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  • Every issue of The Bad Eggs has a joke relating to farts or someone going to the bathroom. Hell, the villain from the Dirty Yellow Mustard volume spent most of his time throwing clods of feces at Ript and Claude, and even tried to crush them with a mound of dung that weighed five hundred pounds.
  • The Dandy comic has been fond of this since 2004, mostly making jokes concerning farting.
  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: The "Fat Freddy's Cat" sub-strip got a lot of mileage out of the cat's toilet habits.
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  • Father Christmas: In "Father Christmas Goes on Holiday", Father Christmas gets the runs from having too much cream.
  • Gotlib plays with the trope — Perverse Pépère walks through the town with his ghettoblaster and records all kind of strange noises. Which he then playbacks in the toilet with volume to eleven, giving the poor charlady a heart attack.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) #7, Pinkie Pie tries to jolt Nightmare Rarity's memory by reminding her about the time they were at the spa and Pinkie told a joke so funny it made her fart under the water.
  • In issue #67 of The Powerpuff Girls, "Monkey Business" has Mojo Jojo giving up crime and opening up a restaurant. His chili is a big hit, but it's making everyone fart. Blossom, who abstained from partaking in the chili, mistakes the fart smell as a gas leak.
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  • In The Pro, The Pro's final humiliation of The Noun comes when she urinates on her face in front of the UN on Bring Your Kids To Work Day.
  • Scott Pilgrim has rather a lot of pee jokes.
  • In Tintin, one of the books involved the Thompsons wondering what guano was and then a bird poops on their hats and someone says, "Guano? Well that's a free sample!".
  • Transmetropolitan has the Bowel Disruptor.
  • A comprehensive list of examples from Viz would crash the server.
  • Watchmen: "Never thought of disposing of sewage with toilet before. Obvious, really."
  • Wanted: Wesley and Fox take out Shithead, a supervillain made out of poo, with cleaning products. The result is illustrated by a panel showing a toilet bowl with shit smeared all over it and the caption noting "this is what happened to the last guy who fucked with us".


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