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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (牧場物語 ふたごの村 Bokujō Monogatari: Futago no Mura?, lit. "Farm Story: Twin Villages") is a 2010 installment in the Harvest Moon (now known as the Story of Seasons) franchise, released for the Nintendo DS and with additional features for the Nintendo 3DS.

The player character moves out of the city to start a new life on a farm, but finds themselves caught in the long-standing feud between the mayor of the European-styled, livestock-centered town of Bluebell and the mayor of the East Asian-styled, crop-centered town of Konohana. After choosing which town to live in, the player meets the Harvest Goddess, who started the whole feud years ago by blocking off the tunnel through the mountain that once connected the towns... because the mayors arguing prevented her from sleeping. She tasks the player with repairing the mayors' friendship and reopening the tunnel, as she can't be bothered to fix her own mistake.

The game's design continues where Grand Bazaar left off: greater scope and fluidity of movement as you explore the mountain (I.E. a lot of jumping and flipping), using your horse and carriage as portable storage, digging watering troughs to increase crop efficiency, alpacas, and some out-there transportation including an unlockable skateboard, snowboard, and a UFO cart. The game is primarily based around the two towns' request boards, where the player accepts jobs from the inhabitants, (Almost always Fetch Quests), and the four Cooking Festivals that occur every season, where the player's participation and success will increase the mayors' friendship.

The game was criticized for players only being able to dig through the tunnel, expand their farm, upgrade their tools, and unlock special items through the request board, as those requests only appear on the first day of each season. Due to the wide scope of expansions available for both farms individually and each of the upgradable tools, as well as the extended network of mines that can be dug out of the tunnel, this arbitrarily lengthens the game to several in-game years. Adding to this is the physical 3DS version's bugginess: it has a frequent tendency to fail to load the game's sprites and crash to the 3DS home menu, losing all progress for that day, and other times it can outright delete the save data.note 

The game received a Spiritual Successor in 2016 (Japan)/2017 (USA) with Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. The game was rereleased as Story of Seasons: A Tale of Two Towns+ in 2017 as well.

This game provides examples of:

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    A to F 
  • Ageless Birthday Episode: Your character doesn't physically age at all despite having birthdays.
  • Artificial Stupidity: When you throw a dog bone or a cat bell, it's possible your pets' pathing might bug and they'll run around in circles.
  • All-Natural Gem Polish: Finding gems or breaking open Ore Stone gives you pre-cut precious stones.
  • Animals Hate Him: At the start of the game most of the wild animals you encounter will run away in fear. Boars and bears will charge you.
  • And Your Reward Is Parenthood: Get married and you'll eventually have a child. Strangely, seeing the child grow up from a toddler into a grown child is a special event—meaning the child will be a baby forever if you don't trigger the event!
  • Babies Ever After: Keep your spouse's affection up and you will have a child in just a few seasons.
  • Bishōnen: The male player character, Ash and Cam are very pretty young men. Hiro leans more towards the cuter side, while Kana leans more towards the masculine, "handsome" side. Mikhail, who travels between towns between seasons may be mistaken for a boyish woman by some players because of his feminine face.
  • Bicolor Cows, Solid Color Bulls: Bulls are a solid color and cows are bicolor.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Marrying Alisa. She's the last of any marriage candidate to be unlocked (Fall of Year 2 at the earliest), the requirements to woo her are totally different than everyone else's (ex. You have to go on at least 100 dates with her and she has no special heart event) and when you finally manage to wed her (Late Winter, Year 3 at the earliest), you don't even get to have kids with her. Not to mention you have to use the Wonderfuls to wish for permission from the Harvest Goddess to marry Alisa, and there's a good chance the option to ask won't come up.
  • Broken Bridge:
    • Opening up the blocked-off tunnel is the main focus of the plot.
    • Digging through the tunnel will unlock cutscenes where bears crash through other rocks on the mountain, unlocking new paths and shortcuts.
  • Beautiful Dreamer: If you're married to Oracle and talk to her in the later hours of the day she might mention watching you sleep. She says you look cute.
  • Call to Agriculture: One of the few Harvest Moons where the player did not inherit the farm, but rather they packed up their life and moved to the mountain of their own volition.
  • Chastity Couple: You and Alisa if you marry her, due to her being a nun.
  • Cloudcuckoolander:
    • Being a botanist, Reina thinks a lot about plants. However she seems to only think about plants.
    • Kana is a bit obsessed with his horse, Hayate, and only ever talks about her during festivals.
  • Excuse Plot: The player is under no significant pressure to bring the two towns back together. Doing so unlocks several extras including new horse carts, earning diamonds at the Cooking Festival, and simple ease of travel between towns, but the player would not lose much if they didn't.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The Harvest Goddess and the Oracle are only known by their titles. The Oracle only tells you her real name when you are married to her and get her to 55,000 FP: it's Ulyssa.
  • Far East: Konohana is a mishmash of various elements of East Asian cultures, particularly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Fake Longevity: One of the main criticisms of this game is that you can only clear a portion of the tunnel, upgrade your house or upgrade your farm one at a time, and the request only appears once a month. This means it might take several in-game years to get everything you want.
  • Fishing for Sole: The game has fishable boots, broken balls, and fish skeletons in the waterways. Saving 10 each of Old Balls and Old Boots unlocks the Master Rod when Rutger reaches 7750 flower points.
  • Fission Mailed: As with other Harvest Moon games, the credits roll after you get married. Unlike other games, as there is a clear goal with clearing out the tunnel and bringing the two towns back together, the credits also roll after the tunnel is reopened and the two mayors agree to end their feud. The game continues normally after both.
  • Friend to All Living Things: The player can become this if you befriend all the animals.

