The first TV commercial can be seen here.


Clash of Clans contains examples of:

  • Action Bomb: Wall Breakers in the main village; Bombers in the Builder Base, introduced in the major May 2017 upgrade. Also the Battle Blimp, introduced in the major June 2018 upgrade as one of the first two (now three) Siege Machines in the main village.
  • Airborne Mooks: Balloons, Healers, Dragons, Baby Dragons, Electro Dragons, Minions, Beta Minions, Lava Hounds, the Grand Warden hero, the bats spawned by the Night Witch, the Drop Ship, and the Battle Blimp fly out of the reaches of ground units and walls. Your fort will be a sitting duck if it lacks anti-air.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Thanks to the P.E.K.K.A's heavily armored body, no one knows if it's male or female. However, one of the hints at the game's loading screen implies that it might be female, though it might be a typo. It is later confirmed that P.E.K.K.A is in fact female.
  • Ambiguously Human: Again, one of the hints at the game's loading screen wonders if the P.E.K.K.A is a knight, a samurai, or a robot. Its TV commercials gives it a robotic voice, though.
  • Animated Adaptation: Clash-A-Rama!: The Series.
  • Anti-Air: Air Bombs are defense structures against air troops in both the main village and Builder Base. Air Defenses and Seeking Air Mines perform the same function in the main village only. Firecrackers are the Builder Base version of Air Defenses. Archer Towers (both bases), Wizard Towers (main village only), Roasters (Builder Base only), Hidden Teslas (both bases), and Mega Teslas (Builder Base only) can hit both ground and air. Three defense structures can be set to hit either, but not both: Skeleton Traps in the main village, and Mines and Mega Mines in the Builder Base. The Air Sweeper, introduced in the April 2015 update and available only in the main village, doesn't do any damage, but blows air troops within its active area backward, delaying their advance.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Should you get disconnected as a result of either bad connection or accidentally exiting the game for quite a bit of time, the game will simulate the attack for you, giving you all the loots and trophies that you would have gotten in a real attack.
    • With each new Town Hall level released, you only upgrade a specific number of walls before you're unable to do so any further. This ensures that loot from storages will always be available as otherwise players would have hoarded them by constantly upgrading their walls, starving players of loot from storage raids.
    • If you forgot to activate a Hero's ability and it is about to be knocked out, they will automatically activate their ability just before they could get K Oed. Of course, if you don't like this, you can choose to turn it off in the options menu.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: Your Army Camp needs to be upgraded so that you can store more mooks. Like many buildings in this game, you can also construct multiples of themnote  to boost it further.
    • Unlike Army Camps in the main village, those in the Builder Base can't be upgraded. Instead of upgrading your Army Camps, you need to upgrade your troops in the Star Laboratory in order to store more mooks. At certain upgrade levels (and not for all troops), your Builder Base Army Camps can store more of that type of mook.
    • You're limited to 5 Builders in your main village, and one Master Builder in your Builder Base. When the O.T.T.O Hut is upgraded to level 5, O.T.T.O acts as an extra builder for the Builder Base and the Master Builder can then be used in either the Builder Base, or the main village allowing for 6 builders there.
  • Arbitrary Minimum Range: Mortars and Eagle Artilleries have long range Splash Damage, but they are incapable of firing at troops that manage to come up close to them. Same for Multi Mortars in the Builder Base.
  • Artificial Brilliance:
    • Wall Breakers do not go for the first wall they see; they go for the first wall they determine to be "useful", which is a wall shielding an active defense tower.
    • The Valkyrie will place herself between multiple buildings if possible to allow her to damage (and eventually take out) all of them with one axe swing.
    • The Eagle Artillery, introduced in the December 2015 update, attacks the area with the highest density of health points in the attacking army. It's the only defensive structure that recalculates its target for each volley fired.
    • As of the March 2016 update, Clan Castle troops that are standing idle will run away from a Poison spell when previously, they would have just stood there and died from the poison. However, if they are engaged with or moving toward attacking troops, they're still fully affected. Heroes weren't affected by this change.
    • While each Army Camp in your main village has a capacity limit, your army size is restricted only by the total space in all of your Army Camps. For illustration, let's say you have four Army Camps of 55 spaces each. If your army size was restricted by each individual Camp, you could only house eight Dragons, which each take up 20 spaces, leaving 15 spaces in each Camp. Instead, you can house 11 Dragons.
    • Buildings in your War Base (used in Clan Wars) are never under construction or being upgraded. Newly placed buildings will become fully functional level 1 structures in the War Base even if they're under construction in the main village, and those being upgraded in the home village will remain functional at the prior level in the War Base.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Enforced, units often have target preferences and you can't control them directly. Units WITHOUT preferences tend to attack the closest thing to them, leading to silly situations like Barbarians and Archers all ganging up on a Barracks while a Cannon right next to them shreds them. Goblins like to attack Resource structures and will home in on them in preference to almost anything else. Wall Breakers target walls and aren't much good against anything else. The two Siege Machines introduced in the June 2018 update, the Wall Wrecker and Battle Blimp, target the Town Hall's location, even if other troops have already taken it out. Giants, Balloons, Hog Riders, Golems, and Ice Golems, as well as the third Siege Machine, the Stone Slammer (introduced in December 2018), target defenses first. Lava Hounds are even more specialized, targeting Air Defenses. Again, this is where the strategy comes in: good defenders will arrange their cities in a way that funnels troops into oncoming fire, while savvy attackers will find weak spots to attack into, or vary their troop compositions in response.
