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  • The webcomic Antics Is quite fond of using fart related humor.
  • Boy and Dog:
    • Murphy apparently pees on things.
    • One joke is about Rowan having a runny nose.
    • When Murphy gets wet and Rowan points out that he's stinky, Murphy calls Rowan stinky too because he'd farted.
    • When Rowan calls himself grown-up at one point, Murphy says, "You still pee your pants".
  • Often in Capt'n Crazy Especially since the new character Klothilde arrived. (She's a loo attendant and can unclog loos with the bare hand!)
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  • In Cthulhu Slippers there's a surprisingly clean version in this strip.
  • Fairy Dust's bouts of comedy sometimes fly low.
    • Approaching wild trolls requires one to watch their step, as their toilet is... everywhere.
    • Great elves can be surprisingly tasteless. And the fact that they like to live in high places, while rival races prefer valleys, puts them in a convenient position to make a statement with their bladder...
  • In Holiday Wars, April Fools' Day lines a shopping plaza with dog poop, which can be seen in this strip.
  • Done every now and then in The Order of the Stick:
    • In an early strip, "The Most Important Quest", the gang acts desperate, making a big deal about finding "it" in time. "It" turns out to be the bathroom. The next strip is appropriately titled "Bathroom Humor".
    • When Belkar activates the Mark of Justice he projectile vomits several times over the course of the next 50 or so strips. It doesn't go well for Hayley and Celia.
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    • In "Two Eyes in the Dark", after a ground-shaking explosion, the Monster in the Darkness is quick to point out he was not the source of the noise, as he hadn't eaten baked beans that day. Judging by this remark and O-Chul's reaction, the Monster is a Gasshole, although this was the only time it was mentioned.
  • Ayanah from Pawn and her misadventures with spoiled rations.
  • Penny Arcade has several strips involving pee or poop, but here are a few examples:
  • Pebble and Wren:
    • One of Wren's rules for Pebble is "no farting in my room".
    • Pebble is afraid of toilets because he thinks they're alive and "eat" the waste.
  • Occasional potty jokes in The Petri Dish, such as Bob farting despite being a cyborg and super-farts being one of Thaddeus's powers in the Superhero Episode.
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  • Often in +EV, esp. if Fat Idiot Harold is involved.
  • Precocious has Pooter's Ice cream, which keeps accidentally falling into this, making customers extremely hesitant to eat there, despite the fact that the place is apparently perfectly health code compliant.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, a running gag involves the titular character being called speaking poo. Also, his resemblance to waste leads Elf to say this.
  • Spacetrawler introduces the Potty-bot, a robot whose sole function is to collect urine so pilots can relieve themselves without leaving their post. Much humor is derived from Potty-bot attaching itself to Pierrot, in the middle of a firefight, and refusing to detach until Pierrot urinates.
  • VG Cats loves this. There's quite a number of strips whose punchlines depend on the idea that bodily fluids are automatically funny.
  • Walkyverse has quite a bit of this particularly by Walky (and more so in the free parts of Joyce and Walky).
  • Weenie Licked has Paul Rudd taking a MASSIVE MEAT DUMP, as well as Dawn dropping his hand through a roof asking for toilet paper.
  • The Whiteboard:
  • Whomp! makes much use of this, in various forms
  • Quite a few World of Fizz comics feature this.


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