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"Once upon a time, mankind were the unquestioned rulers of this world. It wasn't until the day the Miracle arrived that everything changed. The divine power spread across the land like wildfire, bestowing magnificent abilities to the chosen ones. And in its wake, unimaginable death and destruction was left. Heroes rose from the ashes to protect mankind's remaining cities. There is still a glimpse of hope. But even these heroes have different beliefs and feuded among themselves. Outside of battles, they're just normal human beings. Welcome to the world of Espers."
Opening Narration by Brynn

Dislyte is an urban-mythological RPG Gacha Game developed by Farlight Games and Lilith Games, being released on May 10, 2022, for iOS and Android.

It's set in a futuristic world with cities inhabited by strange monsters called Miramon that threaten humanity and powerful citizens known as Espers. The Espers are the characters you recruit who host the powers of deities from various myths and religions, each with their own abilities and tactics which are based on their mythological inspirations.

The game's story begins with Brynn, a singer who's on tour with her partner, Sieg. On a particular night after their farewell concert, they get attacked by Miramon. As Brynn and Sieg run from the Miramon, the former suddenly awakens as an Esper, obtaining the abilities of a Valkyrie. Shortly afterward, Sieg is captured by the Shadow Decree, an organization of villainous Espers who want to experiment on him. Brynn ends up joining the Esper Union, a group devoted to protecting humanity, led by the enigmatic Discboom. Accompanied by the polite butler, Drew, and the social influencer, Q, Brynn sets out to save Sieg from the Shadow Decree.

The story later received a new story on Nov. 28th, 2023, branching out from the first main story and all the currently-released story events. In this new story, an otherworldly man (the player) from a different universe finds himself in Gyrate, though his arrival to the world of Espers comes with strange events that involve the Shadow Decree hunting him down and the Miramon themselves acting more aggressively in his presence. As he tries to find a way back home and travels through the land for answers that Yamato may have, he's assisted by Sachiko, who staunchly tries to help him out in his quest.

Gameplay is based on fielding teams of up to five Espers into turn-based combat. Each Esper can use up to three Abilities, with the third one being their Ultimate, which is capable of changing the tide of battle from dealing heavy damage towards enemies, support their allies with heals and buffs, or debuffing foes with detrimental status ailments. Most Espers also have Captain Abilities, which grant a team-wide buff such as increasing their damage output or strengthening their defense, though some are restricted to certain game modes. In battle, the fastest Esper usually gets to move first, unless certain buffs or debuffs are used.

There are several game modes that consist of:

  • Story: The main campaign of the game. There are 12 chapters to go through alongside practice stages for grinding.
  • Ritual Miracle: Relics are obtained from this mode by fighting one of three bosses.
  • Sonic Miracle: The mode needed to acquire Waves through fighting bosses that represent the 4 Esper Attributes, with a different set of bosses available depending on the day of the week.
  • Cube Miracle: A labyrinth-like space with 3 unique, explorable floors that's open every 2 days, remains open for the same period of time and always has a different map every time it's entered.
  • Infinite Miracle: Climb two towers, the shorter Spatial Tower and the longer Temporal Tower, clearing enemies as you progress through the floors.
  • Calamity Island: Three different elemental islands of 200 floors each where only Espers with compatible elements can be deployed. A player can only progress 10 floors per day, with each day opening one element (except Sundays, when all islands can be explored 10 floors each).
  • Sonic Rift: A rift where a player can collect a bunch of Experimon to raise Esper levels.
  • Ripple Dimension: A Bonus Stage mode that's accessed via randomly occurring Ripples, each one based around a specific Esper. Getting enough Ripples of an Esper will let you directly summon them.
  • Desolate Lands: A mode where the goal is to try to last as long as possible while doing damage against bosses with infinite HP in order to obtain Relic Boosts.

Other features include Expeditions where groups of Espers are sent on hours-long missions to obtain items from certain areas, doing bounties for the player Guide, Discboom, Point War, which is the PvP mode, and the War Room where players can fuse Relics and Espers.