    • Also applies on defense—once a defensive structure targets a particular unit, it remains "locked on" to that unit until the unit dies or moves out of range, or the structure itself goes down. The only exception is the aforementioned Eagle Artillery. As for the Eagle Artillery, it doesn't activate until 150 housing spaces' worth of troops have been deployed.note 
    • Also enforced in the Builder Base with respect to troop housing. Unlike the main village, each Army Camp in the Builder Base can house only one troop type. (You can change the troop type in a given camp before you attack an opposing Builder Base, with no added training time.)
    • While Gold and Elixir are both available in the main village and Builder Base, you can't transfer any resources between the two bases. (Gems, however, do fully transfer.)
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • Rushing to upgrade the Town Hall immediately will bring you in a death row for many high level players who have no qualms attacking your undeveloped defenses without any loot penalty while in the meantime, you will not be able to raid higher level villages as you don't have the army or spells to even gain a single star. If you want to upgrade your TH, it is recommended you upgrade all the other buildings before you can comfortably progress your village to the next level.
      • The major June 2018 update alleviated this to some extent. Before then, you could upgrade your Town Hall before you had placed all of the buildings available at that level. Now, you have to have all possible structures for your TH level in place (though not necessarily maxed) before you can upgrade (a feature that was already enforced with respect to the Builder Hall in your Builder Base).Exceptions 
    • Rushing to upgrade your Builder Base immediately takes you to a somewhat different death row. While you won't lose any resources in an attack on your Builder Base, you'll soon find yourself paired against higher-level players with better troops (in both number and power) and stronger defenses. If your opponent earns more stars against you than you do from your opponent's base (with percent of damage as a tiebreaker), you won't win the substantial resource bonus you (usually) get from winning a Builder Base matchup.
    • P.E.K.K.As deal tremendous damage, often one-shot buildings, move at standard (16) speed, are Made of Iron, and immune to Spring Traps. On the other hand, aside from their cost and lengthy build timenote , they attack rather slowly. Before the October 2016 update, they took double damage from Hidden Teslas, but this is no longer the case.
    • Using expensive units such as Wizards and Dragons for the sake of farming. Not only will you waste a lot of Elixir for this but a failed attack will also waste even more Elixir. Not to mentioned their long training time means you won't be able to get as much loot as you like therefore you are better off using cheap spammable units like Barbarians and Archers if you just want to loot other player's villages.
  • Badass Beard:
    • Giants start with huge sideburns that become full beards when fully upgraded.
    • Hog Riders sport Mr. T style beards.
  • Badass Mustache: The Barbarians and Hog Riders, which their bio compliments on. Wizards also have black mustaches. Raged Barbarians (in the Builder Base) look exactly like the standard version.
  • Battering Ram:
    • The Battle Ram, which was available for only two non-consecutive weeks during the 5th anniversary event in August and September 2017, was wielded by four Barbarians. If the ram didn't get taken out beforehand, it would strike and damage its target, while its Barbarian carriers remained in the fight. (However, these Barbarians had less hitpoints and did less damage than their normal counterparts.)
    • The Wall Wrecker, one of the two Siege Machines alluded to above, has a battering ram fitted to its front. It uses the ram to damage any walls or buildings on its way to the Town Hall (or its remains), at which point it breaks apart to release the Clan Castle troops inside it. If it's taken out before reaching the Town Hall location, the troops are released at that point.
  • Blow You Away: Unlike other defense Towers, Air Sweepers do not deal damage, rather they blow away flying units, delaying their advance. This is especially devastating to slow units like Balloons and Dragons, who take a long time before they re-reach their target... or, due to Artificial Stupidity, might get retargeted elsewhere, possibly on a resource structure while a defensive tower is blasting away at them.
  • Booby Trap: Traps are a type of defense that are hidden to enemies until they come in range. In the main village, they need to be re-armed when used, which costs money (although the December 2015 upgrade dramatically reduced the cost of re-arming traps). Note also that traps in your War Base don't have to be re-armed; all traps are fully armed at the start of a Clan War attack. Traps in the Builder Base operate the same way as traps in the War Base, except that they're not active when being upgraded.
    • Bombs act like land mines, exploding and damaging anyone near it. Bigger bombs become available when your Town Hall is level 6.
    • Mines are the Builder Base equivalent of Bombs, except that they can be set to target either ground or air troops (but not both). They become available when your Builder Hall is level 3. Mega Mines, unlocked at Builder Hall 4, are analogous to the main village's Giant Bombs, and can also be set in either ground or air mode.
