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The Wraith is a Superhero from The Golden Age of Comic Books, created by Paul Devlin and published by Fox Feature Syndicate in Mystery Men Comics #27-31.

Gary Kennedy is a young cop gunned down with his brother by a gang of criminals. As he died, Gary vowed revenge. He was able to get his vengeance after being resurrected as a ghost, and went on to fight evil as the Wraith.

Despite the similar premises, this is not to be confused with the film.


This comic contains examples of:

  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: When the Wraith wants to interact with civilians, he takes a more clearly human form.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: In Mystery Men Comics #27, the Wraith goes after Silky Weaver and his gang. However, Weaver is the first to be taken down, after which Slug Collins take over.
  • Frame-Up: Mystery Men Comics #28 has the Wraith cleaning up a frame job done by the murderer of a district attorney.
  • Gaslighting: Weird Comics #30 has the Wraith thwarting a plot to drive a man insane with thoughts of the dead tormenting him so he'll sign over inheritance.
  • Ghostly Goals: The Wraith has vengeance.
  • He Knows Too Much: The Big Bad of Mystery Men Comics #31 is an embezzling miner who killed his boss to prevent him from revealing the crimes to the new owners.
  • Inheritance Murder: Weird Comics #29 has the Wraith taking out a hooded figure who wants to off his Love Interest for money she's about to inherit.
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  • Our Ghosts Are Different: These ones are incorporeal, usually only capable of being detected by somebody they're trying to possess and go back into their graves when the Sun comes up.
  • Protagonist Title
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The first issue has a cop rising from the dead to battle the ghosts that killed him and his brother.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Silky Weaver only appears for one half of one issue, but is responsible for the entire comic due to killing our hero, who rises from the grave to stop him.
  • The Sociopath: Joe Carroll decides to fake a ghost who scares his father to death so he can get his inheritance. He also has anybody who helped him annihilated so they can't talk, and laughs when he successfully kills his father.
  • Starter Villain; Silky Weaver, the gang leader who killed the Kennedy brothers and is killed halfway through the first story.
  • Stock Superhero Day Jobs: Police officer.
  • Super Speed: The Wraith can travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Vengeful Ghost: The Wraith initially comes Back from the Dead to take down the gang who killed him and his brother, and stays there to battle other evil.