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Life is dull for second year high school student Shouta Oone. Not even getting a peek up a girl's skirt provides the thrill it once did. That changes one fateful day when he gets a look under the skirt of his classmate Ichigo Otohime and discovers a shocking secret. Rather than strawberry patterned panties one might expect of a girl named Ichigo, she's wearing a strawberry patterned diaper!

Thus begins Omujo! Omutsu Joshi by Tsuttsu, a harem manga with the twist that the girls of the harem, for one reason or another, all wear diapers.

For Ichigo Otohime, the presence of men makes her so nervous she loses control of her bladder. Shouta's childhood friend, Morei Nekomata, wears diapers because she is convinced after watching him with Ichigo that they're the key to Shouta's heart. Finally, for third-year Muni Nunota, it's a matter of pure pleasure and the idea of Shouta being into it, too, leaves her just fit to burst.


The series ran for 28 chapters, from December 2016 to February 2019 with a hiatus in between, on the Japanese manga/webcomic site Zenyon.

Omujo! Omutsu Joshi contains examples of:

  • Bittersweet Ending: Sort of; it's far less bitter than most examples of this trope. Shouta doesn't officially get with Ichigo, Morei, or Muni, the last of whom is going to another school now due to graduating and the former two of whom have botched or chickened out of confessing to Shouta multiple times. In addition, it's implied that Morei and Shouko will be in diapers for quite a while, as the former got so used to them that her bladder control has severely weakened, and the latter has had problems ever since her prior bedwetting incident. However, Shouta does (indirectly) clear up that he doesn't have a diaper fetish and resolving the ongoing confusion, the four of them remain good friends afterward, and Ichigo manages to hold her bladder briefly, indicating that she may be able to fight her incontinence eventually. There's also some indications that Shouta caught on to what Ichigo was trying to do during one failed love confession, hinting that they may get together after all.
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  • Bland-Name Product: Chapter 17 and a volume 1 omake show that Morei does her online shopping at "Amezon".
  • Bleached Underpants: Omujo's creator, Tsuttsu, has hentai works to their credit containing similar elements of Potty Failure, diapers, and even some lolicon. Omujo itself, however, is significantly toned down and would not be much different from many other ecchi harem series if not for the inclusion of diapers in the premise.
  • Conveniently Common Kink:
    • Morei thinks she's exploiting this by wearing diapers to appeal to Shouta's fetish. All she does is unwittingly convince Shouta she is the one with the fetish and make him wonder if, between her and Ichigo, there's some new kind of fashion trend going around.
    • Muni, the one actual fetishist in the cast, is thrilled at discovering Shouta. She expresses particular delight at including Shouta in her play, whether he's interested or not. She also immediately becomes friendly to Morei upon thinking she's a fellow diaper lover.
  • Commonality Connection:
    • Morei has viewed Ichigo as a rival for Shouta's affections. However, Morei wets herself and admits she's been suffering frequent Potty Emergencies and Failures lately and Ichigo offers her support, saying she's the same. They grow close enough afterward that Morei switches to a First-Name Basis with her at the chapter's end.
    • In chapter 25, Shouko's first encounter with Ichigo occurs at the store, where she sees Ichigo buying diapers. This prompts Shouko to confide to Ichigo her recent bedwetting issues and ask for help with diapers. Neither Ichigo nor Shouko know if their shared connection to Shouta until they get to Shouko's house.
  • Dramatic Irony: A major part of Shouta and Morei's dynamic is that each believes the other to have a diaper fetish when the audience knows that neither of them do. Morei jumped to that conclusion after seeing Shouta with Ichigo, and her botched love confession convinces Shouta she does.
  • Embarrassing Damp Sheets: Shouta's sister, Shouko, becomes too scared to go to the bathroom by herself after watching a scary show in chapter 20. When Shouta won't go along with her she decides she can just hold it all night. The following morning reveals that, in fact, she can not. Adding insult to injury, Morei walks into the room at that moment and the next thing Shouko's shown seeing on television is a diaper commercial. Chapter 25 reveals that, since then, it's become a recurring problem.
  • Fanservice: Of the Playing To The Fetishes variety, as nearly all of the fanservice content is geared towards the girls wearing diapers and/or suffering Potty Emergencies and Potty Failure. Anything more traditionally or actively suggestive is usually someone’s fantasy or the actions of Muni.
