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Cheerleaders: We! Are driving! We! We! Are driving!
Nick: Do you think the bus crashed and we went to heaven?
Shawn: No because then we would have heard "We! Are crashing! We! We! Are crashing!"

Fired Up is a 2009 film about two football stars who decide to get into a cheerleading squad, in order to attend a cheering camp to hook up with as many girls as they can and leave before the camp-end competition. Then one of them falls for the squad captain and the other for a camp instructor, and they decide to stay, but get caught and expelled, and have to work around a way to get back into the camp.


This film provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Gay: Nick has his strange moments like his knowledge of recipes, his romantic writing, his squickily shocking phrases about how straight he is. Shawn and Straight Gay Downey expect him to come out.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Silvya often repeats, "I'm just saying."
    • Shawn's "You've gotta risk it to get the biscuit."
  • Character Development: The boys change from players to sensitive, caring friends to the girls and even romantic suitors during the camp. If they weren't just pretending to be jerks all along.
  • The Cheerleader: Completely averted with everyone else, but the Panthers are the cover girls of the trope as stated.
  • Chekhov's Skill: The Fountain of Troy.
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  • Clingy Costume: The mascots have really tight costumes and they never take off them. Even when they're skinny dipping.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Cluster S-Bomb. The coach really likes the word "shit". Nick and Shawn made a game out of trying to guess how many times he can say it in one conversation.
  • Obviously Evil: The Panthers are evil cheerleaders. Seriously, the Trope Image on The Cheerleader shows they aren't the type of girls you'd want to meet in a dark alley... Satans with pom-poms.
  • Opposing Cheerleaders Team: The Panthers.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Bianca is asked to put on some underwear when they get woken up at night after she was sleepwalks into Angela's bed.
  • Pom-Pom Girl: The whole movie is about cheerleading camp, so lots of cheering, dancing, and pom-poms to go around. Some of the girls are of this nice variety as opposed to the alpha bitchy cheerleaders.
  • The Problem with Pen Island: During the Fired Up cheer, most shout the letters "F U". Shawn and Nick are apparently the only ones to notice the problem.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: Averted. The Tigers get nineteenth place, but they are happy because it's ten places better than last year.
  • Secret Diary: Nick has been writing a diary and it's full of romantic poetry.
  • Serious Business: Cheerleading. Specially for Adam.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The football coach, whose favorite word is "shit".
  • Shout-Out: Carly's Jerkass boyfriend makes ones to Animal House and Meet the Parents.
  • Skinny Dipping: Followed by the inevitable Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen, with Shawn and Nick the victims.
  • Straight Gay:
    • Downey is gay but has no mannerisms. He actually got Nick to think he was straight.
    • Most if not all of the oh-so straight looking Panther guys, if we believe to the girl who said that there were only four straight guys in the camp, being three of those Nick, Shawn and Adam. Hopefully Coach Keith is the fourth.
  • The Wildcats: Both The Tigers and The Panthers fit to tropably generic names and mascots for a sports team.


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