    G to N 
  • Game-Breaking Bug: The first physical release of the 3DS version has plenty of issues ranging from lagging, to the game failing to load a screen and crashing to the 3DS startup menu, to deleting your save. That seven years you went through? All gone, simply due to bad programming. These were fixed for the downloadable eShop version and the later re-release under the Story of Seasons brand.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: In order to get certain flower events, you may have to invoke this. Once certain conditions are met, there isn't a guarantee the date location you need will be an option. You can wait for this specific day of the week again, or you can just reset your game and try again until you get it.
  • Green Rocks: Collecting all of the colored Wonderfuls earns you a wish from the Harvest Goddess, one of which is required to marry the bachelorette Alisa. Generally the wishes are for increasing your friendship with the locals of one of the towns, but sometimes you can wish for her to sing for you.
  • Heroic Mime: The player character only reacts to other characters with an emoticon voice bubble or occasionally with a playful hop.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: As is the norm with Harvest Moon games.
  • Item Crafting: The player can craft lumber and material stones by whacking branches and rocks with the axe and hammer, respectively.
  • In-Universe Game Clock: Time passes roughly a minute in-game for every real life second, and time does not stop indoors like earlier games, so the player has to be doubly careful with time management.
  • Limited Wardrobe:
    • Townsfolk never change their clothes, not even for weddings.
    • Subverted with the player when certain actions are taken: they are given an outfit specific to the town they choose at the start, and moving towns will unlock the other town's outfit. They can also unlock new outfits through requests from Nori, each of which is a favorite of a certain bachelor/ette and will give additional flower points when the player talks to them while wearing it. The Oracle also gives magical outfits, one that increases friendship with everyone you talk to, and one that always makes it sunny the next day.
  • Luck-Based Mission:
    • "Flower Events" occur when the player has reached a certain friendship/romance level with a bachelor/ette, but in order for them to trigger, you must take them on a date to a specific location. When they ask if you want to go somewhere, the correct location may not be one of the options that come up.
    • If you want Eileen to make you a bed, you're gonna need two Ore Stones, which spawn randomly by the the river bank on the mountain closer to Konohana. They have a higher chance of appearing when its raining.
    • Cooking Festivals are Luck-based, sometimes. You and your team could do so-so, while the other team manages to be even worse, sealing your victory, or vice-versa, you could make a heart worthy dish, only for your comrades to bomb, giving the other side the win.
  • Never My Fault: This Harvest Goddess is one of the most selfish in the franchise, blocking off the tunnel and causing the entire feud between the towns because the mayors arguing got in the way of her sleep. Instead of taking any responsibility for what happened, she has you fix everything instead. Adding to this is her ability to give Eileen the energy to dig through the tunnel, but she still won't do it herself.

    O to Z 
  • Only One Name: Every character has no surname, just like every other Harvest Moon game.
  • Parental Bonus:
    • One of the date options for Hiro is "Hiro's Room".
    • Likewise, one of Oracle's date options is her house.
    • A post-marriage line for Mikhail is "At night, your voice is like a serenade to my heart." He adds that it's his favorite time of the day.
  • This game zigzags the animal breeding issue. On one hand, there are no more Miracle Potions, the livestock trader simply takes the animal off your hands for a couple weeks before returning them along with a baby. On the other, this makes complete sense: it's quite clear what goes on at a stud farm.
    • You can marry the nun Alisa but she has given herself to the Harvest Goddess. You can't have kids with her. It's all but said that you two don't have sex.
  • Puppy Love: Rahi has an implied crush on Ying, which he firmly denies on one of the many requests he posts asking for flowers. On the board he says they're for the town hall - in person he lets slip that they're for Ying.
    "Please don't snicker!"
  • Really 700 Years Old: Oracle is pretty darn old despite being the Token Female Mini-Moe of the bachelorettes.
  • Secret Character: The game has two: Oracle, who can be found on the mountain from year two onwards, and Alisa, who you must befriend Nathan to unlock.
  • Shop Fodder: Surprisingly averted. All items have a use, thanks to the request board.
  • Small Town Rivalry: Between Bluebell and Konohana. Originally it was friendly competition until the Harvest Goddess collapsed the tunnel between them, turning the rivalry bitter. Helping the two mayors become friends and digging through the tunnel makes their rivalry friendly again.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Hiro is the male example and Oracle is the female example. Although, Oracle is almost a thousand years old.
  • Take Your Time: One of the series' aversions, as time does not stop while indoors.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: There is one outfit for each village, and you can unlock new ones from the oracle
  • Wutai: Konohana, complete with Ina having a red dot on her forehead signifying she's married, although she doesn't seem to be.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Its possible to be this. Stamina drains pretty fast if you have a decent size farm, and you need food to keep going.
  • Your Favorite: Every character has one specific item they love above all else, and you will get +800 friendship points with them if you give it to them. For most characters it's a cooked dish, but for Sheng it's an agate, for Eileen it's flower perfume, for the Harvest Goddess it's a strawberry, and for the Oracle it's alpaca wool.

Alternative Title(s): Harvest Moon Tale Of Two Towns