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Yamucha's-Kung Fu Academy (饮茶之功夫学园) is a Chinese-Taiwanese comedy animated series created and produced by Hong Ying Animation. While this studio is best known for animating off-sourced cartoons, Yamucha's is one of the few works they maintain.

With many characters being food, the show focuses on the young martial arts students Miko and Nao and their training in a renowned but antiquated academy, as well as the villains they face including a group of idiotic squid thieves. The show premiered on New Years Day 2007 in China's CCTV network and was moderately successful and well-received with a total of 208 episodes. It is available in Chinese streaming sites.

Yamucha's started as a group of fifteen web shorts released in 2004 which lack dialogue and a consistent story. These shorts spoofed Chinese cinema, Jurassic Park and Titanic. The TV show reimagined most of the original characters as students or staff of the academy.

Has no relation with a Dragon Ball character.


Yamucha's provides examples of:

  • Age Lift: Rudy, Masa, Obby, and Artee are grown teachers in the TV show, but in the shorts they are children like the rest of the cast. Possibly also applies to Bomi who is a merchant.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Features a rainbow cast which includes foods that are oddly colored such as a purple hot dog and blue bread.
  • Animesque: The series takes several cues from anime, such as Sweat Drops and Cross-Popping Veins appearing on characters.
  • Anthropomorphic Food: Most of the main cast and some minor characters are Chinese snacks, in addition to other kinds of food.
    • Miko is a shumai.
    • Nao is a baozi.
    • Jubby is a dumpling, the design of his/her head resembling a baby bonnet.
    • Halu is an onigiri.
    • Maru is a peach.
    • Hado is a hotdog.
    • Nida is an egg tart.
    • Happu is a hamburger.
    • Rudy is a youtiao.
    • Artee is a milk tea cup.
    • Masa is a zongzi.
    • Obby is a flatbread.
    • Bomi is a bread.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Jubby, who is literally a baby, is the youngest of the kids.
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  • Badass Adorable: The students, whenever they use their martial arts skills. Special mention goes to Jubby, the infant who stops the tiger in episode one by pulling off its whiskers.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The mayor of the town is a fly who is about the size of the other characters.
  • Big Eater: Happu has a hobby of eating.
  • Blush Stickers: A common feature with the characters. The squid thieves don't have them.
  • Character in the Logo: Miko, Nao, and Jubby appear in the logo.
  • Cranial Eruption: In the first episode, the tiger develops a bump on his head after colliding with Nao and hitting a tree.
  • Gender Flip: Masa was female in the shorts before being changed to an androgynous-looking male for the show.
  • Fighting with Chucks: Nunchuks are Hado's weapons.
  • Follow Your Nose: In episode 3, Jubby floats in the air as she follows the scent of some steaks that the squid thieves have set out as a trap for her.
  • Foreign Exchange Student: Hado and Happu are foreign students in the show. It helps that the former is a hotdog and the latter is a hamburger.
  • Interclass Friendship: The show's two main protagonists Miko and Nao. Miko comes from a poor family and had been chased by creditors. Nao comes from a rich family with a kung fu background.
  • Panthera Awesome: The first episode features a tiger who threatens Miko and Nao. Jubby, despite being a baby, stops it by ripping off the whiskers.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Miko the blue boy and Nao the pink girl.
  • Quarter Hour Short: All episodes are about 10 to 11 minutes long.
  • Stock Sound Effects: Hanna-Barbera sound effects are commonplace in the show.
  • Super-Deformed: The character design.
  • ¡Three Amigos!: Miko, Nao, and Jubby.
  • Waddling Head: Maru has a blob-shaped body and stubby limbs.


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