Dislyte provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Multi-Battles have several options that stop auto battles in case an Esper hits their max level or when a defeat occurs to avoid spending more stamina. They can also keep on going if the player wishes to continue even after a defeat, or/and letting the system replaced max leveled team members for Experimon.
    • Losing battles that require stamina will always end up with getting 90% stamina back. Stamina is depleted as shown when a battle is successful.
    • If a Cube Miracle battle proves too much to your team getting bodied, the battle can be left, but you won't lose any units if you retry again before getting defeated (though the enemy team will begin as they were before the battle started).
    • The Dec. 27th, 2022 update made several adjustments:
      • Super Sound Matrixes were discontinued in favor of Wish Stones; stones obtained from summoning Epic (1) or Legendary Espers (20). Collecting 100 Wish Stones allows a player to either use them all to get a current event's Esper with no strings attached as many times as the collected stones allow, or make a pool of 5 already-obtained Legendary Espers of the player's choosing to increase the Resonance of one of them at random. The unused stones, like the pity system, carry over between new Espers.
      • Replacing the second version of Resonance distribution, duplicate Espers can now raise several attributes of the original Esper and even add extra effects besides just reaching Ascension 4.
      • Esper Fusion now only requires the main and sub Espers to fulfill increasing requirements to obtain the fusion's Esper without losing fuseable Espers. This allows players to increase the fused Esper's resonance all the way to 6.
      • Ripples for different Epic Espers can be gotten from Divine Sequencer. What's more, x5 ripples for a Legendary Esper can be obtained from 1000 Supply Vouchers (twice).
      • Starimon cannot be trained anymore. Instead, a player just needs any 5 Starimon to fuse into a higher-ranked Starimon all the way to a Legendary Starimon.
      • The Divinate Pool allows anyone to focus on getting a particular Divinate for any Legendary Esper, and only that specified Divinate can be gotten until it's changed.
    • Paths of Experience and Emblems of Expertise have many different requirements to be fulfilled in certain modes, but it can be daunting to check every single Esper and remember who needs to go where. At the right stages, on the Formation screen, an icon appears at the top-left that keeps track of all the Espers who must fulfill their requirements for easier browsing.
    • The Point War Guardian is a CPU enemy that replaces any random low tier Point War player. The big difference between it and a player is that its team has no set up whatsoever, lack Relics, and are barely lower in level than your team. If you're placed high in Point War, the PWG is a rank lower. A lot of tasks in many Espers' Path of Experience require clearing PW battles at certain ranks, not to mention some tricky ones in their Emblem of Expertise that require 4 or less Espers in a team, meaning that battling the PWG can easily solve the issue of these tasks.
  • Apocalypse How: Miracles are dreadful monuments that can appear out of nowhere. The closer they are to a city, the more chaotic the destruction will be due to Miramon swarms and the Miracles themselves have different hazards like anti-gravity pull and such. Hazlitt and Estero Harbor became completely destroyed because Miracles appeared right inside them.
  • Autobots, Rock Out!: The game openly advertises its soundtrack as one of its key selling points, and the boss themes in particular are absolute bangers.
  • Awful Truth:
    • In the second story mode, after realizing that Tang Na became a Miramon despite being an Esper, Sachiko surmises that all Espers are in fact a species of Miramon that haven't turned into monsters because they all maintain a balance between their humanity and divine powers. Tang Na becomes a Miramon because of her dependency on absorbing divine waves to satisfy her divine side holding her alive, which caused her to lose her humanity.
    • In Exposé, Fu Shi allegedly reveals that every human has a chance to become an Esper, but those who don't but are in close proximity to the Miracles for long periods of time run the risk of becoming Miramon themselves. As there are many garrisons close to every Miracle, the chances that the cities protected by those garrisons could end up being destroyed by their own guards turning into Miramon, it paints a very awful future for humanity.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Shadow Decree isn't above brainwashing its own members to turn them into mindless battle drones willing to rely on kamikaze tactics when they're thoroughly beaten.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory:
    • Getting Gold Records to summon new Espers is the fastest way to build up formidable squads. As with most gacha games, buying Gold Records is the fastest way to acquire them and, thus, new Espers.