    • Spring Traps, available in both the main village and Builder Base, launch enemies right out of the battlefield, killing them instantly. While they can affect Giants and Boxer Giants, P.E.K.K.As, Super P.E.K.K.As, and Golems are too heavy for it. Miners can't trigger any traps while underground, but can once they've surfaced. The Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden (in ground mode), and Battle Machine are also too heavy for it. Goblins (main village) and Raged Barbarians (Builder Base) are too fast for spring traps, but can be tossed if forced to stop on them (by a wall, building, or other troops).
    • Air Bombs are bombs that target aerial troops. Seeking Air Mines become available when your Town Hall is level 7 where in contrast to the former that deals low but splash damage, the latter damages only one but a huge one at that. Very effective against Elite Mooks like Dragons, Baby Dragons, Electro Dragons, Lava Hounds and perhaps surprisingly, a flying Grand Warden.
      • This trope is averted by Air Bombs in the Builder Base. This version is actually a defense tower that's fully visible to attackers, and periodically releases bombs that target air troops until the tower is destroyed, or no more air troops are in range.
    • Skeleton Traps, which spawn undead skeleton defenders that temporarily stall the enemy for tower fire and can be set to target either ground or air units, are available at level 8.
    • Freeze Traps, which were available only during the Christmas 2016/New Year's 2017 special event, did no damage, but froze the first troops that came within their range for 5 seconds. It was the first trap in the game to affect ground and air troops at the same time.
    • Push Traps, introduced in the May 2017 update and available only for the Builder Base, are a non-lethal version of Spring Traps, sending the first enemy ground troops that trigger it flying 5 spaces in a direction you choose. Unlike Spring Traps, which are limited to affecting 20 housing spaces, Push Traps can be upgraded all the way to 35—meaning that all ordinary troops in the Builder Base, including the Super P.E.K.K.A, can be bounced by Push Traps. However, even though the Battle Machine has 25 housing spaces, the game AI does not allow a Push Trap of any level to affect that hero.
    • Shrink Traps, available only for one week during the 5th anniversary event in August 2017, temporarily shrank the troops that triggered them, also proportionately reducing their hitpoints and damage. Not to mention "making them super cute". Like the Freeze Trap, this worked on ground and air troops.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • Multi-layer walls. Some players build their base with fancy designs but with questionable defense. Simple but effective layers of walls can protect the base from most attacks with the exception of air assaults. Though Wall Breakers, Jump Spells, Hog Riders, and Miners somewhat throw a wrench into this strategy.
    • Archers are the second troop you unlock in the game, but they are relevant even into the late game for one reason: their ability to attack at range. Simple as it may seem, it's incredibly useful to bypass walls, staying out of a turret's range, attacking air units or getting a good surround on defenders. This trait makes Archers a staple troop in raids and wars alike.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: An optional form of currency is gems, which are used to speed up construction, buy more builders and boost production. You can get free gems from clearing out your land (both Main Base and Builder Base), collecting gems from the Gem Mine (unlocked at the Level 3 Builder Base), completing achievements in both bases, and completing challenges in Clan Games (added in December 2017), but it's quicker to buy gems with real money.
  • Cap: Allll over the place. You can't build extras of most buildings until you upgrade your Town Hall sufficiently. You can't gain more than X resources per minute until you upgrade your Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills. You can't store more than Y Gold or Elixir (regular or Dark) until you upgrade your Storage buildings. And, since the game runs on the FarmVille model, it can take hours or days to do any of these things.
    • Heck, you can't even upgrade resource buildings past certain levels if your Town Hall or Builder Hall hasn't reached a required level.
    • Your opponent can loot your resources at up to the loot limit they can steal that differs with each Town Hall level. Builder Base battles have a different kind of cap—you can't steal any of your opponent's resources, but if you win you get a fixed amount of gold and elixir, with said amount increasing with your level.
    • Upgrade times can never exceed 14 days in the main village, or 4 days in the Builder Base—even if the previous upgrade time was the same length.
    • In the Builder Base, you're not allowed to upgrade your Builder Hall until you've built all of the structures available at that level. You don't necessarily have to max them all out to level up your Builder Hall, but it's a good idea (see "Awesome but Impractical").
      • This requirement was added for the Town Hall in the June 2018 update.
    • Also in the Builder Base, once you win 3 battle stars, you may find yourself locked out of more battle stars until that part of the game resets (depending on the timing of your victories). Unless you use gems to reset the clock.
  • Cartoon Bomb: The bomb trap. The giant bomb trap takes a larger cartoon bomb, ties it to kegs of explosives and upgrading it throws in some dynamite sticks for good measure. The Builder Base equivalents are the Mine and Mega Mine.
  • Damage Sponge: Golems. It's even in the description! The lower level versions are Giants. The airborne versions are Lava Hounds. The Wall Wrecker also fits this trope to a degree.
    The mighty Golem loves to soak up damage!
  • Dem Bones:
    • Wall Breakers are bomb-toting skeletons that blow up walls (and themselves) to make an opening for troops. They have low health, so it's best to lay down sturdier troops to cover them.