  • Fetish: Of the four main characters, Muni is the only one on record as having an actual diaper fetish. She and Morei think Shouta does, and Morei wears diapers to appeal to it. Ichigo wears them because she needs to.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Chapter nineteen flashes back to Shouta at age six, where he meets a little girl with strawberry hairclips trying to hang a wish for Tanabata but being too short to get it hung up. Shouta offers to help, but the girl throws her wish in the trash and runs away. Shouta digs it out, sees the wish, and hangs it up for her next to his own to meet her again. The perspective flip half of the chapter reveals the written wish to be from Ichigo, wishing her bedwetting would stop. Unfortunately, the goddess who grants these wishes decides to make Ichigo's wetting worse because Shouta's wish triggered her bitterness at never being able to see her love.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: All three love interests wear goofy print diapers. Ichigo wears strawberry patterned diapers, Morei wears paw print patterned diapers, and Muni's diaper covers have teddy bear patterns, while the diapers themselves have varied, such as bunnies and polka dots for example.
  • Hiccup Hijinks: Chapter 4 has Ichigo develop a sudden case of hiccups in class. Everyone's surprised, since Ichigo is so quiet one person comments it's the first time they'd ever heard her voice. Shouta, having just read that babies hiccup when they're wet, assumes the worst and fakes illness himself so Ichigo can volunteer to take him to the nurse's office.
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Morei's side of chapter 5 shows her in her room throwing a tantrum over what she witnessed between Shouta and Ichigo. The first look at her face in this scene has her bawling her eyes out with snot running freely down one nostril.
  • Jerkass Gods: One fateful Tanabata, ten years before the present day, Orihime-sama came down and saw the wishes written by three six year olds: Ichigo, Shouta, and Morei. Orihime-sama sees Ichigo's wish, that her bedwetting would stop, and finds it adorable. She is just about to grant it until she sees Shouta's wish, that he might get to meet Ichigo again. Orihime-sama, bitter over being unable to ever see her own love, nearly rejects Shouta's wish out of hand. What she does instead is grant Shouta's wish, but in exchange she worsens Ichigo's wetting problems by making her wet herself when she interacts with the opposite gender. Her stated goal is to make it so that, even if Ichigo and Shouta do reunite, she will forever elude him. After that, Orihime-sama sees little Morei's wish, "Allways wanna bee wit Shoota", and gets so angry she makes Morei wet herself on the spot while wishing Shouta's loathing on her. Orihime-sama, tired out from actually working for once, then decides to go home and play games.
  • Locked in a Room: Chapter twelve has Morei call Shouta to a gym storage room to make a second attempt at confessing her love and, still thinking he has a fetish for diapers, planning to wet herself in front of him. She chickens out, but soon after they get locked in the storeroom and only escape when, in embarrassment after her self-inflicted Potty Emergency becomes Potty Failure, Morei punches Shouta through the door.
  • Love Confession:
    • Happens accidentally at the end of chapter one. Shouta's attempt to change the subject after seeing Ichigo's diaper is to talk about how he likes strawberries. Ichigo's name means "strawberry", making Ichigo think he's confessing to her at first.
    • Morei tries to do this in chapter six, but between showing off she's wearing a diaper, describing an incident of Potty Failure as the moment she fell in love, and getting too nervous to clearly say she's in love with Shouta, she botches the whole thing and only convinces Shouta she has diaper fetish.
  • Mistaken for Subculture: Shouta's incidents with Ichigo have convinced Morei and Muni that Shouta is a fetishist for girls in diapers. Morei's attempts to exploit this fact convince Shouta that she's the one into kinky stuff.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Shouta misinterprets Morei's love confession in chapter 6 as her confessing a fetish. This leaves Morei confused when the conversation ends with Shouta giving her a thumbs up and saying "Fine by me, I guess!"
  • Perspective Flip: The bulk of each chapter is focused on Shouta, with the last two to four pages showing events from the viewpoint of the girl he interacted with most that chapter, usually Ichigo. The formula gets mixed around some after Morei and Muni join the cast. Shouta spends chapter 10 with Muni, but the flip focuses on Ichigo working up the nerve to ask him to the movies. Chapter 11 starts from Ichigo's perspective, then flips to Morei. Chapter 14 starts with Shouta, then Ichigo, then Morei.
  • Porn with Plot: While there is no explicit sex or nudity in the series, the excessive diaper and pee fetish-based fanservice serves much the same purpose. With or without it, however Omujo is still a functional Harem Genre story.
