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I said that's T.M.I — Too much information
That's more than I needed to know about your situation, frankly
That's T.M.I — Too much information
Here's twenty dollars, forget we had this conversation
T.M.I, Roy Zimmerman

Aaah... Well look at the time, It's not even 8 o'clock and I already know too much about you.
Chuck Sonnenberg, SF Debris, "Voyager - Resolutions'' review"

Boyle: Jake, I gotta tell ya; the engaged life is amazing. Especially sexually.
Peralta: [Uncomfortable] Well, I don't wanna pry...
Boyle: [Cheerfully] Oh, you're not prying; I want you to know this.

Really, Fuka! How embarrassing! I can't believe you just blurted it out like that! I mean, some things should be kept private, you know?
Fumika, summing up a typical reaction to this trope, Mahou Sensei Negima! (Episode 9)

(announcer voice) "You're listening to Radio WTMI. All the news you didn't want to know."
— Internet joke on the trope.

Jake: <So right now there's a big bag of Jake floating in Zero-space? And it's possible some spaceship will zoom along and hit it and splatter it all over>
Marco: [sigh of relief]
Ax: <Of course no ship would actually hit a floating mass. The ship's shielding systems would disintegrate the mass. That's what troubles me about doing small morphs. It very seldom happens. The odds are millions to one. But it could happen.>
Jake: <Hey, Ax? You know how we wanted you to be honest with us? To tell us everything you know?>
Ax: <Yes, Prince Jake.>
Jake: <Small change. In the future, don't tell us things that will scare us silly just as we're going into possible battle.>
Animorphs #10: The Android

Oh no, I've said too much.
R.E.M., "Losing My Religion"

No! No, I don't need that image, either. In fact I'm gonna stop asking that question altogether. People will come in, I will treat them, and that's all.
Julian Bashir, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places"

Jimmy: I had a dream once that started this way. I was swimming naked in a lake, surrounded by thousands of rubber duckies--
McGee: Then you realized you should stop telling this story?
Jimmy: Yes, I very much did.
NCIS, "Schooled"


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