    • Balloons are bomb-toting skeletons in hot air balloons that drop bombs on defenses. They're slow at attacking, but only anti-air defenses can hit them.
    • Witches can create an army of skeleton warriors to raid forts.
    • Skeleton warriors are also spawned by Skeleton Traps, a defensive apparatus available at high levels.
    • Skeleton warriors are also summoned by the Skeleton Spell, introduced in the late May 2016 update.
    • And also dropped onto enemy Builder Bases by the Drop Ship, a flying Builder Base-only unit introduced in September 2017.
    • The Skeleton Barrel, a unit brought over from Clash Royale only for the Halloween 2018 special event (so far), is the main village equivalent of the Drop Ship.
    • The Bomb Tower, brought over from Clash Royale in the October 2016 update, is manned by the same bomb-toting skeletons found in Balloons.
    • The Bomber is the Builder Base equivalent of the Wall Breaker, but instead of blowing himself up, he tosses bombs at anything in range, with greatly enhanced damage to walls.
    • The Giant Skeleton, yet another unit imported from Clash Royale and (so far) available only during three special events (Halloween in 2017 and 2018, and Christmas in 2017), is something close to a skeletal Golem, including its preference for targeting defenses, and also does a major amount of damage when he's killed.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • Using multiple fingers for deploying your troops. While it takes a long time to master and you could make a lot of mistakes when utilizing it, proper usage of it will allow you to deploy your troops far quicker in many different directions, overwhelming their defenses in the process.
    • "Balloonion" or Balloon and Minion attack strategy combines two troops that are particularly weak to Air Defenses, Air mines, and Splash Defenses usually resulting in a loss. However, good Balloonion attackers are practically guaranteed at least one starnote —or at least were until the Air Sweeper was introduced—and has been the most consistently used attack in Champion League and the later-introduced Titan and Legend Leagues, where they start to add in tankier troops like Lava Hounds and Dragons.
  • Dig Attack: The Miner, introduced in the late May 2016 update, is now the last normal troop to be unlocked in the main village. When deployed, he digs a tunnel to the nearest building,note  emerges next to it, and attacks it with his shovel. If he's still alive when the building is destroyed, he'll tunnel to another building and repeat the process.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Immediately after you unlocked the Dragon at TH7, they will completely replace most of the early game compositions that you use in Clan Wars to the point that even the most unskilled players can simply zap one Air Defense and simply spam Dragon and watch as they wipe even the most anti-dragon bases with little to no effort besides deploying the Dragons all at once. However at TH8 and beyond, simply spamming Dragons won't help you win against an opponent; you need planning and smart deployment in order to get the same result against stronger opponents.
    • As a result of such overuse, Supercell tries to make players deploy the Dragons more carefully by adding an additional Air Defense for TH7 players in order for them to stand a better chance against Dragon spammers.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: The Earthquake spell deals a fixed percentage damage based on their maximum hit points. It deals 4x damage to walls to the point that 4 Earthquake spells can destroy an entire section of a wall.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Archers, Giants, and Bowlers are barefoot. So are Sneaky Archers and Boxer Giants in the Builder Base.
  • Elaborate Equals Effective: As buildings and troops are upgraded, they get fancier looking as well. A good example is the walls going from wooden stakes on their first level, to molten lava walls at their highest level.
  • Elite Mooks: Dark Elixir is hard to find, but allows for the creation of more powerful troops than your regular barracks. (Troops are listed in the order they are unlocked in-game.)
    • Minions are cheap, flying creatures that make up for their weak damage and health with their speed and strength in numbers.
    • Hog Riders can jump over walls, which is a very useful ability since walls are the main form of defense.
    • Valkyries are strong, tough troops whose attacks have a small range of splash damage.
    • Golems are very tough and split into two smaller golems when killed.
    • Witches have low health, but can summon endless hordes of skeletons to overwhelm forts.
    • Lava Hounds are essentially flying Golems—very tough, and split into 8 to 14 smaller units when killed. Unlike Golems, which target all defenses, Lava Hounds target only Air Defenses until those are destroyed.
    • Bowlers, introduced in the March 2016 update, have moderate health and toss large rocks at buildings/walls (or enemy troops/Heroes). Each rock will bounce off its first target and cause damage to a second target directly behind it (if one is along the bounce path).
  • Elite Army:
    • In contrast to Zerg Rush, one popular high-level tactic is 'GOWIPE' (GOlem, WIzards, PEKKA, pepper with a few Archers or Wall Breakers to taste). The basic idea is to send Golems to distract defenses, Archers and maybe a few Wizards to clear the landing zone, possibly Wall Breakers to smash through a pesky wall, and finally P.E.K.K.As and Wizards who would punch through straight into the heart of the enemy base.
    • Many variations on this theme exist, typically keeping the Golems but replacing some or all of the Wizards and P.E.K.K.As with Hog Riders, Witches, Valkyries, etc.
    • Another tactic favored during Clan Wars and trophy raids is the Mass Dragon tactic where you simply fill your Army Camps full of Dragons along with at least 3 Lightning Spells to take out Air Defenses and (if you're a Town Hall 9 or higher) a Rage Spell to help speed up the destruction. If used properly, the result will be easily wiping out an entire base that can help either 3-starring the enemy or obtaining full trophy points.
