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You do not want to taste the rainbow in this case.

It probably goes without saying that the end product of most digestive systems is not exactly considered edible. note 

Sometimes, however, one can come across a creature or whole species that defies this common knowledge and instead, they poop perfectly edible and perfectly looking food. Whether it's because of Bizarre Alien Biology or just plain magic, you can expect this trope to usually be Played for Laughs and for the sake of Rule of Funny.

A subtrope of Toilet Humor. See also I Ate WHAT?!. Compare with Solid Gold Poop for less edible but still valuable waste products.



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  • Squatty Potty is an advertisement for a stool that you are supposed to rest your legs on while sitting on a toilet, to improve the, er, process. The ad presents this via the example of a unicorn that poops rainbow ice cream.
  • There is a product called Unicorn Farts which is just cotton candy.
  • There's a (fictional) microbrew beer called Bear Whiz. Bogus ads for the brand depict a grizzly pissing into a lake.

    Fan Works 
  • 'Jotaro's Ravioli' features Jotaro Kujo shitting out Chef Boyardee's ravioli and serving them to Kakyoin. Yes, the man went there.
    Films — Animated 


    Mythology & Religion 
  • Japanese Mythology: Uke Mochi, a food goddess, prepared a feast for Tsukuyomi by pulling delicious foods from her mouth, nose and/or anus, depending on the telling. Unfortunately, Tsukuyomi found this so disgusting that he killed her on the spot.
  • The Bible: In both 2nd Kings and Isaiah, the Rabshakeh speaking for King Sennacherib of Assyria warns Jerusalem that the siege will be so bad that they will be forced to eat their own dung and drink their own urine.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Fading Suns an alien creature called the "Scrup monkey" produces feces that are edible to humans. House Decados often bakes it into "fudge" as one of their least harmful practical jokes.

    Video Games 
  • In at least some of the Achievement Unlocked and This Is the Only Level games, you can press a button to make the elephant you're controlling poop a pastry. And you can then eat it, too.
  • In Don't Starve, the creature called Glommer excretes an edible goop (which also burns as strong as a hefty stack of floorboards) at regular intervals. Characters describe it as tasting like floor and smelling foul (and it drives them insane to eat it), but it restores 40 health when consumed.
  • In Wattam, the oak tree from the Spring area can eat the other characters and turn them into food.

    Western Animation 
  • In the South Park episode "Cancelled", the boys meet an alien who tries to take on A Form You Are Comfortable With, eventually settling on Cartman's suggestion of a taco that poops ice-cream.
  • Futurama:
    • In "Fry and the Slurm Factory", the Planet Express crew discover that the highly popular soft drink Slurm is actually the secretions of a slug queen. When they act in revulsion at the reveal, the Queen points out that "milk comes from a cow's behind, honey comes from a bee's behind, and you don't want to know where toothpaste comes from."
    • Discussed in "The Sting". note 
      Fry: Bees make honey and jelly? How come nothing humans make taste good?
    • In "T, the Terrestrial", Fry eats what he thinks is colored candy, but it turns out to be Omnicronian poop. ("Feces Pieces?") They apparently don't' taste so bad, as Fry keeps trying to eat them even after the reveal.
  • In Adventure Time, Finn and Jake wake up in a cage in the Nightosphere with a pile of bananas. They are at first confounded when demons find the bananas repulsive, until they see one of the demons poop out a banana out its ear.

    Real Life 
  • In real life, this happens when food can't be digested. There's even civet coffee, where people use Asian palm civets to digest the coffee shells instead of hiring people or using machinery to do it. It's surprisingly expensive.
  • Technically, our and other animals' waste is edible... to other organisms. Like bacteria and dung beetles.
    • Even fairly large animals can subsist on fecal matter, provided it's rich enough in undigested material. Barbels, African river fish that feed on hippos' dung as well as cleaning the huge herbivores' skin, can grow to a meter long, mainly on the half-digested grass fragments that disperse into the water when the hippos defecate.
  • Plants, of course, thrive on the fertilizing nutrients available in animal feces. Many species' seeds can only germinate after being deposited in the waste of animals that ingest them, and one type of southeast Asian pitcher plant, rather than trapping insects, has evolved into a literal toilet: a dished platform for tree shrews to perch atop as they fill their digestive tracts with the plant's nectar at one end and defecate out nutrients from the other.
  • Rabbits, hares and other lagomorphs have two types of droppings: a hard type that is equivalent to normal feces; and a soft type, known as cecotrope, that is consumed by the rabbit to digest their food better. They do so because grass is very hard to digest, and their guts are very short due to their small size, so this way they can double the time the food is in their guts.
  • Many young herbivores, such as koalas, pandas, elephants, and hippos, consume their parents' feces to obtain the necessary gut bacteria they need to digest plant material.
    • Inversely, many parent animals will ingest their newborns' waste, partly as a byproduct of needing to stimulate the young to "go" in the first place, and partly to keep the babies and nest clean.
  • Many social insects such as ants and termites engage in protodeal trophallaxis, whereby edible matter is excreted from one individual's anus into the mouth of a second individual.
    • Some ants also raise aphids as "farm animals", feeding on a sugary liquid called honeydew they produce as a digestive byproduct. And yes, the ants do literally eat the honeydew as the aphids poop it out!


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