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Here they come y'all, here they come!note 

A live action Sketch Comedy series created by Nick Cannon that aired on Cartoon Network for one 13-episode season from January 24 to April 11, 2013, previewed beforehand on New Year's Eve 2012 in an "Incredible Crew Year's Eve" special. Two soundtracks compiling the show's songs were released on March 5 and April 23 of that year.

The show starred six young comedians — Jeremy Shada, Brandon Soo Hoo, Shauna Case, Shameik Moore, Tristan Pasterick, and Chanelle Peloso — and consisted of skits, Candid Camera Pranks, and music videos that fall squarely under the same surreal and Non Sequitur-laden brand of humor.

The show seemed to disappear after its season finale, and there was no news about the series for months on end until it was eventually announced on July 29, 2013 that it had been cancelled, making this the last live-action show Cartoon Network has made for its channel before officially discontinuing live-action programming.note 


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