      • This was an even more popular tactic at Town Hall 7—although a TH7 who carries 3 Lightning Spells can't bring along any other spells, that player's likeliest opponent was another TH7, who only had two Air Defenses. Taking out one AD made 3 stars all but assured...
      • ...until the January 2016 update. The second AD is now unlocked at TH6, and the third at TH7.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The game's TV commercial focuses on the Wall Breakers, Barbarians, Giants, Archers, and Hog Riders, but if you look in the background, you can see Goblins and P.E.K.K.As running about. They later get their own commercials.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Subverted with the P.E.K.K.A. Its acronym doesn't stand for anything. Supercell once held a contest to see who could come up with the best written out name for it. The winner was "Perfect Enraged Knight, Killer of Assassins".
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Older artwork portrayed nearly all, if not all troops as having four fingered hands. It is now downplayed as newer art portrays humanoid units such as the Barbarian, Goblin, and Skeleton with five fingered hands, yet the 3D models of the Barbarian King feature him with only four fingered hands.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: In the commercials, the Giants are portrayed as being as colossal guys who laugh as cannonballs, arrows, and mortar shells bounce off of their skin. In the game, they are about three times bigger than a Barbarian and are just very tough, not invincible.
  • Giant Mook: The Giants, naturally. They're big, tough, and love smashing defenses. Same for the Boxer Giants in the Builder Base.
  • Glass Cannon: Wizards have THE highest dps-per-housing rate of all units. Goblins to a lesser extent; they have the highest base damage among the 1-housing troops.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: The first two basic troops in the main base are the swordfighting male Barbarians and the female Archers. The Builder Base equivalents are the Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer. Averted with the flame shooting wizards and the close combat Valkyrie (which don't have Builder Base equivalents yet).
  • The Juggernaut: Before the late May 2016 update, P.E.K.K.As were the last of the normal troopers to be unlocked, and still cost a lot of elixir, but they're very hard to kill, super strong, and are immune to spring traps.
  • Hero Unit:
    • The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen are giant regal versions of the Barbarian and Archer. They can only be trained once and require dark elixir to be trained and upgraded, but are along with the Grand Warden and Battle Machine (below) the most powerful troops in the game. They can either be used to attack other forts or to defend your own fort and only need to rest when defeated.
    • The Grand Warden, introduced in the December 2015 update, is a giant regal combination of Wizard and Healer. Like the BK and AQ, he is trained only once, and can be used for attack and defense, but unlike them requires regular elixir to be trained and upgraded. Also unlike the BK and AQ, he can be set to either attack as a ground or air unit. As a ground unit, he can float over walls (much like Hog Riders). On attack, any friendly troops (ground or air) within his aura receive extra health, and the attacker can activate a feature that temporarily makes the GW and all friendly troops within its radius invincible. On defense, he becomes a stone statue, granting extra health for defensive troops and buildings.
    • The Royal Champion is the third Dark Elixir hero. She is a spear throwing troop, and only needs to be trained once like the other troops.
    • The first hero in the Builder Base is a Mini-Mecha called the Battle Machine, which appears to be ridden by the Master Builder. He's also trained only once, but is the only hero (so far) who can only be used in attack. The machine is upgraded with builder elixir in your Builder Base. He attacks with a large hammer (ground only), and once he's sufficiently leveled up, you can activate an ability that electrifies the hammer for a short time, causing extra damage.
  • Instant-Win Condition: Destroy 50% of the opponent's buildings OR knock their Town Hall down (whichever comes first) and the battle automatically counts as a win–even if your forces are decimated and you've gained nothing worthwhile from the attack.
    • Averted in Builder Base battles: Instead of going after a single opponent, you're paired against another player. Each of you tries to destroy as much of the opponent's base as you can. The winner is the player with the most stars, with percent of damage as the tiebreaker.
  • Kill It with Fire: Inferno Towers on single-target mode are tailor-made to eliminate meat shields. Not even a Golem or Lava Hound can stand up against their fire for long. They also block all healing effects except those of the Heroes.
    • Roasters, introduced in the June 2017 update and available only in the Builder Base, are something of a cross between Inferno Towers and X-Bows (see "Last Disc Magic" below) in the main village. Like Inferno Towers, they do their damage with heat (plasma jets in the Roaster's case), can target both ground and air units, and have modest range. Like X-Bows, Roasters have weak damage per shot but a very high firing rate.
  • Kill It with Ice: The Freeze spell, unlocked at Town Hall 9note  allows the attacker to Freeze defensive buildings and Clan Castle troops for a few seconds. It's handy to freeze late-game towers such as Infernos and Eagle Artillery.
    • The Ice Wizard, like the Freeze Trap first available only during the Christmas 2016/New Year's 2017 special event (and later brought back at the same time a year later), did his damage with ice balls instead of the fireballs or lightning bolts of the regular Wizard.