    • The August 22nd update then introduced a second currency to summon in the form of Super Sound Matrixes, which have slightly reduced limits for guaranteed pulls for featured Espers.
      • This was later phased out in favor of Wish Stones, which can help a player pull a guaranteed featured Esper/Espers they don't have/one of five owned Espers to increase their resonance level for 100 Wish Stones.
  • Character Select Forcing:
    • Certain Espers were made in mind for specific modes where they excel far better than others. For example, Apep's healing can't be dealt with unless you bring an Inferno Esper that can inflict Disease to deny its healing. Fafnir's shield can be brought down by being attacked more than 10 times, which is right up Lu Yi's multi-hit prowess. Pritzker's captain ability increases speed a lot when deployed as a leader for Holobattle, etc.
    • The Calamity Islands can only be played by three of the four elemental types of Espers on specific days of the week. However, Shimmer Espers have literally no way to be chosen in any of the three types.
    • In order to attain high scores during Anomaly events, players must secure the advertised Esper from a current phase in order to exploit their specialties against the respective Miramon bosses. Losing out on these Espers may mean a player will have less of the event's coins to request (i.e. recruit) the event's featured Esper on top.
  • Chromatic Rock Paper Scissors: There are four elements in the game that an Esper can have that form a Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic and they each have their own color. Flow (purple) beats Inferno (orange), which beats Wind (teal), which in turn beats Flow. Shimmer (a gradient of neon purple, blue, and green) takes and receives neutral damage from the other elements.
  • Competitive Multiplayer:
    • Point War is the Pv P mode where you fight off other players to climb up the tiers and gain Supply Vouchers, which is the currency used in the Tournament Shop. Instead of using stamina for each match, an Admission Certificate is used instead.
    • The Arena section lets a player create a room that anyone in chat can join to fight them. Before the battle begins, both players take their turn picking their Espers and once their teams are ready, they are then able to ban an Esper from the enemy's team of their choice that keeps them from being used in battle.
    • Holobattle is a feature exclusive to Clubs (player-led groups), where Clubs fight each other in matches to meet a high enough Holo Cup threshold to win.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard:
    • The enemy groups at the Infinite Miracle include duplicate Espers many times for very unique strategies, while the player isn't allowed to have more than one of the same Esper in their teams. In the same vein, you're forced to fight 2 or 3 waves of enemies with repeated Espers among each wave.
    • Higher difficulties in Story Mode and Infinite Miracle will pit you against foes whose levels can reach up to level 75. Then there are the Temporal and Infinite Towers, where the level cap reaches 99 at the highest floors. Your level cap is 60. The game expects you to really, really exploit relics by enhancing the right ones.
  • Contrived Coincidence:
    • Most of the Espers who obtain their powers have names or nationalities tied to their regional gods.
    • Several groups of people ended up turning into Espers whose powers are derived from the same kind of mythology:
      • The Tang brothers became Espers representing Sun Wukong (Tang Xuan) and the Six-Eared Macaque (Tang Yun) - known to be bitter enemies - becoming Polar Opposite Twins.
      • Literally everyone in House Ramses (including the family butler) became Espers with powers derived from Egyptian gods.
  • Cosmetic Award:
    • Upon maxing out a Legendary Esper's level, Resonance and Ascension, you'll earn their namecard which can be shown off in the player's profile.
    • Those that reached Apex Legend Tier (top 100 on the leaderboard) in the limited-time PVP event, Warm-Up Match, will earn Li Ling's skin, Rowdy Boy. Like other skins in the game, the Rowdy Boy skin is solely cosmetic and doesn't have any in-game benefits.
  • Crossover Cosmology: Gods from Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, Mesopotamian, Japanese, Korean, and Aztec mythologies appear in the game through the Espers that are hosting their power. The Ritual Miracle bosses are based off monsters from three of these mythologies (Apep and Fafnir), or in Kronos' case, a Titan.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Several non-story modes give Espers more limelight:
    • Bounties can sometimes spawn special episodes for certain Espers. The game can even let the player focus on letting their Esper of choice get their episodes without waiting too long.
