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"Move! Move! Code 5, nuclear wessel exposure!"
Sam: Hurts, does it, sir?
Mr. Bigger: Oh, no. I'm just doing this to while away the journey.

The universal way for a character to enter a hospital is to have the injured character on a gurney, being pulled down a long corridor into an operating room, with assorted doctors and friends surrounding them. This whole thing is often accompanied by a POV Shot of our character looking up at a doctor.

When the place the gurney is headed is more sinister, our character may be strapped to the gurney to struggle. Compare Ambulance Cut.


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    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: In Season 7 episode 47, the ambassador of Suspicious Planet gets a heart attack the moment Happy S. mentions the name Adeli, due to his dislike of the Adelians, leading to him having to be carried to another room of the hospital in a gurney. Once he's finally back in his hospital bed, he ends up mentioning Adeli himself and ends up on a gurney and in the other room again, only seconds afterwards.

    Comic Books 

  • A tracking shot from A Clockwork Orange shows the protagonist getting wheeled in on a gurney down a long hospital hallway.
  • Inverted in Star Trek IV—the gurney bit is when they're trying to get out of the hospital, without being caught. The "patient" is perfectly fine by this point.
  • Done hilariously in Evolution, when Doctor Harry Block has an insect-like alien get into his body and is carted into the makeshift hospital room for it to be extracted, all while screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND HOLY, GET THIS GOD-DAMNED THING OUT OF ME!"
  • In All That Jazz, the main character is repeatedly suffering from a heart attack and being rushed to surgery. One particularly poignant scene is done where he hallucinates that his ex-wife and his current girl-friend are on either side of the gurney, holding his respective hands. He looks at his ex-wife and says "If I die, I apologize for all of the terrible things I did to you", and then turns to his current girl-friend and says "And if I live, I apologize for all of the terrible things I am going to do to you". The main character is a serial philanderer who can/will not stop this activity.
  • Jojo Rabbit: After the grenade incident, we get a series of POV Shots from Jojo's perspective including his ride in a gurney across a hospital floor with Imaginary Hitler giving him a Thumbs Up.
  • Played realistically in The Dead Center. There is no dramatic, crowded rush to get John Doe treated. He's wheeled out to his room by one nurse down a quiet hallway, who asks for help from the attending nurse to help him safely transfer John's body from the gurney to the bed. The attending nurse even mutters how much John weighs. If you've ever worked in, stayed in, or visited someone in a hospital, you know how common this setting is.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Parodied in 3rd Rock from the Sun. The aliens impersonate doctors, following patients being escorted in gurneys and saying random medical jargon, and switch to a different gurney during the scene.
  • Saturday Night Live has a team of medical personnel rushing a gurney down the hall of a hospital, going through door after door after door. . .
  • In the Farscape episode "Prayer", Aeryn is wheeled down a corridor on a gurney that doubles as her own torture harness. For good measure, the Battle Axe Nurse and the Scarran captain are talking animatedly about dissecting her unborn child, while Aeryn is howling at them to get her the frell out of there.
  • Amusingly done in one of Friends's flashbacks, when Monica accidentally cuts off Chandler's toe with a dropped kitchen knife. The doctors crash him through the swing doors feet first causing him to scream in pain. Ross yells at them for the insensitivity as they'd just said where Chandler's injury was and should have known better.
  • The West Wing: President Bartlet and Josh Lyman are injured when White Supremacists shoot at the Presidential entourage and are brought into the hospital this way. Bartlet arrives first, and as his injuries are fairly mild he's able to crack jokes as he's wheeled into surgery. Josh's injuries are more severe and his arrival at the hospital is more dramatic as the doctors frantically try to establish the extent of the damage. The rest of the senior staff trail behind his gurney, desperate to know if he's going to be okay.
  • In an episode of Babylon 5, Doctor Franklin is stabbed trying to help someone. We later see him being rolled into Medlab on a gurney by medical staff, with a POV shot from him looking up to see the rest of the B5 command staff pushing the gurney along and looking down at him (another hallucination, as the command staff had yet to return to the station from the space battle that took up the episode's A Plot).
  • In The Wrong Mans, in an effort to find Mister Stevens, Sam pretends to be a patient, and Phil a doctor pushing him along. It goes inevitably wrong; two gurneys get accidentally swapped. When Phil finds out that as a result, Sam is going to get his leg amputated, a mad rush ensues when Phil and his new patient try to get to the operating table in time.
  • Phoenix. The policewoman who gets caught in the bomb blast is still alive despite major burns; there's a Dutch Angle shot of the hospital staff (along with her distraught partner) rushing her down a hospital corridor.

  • City of Angels opens with a scene of a possibly mortally wounded Stone being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney ("Private dick. No great loss if he don't [live]," one of the orderlies remarks), then immediately flashing back to show How We Got Here. This is one of the scenes Buddy Fidler wants to cut.
  • Men in White: Scene 1 ends with a woman being brought in on a "rolling stretcher" with a lacerated throat, "bleeding terribly", causing the doctors to snap into action.

    Video Games 
  • Silent Hill:
    • Brookhaven Mental Hospital's transition into the town's hellish Dark World in Silent Hill 2 is signified by a first-person sequence of James being swept off his feet and wheeled through a rusty, decaying corridor on a gurney.
    • There's a music video that uses environments from Silent Hill 4 and features Henry being wheeled down a long corridor.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Roger Rabbit Short "Tummy Trouble", Roger is wheeled down a ridiculously long hallway to the operating room.
  • The Kim Possible Trapped in TV Land episode "Dimension Twist" has Kim and Shego suddenly find themselves pushing a gurney with Rufus as the "patient".


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