    • The Ice Golem, a Canon Immigrant from Clash Royale, briefly freezes everything within its immediate radius when killed.
  • Level Grinding: Building and upgrading takes time and patience, especially for higher level stuff.
  • Last Disc Magic: Starting from Town Hall 9 onward, you are able to build endgame defenses that need either Elixir or Dark Elixir to load and have properties that often outclass the early game towers. Building them will drastically raise your Clan War weights (and you can't cancel their construction either if you change your mind), so be prepared before you build them.
    • Town Hall 9 has the X-Bow that fires weak but rapid shots and can be set to either Ground at an incredible range or at reduced but still long and hits both Ground and Air units.
    • Town Hall 10 has the Inferno Tower that has a short range but has tremendous damage output at either a single target or multiple targets. Before the December 2017 update, an added bonus was that healing effects other than those of Heroes were blocked by their incredible heat. Now, Healers and Healing Spells will heal troops under attack by Inferno Towers. While this won't help a unit under attack by a single-target Inferno, given the progressive nature of the damage dealt, it can keep units targeted by a multi-target Inferno alive long enough to take down this structure (or another important one).
    • Town Hall 11 has the Eagle Artillery that has a near global range (though with a blind spot immediately surrounding it) that triggers once enough troops have been deployed where it will fire three shots of volley at the troops with the highest hit points. Before the June 2018 update, it did triple damage to Golems (the most robust ground-based troops). The Eagle Artillery is also the only defensive structure in the main village whose damage statistics are displayed in-game as "damage per hit" instead of "damage per second" (although several Builder Base defenses also have this quirk).
    • Town Hall 12, introduced in June 2018, is also a defense structure. It includes the Giga Tesla, a cross between a Hidden Tesla and Inferno Tower. Like the Hidden Tesla, it isn't visible at the start of an attack, but activates when the Town Hall takes damage or 50% of the base's buildings are destroyed (whichever comes first). Like the Inferno Tower in multi-target mode, it deals huge damage to multiple units at once (though doesn't have a single-target option). The Giga Tesla can be upgraded to Level 5, at which point it also becomes a ticking time bomb: once the TH goes down, it explodes, damaging anything unlucky enough to be near it.
  • Logical Weakness: Originally played straight, but now averted, with regard to P.E.K.K.As and their conductive metal armor. Before the October 2016 upgrade, lightning strikes from Hidden Teslas did double damage to P.E.K.K.As.
  • Masked Luchador: El Primo, a Canon Immigrant from Supercell's newest game of Brawl Stars available in Clash during the December 2018 special event, is basically a cross between a Barbarian and Giant who wears a simple lucha mask.
  • Mercy Invincibility: As of the December 2015 update, if 30% of your main village's buildings are destroyed, you get a Shield that prevents other players from attacking you for 12 hours. At 60%, the shield becomes 14 hours, and 16 hours at 90% (sorry, these can't be stacked). However, if your opponent used less than one-third of a full armynote  you don't get a shield at all. Before the aforementioned update, you automatically got a 12-hour shield if your Town Hall was destroyed, but that's no longer the case. Shields can also be purchased using premium currency. (To prevent players from buying invincibility, the game enforces a "cool-down" period after a Shield is purchased, during which no Shield of the same duration can be bought.) Note, however, that launching an attack while under a Shield will reduce the protection by a set amount of time; the time reduction goes up with each attack while under the same Shield.
    • Also since the December 2015 update, once a player's Shield runs out, he or she receives a Guard, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours (depending on the league a player is in), that also prevents attacks. The Guard time is not affected by launching an attack, unlike the Shield time. A 2-hour Guard can also be purchased with premium currency. (As in the case of Shields, there's a cool-down period that prevents you from constantly buying Guards.)
    • Doesn't apply to the Builder Base—you can only be attacked if you launch an attack yourself.
  • The Medic:
    • Healers are winged women who fly above the battlefield healing any ground troops that are hurt. However, they can't heal themselves, so it's best to have anti-air defenses to Shoot the Medic First. They also can't heal air troops. Before the December 2017 update, Inferno Towers blocked their healing effects.
    • See "Hero Unit" for the Grand Warden.
  • Mighty Glacier:
    • P.E.K.K.As deal tremendous damage and walk relatively slowly.
    • The toughness of Giants, combined with their cheapness, makes them ideal for drawing fire away from other troops. Golems take this Up to Eleven, going outright into Damage Sponge.
  • The Mole:
    • Whenever someone joins a clan, there is a good chance for that person to be a hopper. At best, they will simply ask for some troops and then leave the clan after receiving it. At worst, they will ask for a promotion into either an elder or a co-leader only for the hopper to immediately backstab them by kicking out every single lower class clan members and afterwards, leave. Supercell patched this out by only allowing elder to kick a clan member every 20 minutes so any sign of treachery will be immediately dealt with.
    • A more straightforward example, however, has a clan member during clan wars "defect" into the enemy clan and afterwards, proceeds to check the Clan Castle, their bases and their traps and afterwards, return to their clan and deliver vital information regarding their enemy. Clan leaders can prevent this by making their clan invite-only so that they can reject any traitors seeking to attain an advantage.