    • There are special limited-time events featuring ongoing stories for several Espers, all tied to the main story.
      • The Lone Star: Set before the events of the main story, it stars Ollie in his quest for Revenge for the fall of House Ramses, where he is led to look after a little girl Anita.
      • Static Shock: Set after the events of the main story, it stars Gaius as he investigates strange Miramon occurrences while dealing with his Dark and Troubled Past from repeating. Accompanying him is Li Guang; an intrepid Esper explorer who idolizes him. (From here, every event is set after the main story.)
      • Ruler's Law: Set in Utgard, it follows president Abigail Saunbert as she searches for a way to increase her popularity rating to seek reelection, leading her to seek the aid of a runaway Esper Union named Luca to strengthen her weapons division. Tagging along is Alexa; Abigail's closest friend.
      • Desperado: Set in Graywater, the story follows reckless son of a gun Brewster, who is reluctantly convinced by his chew toy, er, partner Lu Yi to look for clues into his mysterious past before he suffered from amnesia. Besides Lu Yi, they are joined by Sieg - Brynn's rock n' roll partner - who inquires Brewster about a connection with the Shadow Decree.
      • Truth Unveiled: A furious Li Ling goes back to Tangton to investigate the Radiant Guards in search of his lost master Yun Chuan, who was believed to have disappeared for years until an internet tabloid showed evidence of his reappearance. Fellow friend Tang Xuan is instructed to make sure Li Ling doesn't make a scene (much to his dismay because Tang Xuan was on vacation).
      • Evening Glimmer: Talented hacker Intisar is falsely accused of a murder she didn't commit and goes into hiding while trying to find out what happened at the Golden City with her security program. Following her is Tevor, whose clues from a case lead him to Intisar.
      • Dream of Redemption: Set in the past when Espers were starting to appear, it follows Embla after a disastrous venture to the Cube Miracle makes her suffer from bits of memory loss until her eventual downfall as her own person. Her fiance Fu Shi follows her moves closely, worried about her deteriorating condition while making his love for her known.
      • Dusk & Dawn: Back to the present, former Shadow Decree member Leora is sent to Tabaton in search of stolen Divine Wave devices, where she learns the dark truth of the town and must come to a hard decision. Accompanying her is Ye Suhua, with Elaine - Leora's orphanage sister and aloof rival - somehow connected to the town.
      • Sea of Sorrow: Set two days after Truth Unveiled, Tang Xuan is quickly roped into another mission, this time at the White Beluga luxury cruise ship where an assassination plot on the mysterious Syndicate leader Kokuzan by the assassin organization "The Crows" will take place. He enlists Tevor's aid to uncover the mystery behind Kokuzan, the Crows, and an accident from 15 years ago that "conveniently" centers around the quiet Yuuhime.
      • Immortal Fire: Set in the past before the events of Ruler's Law, Raine's Wall's commander Mateo is put in a tight spot when the wall starts to show decay to unrelenting Miramon waves and his childhood friend Nicholas wishes to spruce up the wall's defenses through a rather risky project that will still cause dire consequences. He is accompanied by his adjutant Xuan Pin, who is against Nicholas' plan and wishes to use another safer idea.
      • Sands of Guilt: A follow up after Sea of Sorrow, Tang Xuan is sent to Debia to provide aid against the Withering Miracle in danger of acting up and causing disaster on New Mylo, with his main mission apprehending an escaped convict from Mylo Prison named Javid; the former chief Marshal of Mylo who was branded a traitor for allegedly leaving hundreds of people to die years ago.
      • Devouring Beast: Brynn and Q are sent to Graywater, tasked to stop a rampaging monster (an Esper) from causing more destruction. During their investigation, they meet Valeria; an intrepid seafarer in search of her twin brother Liam, who may be related to the monster...
