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YMMV / The Wraith

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  • Awesome Music: You got Ozzy Osbourne, Stan Bush, Mötley Crüe and Billy Idol among many 80s metal musicians in the soundtrack.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Jake and Keri's scenes together whenever Packard isn't watching them. The most prominent being:
    • Her offering him directions to Crawford Dam and even at one point willing to ride with him to show him the way.
    • Offering to see him after her shift at Big Kay's where Billy Works.
    • Him picking her up after said work and protecting her from Skank and Gutterboy's Cuda. Earning him a kiss from her.
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    • Their romantic moment in Willow River.
    Keri: I like you.
    Jake: I love you.
    • Jake revealing himself to not only being the Wraith, but the reincarnated Jamie Hankins and taking her out of Arizona.
  • Narm: There's a lot of overwrought acting, especially from Clint Howard and the kid who plays Billy Hankins.
    • Much of why this movie has a following is due to it's Narm Charm.
  • Tear Jerker: The ending is a big tearjerker. After The Wraith kills Packard, Keri is walking home. She sees The Turbo pulling up to her house and is scared at first and sees The Wraith in person. The Wraith then transforms into Jake, which confuses her at first until he reiterates that she knows who he really is. She realizes then that Jake is a reincarnated version of her dead boyfriend, Jamie Hankins and hugs him relieved to seeing him again. He tells her to pack her things, while he runs off on an errand. We then see Billy cleaning up his restaurant after his earlier beating from Packard. He almost hits Jake with a bat thinking Packard came back for another fight, but lowers his bat when he sees who it is. Jake tells him, it's time for him to go, but not before handing him the keys to the Turbo. Billy's at first confused, but then awestruck when he sees the car parked at his restaurant. The last line brings him from confusion to tears.
    Billy: Hey Jake Who Are You?! *beat* No it couldn't be. Jake!! JAKE!!! JAMIEEE!!!!

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