  • Mook Maker:
    • As noted previously, the Witch periodically summons skeleton warriors.
    • The Clone Spell, introduced in late May 2016 and brewed using normal Elixir but requiring 3 spell housing spaces (4 before the June 2018 update) instead of the 2 for other Elixir-based spells, spawns short-lived clones of any friendly troops within its radius (up to 20–35 housing spaces, depending on level). The clones have the same damage and health as the regular troops.
    • The Night Witch, announced as a future Builder Base troop in the May 2017 update and introduced the next month, periodically summons flying creatures instead of skeletons.
    • The Drop Ship, a Builder Base troop announced in May 2017 and introduced in September of that year, periodically drops skeleton warriors on the enemy.
    • The Bat Spell, introduced as part of the December 2018 update, creates a squadron of bats, which attack the nearest structures (and also distract nearby defenses).
  • More Dakka: X-Bows deal little damage per shot, but make up for it with their extreme firing rate. They excel in wiping out weaker troops, as they do not 'waste' any overkill damage. The same holds true for Roasters in the Builder Base.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Because all Competitive Multiplayer must be asynchronous—that is, Player 1 attacks Player 2's city while Player 2 is not logged in—you cannot be attacked while you are logged in. To prevent people from just hooking their iPad into a charger and leaving it in "Always On" mode, you're automatically disconnected after a few minutes of inactivity.
    • True for the main village. However, "Versus Battles" in the Builder Base are synchronous to a limited degree—you can only attack a player who is logged in, though neither of you can initially see the other attack live. (However, once one player's attack is over, that player can see the rest of the opponent's attack on his or her own base live.) Once you look for an opponent, the server will find another player who's looking for an opponent at the same time, attempting to match you to an opponent with a Builder Base trophy count similar to yours.
    • Also, since the December 2015 update, even if you remain active for hours on end, you're automatically logged off if your village is without a Shield for 4 hours (a Guard doesn't count for this purpose).
    • You cannot cancel any structures that are being built because many Clan War players tend to build endgame defenses such as Infernos and Eagle Artilleries then proceed to cancel note  it, artificially deflating their war weight in the process. However, you can cancel upgrades to already-built structures (at the cost of half the resources you used to start the upgrade).note 
    • Similarly, you cannot cancel an upgrade to a troop, Spell, or Dark Spell in the Laboratory (or, in the Builder Base, a troop upgrade in the Star Laboratory) once you've started it. You can complete the upgrade immediately, at the cost of an often-significant number of gems.
  • Our Dragons Are Different:
    • Dragons were the second-to-last normal trooper to be unlocked before the late May 2016 update. They're a flying unit like Balloons, but are much stronger. The 10-Dragon Attack is a favorite tactic of middle level players, particularly combined with Rage (to speed up the otherwise slow dragons) or Lightning spells (to knock out anti-air defenses prior to dropping the dragons).
    • The Baby Dragon, originally a troop in the spin-off game Clash Royale, was introduced to Clash of Clans in May 2016. It's unlocked after the P.E.K.K.A. in the main village, and after the Bomber in the Builder Base (note that neither the full-sized Dragon nor the newer Electro Dragon is available in the Builder Base). For Baby Dragons trained in the main village, if another air troop (whether a Baby Dragon or some other unit) is nearby, it does normal damage (about half that of a full-sized Dragon), but has its own built-in Rage Spell that automatically activates when no other air troop is nearby.
      • The Baby Dragon in the Builder Base is a little different. Its damage level and health are considerably lower than that of its main village counterpart. Since Spells (whether regular or Dark) are not available in the Builder Base, the built-in Rage Spell is replaced with the Tantrum, activated at Level 2. The Tantrum works much the same way as the built-in Rage Spell—it becomes active if no other air troop is nearby, though it starts out being only a 40% damage premium. The Tantrum feature can currently be upgraded five times, with the damage premium increasing each time until it reaches 140%.
    • The Electro Dragon, introduced in the June 2018 update, takes the Dragon Up to Eleven. Instead of fire, he breathes lightning, causing even more damage than his fire-breathing cousin, and the bolts can cause chain damage to up to four other buildings or troops (provided that said targets are no farther than one tile away from one another). He also has even more health than a regular Dragon, and causes a modest bit of lightning damage when killed.
  • Our Goblins Are Different: These little suspender-wearing guys are quick on their feet and their love for gold and elixir knows no bounds. As such, they target gold and elixir storages first.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair:
    • As they level up, Archers go from pink haired to purple haired.
    • Hog Riders have their black mohawks turn orange as they level up.
  • Power-Up Letdown: The Treasury is supposed to be a safeguard for both Star and Clan War bonuses from attackers with only a tiny fraction (3%) of the resources being looted each time it is destroyed... except that there is only so much that an attacker can loot from your main storages due to a resource cap while Treasuries have no such cap. In other words, storing them in Clan Castle without collecting them while your resource are beyond the loot cap will end up giving away even more resources to the enemy. You are better off immediately collecting whatever bonuses you acquired in your Clan Castle into the storages where frankly speaking, provide a much better safeguard than what the treasury is supposed to do.