      • Endless Summer: Aspiring professional diver Lian finds herself in a strange "Groundhog Day" Loop that forces her to relieve the last two days before the Cube Miracle descended and ravaged her home. Believing that she must make amends with her mother unwilling to let her leave to pursue her dreams, Lian does her best to avert disaster, but...
      • Warm Winter: Following up on Endless Summer, undertaker Hilda continues her travels around the country to offer her funeral services to those who need it. Her Shadow Decree friend Hailey tags along for the ride, with their aimless journey culminating in arriving at Accro and getting tangled up in Lian's Lotus-Eater Machine.
      • Sea and Song: Near Bremis, the Cube Miracle is suddenly acting up, threatening to trigger destruction-wide tsunamis just like during the destruction of Estero Harbor. Li Guang is tasked by Gaius to assist in the efforts to prevent the Miracle from going out of control and learns that the key to do so is through a deaf singer named Norah; a survivor from the Estero Harbor incident who wants to let go of a painful past.
      • Return, Dreaming: Following up on Sea and Song, Scavenger member Farrah suddenly falls into a coma, rendering her unable to wake up while her Split Personality Aminah is left without much of a clue. With Lakspur Agency's detective Tevor on the case, can Farrah wake up and remember the lost memories that eat at her?
      • Bemusement Park: Novice Esper Union Mavis gets ready for her first mission with David and Mona in tow, but her insecurities as a novice and the fact that she's remained looking like a child for over 10 years present a few hurdles. Her team is sent to investigate strange happenings of people getting lost at an abandoned amusement park near Hazlitt, where the music of the ghost boy Archibald echoes through the night...
      • Inescapable Fate: Li Ling takes it upon himself to find the culprit behind a series of child kidnappings, believing that the Shadow Decree is behind it all. With no leads that don't even prove who started the kidnappings, he turns to his seer friend Feng Xun, whose power of divination may yield the answers he seeks. In the midst of the investigation, Li Ling stumbles upon a lonely girl named Yalina, who Desperately Craves Affection, but...
      • Farewell Fireworks: On New Year's Eve, Tangton council member Yu Ran and his subordinate Yu Xu have been tasked to find and apprehend a rogue Esper named Su Jue; an Esper who had caused a great deal of mischief to council member Li Tiangang. Can Su Jue's arrest help Yu Ran in convincing all the other council members that Espers aren't a threat to Tangton, or is there something more sinister lurking behind the scenes?
      • Exposé: Optimistic journalist Fumitsuki comes across a lead that helps her uncover the truth behind an incident at an abandoned garrison, but what she uncovers is not the full story, and her investigation may cause big repercussions to the world...provided she can live to tell the tale. With the mysterious Ikki interested in her help, can Fumitsuki bring the harsh truth to the light?
      • Mists of Memory: In his many years in trying to find a cure for Embla, Fu Shi is given an opportunity to continue with his unethical research. When an outsider wishes to learn more about his past, Fu Shi may finally reach an answer...or put the world in peril for it.
    • Then there are sidequests; tales that are more personal for Espers but do not relate to the main story:
      • Charity Show: Local superstar singer Ahmed ensures that his charity show is a success, from prepping up his song to making sure his fans can actually get tickets.
      • Origami Love: Despondent Shadow Decree member Ophelia is sent to investigate an incident at a laboratory with Bonnie in tow. Her mission brings memories of her past when her boyfriend Yassin was alive up until he died.
      • Fireworks Celebration: Ashley is put on high alert when a mysterious villain threatens to kill people gathering to celebrate the fireworks celebration.
    • Discboom herself has her own special Rhythm Game mode where she DJs her way through the inner struggles of several Espers from the Esper Union, and even from the Shadow Decree.
  • Depending on the Artist: The art for the characters do not match their in-game models at times. For example, Tang Xuan's art depicts him with albino-like skin, though his in-game model has him with tanned skin. Drew's eyes have three different styles: normal purple eyes from the Show Begins intro, purple irises for his in-game art, and white eyes with no pupils for his in-game model. Aware of these, the developers decided to ask players in a survey about how well each character portrait matched the in-game models.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Hoo boy. Living in this world has caused a lot of strife to the many playable Espers losing their families or loved ones that it's a miracle most of the heroic ones haven't lost their sanity.
