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Recap / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S05E03 "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places"

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Dax: [to Worf] It sounds like you have a bad case of Par'mach.
Sisko: I hope that's not contagious.
Dax: It's the Klingon word for "love"—but with more aggressive overtones.

Relations between the Klingons and the Federation are improving again, and so the Klingon noblewoman Grilka comes to Deep Space Nine for a social visit. In the episode The House of Quark Grilka had had a temporary nominal marriage to Quark to provide a male chief until she could get a dispensation to rule her clan personally. Now she wants to see Quark again and discuss old times.


Worf attempts to court her but her Chamberlain, as politely as possible, tells him that as a member of an ostracized house he is strictly unavailable. At the same time Quark falls in love with Grilka and goes to Worf for advice. Worf gives him some lessons on Klingon manners and traditions which he uses to win Grilka's heart. This enrages Grilka's bodyguard, who challenges Quark to a duel. Quark of course is a Ferengi and not good with such matters. So using a device Dax has invented, it is arranged for Quark to be mechanically controlled by Worf who of course does know how to handle a Bat'leth. Quark and Grilka's bodyguard fight for a while. Then the device breaks down. With a display of Ferengi fast talk, Quark demands the "Ferengi Right of Proclamation" and filibusters his way through the time it takes Dax to repair the device. Then Worf finishes the duel, the bodyguard is spared but humiliated and is fired and sent on his way. Grilka and Quark go off to enjoy a passionate romance. Meanwhile Dax, seeing Worf still obsessed with Grilka and oblivious to her, challenges him to an... intense practice match. Finally Quark and Grilka, then Worf and Dax, show up in Doctor Bashir's sickbay after having some fun, Klingon style. When the latter couple arrives, Julian resolves to stop asking people how they hurt themselves.


In a subplot Kira is carrying Keiko's child which has been transferred into her womb to prevent a miscarriage. Deciding that they are becoming too attached to one another by circumstance, they agree that Kira should take a vacation. Keiko innocently insists on Miles accompanying Kira to take care of the baby. When they enter the shuttle, Kira admits that the place she was planning on going to is one of the most romantic spots on Bajor. Shaken by how close they have come to betraying Keiko the two break away from each other and Kira's last words are, "Miles, get out!"




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