  • Ridiculously Fast Construction: Played straight then averted. Actually setting up buildings only takes a few minutes, but later on upgrading them takes more and more time until you're waiting (real world) days or even weeks. That is, of course, unless you decide to purchase some gems to speed it up. This is tolerable because you're often waiting for your troops to be trained and other things anyways.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: The TV/Internet ads for the game show that the Hog Rider (who looks like Mr. T) has a squeaky voice, and loves balloons and pretty things. Another shows the P.E.K.K.A (a hulking, armored bruiser with Glowing Eyes of Doom) chasing a butterfly, trying to catch it in its hands like small children do.
  • Shout-Out: The description of the Laboratory includes a blatant call-out to Daft Punk.
    ...All we know is that their [Alchemists'] research makes our spells and troops harder, better, faster and stronger!
    • In the cartoons, one of the characters from Boom Beach (from the same developer) is seen in a bathroom, holding up a map for the titular game. He's even commenting that he thinks he's lost.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: Dragons are flying units, have high hit points, and deal high splash damage with decent attack rate. Dragons are one of the best troops for defense in your Clan Castle.
  • Socialization Bonus: Joining a clan and participating in clan wars lets you receive the support of your clan-mates' troops.
  • Spin-Off: Clash Royale
  • Squishy Wizard:
    • Wizards shoot powerful fireballs, but can't take much of a hit.
    • Likewise, Witches can summon a limitless supply of skeleton warriors, but have essentially the same amount of health as a Wizard.
  • Stone Wall: Giants are very tough, yet very slow. Their attack damage is not impressive for their size, but if you send a whole load of them backed with Healers...
  • Superweapon Surprise: Sometimes an enemy's Clan Castle holds very unexpected units for that player's level of development. Woe betide every player that attacks a relatively low-leveled village and suddenly finds themselves dealing with a Dragon reinforcement (or worse).
    • Taken Up to Eleven when the Baby Dragon was introduced. That troop can fit in any Clan Castle, regardless of level. It has about half the health of a full-grown Dragon, which is bad enough... but if it's the only air troop in a CC, it does about the same damage as a full-grown Dragon, and attacks much faster.
  • Super Speed: The Haste spell, aka the third dark spell in the arsenal, gives any troops in its field a tremendous speed boost, even greater than that of a Rage spell.
  • Taking You with Me:
    • When destroyed, the Bomb Tower explodes, damaging anything near it.
    • As noted above, when the Giga Tesla in Town Hall 12 is maxed out, it will also explode when the TH goes down.
    • Also as noted above, the Ice Golem temporarily freezes any nearby enemy buildings or troops when killed.
  • Unobtainium: Dark Elixir is this unless your base is very advanced in producing it. A level 1 Dark Elixir Drill gives 20 per hour and upgrading them is very costly, giving an incentive to raid other players for it even after your gold and elixir stores are set.
    • It was even worse before the Christmas 2014 update... you could build Dark Elixir Storage at Town Hall 7, but couldn't get your first drill until Town Hall 8.
    • Since the July 2015 upgrade, when all storages were made immune to damage from Lightning Spells, TH7 has had a hard time raiding for DE. Previously, many TH7 players stacked Lightnings to steal a couple hundred or so units of DE at a time. Some higher-level players, with more powerful spells and more spell storage, could up that to 1,000 or more.
  • Up to Eleven:
    • Your resource buildings can scale up to level 13. It had been Level 12 before the June 2018 update.
    • The major December 2015 update introduced Town Hall level 11. And then the June 2018 update gave us Town Hall 12.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Barbarians don't need shirts to fight. Just swords and mustaches.
    • Don't forget "HOG RIDDAHS!"
    • Bowlers too, though without the facial hair.
    • And, in the Builder Base, Raged Barbarians (who look just like their main village counterparts) and Boxer Giants (unlike Giants in the main village).
    • Also the Pumpkin Barbarian, available only in the main village during the Halloween 2017 special event.
  • The 'Verse: Clash of Clans takes place in the same world as Clash Royale, as evidenced by many of the same units being present in both games and the cartoons making it explicitly so.
  • We Have Reserves: No matter how many units you lose, you can always get more if you have enough Elixir and/or Dark Elixir.
  • Weaponized Ball: Any resemblance between the large rocks thrown by Bowlers and bowling balls is purely intentional.
    • Similar rocks (though without the finger holes found in bowling balls) are dropped by the Stone Slammer, the third Siege Machine that was introduced in the December 2018 update.
  • You Require More Vespene Gas: Gold and Elixir are resources needed to create and upgrade things. Eventually you can acquire the rare Dark Elixir, which is used in training Elite Mooks. (Dark Elixir is available only in the main base.)
  • Zerg Rush: A common tactic among players; create a bunch of cheap troops like Barbarians and/or Archers and unleash them all in a huge wave. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. If you have the elixir and space, you can Zerg rush with more powerful and expensive troops.


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