  • Disk One Nuke: Dhalia. She's an exclusive Esper obtained from Ripple Dimension, which means you only need to stalk chats and act fast to get into her Ripples to get 40 pieces to summon her immediately (until she was relegated to the Divine Sequencer shop through the much slower piece purchasing). She has high speed, her Sonic Camo skill grants party-wide C. RATE Up (and ATK Up when enhanced, which is easy at Phase 4) AND increases AP by 25%, basically turning all your slowpokes into speed demons. And even then, on one target, she can inflict SPD Down and perhaps Frozen right after with Umbra Attack, and her basic attack can inflict Stun. Coupled with the fact that it's easy to obtain Epic Abilimon, it's pretty easy to max out her skills so she's always doing something useful at the speed of sound. More likely than not, she'll remain useful forever in your many team setups.
  • Doomed Hometown: Hazlitt and Estero Harbor, which became dangerous zones to wander into where Miramon presence is extremely high. There are many Espers who hailed from either city.
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: The game has four elements, three of which are effective and not effective: there is Wind, Flow, and Inferno. Wind is effective against Flow, Flow against Inferno, and Inferno against Wind. If the opposite losing element tries attacking an element they're weak to, the attack won't be complete as some of it may miss being fully dealt. Then there is the fourth element being Shimmer, which is a Jack of All Stats but Master of None element by being neutral in dealing and receiving damage.
  • Experience Booster: Esper XP Boosters can be bought from the Resources section at the Plaza and they double Esper XP. There are two versions, one that lasts for 8 hours while the other lasts for 24 hours.
  • Gameplay Automation: After clearing a stage, the Multi-Battle feature is unlocked for it. Your units are AI-controlled and you can play other sections in the game while the auto-battles run. Up to ten battles are done per Multi-Battle but you can also opt-out out of Multi-Battle early. However, if Multi-Battle is running, you can't do it for other battles until that run is finished and for story stages specifically, if you have Multi-Battle running on one, you can't play any story stages at all.
  • Guide Dang It!: The game doesn't tell you that increasing accuracy doesn't exactly mean it helps Espers dealing the full damage to Espers whose elements they're weak against (as trying to do so will make the attacker "miss" from dealing a full blow). The stat actually entails how likely an Esper capable of inflicting status ailments will trigger.
  • Harder Than Hard: Hell Mode, the fourth difficulty harder than Purgatory Mode added to Story Mode, is this. Instead of simply making every stage simply harder to beat, it makes sweeping changes across the board:
    • The battles are all divided into two waves; each wave needing a different set of Espers. One wave loses, it's all over.
    • The enemy captains can't be afflicted with stunning effects.
    • The enemies are obviously harder to beat. Their levels go well beyond level 110 and higher.
  • In-Universe Soundtrack: Dislyte XHZ Radio, which features songs made for the game that you can listen to and change the song through Discboom's companion, Boomboom in the Esper Union hub.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifting: People can just suddenly turn into Espers out of nowhere, and at times change their entire physical appearance drastically, including transforming into Beast Men, depending on the mythical being they're hosting the powers of.
  • Irony: The Espers a player can commonly get are in the "Rare" category. The ones rarer than that are in the "Epic" and "Legendary" categories.
  • It's All Upstairs From Here: The Infinite Miracle game mode is based around climbing a tower and fighting enemies on their floors to obtain awards. There are two versions of Infinite Miracle: Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower.
    • Spatial Tower has you climbing 100 floors with the last and most prestigious reward being a free Legendary Esper, Lucas.
    • Temporal Tower consists of 50 floors, with every 5th floor going through a Temporal Disturbance that grants glamorous rewards. At the beginning of the month, a new phase will begin, resetting you on the first floor with the possibility of the rewards and enemy formations changing.
    • The limited-time mode, Reincarnation Tower, has you go up 15/20 floors worth of enemies while you have to buy units from the event shop.
