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Awesome / Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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  • At least two installments now have specifically encouraged children to solve problems independently. "Daniel Fixes Trolley / Problem Solver Daniel" tells children "Try to solve the problem yourself, and you'll feel proud," while "Daniel and Margaret Play School / Treasure Hunt at the Castle" encourages that "You're big enough, you're big enough to think of what to do."
    Queen Sarah: You know, I don't think you need me to tell you what to do.
    Prince Wednesday: We don't?
    Queen Sarah : You're bigger than now, and that means you can figure out how to work this problem out all by yourselves.
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  • The parents following their own advice. For example, in "Daniel is Mad," when Mom Tiger is so mad that she wants to roar about Daniel and Prince Wednesday bringing sand inside to make their "inside beach," she makes sure to "take a deep breath and count to four."
    Daniel: Good job, Mom!
    Mom Tiger: Thank you, Daniel.


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