  • Portmantitle: "Omujo" is a portmanteau of the second part of the title, "Omutsu Joshi".
  • Potty Emergency:
    • Shouta has a tendency to spend a lot of time in the bathroom early in the morning, frequently inflicting these on his sister, Shouko. Each time it happens on screen Morei scolds Shouta for being inconsiderate. In her A Day in the Limelight chapter, Shouko has an emergency in the night, is afraid to go alone after watching a scary show on TV, and Shouta won't go with her. She decides to simply hold it all night, without success.
    • In one chapter, Morei plans to wet herself in front of Shouta. She chickens out, but then they're locked in a storeroom together while she still needs to go.
    • Morei begins experiencing emergencies with increasing frequency. By chapter 22, when she can't handle a ten minute wait in line, she suspects her time spent in diapers trying to appeal to Shouta has begun to affect her control.
  • Potty Failure:
    • Ichigo's shy nature, combined with her tendency to wet herself when nervous and the fact that Shouta always makes her nervous, means that her wetting herself is a Once an Episode occurrence.
    • Morei explains to Shouta that she fell in love because of an incident in elementary school in which she wet herself and Shouta threw a bucket of water over her to cover it up. At least that's what she thought; he was carrying said bucket as a punishment and accidentally dropped it, spilling the water on her.
    • Muni has a tendency to unintentionally wet herself when sufficiently aroused. She, herself, doesn't consider it "failure", but in chapter 24 the timing of it was such that she actually considered pretending to wet the bed the less embarrassing option.
  • Suggestive Collision:
    • In chapter 12, Shouta holds Morei on his shoulders so she can call out the window for help to get out of the storage room they're locked in. Shouta loses his balance causing Morei to fall right on top of Shouta, with her diaper right in his face just as she's started wetting herself. Shouta stays calm, but Morei unleashes a Big "NO!" in embarrassment and punches Shouta right through the door keeping them trapped.
    • In chapter 18, Shouta starts out standing, facing Ichigo, who is standing in front of Muni. Post-collision, Shouta is on the ground, Ichigo is on his chest, skirt pulled off and her crotch in his face while Shouta's head is resting on Muni's crotch. Shouta is embarrassed, Ichigo is mortified, and Muni is loving every second.
  • Sustained Misunderstanding: The only reason Morei wears diapers is her mistaken belief that Shouta has a fetish for them and her need to compete with Ichigo and Muni. This prompts her to escalate things by deliberately wetting herself in front of Shouta and wearing tape-type diapers to stand out from the other two. On top of that, her actions have convinced Shouta she's the one with the fetish, so neither one realizes there's any need to correct the other.
  • Themed Harem: The one trait connecting Ichigo, Morei, and Muni is that, for their own reasons, all three wear diapers.
  • Unprovoked Pervert Payback: Chapter 12 features Shouta and Morei Locked in a Room and trying to find a way out. Morei gets on Shouta's shoulders to try shouting for help from the window, only for Shouta to lose his balance and fall backward. When Morei recovers from the fall, she discovers that she's fallen on top of Shouta, her diaper right in his face as she succumbs to Potty Failure. Shouta is blushing but otherwise calm as he asks Morei to get off of him. Morei responds by screaming "No!" in embarrassment and punching Shouta so hard he flies through the stuck door keeping the two trapped and freeing them. The chapter's Perspective Flip shows Shouta pondering whether or not Morei likes him and, upon being punched, deciding "I think I prefer girls who are kind."
  • Wall Pin of Love: Gender inverted in chapter six, titled "Morei's Kabe-don!!". Morei performs a wall pin on Shouta as she questions him about his feelings for Ichigo, which leads to her own attempt to confess her feelings for him.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Shouko. After getting major focus during her bedwetting incident, she's later shown trying to buy diapers, and as a result, bonding with Ichigo over it. We don't get any further updates on her own continence issues afterwards - nor do we get any more potential drama or humor out of Ichigo realizing her new friend is the sister of her crush.
  • Wondrous Ladies Room: Gender-flipped in chapter 16, in which Muni has Shouta helping her sneak into and explore the boys' restroom. Her wonder as she explores and comments on the urinals makes Shouta wonder just what she's been imagining. Muni repays Shouta afterward by inviting him to explore the girls' restroom with her sometime. Shouta declines, stating that'd just get him arrested or, worse, expelled.