  • Jiggle Physics: A decent amount of the 2D female models' breasts tend to jiggle around, but it's quite noticeable with Alexa in both her 2D and 3D models. Then again, she is the Esper that represents Aphrodite.
  • Level Grinding: While Espers automated gain EXP per battle, there are dedicated practice stages designed to earn additional EXP and Experimon, which as their name suggests, help level up Espers. There is one practice stage per story chapter and they can be unlocked upon clearing the third stage in a story chapter. Using the Multi-Battle feature and the XP Boosters on the practice stages is ideal for getting as much EXP as possible.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Although not a monster, Eros's friend Joe is forced to swell up into a giant and fight his friend and his allies, leading to his tragic demise.
  • Mass Super-Empowering Event: As explained in the game's intro, a floating monument called the Miracle suddenly appeared, gifted numerous people the powers of mythological figures, turning them into the Espers alongside bringing Miramon, mineral-like monsters that attack humans. Even after the Miracle's initial appearance, it's still awakening people into Espers as seen with Brynn when she awakens her Valkyrie powers during the prologue. However, no one really knows what the trigger for the empowerment is. That doesn't stop the Shadow Decree from engineering a super Esper using a Miracle to create an army of them later.
  • Morality Kitchen Sink: There are three major factions Espers are affiliated with: The Esper Union, the Shadow Decree, and the Graywater Bounty Hunter Guild. The Esper Union is generally considered the "good guy" group and the Shadow Decree are the "bad guys". Despite this, there are some honorable members of the Shadow Decree. Shadow Decree members range from Lynn, Djoser, Kara, Freddy, Sander and his pet kitten and much more. On the flip side, many of the more sadistic Shadow Decree members are former Union members, and many otherwise neutral people had the Union's perceived negligence as their Start of Darkness. In terms of unaffiliated Espers, their morality can vary from Nice Girl Chloe and Mad Doctor Layla.
  • One Degree of Separation: All over the place involving the Esper Union members, the Shadow Decree members, and the unaffiliated Espers/locales who/which are usually the ones bringing the gaps between the two heroic and villainous factions.
    • For example, Esper Union member Helena is friends with the wanderer Chloe, who works at a hair salon that happens to have Shadow Decree members Freddy (whom she personally treats) and Sander visit it regularly for hair treatment. For added bonus points, she (frustratingly) even gives buzz cut services to Gaius, The Leader of the Esper Union.
    • Then there is the Gyrate arcade where Mona regularly sets high scores at her favorite video game which Leon and Hall play at in secret from their Shadow Decree coworkers.
    • If you want to really go all the way, just about every Esper is separated by one other person: Brynn is Sieg's childhood friend, who was kidnapped by Freddy and Leon, the latter who assassinated Ollie's father, whom Drew was a butler to, who's Q's partner, who shares podcast tips with Helena, who is friends with Chloe (who pretty much is the One Degree of Separation), who treats Freddy's hair, who thinks Unky Chai is his shades Worthy Opponent, who looks after Layla, who detests Q's remarks about her height, who is friends with David, who is friends with Chloe, who treats Sander's hair, who was Falken's best friend, whom Arcana can read through, who's partner to Mona, who is the Unknown Rival to both Leon and Hall at her favorite arcade video game, the latter who is Bardon's brother, who constantly clashes against Catherine, who destroyed Zora's orphanage and killed her teacher, Zora works for Triki, who is best friends with Eira, etc.
  • One Stat to Rule Them All: Speed becomes the most important stat of them all as it allows your team to act fast before foes can do their stuff. Combined with skills that inflict stun or frozen, you can essentially stun-lock foes to decimate them before they can get to do anything. The stat is so important that it may be impossible for you to climb through higher tiers in Point War due to many higher-ranked teams relying on high speed with crippling status effects.
  • Play Every Day: The game has several ways to keep you playing daily.
    • There's the daily log-ins that'll give you rewards just for logging into the game.
    • Every two days, the Cube Miracle game mode will reset and be explorable.
    • The Sonic Miracle has a set of bosses needed to gain a specific type of Waves available on different days of the week. Thus if you want to get a certain type of Wave, you'll need to play on a specific day to get them.
    • The Club tasks reset daily, giving you objectives to do to gain rewards.
    • Point War gives out a bonus for the first win of the day.
    • Stamina, Admission Certificates, and Expedition Warrants are replenished over the day.
    • Expeditions refresh every day and there is also special Daily Expedition that grants a good amount of a certain resource (such as a Daily Expedition consisting of gold while another consists of Experimon).
  • Randomly Generated Levels:
    • One of the gimmicks of the Cube Miracle game mode is that the map changes on each visit. As such, there's always different enemies, Esper Projections, and Rune Vertexes.
    • Temporal Tower resets once every 1st of the month, resulting in different enemy formations and rewards, while making you start all over at level 1.
  • Recurring Boss: In Story Mode, Freddy, Leon, or both are almost always the last bosses to fight in an episode.
  • The Reveal: Near the end of the Truth Unveiled event, Li Ling, Tang Xuan, and Yun Chuan discover that the Radiant Guards house Miramon deep into the facility and that they use prisoners as guinea pigs to force Esper transformations using samples from Miramon. Furthermore, it's also revealed that one of two successful potions was given away to the Shadow Decree, and several experiment documents detail cooperation with an unknown source within the Shadow Decree.
  • Rewards Pass: There are two reward passes in the game, M-Pass and R-Pass. M-Pass gives you a wide variety of rewards ranging from Gold to Nexus Crystals while R-Pass focuses on those related to Relics such as Relic Boosts, Relic Essences, and Reset Stones. There is the option to pay for a premium tier to get more items.
  • Rhythm Game: DJ mode is this, with the ‘rhythm’ part emulating a disc jockey turntable with two colors on it - magenta and green. You swipe on the disc jockey to match the colored dots on the screen.
  • Set Bonus: Equipping all items part of a Relic Set (4 for a 4-Piece/UNA set, 2 for a 2-Piece/MUI set) on an Esper will grant them a bonus depending on the Relic Set in question. For example, War Machine increases ATK by 30% while Wind Walker will increase SPD by 25%.
  • Shout-Out: Triki's horns are a reference to Marvel Comics' Loki and his distinctive horned helmet.
  • Tooka Levelin Badass: Pretty much anyone who becomes an Esper is this. The Miracles that have strangely appeared in the world have somehow made the Gods select their patron and all it did was make them superpowered beyond what they originally were.
  • Turn-Based Combat: The game's combat system is based around your units and the enemies taking turns through units with higher Speed/Action Points (AP) get more turns. This applies to both allies and enemies, meaning that if your SPD stat is much lower than the enemies, you won't get a turn in edgewise. However, at the start of battle where neither allies nor enemies are buffed or debuffed barring Captain Abilities, the fastest unit goes first.
  • Unlockable Difficulty Levels: Story Mode has three difficulty levels; Easy, Hard, and Purgatory. Hard has to be unlocked after clearing Easy and Purgatory is unlocked after clearing Hard.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Given that Espers have drastically different looks that make them look like flashy people at best or monster-like at worst, it's still commonplace for normal citizens to react like they're normal people unless they decide to attack innocent people. Best exemplified during one of Tang Xuan's side episodes, where he and Drew just happen to fall down from a very tall building all the way to the ground to land safely (it's one of many training drills in the Union), and yet not even little kids flinch because it's become too common to see Espers jumping from building to building.
  • World of Technicolor Hair: It's common to see Espers with variating shades of unnatural hair colors which fits with their supernatural nature. It ranges from bright red, white, magenta, green, teal, purple, pink, and several more. However, as seen with Willy and Sieg who aren't Espers (initially in the latter's case) but still have unnatural hair colors, Espers aren't the only ones that can have these.
  • Villains Out Shopping: The Shadow Decree members, when not being antagonistic to the Esper Union, turn out to lead normal lives. This may cross into Police Are Useless territory as some of them have murdered innocent people.